In the Dark

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Messy, life is messy, well mine is. How can I be so turned on by a bunch of words on a screen more than an average man’s touch ever could? My cream drips down my legs with the unspoken tone to his words. The firm hand the brat in me needs… He knows. I should feel insecure and afraid of how easily I give in to him. My past tells me this, submission is a weakness to most. But not to me it’s living.

My fingers hover over the keyboard… Should I do it? I bite my lip as I squirm against the pillow. Should I video call him? Let him see every single one of my imperfections?

I stop and read the messages you just sent a smile tugging at my lips I type the two words I’ve been dying to say since you first suggested it.

“Yes Master.” I did it now. Now I have no choice but to do it. I never break my word.

Sexy, sexy I need to look sexy… With a little smirk, I know exactly what im going to wear. Black lace. The one thing that will always make me feel sexy, if I feel sexy I’ll look sexy.

Humming to myself I bolt for my wardrobe and yank my soft black cami over my head and pull the tiniest black lace G-string over my hips.

Yes perfect, well not exactly perfect but as close as I ever get. The cami cups and lifts my breast, my nipples peeking out between the pattern, hard, tight aching peaks, it hugs all my curves without Büyükçekmece escort bayan making me feel fat, my g-string sticking to my soaked lips, my full ass and long curvy legs on display.

I lay down back in bed and flick the lamp on leaving the rest of the room in darkness, this is it picking up my phone with shaking hands I click on the video call.

“Hi, Master,” I whisper pointing the camera towards my face, not out of the need for quiet but out of pure nerves. “Welcome to your playground.” I grin and move the camera down my body following along with my other hand.

Cupping my left breast, offering it to the camera. Pinching my nipple through the material on a moan. Sliding the strap down my shoulders and peeling the lace down slowly. Taking that little bit of extra time I know you will appreciate.

Both breast bare to the camera I lick my finger and twirl it around my nipples over and over wetting the bright red tips. I glance at my phone and I shouldn’t but I know you would want to see this as much as I need to feel this.

Licking my lips nervously I reach over to the nightstand and pull out my favourite pair of nipple clamps. With a grin and a moan, I pop the first one in place and tighten it as much as I can stand and add half a turn extra.

Caught in my Escort Çatalca own pleasure I find my fingers wandering down my stomach and rubbing my drenched lips through my panties, my back arching and legs spreading, hips tilting forward lifting my hips to offer my pussy to the camera.

Sliding my fingers down under the material a little gasp escaping my lips as my fingers brush over my clit. Dipping one fo get inside my wet heat dragging my moisture around my clit again. Feeling bold I slide my panties down and close my eyes letting my finger drag over my pussy. Feeling myself in the moment and knowing you are watching, thinking about you sitting there stroking your cock. Watching me take my pleasure over you.

I slide two fingers deep inside, as deep in my wet heat as I can get them to go. I hold them still and rock my hips instead, the exact way I would if it was you filling me. This isn’t me getting myself off any more this is me fucking for you.

I start to drive my fingers deeper with each lift of my hips, the side of my thumb dragging across my clit. Little moans catching my breath. Over and over, harder and faster. I feel my orgasm building. My nipples aching with the clamps jiggling with the fast pace of my fingers and hips working together.

All thoughts of self-consciousness are gone. Esenler escort My one focus is pleasure, I need to cum, I need the release building deep inside me. I’m so close. Just a little more. The tension ramping through my body escalates.

With a few final deep thrust of my fingers and a choked off wail my pussys spasms, my legs shake. I see sparks, a flood of wetness dripping around my fingers as my world crashes. I’m sent soaring high.

Mumbling words of lust and little sighs of pleasure I pull my fingers out of my creamy wetness and trail them up my body. Flicking the left clamp open with a gasp. My pussy jerking on the rush of feeling flooding my nipple. I drag my fresh wetness back to it. Smearing it in. Dipping my fingers back inside my heat working my little hole again. Fucking myself all over needing to cum with the fresh ache in my nipple. I know in the back of my mind you are still watching me. It’s what’s driving me on. My need to please you pleases me.

I prop my phone up and use both hands. I grab the second nipple clamp and pop it open quivering with the burning heat and yelping in pain and pleasure. I once again find myself falling over the edge on a scream my world splitters. With a slow sigh, I come down. Slowly rubbing my fingers over my clit drawing out every last little bit of pleasure.

I lick my fingers clean lapping up every drop of my cum while I look into the camera, this is natural, this feeling of being watched by you. Showing you the pleasure and the pain I long for from you.

I blow a kiss at the screen and shut the call down. Waiting for the two words that always make me smile.

“Good Girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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