Innocence Lost Ch. 07

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Big Dick

NOTE: This is a continuing story of Innocence Lost (under incest). Thank you for all the feedbacks, comments and suggestions especially from readers who are anxious of the series. Warning: Not suitable for grammar anal readers.

INTRO: It’s toward the end of the school year; Josh (19) and his girlfriend Sheryl (18) are planning for their prom night. Sheryl has blond curly hair and a little taller than Tammy (Josh’s sister) at 5′ 5″.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

School is basically over for the juniors and seniors, most students were just preparing for the prom and some are just doing their school projects for extra credit or just to make up for their grades in order to graduate.

Josh and Sheryl were on their way to the mall to pick out a dress for her to wear. She actually knew what dress but she just wanted Josh to see it before she buys it.

“My parent’s will send me on a vacation as a graduation present.” Josh told Sheryl.

“Really, where to?”

“I’m not quite decided yet?”

“You mean you got to choose where to go?”

“Yup!” Josh said and looked at her with a grin on his face.

Sheryl playfully punched Josh on his arm, Josh reacted with his own and their car swerved a little and said, “Whoa! Watch it!” as he straightened the car and then laughed at her as she screamed and then punched him again a little harder this time.

“Stop playing around!” Sheryl yelled.

“You’re the one who punched me!” Josh countered.

Sheryl was just quiet and looked straight at the road ahead of them.

“What’s wrong babe?” Josh asked after a few moments.

“Nothing, I just wish I could come along with you.” Sheryl said with a sad tone in her voice.

Josh looked at her briefly, “Well, do you think I’ll go with out you? You know me better than that.”

Sheryl looked at him with excitement and then went to hug and kiss him.

“Whoa, stop! We could do that later; we might not get to attend our prom you know?” Josh said as he recovered to straighten the car once again.

A car honked at them a couple of times as it passed them on their right and saw the man driving gestured a “Crazy or what the hell attitude” or something in that manner.

Josh and Sheryl looked at each other and then laughed.

“Are you serious about taking me along?” Sheryl asked as they calmed down.

“You know I am.”

“I can’t afford to, you know that and your parent’s won’t be paying for two are they?”

“Don’t worry about it, I got it covered.”

“I wish I could but I can’t think of a way how you can?”

Josh didn’t want to tell her how he could afford to pay for her but she won’t stop pestering him about the matter. He finally told her that he’s going to sell the equipment that Rick left him and he already had it appraised. The price he’s getting will be more than enough to pay for her share of the trip and some spending money. The only thing is that if her parents will allow her to go.

“I’m quite sure that mom will not object to it. She won’t say no when it comes from you.” Sheryl said.

“Oh, really? She knows we’re going to fuck too, right?”

“You dork! She’s not that dumb.”

“She knows that you’re no longer a virgin?”

“It’s her idea to have me on pills in the first place.”

“OK, so she knew. Will she let you go along though?”

“Well, it would be nice if you ask her for me.” Sheryl suggested.

Josh was quiet for a moment then shrugs his shoulders.

“Speaking of pills, where do you get them?” Josh asked.


“Tammy wants to know so she could get it her self. She doesn’t want to bother you and take your supply.”

Sheryl took a piece of scrap paper and pen from her purse and wrote all the info for Tammy and then placed it in the glove compartment. “How’s your sister doing, I assume she has a boyfriend?” She asked as she closed the glove compartment.

“She’s doing great. I believe she mentioned someone she’s going to the prom with, but I’m not sure if they’re going steady.” Josh said not mentioning about loosing his sister’s cherry to him.

“That’s great, are we all going together?” Sheryl asked.

Josh wasn’t paying attention to her at the moment, the image of his sister flashed before him. All that happened that special night went through his mind and the day he fucked his sister and mother along with dirty old man Rick.

Sheryl noticed Josh wasn’t paying attention and she nudged him bringing him back from where his thoughts were.

Josh didn’t realized that he’s having a boner till he felt Sheryl shook him and felt the hardness of his cock straining to get out of his pants. He looked at Sheryl, “Sorry, did you say something?”

“What’s the matter is something wrong?”

Josh shook his head, “I was just thinking of the Caribbean.” Josh said.

“What?” Sheryl asked with a questioning look on her face. “What are you talking about?”

“I just thought of going to the Caribbean, maybe one of the Samsun Escort islands?”

“Oh!” Sheryl was quiet for a second, “That’s nice, I like that.”

Josh’s cock was still hard and he wanted to fuck really badly. He glanced at Sheryl and gave her a lustful look.

“O oh, I don’t like that look in your eyes” Sheryl said before she looked down his crotch and noticed the bulge in his pants; “I knew it!” she finished with a grin.

“You think your mom will be home at this time?”

“She’s at work.”

