Infidelity and Chastity Ch. 06

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Sara slept so sound that she didn’t even hear Rick get up the next morning. She wandered down stairs in a night shirt to find Rick cooking breakfast. Sara wrapped her arms around Rick, kissed and hugged him tightly. He removed the key from around his neck and unlocked Sara’s belt. “We won’t be needing this today.”

“Really?” Sara asked.

“I can trust you not to masturbate, right?”

“Yes.” Sara said as she watched him remove the lock.

After dropping the belt to the floor, Rick grabbed the antenna wire from the remote egg and slowly pulled on it until it slipped gently from Sara’s little pussy.

After breakfast, they both showered together lathering each others’ bodies slowly. Sara tried to satisfy Rick, but he raised her off her knees and just kissed her softly. “Maybe later.”

After getting dressed, Rick went online to Adult Friend Finder where Sara had her profile listed. Sara pulled up a chair next to Rick and went through her mail. They both laughed at some of the profiles and e-mails that she had received. Rick pulled up Sara’s profile, “wet_n_sassy.”

“We need some better pictures on here.”

With that in mind, Rick pulled out his Canon 35mm and Sara her new digital camera that she had gotten for Christmas. The last time that they had taken any “erotic” pictures was when they were first married and those were Polaroids.

Rick grabbed a blanket and his camera gear and headed out the door.

“Outside?” Sara asked.


Sara followed Rick to the back yard. It was a beautiful June day. The temperature was 75 degrees and partly cloudy.

Rick and Sara lived in the country with few neighbors. One lived right across the road and the rest at least a quarter mile away.

Rick spread out the Harley blanket in the sun. “Get undressed.”

Sara looked around. She could see the road in front of the house. “What if someone drives by?”

“Don’t worry, they would have to stop and look to see anything. “Take your clothes off.”

Slowly, she took off her t-shirt, then pulled down her jeans. Almost immediately, Sara laid flat on the blanket just in case anyone was watching..

Rick laughed at Sara’s shyness and joined her on the blanket. “Hold still, I’m going to put some lotion on your back so you won’t burn.”

Sara shivered as the cold lotion dribbled on her lower back. Rick slowly massaged the lotion deep into Sara’s soft skin. She just melted into the blanket as Rick relaxed her whole body.. Her inhibitions seemed to fade as he spread the lotion lower xslot on her ass and inner thigh.

As Rick finished her legs and calves, he gently slapped her on the ass, “Roll over.”

Sara slowly rolled over. Rick squeezed the bottle of lotion a little at a time so that the drops of lotion fell on Sara’s nipples, down her tummy and on her pussy.

“Hold still,” Rick said as he began to spread the lotion around. Sara’s nipples were instantly hard and could feel herself getting wet as Rick explored every inch of her body.

“We better not burn this,” Rick laughed as he rubbed the lotion on and around her wet pussy. Sara opened her legs as Rick continued to massage the lotion in. “We still need to shave “her”, don’t we?”

“Oh yes. I feel so sexy when I’m smooth.”

Rick picked up his camera, “I want to take some erotic pictures without any full frontal. I want you to tease me, and pose for me. You can touch yourself as much as you want…but you better not cum. If you have an orgasm, no matter how shallow, you will be back to square one with the short chains, okay?”

“Sounds like fun,” Sara said as she rolled back over on the blanket. “How’s this?” She asked as she pronounced her little ass in the air.

“Great,” Rick said.

Rick adjusted her in positions that would show off her body, but still not show anything, not even a nipple.

“Now I want you standing over by this tree.”

“Someone is going to see,” Sara said in a whiny voice.

“Okay,” Rick said as he walked to the house. “Be right back.”

Five minutes later, Rick came out of the house holding the handcuffs and a long rope. “Let me see your hands, you know the routine.”

“Ricky?” Sara asked as she slowly extend her wrists.

Rick gently put the hand cuffs on, “I’m disappointed with you. Now, stand up.”

Sara looked around as Rick pulled upwards on her wrists. Stand right here. Don’t move.”

Rick tied the rope onto the cuffs and threw the end the rope over a high branch. He raised Sara’s arms over head, then ran the rope behind Sara and through her legs. He again tossed the end of the rope over another branch and then tied it off leaving the cotton rope tight between her legs.

Rick slapped Sara hard on the ass making her flinch and pulling the rope only tighter.

“Now, I wanted to take some erotic pictures of you out here today, but you didn’t want to. At least before, if someone drove down the road, you could of hid behind a tree. Think about it.” Rick said as he walked to the house.

