In Thrall to Vicky

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This was started after a reader contacted me with the idea. I went with the suggestion with my own twist, leaving it open for a follow up story too.

Hope you enjoy!

D x


David was glad to finish work and after a shower and change of clothes, he arranged to meet Steve down at the pub around 7. Already looking forward to what he considered a well earned pint, he arrived a little before his friend and ordered a couple of pints of Doom Bar, his new tipple of the moment. At 22, he was good looking with dark brown hair, brooding eyes and a face that could evoke images of Dorian Grey; what went on in his mind and some of the things he had done didn’t reflect at all on a winning smile of innocence he seemed to get away with most of the time! As Steve entered, he looked pleased at David having ordered him a drink too and soon, they were moving onto subjects of familiar regularity; football, women and grand ambitions. After an hour, David looked over and noticed two women enter the pub before they moved to find a booth to sit in. He particularly noted one of them; a sexy woman with tight jeans and sky blue vintage jacket on, hair hanging loose around a pretty face and piercing eyes. She may have been 40, perhaps older, it was hard to tell but what a lot of his friends didn’t know was that David much preferred an older woman to a girl his own age. Many of his fantasies had revolved around having an older lover and he felt his chest beating a little faster. Steve was saying something and he was nodding in response but looking at the women not far away.

Half an hour later, Steve’s phone rang; it was his on/off girlfriend and she was texting to offer him to come round to her place. After 3 pints Steve was quite happy to take her up on the offer and David laughed at his attempt to suggest they call it a night.

“Hang on; you call it a night mate. Go to her, sounds like you’re onto a good night! I’ll have a couple more here before heading home” David assured him.

“Okay buddy. Well, I’ll maybe see you for the game on Sunday at 5? I’ll drop you a line” Steve said and headed off into the night.

David finished his drink and as he contemplated another one, he spied the woman he was looking at earlier head up the bar. Emboldened a little by the drink, he tried to nonchalantly stand next to her as he waited to be served.

“Hi, I’m David” he said with a smile at her, surprising himself at his open announcement.

“Oh, um hi. Vicky” the woman said to him, looking sidelong as she took her purse out.

“Oh allow me, I’ll get these, please” he insisted.

Vicky regarded him and was about to disagree but instead smiled.

“That’s kind of you. Well, I’ll leave you to bring them over” she said and walked back to her seat.

David felt a stirring in his loins; he was delighted and surprised that not only had he been allowed to buy her a drink but she was letting him bring it to her. Maybe he could join her and her friend! Paying for the drinks, he walked back with them on a tray and smiled as he approached but already he felt a little out of his depth.

“Um, David this is my friend Rebecca” Vicky informed him.

He said hello in response and after a few polite questions Vicky turned to him. Unknown to him, she had noticed David when she walked in the bar and thought he was a handsome devil but as he was clearly floundering at trying to impress her, she thought she might indulge him a little. What harm could it do?

“So, your friend left?” she asked him.

“Yeah, off to see his girlfriend. I wanted to stay for a couple more drinks” he explained.

“I’ll need to keep an eye on the time too Vicky. Geoff is picking me up” Rebecca told her friend, who nodded.

When David went to the toilet, Rebecca turned to her friend.

“He’s hitting on you, wow! Don’t get me wrong, he’s gorgeous! But isn’t he a tad young to be flirting with you?

“Why not? I’m enjoying the attention. He might be young for you but I bet I could indulge him” Vicky responded, half jokingly but inside quite serious.

“You lucky devil, if you do. But I wanted to ask, do you want a lift back? Geoff will be here soon” Rebecca offered.

“No. This is fun; it’s nice to be chatted up. Don’t worry, I’m going home alone. I’ll text you when I get back” Vicky said to her friend with a smile.

“Okay then, but remember to text” Rebecca said.

Not long after her husband called to say he was near and Rebecca said her goodbyes with a smirk at Vicky. David’s earlier confidence wasn’t as evident now alone with Vicki but he was struggling to break the ice in the right way. He definitely fancied her and he wondered how he could gauge Vicky’s interest back; she might think he was too young and truth be told he was embarrassed about coming across as immature.

“So Vicky, um are you, um you know, are you with anyone?” he blurted out.