Josh changed lane and took the next turn as soon as he heard her reply. Sheryl just smiled but teasingly asked him where he thinks they’re going?

“Your dress could wait till later can it? Besides you said you already picked what you like.”

Sheryl was getting excited at the thought of Josh’s idea, since it’s been over two weeks the last time they both had sex. She didn’t answer his question but instead leaned closer to him and started to caress the bulge in front of his pants.

Josh got excited even more as he felt her hands against his aching bulge, as she rub and squeeze it through the fabric. He tried to shift his butt to a more comfortable and pleasant position and at the same time tried to drive as fast as he could through the side streets to Sheryl’s house.

A few minutes later, Josh parked his car at the curb in front of Sheryl’s small but nice and cozy home. As soon as the car stopped, Sheryl got out of the car and ran towards the front door with keys on hand. Josh was quicker than she was and was behind her before she even turned the key to unlock the door. He held her by the waist as he kissed her neck and she was giggling as she opened the door and Josh closed it behind him as they entered the house.

Sheryl turned around and reached up to pull his head down a little towards hers and planted a passionate kiss.

Josh leaned down to return her kiss and his hands start to roam all over her as she clings around his neck. He cupped her left breast through her bra and blouse gently as he squeezed her tight right ass cheek through her tight fit jeans.

Sheryl broke her kiss as she gasped in pleasure and completely let go of her grip as she turn around and starts to walk through the hall way and to her bedroom with Josh trailing behind.

She closed the door as Josh got in and when she went to face him, he was already unzipping his pants. She watched as he let his pants down followed by his under shorts, exposing his big erection. She approached him and knelt in front of him as she held its stiff cock and slid her delicate hand up and down its shaft.

Josh watched Sheryl stroke his cock and caress his ball sack with her other hand. She looked up at him as she opened her mouth to accommodate its swelling cock head. He watched as she engulfs its entire head and felt her lips tightly against his shaft as she starts to suck it.

Sheryl did her best to suck his big cock and once in a while would lick its head and its entire length. She sucked, licked kissed and stroked his cock in gusto, giving him the best blowjob she know how. She would hear his moan in approval, as he would move his hip in rhythm of his sucking, his cock sliding in and out of her lovely lips.

Josh watched his cock slid in and out of Sheryl’s but sometimes saw his sister Tammy instead when he closes his eyes, imagining and reminiscing. His cock got so hard that he thought he’s going to come and quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth and held his shaft tight hoping to stop his cum from jutting out, which he did.

Sheryl looked up and saw the concentration on Josh’s face as he held his cock. She thought he’s going to shoot his load but became obvious that he wants to hold it. She was getting ready to let out his cock because she doesn’t allow him to come in her mouth and he knew it as well, but she was glad when he slipped his cock out of her mouth.

Josh gasped as he felt the orgasm that he stopped from coming and then stroked his cock a few times before he let it go and then helped Sheryl to stand up. He then starts to unbuckle, unbutton and unzip her jeans and Sheryl starts to unbutton her blouse till it slid off her shoulders then followed by her bra.

He guided her towards the bed and before she sat down, she slid her sneakers off her feet leaving her white socks. As soon as she sat down, she laid her back on the bed and then felt Josh starts to slide her jeans off and then her cotton panties.

Sheryl lay down on the bed, completely naked except her pair of socks. Her legs hanging at the edge of her bed and partly spread till she felt his hands on her knees as he pushed them aside. Her excitement riveted through her body as she anticipates what he’s about to do. She felt her wetness trickle out of her snatch as her legs spread wider exposing her slit.

He slid his hands from her knees to the back of her thighs and pushed them up and wide apart, completely exposing her pussy. He saw her cunt juice flow and down Samsun Escort Bayan to her ass. He glanced at her face and saw her eyes closed and breathing heavily perhaps from her excitement. He smiled and positioned his head between her legs and starts to kiss her inner thighs, alternating between the two.

Sheryl gasped as she felt his lips against her thighs, electrifying feeling surged through her thighs and to her mound. She felt his kiss go further, inch-by-inch till it reaches her wet aching pussy.

Josh starts to lick her slit slowly, up and down with the tip of his tongue. It goes deeper and deeper as he traced her opening, tasting her cunt juice overflowing with excitement. He heard his moans and felt her legs shiver for a few seconds as he concentrated licking her clit.

Sheryl couldn’t stop but moan as waves of tingling sensations rushed to her clit and within her cunt. Her head moved from side to side as she grips the sheets of her bed. She let out much louder moans as she felt him suck her clit and then raised her butt to press her mound to his lips.

Josh sucked harder as she pressed her mound to meet his lips. He placed his hands under her supporting her ass and then starts to lick and tongue fuck her love hole but concentrating mostly on her clit. He could sense that she’s about to release her orgasm.

