Initiation of Diamond Ch. 04

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Having her Master’s shaft in her mouth after so much anticipation and so many erotic dreams, diamond felt the need to cum at that exact moment. Having Him towering over her as she kneeled before Him was just icing on the cake. After skillfully making Isis cum with her tongue, it was now time for her talent to be directed towards Him now.

Just as Sage had done earlier, Isis went out to check on the other guests that were in the House enjoying T/themselves. That gave diamond time alone with her Master, which she craved as much as she did earlier with Isis.

diamond looked up at Sage, only to be met in eye contact by Him, His piercing stare searching the very depths of her mind. His fingers were harshly pinching her nipples as His gaze continued, which only pushed her deeper into her submissive stasis. she couldn’t break free from the gaze; it was if she were being possessed by His will, and she would do anything for Him at that precise moment.

“Worship My dick, slut.” His voice deepened as He commanded. “you’ve wanted this for a long time, My little one. Now it is time to fulfill your dreams.”

diamond let a wide smile escape as she pulled out her Master’s shaft, already fully erect. she began to lavishly plant tongue kisses along His length, which produced a series of low growls from Sage. she felt His hands move from her nipples to the back of her head, forcefully moving her mouth to the head of His dick, letting her know without saying a word that He was ready for her to put her oral skills to good use.

she wanted to cum right then, once He slid His full length inside her mouth. diamond wasn’t sure if she could take Him all, but that wasn’t going to stop her from trying. she felt herself about to gag, but she slowed herself down from the excitement to control the reflex, and was able to deep throat Him with more ease than before.

“Mmmm, Betturkey yes, diamond, take it all.” Sage directed, thrusting His hips toward her mouth with a bit more vigor now. “That’s it, work your tongue like that…”

diamond felt him about to cum; she could tell by the grip on her hair. she quickened her motion, wanting Him to explode in her mouth so badly she could already taste it.

Suddenly, the rush that she had been waiting for all night had finally arrived, as diamond heard a loud growl escape from Sage’s lips. The explosion was intense and forceful, as she made sure not to spill a single drop, and wait for His orgasm to subside. Surprisingly, He didn’t get soft; He was still hard, even after cumming as hard as He did. “Bend over, slut, it’s time for Me to feel you now.”

diamond turned around and assumed doggie style position and presented herself, wet pussy and ass, for her Master to appreciate and penetrate.

“I’m impressed that you still have on your heels, even at this late hour.” she heard Sage comment. she was thankful that He couldn’t see the big smile on her face; diamond always felt sexy and slutty when she wore her heels, mainly because she didn’t get to wear them often, but she had a feeling that was about to change.

“Does this please you, my Master?” diamond asked provocatively. she could feel His energy all around her, making her hornier by the second.

The answer came in the form of her ass being penetrated first; diamond squirmed to adjust to Sage’s girth, as He slowly but sensuously slid His full length inside her. The sensation for her was indescribable as she rotated her hips to get a better grip on His dick.

Yes, you feel good, diamond.” Sage exhaled as He grabbed her hips and began to stroke her anally; taking His time with her until He felt her body relax and adjust to Him. Betturkey Giriş “Get used to both of Us fucking you back here; if you’re a good girl, We may have something special planned for you soon.”

diamond heard Him, but the pleasure from the anal stroking had her zoning out to just enjoy the feeling. “Yes, my Master, May I have it deeper, please? she asked instinctively.

her wish was granted, with Sage changing her position so that He could pull her hair to make the session more intense for T/them both. her moans became more primal, begging her Master to fuck her harder. It was almost euphoric, until another surprise came out of nowhere.

diamond felt slight stinging sensations across her ass cheeks and her lower back. They didn’t hurt, but they were definitely noticeable, even while being fucked by Sage.

Isis’ voice appeared in her ear, “Don’t worry, slut, it’s only wax. Just enjoy.”

she was already at the point of no return already, slowly slipping into “subspace” with each stroke. The feeling of the melted wax being dripped on her while being fucked anally was more than her body could take. It wasn’t long before she began to feel her first orgasmic wave of the night.

“Oh, God, I wanna cum, Master… please, can I cum?!?!!?!” she shouted out, still taking the steady pounding from Sage.

He quickened the pace even more, to the point where the impact could be heard through the door. Isis had taken a spot not too far from them, masturbating as they were in the throes of animalistic lust.

“Make her cum hard, Daddy. I want to hear her scream out your name when she cums.”

He pulled her up close to him by the hair again, this time angrily whispering in her ear, “Who’s pussy is this, slut?”

“It’s Yours, Daddy, it’s yours. Take it, Daddy!!!!”

“Then cum on My dick now, slut. Make Betturkey Güncel Giriş Me want to fuck you again.” He commanded of diamond.

“i’m cumming, Daddy!!!! Oh, my God, I feel it… harder, Daddy, please!!!” her body tensed, and she buried her face into the rug and screamed as wave after wave began to sweep over her unmercifully.

diamond collapsed on the rug, still going through the aftershocks of the orgasm that she had just experienced; out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sage put Isis into the same doggie style position and exert the same force on Her that diamond had just gone through. The look of sheer passion on Their faces was enough to make her cum again.

“That’s it, Daddy, cum in Me… fill Me up!” Isis was holding on for dear life as Sage slammed into Her as if He was possessed or something.

diamond spread her long legs wide and took her fingers and worked herself into a frenzy as she was witnessing her Dom and FemDom fucking each others’ brains out. she felt the next orgasmic wave hit quicker than she expected, and she was soon joining Them in screaming out as her body shook through the second wave, coming close to pulling a multi-orgasmic wave that she desperately craved.

Sage let out one last primal growl before cumming all over Isis’ ass cheeks, and shot one load onto Her back. diamond could have sworn that was the sexiest cumshot she’d ever seen in person.

Sage quickly composed Himself, mainly because He knew that He still had guests that still needed attending to. He whispered something into Isis’ ear before coming over to diamond to place a small kiss on her forehead. He then gave her a knowing wink before exiting the room.

“Come to Me, diamond.” Isis commanded, prompting diamond to crawl over to her and lay her head on Her lap.

“Yes, my Mistress, what do you command of me?”

“you will assist Me in ensuring that the rest of the House is in order once Our guests have left. Daddy will handle the dismissal of the guests Himself.” Isis told her. “We are very pleased with you, little one. We can’t wait to continue your protocol training so that We can show you off in public.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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