Inescapable Chastity

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Note: This story contains chastity themes, anal penetration, female domination, mild consensual non-consent, and a bit of science fiction.

“100% guaranteed inescapable chastity,” the ad promise on her laptop screen. She flashed a brief smile at the possibilities. With a click of her mouse, it was on its way to her mailbox.

The tall, thin man was still staring down at the bedroom floor when his wife, Jordan, set aside her laptop and reprimanded him. “Remember, Rick. You came to me with your fantasy and begged me to lock up your cock. I told you that if I agreed to lock you up, you would owe me your obedience and respect. It is the only thing that I asked for in return. Instead, I caught you shamefully playing with yourself in the bathroom when you were supposed to be cleaning the house for our party next week. By willfully breaking your side of our agreement, I cannot trust you anymore. Rick, I need to trust you for this to work for me.”

“How can I make it up to you?” He asked quietly.

Jordan responded after a pause, “You can start by putting this cage back on your cock and giving me back the keys, including every spare key this time. Then, you will find ways to make it up to me this week. You will enthusiastically convince me that you both consent to and deserve the more secure chastity device I just ordered.”

Rick took the white plastic cage from her outstretched hand. One ring slipped around his penis and balls, and a locking tube secured everything in place onto the ring. He closed the lock and offered his wife the keys. As he stood in front of her, he wore nothing except for the cheap plastic cock cage. His cock throbbed inside the cage and swelled against its confinement. His balls ached with pent up pressure. But, his wife was not going to permit a release any time soon. His eyes met hers. Her disappointment showed as her hand closed around the keys, and she again took control of his most intimate region.

“I’m sorry, Goddess. I will make it up to you,” he said softly.

“Are you sorry enough to put your hands on the seat of that chair while we talk about it?” She spoke as she walked behind me, “Tell me, how many days were you in chastity before you ruined it?”

She followed her husband over to the chair. Standing in front of the chair, all he could see was the gray wall in front of him. He leaned over slowly to give him time to think. He tried to calculate how many days it had been since his last orgasm.

“Eighty-six days, my Goddess,” he responded, uncertain of what was to come next.

“Let’s round that up to an even hundred.” She responded vaguely.

“One hundred what, my Goddess?”

“One strike of my crop for every day of dedication you just threw away,” she responded casually.

He cleared his throat before asking hesitantly, “Yes, Goddess. I am sorry.”

She pulled up a calculator on her mobile, ignoring his response. “100 divided by 7 is 14.3. We really should round that up too, so that makes 15. Fifteen strokes with my crop each night for the next week. That’s one stroke for each day of abstinence that you almost blew away by trying to please yourself before I caught you. That should make certain your ass will remember your failure all week long. Do you promise to behave after your punishment? If not, you are welcome to remove that cage, and we can go back to being a regular couple. This was your idea, and I’m enjoying it too. But, I will not have a masturbating little boy who cannot keep promises if I am truly leading this relationship.”

He swallowed hard, but at least she wasn’t expecting him to take all of the strokes at once. “Yes, I promise to behave. Thank you for stopping me, my Goddess.” His cock twitched in its cage in a futile act of protest over being locked once again.

She left the room, but he dared not move. She returned with her pink, heart-shaped crop. She tapped the end of it against her thigh before walking over to him.

“I know this will be hard for you, Rick. But it must be done. It must never happen again,” his Goddess whispered in her ear. She took a step away from him. His brain didn’t register the crop’s sound rushing through the air until after the first stroke. The crop stung his ass with each of five strokes.

“That was five. Oh, those welts are raising nicely.” She paused as he waited for the next blows of her crop on his bare ass. Instead, he felt the leather tip of the crop caress his sensitive balls. His cage felt tight as his cock tried to grow. “Oh, you like it when I punish you,” she observed. She bent towards his ear and whispered, “Let’s see if I can change that.” I heard the whoosh as the crop traveled quickly through the air to connect with his tender ass. She shifted her weight from one foot to another as she studied the red marks across his skin. After five more times, his ass was on fire, and her pussy was wet. He bit his lip with each stroke, determined not to cry out. Tears formed in his eyes more because he knew he had broken her trust. He could endure the physical discomfort because he felt he deserved it. Yet, his cock still strained and masaj porno swelled against the plastic tube of the cage around it. He whimpered, determined to take all of the punishment that he earned.