“You mean am I single or not? Well, in a manner of speaking. I’m married but my husband works in Europe; he has a flat travesti porno in Brussels actually, so he’s hardly ever home. We’ve reached an agreement on that front. Why?” she asked with a smile.

“Oh, well you know, I am, single I mean” he suddenly blurted out.

“Why don’t you just relax? If you want to talk to me, fine. Don’t be afraid to ask me something” Vicky assured him.

David smirked sheepishly.

“Sorry. Not doing a good job, am I?” he responded.

“You’re doing okay. So what’s a good looking young guy doing talking to me? You must have more than one girl interested in you, so why the older woman?” Vicky asked.

“My preference. Girls my age are, well they might be keen and stuff but that’s not really what attracts me. I think I’ve always found a woman older than me attractive” David admitted.

He didn’t add that a favourite online porn clip of his was a young virile man orally pleasing an older woman!

Vicky helped him out by not really asking him anything too awkward and they explained where they both lived and a couple of past relationships before the talk became a little racier again.

“It’s not that I’m some demanding bitch but I just know what I like at my age. And I like pleasure, to be indulged, someone to make the effort to please me. Guys who match that description are rare though” she mused.

“Sounds like me” David said quietly but Vicki had heard him and smiled quietly to herself.

“What sounds like you?” Vicky asked him.

“Um, the pleasing bit” David offered back.

“Oh. You mean pleasing a woman sexually?” Vicky pressed.

“Yes Vicky. But the right sort of woman” David admitted.

“Ah, the ideal woman for you huh? What sort is that?” she asked.

“Someone older than me” David finally divulged.

“Really? Well, can I shock you with what my ideal guy is?” Vicky told him.

“Please do” David said, his breath quickening.

“Well, I know this sounds unbelievable but it’s true. In fact a mirror image of what you said. I prefer a guy younger than me who is really, really into pleasing me. But the right sort of pleasing” Vicky said, letting the sentence hang in the air.

“How could a guy please you?” David asked, almost drawn to her as if in a trance.

“Lots and lots of oral. And anything else that pleases me” Vicky said, leaning forward to whisper it into his ear.

“That would be heaven” he admitted, his thoughts being spoken loud.

As David drank this information in, he could feel how excited and turned on he was by this admission. Vicky was perfect! At 42, she still had a good figure and she seemed to be attracted to him too.

“Um, Vicky I would love to see you again, please” he almost begged.

“Well, I’m going to leave soon and head home; tell you what, I’ve nothing planned for tomorrow. How about you?” she asked David suddenly.

“Nothing at all. What works best for you?” David asked her.

“I could get used to hearing that. Well, you seem trustworthy enough. Here’s my number. Text me later and I’ll give you my address. Perhaps come round in the afternoon and bring a nice bottle of wine too, old world. If I decide to, you can maybe stay for dinner. Well c’mon, you can accompany me outside while I wait for my cab” she added, giving him her number.

David thanked her for the number and leapt out to accompany her outside. Vicky’s cab wasn’t long in arriving and she gave him a peck on the cheek as his hand strayed to her ass.

“See you tomorrow” she whispered and with a triumphant smile she entered her cab, leaving a horny David standing watching it recede and already counting the hours until the following day.

By Saturday at 12, David was dressed in tight jeans, a new shirt and too much aqua di Parma splashed on. He had also taken the trouble to figure out old world wine meant French, Italian or Spanish. Armed with a bottle of claret and a rioja reserva, he was outside Vicki’s small house at the edge of town by 1pm. The door opened and he gazed at Vicki as she stood there. This time she had on a pencil skirt, tight long sleeved top and her hair was swept back a little.

“You look fantastic” David blurted out, his thoughts rushing into speech.

“Thanks, you scrub up okay too. Mhmm claret and rioja, good boy” she said and welcomed him in.

Vicky showed him round her home first, the living room and sprawling kitchen downstairs with a bathroom, and then upstairs she had 3 bedrooms and another huge bathroom. Lastly, she took him through to the conservatory.

“My husband makes a lot; I’ve no doubt he spends some on a few floozies at his flat but it gives me a comfortable life here. I love the conservatory. The way it lets the sun in but backing onto the garden no-one can see in” Vicky mused.

