In The Dorms Ch. 01

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I was in the middle of a paper for my biology class when the phone rang, and briefly I considered just screening the call, but I needed a break, so I picked up after a couple of rings. I thought it might be my roommate calling to tell me he was going to be late, but a voice I didn’t recognise replied to my hello.

“Hi, is this Jason?” it was a breathy woman’s voice, low and sultry. My eyebrows went up a little; I didn’t know my roommate knew anyone who sounded like this.

“No, he’s out for a while–I think he went to the library to study. He’s got a Geography midterm coming up.”

“That’s a shame. Who’s this?”

“This is Jason, his roommate. Who are you?”

There was a tiny hesitation in her voice, as the woman said “This is Holly. What are you up to?”

“I’m in the middle of a biology paper, and it’s killing me. I’m about to go crazy looking at cells. What are you doing?” She didn’t sound like she was in any hurry to get off the phone, and I wasn’t eager to hear the last of her sultry voice, so I thought I’d try to keep her on the line for a while.

“Well,” she gave a throaty little chuckle, “I’m lying on my bed playing with my clit, and none of my roommates is here. I’ve been studying, too, and I’m really horny. How about you?”

I was totally flabbergasted, manisa escort but not so taken aback that I couldn’t reply. “Jesus, yeah, I’m horny as hell. Aren’t you looking for Jason, though?”

She sounded a little pouty. “Well, I was, but he’s not there, and I need to be fucked now. Can’t you help me?”

I frantically racked my brain, trying to think who this could be. I knew Jason didn’t have a girlfriend, and in the six months we’d been sharing a room, he’d been there almost every night. In the isolation of the dorm, we talked about women and sex all the time, but he’d never mentioned a Holly, so I knew it wasn’t an ex or anything. My cock was beginning to rise already, though, and I wasn’t going to throw away a chance like this, so I said, as casually as I could, “Sure I can. Where are you?”

She giggled and said “Oh, I’m here in Building Four, same as you.”

“Do you want me to come to you, or do you want to come here?” I stroked my hardening cock through my sweats, exulting over my good fortune.

“I just want to come. I want you to talk to me on the phone here, tell me how you want to fuck me. Tell me what you’ll do with your sweet prick when you meet me.”

I stood up and stepped out of my sweats, taking mavişehir escort my erection in my hand. “Do you want it fast or slow?”

“Fast,” she said, “Really fast, and hard.” Her voice was a little quavery.

I smiled. “If you like it fast, then I’m going to fuck you from behind. I want you on your hands and knees, and I’m going to slide into your sweet wet pussy all at once, reach around and rub your clit with my fingers, slam into you hard so you can feel my balls slapping against your cunt every time I push into you. Does that sound like what you were looking for?”

“God, yes! That’s exactly how I want it. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, and play with my tits.” She moaned, loudly, and I stroked my cock a little faster. I could hear her breath come harder.

“Can you feel me riding you? I’ve got my hands on your hips and I’m pulling you back onto me, fucking you hard so your hips and your tits shake every time I thrust in. Now I’m pinching your nipples, squeezing your breasts in my hands, fucking you harder and harder. Do you have your fingers in your pussy? Are you going to come for me?”

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned and I could hear her starting to grunt as she rammed her fingers into her cunt over and over again. menderes escort Her voice was strained and I could barely hear the words as she said “Fuck…me…hard…come…all…over…me…”

I moved my hand faster and faster and felt myself coming closer and closer to the edge. “Come on, Holly,” I groaned. “I’m slamming into you over and over, harder and harder. Let me hear you, come on, fuck me.” I settled into the rhythm I hit when I come, and I heard Holly at the other end of the line. The phone had dropped away from her shoulder, but I could hear her moan getting louder and higher pitched until she was wailing, and her bed creaked in time with her grunts. I gripped my cock, braced myself, and came, shooting gouts of hot jism onto my chest and belly, soaking my shirt and my hand. I sank back into my chair, and I heard her coming as well, the increase in her cries giving way to one long wailing moan that tailed off into quick breathing and sighs.

“Holly?” I said into the phone, and I heard a low chuckle.

“Yes,” she said, and I nearly shuddered with lust.

“Who is this, really?” I said, and she laughed again. “There’s no Holly in the dorm here. I’ve seen the phone list. Who are you?”

“You can call me Holly, Justin. Do some detective work; maybe I’ll see you around…” And the line went dead, maddeningly.

There were a hundred and two students living in Building Four in twenty-seven apartments. Ten of those apartments had four men each inn them, and one had one man. Fifteen apartments, sixty-one women. I got out my phone list and started making checkmarks.

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