“Your ass will be bruised all week to remind you of your weakness. You’re a weak, little boy! I will make you into a man for me and control your urges.” she reprimanded her husband as her soft hand caressed his heated ass. Then she suddenly gave him five more strokes. This time, he could not hold back from the shame of his failure. He yelled with each remaining stroke as tears streamed down his face.

She reached her hand into her panties, touched herself, and brought her wet fingers to his lips to quiet him. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him against her body in a tight embrace. Her hand drifted downwards to find his caged penis. “I see your cock likes the pain. Or is it just swelling out of the humiliation of being spanked by your wife? Either way, that was a good start, my pet. You have only 85 more strokes to go this week.” She dried the tears from his face and sat on the couch. She pulled his head to her warm breast. His ass was still burning too much from the spanking to sit beside her. He tried to relax against her, but he still felt shameful and undeserving of her comfort for failing his Goddess by touching himself.

“Now, show me that I can trust you again. Close your eyes, and don’t open them until I leave the room.”

He closed his eyes as he knelt on the floor beside his Goddess. The carpet felt rough against his bare knees. With his eyes closed, he heard her shift on the couch. Then she spoke again, “Open your mouth.”

He opened his mouth only to have it stuffed with fabric. He instantly knew what it was. Whenever his wife wanted him silent, she would remove her panties and put them in his mouth. “There will be no looking and no talking until after I leave the room. Got that, my pet?”

The taste of her wet panties filled his mouth, and removed his ability to speak. He could only respond by nodding his head in agreement.

“Good. Now I was planning on letting you watch me play with my vibrator tonight. But after what you did, I don’t think I can trust you to watch me.”

He heard the buzz of her vibrator as she turned it on. He recognized that familiar sound. He wanted to look and watch what she was doing next, but he knew that he must keep his eyes closed.

“Hmmm, that feels nice on my clit,” she whispered.

As he heard her breathing quicken, he pictured the vibe against her clit and inner lips as she slid the vibrator between her pink folds. He wished that he could see her wetness collecting on the vibrator.

“Oh, pet. All that punishment made my pussy quite needy right now. My pink toy feels so good against my clit. I know you want to see my vibrator on my pussy right now, don’t you?”

He heard slick sounds as the vibrator slid across and into her pussy. He heard her shift again on the couch. He could feel the heat of her warm pussy in front of his face, or was that only his imagination? He inhaled through his nose to find out. Her sweet musky scent rewarded his senses, and his cock swelled again. Then, she slapped his cheeks with her wet vibrator.

“I’m still mad at you. But, oh, you look so cute kneeling there. You are desperate for a taste of my sweet nectar. Your little dicklet is all locked up for me again. That makes me wet. Mmmmmm. Look at it swell inside your cage. Ooooh, does that feel tight, pet?” She taunted him until she came.

Her breath quickened, and her taunts turned to moans of pleasure. Rick heard the buzz of his wife’s vibrator grow louder as she turned up the intensity. Suddenly, she let out a long, loud groan as he felt her fist reach out to clench his hair at the top of his scalp.

“Oh, fuck! That was what I needed. Don’t my orgasms feel good to you?”

“Hmmph,” was all he could answer with his mouth still filled with her panties.

“Good boy,” she praised, “You did as I asked. Perhaps there is a path towards regaining my trust. But I think that the path will be difficult for you. We shall see.” She removed the panties from his mouth. He did not have time to close his mouth before she pressed her dildo past his lips.

“Here’s a little taste of me for starting to restore my trust. Now, lick my toy clean and put it away once I leave the room.”

“Thank goo, Goddeth,” he responded with the dildo in his mouth. She laughed at his almost unintelligible and ridiculous-sounding speech. His cock throbbed hopelessly in its plastic prison. He could feel her silently watching him. As her taste flooded his tongue, he began to salivate and drool slightly. Her finger caught his saliva from his chin and wiped it across his forehead. He heard a shutter sound from Jordan’s camera. “Adorable! Something for later,” she teased. After a few minutes, he listened to her footsteps as she walked out of the room. He did not open his eyes or remove the dildo from his mouth until he was sure she had left the room.

