In The Shower ( First Gay Time Part 2 )

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This continues the story of my first gay time. The story is based on the true events but a few changes to help the story, mostly I cut out our shyness. Make sure to read part one first.

It was three days after Rick and I had first got a taste of homosexual love. I was sitting in my computer chair looking at some gay porn. As I watched the guy go down on his lover , I could not help but wish I were him sucking on that hard cock. I wanted it so bad, to be a cocksucker was my total desire. I had hoped it would come true with Rick but, he hasn’t called or stopped by since we jerked each other off. Maybe he had regrets, I didn’t , I wanted and needed more.

As another day passed I accepted that it had ended with Rick, I decided to move on and find another lover. I couldn’t help but recall the feel of the hard black cock that I held in my hand just days prior. I reached in to my shorts and grabbed my cock. It was rock hard and throbbing , I slowly started stroking it up and down while pinching my nipples. “ MMM” I moaned , I closed my eyes and imagined it was Rick’s cock in my hand. The thought of his dick made me stroke harder and faster , I couldn’t hold back and blew a huge load over my hand and shorts.

“ Ahhh , that felt good but , I feel a little unsatisfied “ I thought . I needed dick or I was going to go crazy. That’s when I made up my mind and decided to call Rick, if he didn’t want to mess around I was going to make sure.


“Hello” Rick said.

gaziantep eskort bayan Hey , what’s up man, I haven’t heard from you in days “ I said

“ Yeah, I was going to call you but, when you didn’t call me I thought you were mad.” He said “ I thought you were upset with me.”

“ Upset with you?” I asked “ Why would I be, you’re my best friend . I care for you too much to be upset with you. “

“ So you don’t regret what we did? “ he asked “ You don’t hate me?”

“ No way, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what we did, or the things we could do.” I told him

“ Me neigher , can I come by tonight and hang out?” he asked

“Sure but, come after 6:00 that’s when my parents leave for the weekend, they’ll be gone till Monday and I’ll be here alone.” I said

“ No, you won’t be alone, I’ll be there all weekend” He said

I hung up the phone and ran to get a shower to clean the cum from my body. I had just lathered up my body when I heard the back door open, Rick walked right in to the bathroom and opened the curtain.

“Hmm, so talking a shower to get clean for me? No need, you’re just going to get dirty again, VERY DIRTY. “ Rick said as he stripped naked and jumped in with me. “ Now why don’t you be a sweetheart and bathe me as well.”

“DING” my dick just jumped up at attention with the thought of my hands all over his body. I grabbed the washcloth and started at his neck . I worked my way down to his chest making sure I rubbed his nipples a little more than needed but, I think he liked it since he moaned softly. I continued down to his crotch , ass and legs. As the water washed the soap from his body I made sure to stroke is cock a little to get it all, but I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to suck it , I didn’t even ask I just grabbed it and wrapped my lips around that hard black man meat.

“ Holy shit that’s hot “ He said “ That feels so good , better than I imagined.

I continued sucking the head and stroking the shaft with my hand, just like the guys in the porn do . I reached around to his ass and squeezed it. He moaned with pleasure, there was still a little soap in the crack of his sweet ass , I spread his cheeks and inserted a finger into his hole. I must have hit something good because he yelled out in pleasure, it took this as a sign to continue.

“ Oh god , it feels so nasty but so nice at the same time, I love it!” he yelled “ Try to stick 2 fingers in.”

“OK” I said as I inserted another finger to which he screamed in extasey. I worked his ass while still sucking his cock. I was in heaven, finally I was a cocksucker.

“ Stop, I’m gonna cum “ He screamed

He jumped back from me and bent over displaying his sweet black asshole to me, I knew just what to do, I dove in face first and licked it for all I was worth. I rolled my tounge around the hole and lightly darted it in and out. After about 2 minutes he yelled for me to stop and fuck him.

“ Are you sure , it may hurt .” I asked

“ Yeah, I don’t care about the pain I just want your cock in me. Please fuck me!!!” He begged “ Take my virgin ass.”

I stood up and aimed my cock right for his begging hole. I slowly inserted into him, just the head at first and slowly more. I didn’t want to hurt him but, he had other plans as he shoved himself backward and took all my cock in his ass. It was so warm and tight, better than any pussy I’d ever had. I grabbed his waist and began thrusting into his ass hard and fast. As he moaned, I pounded harder and harder. I felt my balls tense up and could feel the orgasm coming over me , I tried to hold back, but his ass felt to good.

“ I’m gonna cum” I yelled

“ Oh go ahead, I’m almost there too. “ He said “ Blow your load in my ass, I want to feel it inside me.”

“ Alright” I said as I pounded harder “ Here it comes , ohm , I’m Cumming . AHHH”

I blew what had to be the biggest load of my life deep in to his ass, I kept pumping his butt untill my dick went soft and I slipped it out. We both collaped to the shower floor and I saw that his chest was covered with cum. He had blown his load just from me fucking him. I leaned over and licked it up, I wanted to taste him. After I cleaned him up, I kissed him and let him taste it himself.

“ MMM you taste so good” I said “ Better than I do “

“ Wait a minute , how do you know what you taste like.” He asked

“ Oh I’ll show you” I said “ Lets get out of the shower and I’ll show you that I can suck my own cock”

“ What? “ he yelled


Sorry to leave you hanging but that’s the next part. I also get speared by black meat in the next one as well. Happy reading and leave good comments so I’ll be motivated to write the next one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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