There were two large wicker chairs and a table beside one of them; the floor was lovely oak flooring and the windows gave a super view over the garden. David was trying not to make it obvious he alt yazılı porno was ogling Vicky but his eyes were partially glued to her legs and ass. He hadn’t stopped thinking about how it would be to go down on her since their conversation in the pub and although apprehensive, he was so excited it was incredible.

Vicky could sense he was excited and unknown to David; she was just as aroused and excited by the possibilities presented to her. She found him attractive and when he had freely admitted his preference was giving pleasure, she had almost leapt out of her seat he was so perfect. As she mused over this, she realised that what she had said to him was very true. She did entertain the thought of a younger guy really pleasing her and there was no point in that sort of fantasy only half being brought to life. If it happened, it should happen how she wanted it, completely pleasing her. With that in mind, it would simply be a case of finding the right moment to begin things. Vicky decided on a course of action; she opened one of the wine bottles and poured two modest glasses then stoppering the bottle up, she carried them to the study, putting them on the large table. David approached behind her as she turned.

“So what you said last night, was it true?” she asked him.

“Yes, every word” David assured her.

“Do you know what you might be letting yourself in for? Pleasing me? It’s only fair to warn you first. I wouldn’t want things just 50%, I’d want to really indulge both of us” she continued.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about pleasing you since last night” David admitted.

That was it. They kissed, softly at first but with a rising passion. Tongues touched as David’s hands roamed over Vicky’s body. Soon, David began to hesitatingly kiss her neck and chin.

“You are so sexy Vicky” he admitted.

“Thank you, don’t stop” she urged.

Glancing behind her, she spied her chair and as David continued, she sank back and down until she was sitting comfortably. David had valiantly followed her, still kissing her neck and now sliding one hand along a stockinged thigh. This brought a sigh from Vicky who pushed gently on his shoulder. David stopped and let himself lower down until he was at the juncture of her legs, looking up her skirt which had ridden higher to reveal her stocking tops. He kissed her knee and then began to scatter kisses along one inner thigh. Vicky glanced down and then remembered this was one of her good skirts. She reached behind and unzipped the skirt then let David take it down her legs. Now he could see her stockings and knickers in all their glory.

“You are amazing Vicky” he mumbled as he kept kissing her thigh higher until he reached her crotch.

He was about to part her knickers when Vicky stopped him.

“Never rush this. Kiss me through them first” she told him.

“Yes gorgeous” he told her and began to kiss her pussy through the lace knickers as Vicky glanced at the blue sky outside and contemplated that this might be the day she discovered her perfect lover.

He kept up the gentle kissing, his tongue tracing a rough attempt over the material until finally Vicky slipped her fingers to peel them down her legs and off.

“What do you think?” she asked him.

“Your pussy is beautiful. Please Vicky, please let me kiss you there and use my tongue. You are so sexy, you look amazing” David told her.

“Okay, do it. Slowly. Kiss it first and suck the lips, gently” Vicky told him and as he began she let out a pleasurable sigh.

As David began what he considered to be the most enjoyable thing he had ever been allowed to do, he began to think about Vicky and how much he actually wanted to please her. He didn’t want her to think he was some young idiot so he decided he had to be honest with her.

“Vicky?” he asked.

“Mhmm?” she answered him.

“I meant what I said. I don’t know how I’ll completely manage but I want to please you. I think you are so sexy. I would love to do this whenever you wanted” he blurted out.

Vicky was surprised at his bold outburst but loved hearing his enthusiasm! She considered his words before replying.

“That’s good. I want you to please me and this is the most perfect way to do that. I’d like you to do this for hours to me. And if you really want to please me, you have to give 100% each time. That means listen to what I like, think about my pleasure all the time. When you are doing this in future, think what else could make it more enjoyable for me. And don’t be shy with compliments; I would expect to hear them too. And put your tongue in me now” she added to him.

David did so and Vicky marvelled at how good it felt. He straightened it and pushed into her, driving it deeper. Vicky enjoyed how he seemed keen to probe deep; she wanted to challenge him to not only achieve this deep probing but gradually to learn to do it for extended periods of time and of course always attempt to go a little bit further! Deciding üvey baba porno to be helpful, she pressed on his head and David tried to go as deep as possible. He thrust in and out of her and her increasing arousal emboldened Vicky more. She was at home, she was with what might just be the perfect guy and she felt very aroused.

“Are you enjoying that?” she asked him.