For the next week, öğretmen porno he was the perfect submissive partner. He kept their apartment spotless, and he anticipated her every need. She had coffee every morning and a home-made dinner every night. She enjoyed foot rubs and a warm bath after work each day. He took 15 strikes of his Goddess’s crop every night before bedtime to pay for his earlier failure. One week later, he received a text while he was at work. “I want you showered, shaved, and naked within 20 minutes of walking in the door. We have a party tonight, and I do not want to be disappointed.”

After arriving home, he quickly went to their bedroom to get ready, as she instructed. He stripped out of his work clothes and placed the dirty clothes in the laundry hamper. His plastic cage around his man bits was the only thing he could not take off. Jordan walked in just as he was about to step into the shower.

She took the key from around her neck and handed it to her husband. “Good boy,” she praised. It was a simple phrase that never failed to make Rick even more eager to please her. “You can take that off now and keep the key. We won’t be needing that device anymore. Besides, I am tired of locking and unlocking, inspections, and supervised cleaning for now.”

Rick removed the plastic chastity tube covering his penis and the plastic ring from around his scrotum that locked everything in place. He shielded his groin with his hand, feeling vulnerable by being fully exposed in front of her gaze. After betraying her confidence a week ago, his penis was once again out of its protective prison. But, he knew it was not out for her to use. His penis was not why she loved him. She enjoyed keeping it locked under her control to prove that point, but now Rick worried that she might be tired of him. He wondered if she was still disappointed in him for escaping the cage earlier in the week. At that moment, all he wanted was to regain her trust.

After removing his cage, he stepped into the shower, and she stepped out of their bathroom. It was clear that she still loved her husband. She snuggled in bed with him every night this week. But did she trust him again? He adored her and devoted himself to fulfilling her wants and needs. He had a job that kept both of them financially comfortable while she wrote her romance books and ran her “How to Train your Husband” website and workshops. She was an expert at communication, seduction, and discipline. He was an expert at keeping a clean house, sensual back rubs, pedicures, manicures, cooking, and making the best cappuccino. Of course, she also had him well trained in more intimate pleasures that she enjoyed, too. He did it all, so her creative spirit could be free to write and spread her insightful feminist ideas about relationships that had worked so well for them. But those ideas were all based on trust within a relationship.

As he showered, she came back into the bathroom with a drink in her hand. She watched him closely as he ran the soap over his skin, making sure his chest, groin, and ass were clean. Although the shower doors were cloudy with steam, he could see her take a sip from her glass as she watched him. He grabbed his razor and shaving cream. The safety razor felt cold as it slid across the skin of his cock and balls. He removed any stubble until it was smooth for her. As she stared, He felt like she was looking at her possession in a glass case, not a person. He caught a glimpse of his still bruised ass in the mirror when he stepped out of the shower and began to towel dry.

“I’ve laid out your things on the bed for you to wear tonight. You have 5 minutes to meet me downstairs. Oh, and the new chastity device arrived. You will be wearing that tonight for me,” she said before leaving the bedroom.

He picked up the clothing she had laid out on the bed. He was excited that she had not given up on his need to submit. His week of punishment was over. He had hoped that he might find some tenderness from her or even be allowed to pleasure her later. As Rick looked over the things he was to wear, he noticed that he did not see a chastity device. He thought that perhaps she was going to put it on after he got dressed. He didn’t want to make her wait, so he dressed quickly. He picked up the underwear. She had picked up new boxer shorts to go with the new cage for tonight.

She usually liked her husband’s appearance in tight briefs or jockstraps, so boxers were an unexpected change. The material was thin enough to see through. He slid the boxers over his legs and noticed how soft and silky there were. This sensation was undoubtedly different from his cotton briefs. The soft material against his skin would certainly be a distraction with each step he took. He quickly finished getting dressed in a dark suit and red tie.

He came downstairs to find her on the couch, looking at her phone. She had not changed for the party and was still wearing her leggings and crop top from her workout earlier. The outfit highlighted her fit features, but was not her usual party outfit. He was perplexed.

“I oral porno thought we had a party tonight?” He inquired.

“Oh, sorry. Yes, we are having a few of my favorite friends come over for a bit of fun. They don’t arrive for a couple of hours yet. I wanted a little time before then to play with your new chastity device and make certain we were ready.”