“Ricky? xslot Giriş Please, don’t leave me like this.”

Sara heard no reply as Rick walked in the house. She tried to pull down on the rope, but it only pulled tighter between her legs. Her pussy ached to be touched, but not like this. The rope parted her labia and dug hard into her clit.

Five minutes passed slowly as Sara’s arms were getting weaker.

Off in the distance, Sara could hear a vehicle. Living on a gravel road, the sound was unmistakable. It was coming this way. What if it pulls in, she thought.

Sara fought the rope, but only found herself getting weaker. She could see the car now coming down the road. The small trees and brush along the road blocked the view of the car off and on.

She couldn’t hide. All Sara could do is watch as the car slowed near the driveway.

Sara found herself excited at the thought of being caught, naked and helpless in the back yard. Her nipples were hard and she could feel the breeze between her legs as the car slowly drove by.

Two more vehicles drove by before Rick returned. Sara had pretty much settled on the rope by now.

In Rick’s right hand was his 35mm camera with the zoom lens. In his left was the paddle.

Rick brushed the hair gently out of Sara’s eyes, then kissed her on the cheek. “I think that we should get your nightly punishment over now,” as he slapped her gently on the ass. “You do remember why you are being punished, right?

Sara hung her head, “yes.”

“Why is that?”

In a soft whisper, Sara answered, “Because I cheated.”

Rick again tapped Sara on the ass. She winced of the thought of the paddle and the rope dug even deeper.

“Would you like to get out of your punishment today?”


Rick untied the rope releasing the pressure from between Sara’s legs. She held out her hands while Rick unlocked her cuffs.

While Sara awaited her task, she pulled the remainder of the rope from the crack of her ass. She rubbed her sensitive pussy surprised at how wet that she really was.

“Can I taste?” Rick asked as he guided her fingers to his mouth. “Mmmm.”

Rick kissed Sara deeply sharing her moistness with her. “I want you to go get the mail.”

“Mail?” She asked.

“Yes, and I want you to do it naked.

Sara looked at Rick surprised. “Naked…. All the way out there?”

“It’s that or the paddle. I just watched the neighbors leave, both him and her, so there is no one next door. Just walk xslot Güncel Giriş out and get the mail….no running!”

Sara peeked around the corner of the house, them back at Rick.

“The longer you wait, the greater chance that they will return.”

She crouched down and walked quickly to the first tree, then stopped.

“Stand up straight, and walk like a lady!”

Sara’s heart raced as she made her way to the next tree. She was totally aware of all of her senses. She could feel how the dry grass seemed to crumble under her bare feet. She could feel the sun on her back and the southerly breeze as it caressed her wetness as she walked. She could hear the birds singing, but was listening for any vehicles off in the distance. Sara paused behind the Lilac bush for a second. She loved the way the blossoms intoxicated the air.

As Sara neared the road, she was running out of trees and shrubs to hide behind. She still had about fifty feet, then had to cross the gravel road to get to the mailbox.

She made her way to the road and stopped in the ditch. Sara quickly looked both ways and listened for anything off in the distance. Confident that she was in the clear, she carefully made her way barefoot across the gravel road.

As Sara neared the mailbox, a car crested over the hill. It was still a half mile away, but she had a long way back, at least without running.

Sara opened the mail box and found it empty. She turned and covered her breasts as she walked as quick as she could across the gravel. She noticed how hard her nipples were and the exhilaration of being outside naked, or was it the thought of being caught.

She could hear the sound of the car getting closer as she walked back toward the house. She notice that Rick had the camera and was taking pictures of her. Sara stopped for a second and posed for him. She covered herself slightly and gave him that innocent smile.

As the car passed by the house, Sara stood behind the Lilac bushes to hide. She was thankful that it wasn’t her parents, or someone else she knew. Not hearing anything else coming down the road, Sara’s playful side emerged as she began to touch herself as she posed for Rick. It had been a long time since she was able to play with herself like this, and it felt good. Almost too good. She wanted to bring herself to orgasm but remembered what Rick had said. She could think of nothing worse than being naked in those short chains, unable to touch herself again.

Sara forced herself to stop teasing her wet lips and her swollen clit. Oh how she ached. She couldn’t remember the last time that she had an orgasm. She use to masturbate daily before she screwed everything up with Rick.

Rick met Sara at the corner of the house and gave her a warm hug and a soft kiss. “I’m proud of you.”

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