“Yes Vicky, mhmm, you taste divine” David informed her devotedly.

“Thank you. I want you to taste my juices a lot so I’m glad you like my palate. I must warn you though, sometimes when I orgasm, I almost spasm around, well in this case your head. I guess it’s fair I warn you. That doesn’t put you off does it sweetie? I hope not” Vicky checked anxiously.

David glanced up at Vicky and shook his head.

“Oh Vicky, that would be the icing on the cake! I’ve always wanted to go down on a passionate woman” he said excitedly with a broad sweep of his tongue.

“Oh good, well I’m looking forward to our first orgasm together. Mhmm, I think in time you could be a natural at this. With the amount I want you to do this, I’m sure you’ll be amazing” Vicky reflected, excitedly thinking of how much she might be able to enjoy this in future.

“I could become addicted to this” David admitted, a thrill coursing through him as he realised what he was doing was something he had fantasised over so many times.

“Mhmm yes, move your tongue around like that. You’re so noisy! I love it; I love the sound of your mouth on me. I don’t think I’ll last long, I’m too horny. Up to my clit now, make me cum” Vicky gasped with lust.

David felt her thighs grip just a little tighter as he flicked his tongue rapidly whilst sucking on her clit at the same time. Vicky began to gasp louder and then let out a yell of lust as her hands came down to grip his hair tightly. As her orgasm began to take over, her thighs clamped. David stayed with her and kept licking the spurting pussy against his face as Vicky bucked against him, groaning with pleasure.

Far below, Vicky could feel something. She was in the throes of one of the best orgasms of her life and she was dimly aware the reason for it was between her legs, sucking at her pussy as she gushed with release. Primal instinct took over and her hands, already holding his head to her, pressed his face in tighter, her legs clamping closer together. As she slowed down, she realised she had been bucking against him too and she released his head a little, hoping he was okay but having loved it. Instead, David kept himself pressed against her, sucking loudly now and she could hear it now that her own sighs had quietened down a little. Satisfied she had stopped, he moved to her thighs, licking the excess from them before dropping to her bum cheeks, his soft tongue running over them before centring in on her asshole.

“Mhmm, this is wonderful. Why don’t we get continue upstairs and get comfortable on my bed?” Vicky suggested.

“Um, yeah sure. Any room you prefer” David replied with a grin.

“You little bugger, you’re so dirty! But I love it. Okay, I’ll grab a glass of water” she said playfully as she stood up and walked to the sink, quickly filling a glass of water and taking a gulp. David followed her as they went upstairs and once in her room, Vicky lay back on the bed and plumped up the pillows. She watched David follow her and smiled at the erection he was clearly sporting through his jeans. He was excited too! As he eased himself between her thighs, Vicky noticed one of his hands begin to descend to his crotch.

“Not just yet dear. Give me a nice orgasm and afterwards maybe we can see about you okay?” Vicky offered him.

“Thank you. I’m really horny, I just love doing this to you” David admitted.

“And I love you doing it, so it’s a win situation. Mhmm that’s nice, start slowly like that but flutter your tongue more. Oh, that’s it, keep doing that” Vicky encouraged as David licked her pussy like an ice cream cone, both hands reaching up to fondle her breasts through her top.

“I hope I’m not too out of shape for you” Vicky said, peeling off her top and bra.

“Mhmm, no you’re perfect Vicky” David responded and saying so, he left her pussy, leaving a trail of kisses over her torso until he was at her breasts, his mouth closing over one then the other and swapping alternately.

Vicky was pleased at his response and it helped her confidence. She couldn’t believe such a hot young guy was so into her and more importantly so into pleasing the way she liked, orally. Thinking of that reminded her and she pressed a little on his shoulders. Understanding, David kissed back over her stomach; face pressed against her skin as he licked through her pubis and back to her slit again, hands replacing his mouth on her breasts.

“I love the sexy sounds you mouth makes licking my pussy” Vicky said smiling.

“I love the taste of your pussy” David shot back as his tongue delved inside her.

Half an hour later, the room was filled with the sound of sex. Vicky was groaning with pleasure as David’s tongue was wanton, his mouth sweeping up and down her sex, helped along by Vicky’s hands which were on his head and guiding it up and down her pussy.

“That’s it! Keep that tongue working, I’m getting close!” she gasped and her legs began to clamp around David’s head too.

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