With that, she pressed a button on her phone. Suddenly, he felt the new boxers tighten against his legs and groin. Then there was an odd, prickling feeling as if small tendrils crept up his spine. He felt a momentary hot searing pain followed by the most intense euphoria his body had ever experienced. It was intense but only lasted a split second. He collapsed to the floor, breathless.

After catching his breath, he realized that he could no longer move his legs or arms. “What the fuck was that!” He exclaimed as panic set in.

He felt a sudden shock in his groin and yelled out in pain. The pain was far worse than the sting of her crop. And there was no warning sound, just the sudden, unexpected shock. “That was for swearing at me,” she said and shook her finger at him.

A laugh came from Jordan as she noted the perplexed look on his face. “Did you not recognize your new chastity device, my love? It is made of a new, programmable nano-material, self-cleaning, and 100% escape-proof. No, you can’t even stand without my permission.”

She pushed another button on her screen, and she asked Rick to stand. He regained control of his arms and legs again. He got off the floor and onto his hands and knees. However, each time he tried to stand, he could not.

“What’s the matter? Can’t stand up?” She teased. “You should see your face right now. You look confused, pet.”

“May I please stand up?” He guessed that he would need her permission to stand. He tried to hide the anxiety rising inside me over this new level of control.

“Say ‘Woof,'” she commanded.

“Woof,” he said.

“Good boy,” she said mockingly and patted her husband on the head. She pushed another button, and he could move freely again and stand. But she then pressed another button and said, “Let’s see what this does.”

He gasped in surprise as he felt a thick tendril grow inside the boxers and press firmly against his anus. “Oh, Goddess. Please, no,” he pleaded. He clenched tightly to prevent penetration, but it was no use. His sphincter muscles were quickly overwhelmed. The pain of the sensation was relieved when he finally relaxed and surrendered to the intruder. The tendril made his ass feel quite full as it wiggled inside me against his prostate. Jordan could see her husband’s cheeks blush from a mix of arousal and shame. Knowing she was affecting him aroused her.

“The boxers are made from a programmable nano-material, like a sheet of tiny robots. At least that’s what the directions say.” She continued reading a portion of the directions out loud, “The nano-material can not only transform into any shape but also bond to the wearer’s nervous system, allowing complete control of motor functions. Although anyone else can easily remove the boxers, the wearer will be unable to remove them himself.”

Suddenly, Rick felt overwhelmingly trapped inside the boxers. He took off his belt and dropped his pants to his ankles quickly. He tried to pull off the boxer shorts, but his hands would only slide over the waistband. He could not grab it. His wife laughed as he desperately attempted to remove them. A few more button pushes, and the soft material of the boxers tightened around his penis. “Here, let me calm you down a bit,” She offered.

The soft, silky material of the chastity boxers shifted and tightly enveloped his penis. The fabric undulated up and down his shaft. The anal intruder and the added smooth, slippery feeling around his hardening penis turned his anxiety into arousal. His knees went weak again. “Oh, my God!” He exclaimed as he held onto the back of the couch for support. He felt a growing urge to release the pressure building inside my cock and balls. “Oh! Hmm.” He felt the slippery precum form at the head of his penis. His excitement grew uncontrollably at a frenzied pace. He looked over at his wife, who had her hand in her leggings. She stared at him lustfully as he struggled just to stay standing. He was rapidly losing self-control. “Oh, that feels good…really good… Oh, I’m going to fucking cum!”

“Well, that sounds like you fully approve of your new boxers,” she observed as she touched her mobile screen again.

Then Rick yelled. He yelled, not from pleasure, but pain as he felt a searing shock once again. This time the shock went through his anus and exited his swollen balls. The shock took away any possibility of orgasm at that moment. Any pleasure he was experiencing had ceased, but thankfully the shock was brief. “Tsk, tsk,” she said while shaking her head at him. “I thought you would have learned from the first time without me telling you. You have a new rule. Isn’t that exciting? You didn’t learn it the first time, or I might have let you cum just now. Regardless, there will be no more swearing for you. Since you didn’t learn the rule, there will be no more talking tonight at all. My friends will be here soon. I want you to demonstrate your dedication to me by being the perfect, silent husband. Think you can do that for me? Don’t speak, just nod your head.”

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