Sheryl is now breathing harder and her body begins to shake, her legs shiver as her orgasm was fat approaching. She moved her hands from the sheets to his head as she caresses its hair, and her hip begins to buck.

Josh supported her ass as she planted both her feet on the bed and begins to move her mound, pressing and grinding it to his mouth. He did his best to suck, lick her opening and clit till he finally felt her body tense, followed by an arousing moan. He felt her cum juice flow into his mouth, her body jerked as she released cum after cum of her love juice.

Sheryl released the most pleasurable orgasm she ever felt. Her body tensed and jerked, feeling the intensity her cum juice flow out of her as he licked every drop of it. Her body weakens as she squirts the last drop of her cum and her body dropped down on the bed as she catches her breath.

Josh swallowed every drop of her cum, tasting the sweetness of her juices. Although he likes the taste of Sheryl’s cunt juices, he still prefers the taste of his sister’s. The thought of it made his cock much harder than it already was.

He didn’t wait much longer and he slid up the bed and between her legs. He hooked her left leg up with his arm and guided his stiff hard cock on her cunt opening till its head was half way inside her before he hooked her other leg.

Sheryl was still catching her breath and now her legs are completely spread wide open resting against his arms as he supported his upper body on top of her. She placed her hands on her knees as she felt his cock starts to slide inside her. She could feel her pussy lips open up wide, her opening stretching to accommodate his big hard cock.

Josh slowly penetrated her love hole, feeling her tight cunt against his shaft as it goes deeper and deeper inside her. He watched her face in intense concentration and sees her moan from under him. It was too much for him and he plunged the last 3 or 4 inches of his shaft hard and deep, his ball sack resting against her anus.

Sheryl didn’t expect it and she let out a much louder moan. She felt her cunt full and stretched and it seems like his cock is much bigger this time.

Josh let go of her legs as he lowered his body on top of hers, and slid his arms under her shoulder blades and held her head and started to kiss her passionately on the lips.

Sheryl kissed him back and wrapped her arms about his. She left knees bent and spread wide open as he released her legs to accommodate the deepest possible penetrating position for his cock. She broke their kiss to gasp and moan as she felt Josh starts to make a circling motion with his hips, grinding his cock deep inside her.

Josh watched her as she gasped and moaned. He pressed his hips hard against her mound. His cock was so hard that he could feel his pulse through the veins of his cock. Sheryl’s cunt was so tight that she even felt his pulse against her inner cunt walls.

The images of his sister and mother as he fucked them ran through his thoughts and seeing Sheryl’s beautiful face made his lust even greater. He starts to go in and out of her cunt half way of its length in slow rhythm and pressing his crotch hard against hers as it goes inside her. He did this for a few moments till her moans got louder and her breathing faster. He begins to pick up the rhythm, faster and faster. He felt her cunt muscles squeezing his cock.

Sheryl’s orgasm was fast approaching and planted her feet on the bed and started to meet his thrust. Her moans got louder and start to catch her breath.

Josh felt her tense as she met his forward thrust hard and then her body jerked releasing her orgasm. Escort Samsun He kissed and sucked her nipple as her body arched.

Sheryl’s body went limp as her orgasm subsided. She then felt him hooked both her legs with his arms once more and his cock starts to slide in and out of her tight wet cunt.

Josh fucked her fast as his own orgasm was about to explode. After a few more thrust, his hot cum starts to shoot out inside, he didn’t stop fucking her but in a much slower pace as his load, after load of cum kept shooting in side her.

Sheryl’s cunt was in a mess as Josh’s cock continued to slide in and out of her, their cum juices all mixed up as it seeps out of her and starts to foam up around his shaft and her cunt opening. She thought he’ll never stop cumming till he finally stopped, releasing her legs and dropped down beside her. She looked at him and he was breathing hard as well. Her hands slid down her navel to her mound and felt the mess between her legs. She raised her head to glance down her to see the mess. She wiped her mound with her fingers and gooey white foam and fluid cling at her fingers.

“See what mess you just made?” Sheryl said teasing as she showed Josh her fingers.

Josh looked at what she was referring to, “My mess?” he said as he held her by the wrist and then tried to guide it to her mouth, “Lick it! Taste it!”

Sheryl faced the other way and said, “No way!” as she giggled.

Josh has been trying to get her have him come in her mouth or to suck his cock straight from her cunt after they come but she wouldn’t do it for some reason. He doesn’t want to force it to her; having her to give him a blowjob for the first time was hard enough but eventually liked it. He’s hoping that one day that she’ll give in and like it too.

Sheryl almost jumped off the bed when she noticed the time, “Get up! Mom will be home in a few minutes,” almost yelling at Josh and starts to collect her clothes.

Josh did the same but was taking his time when suddenly Sheryl smacked him with her clothes in hand, “Hurry up and stop fooling around!” she yelled with a higher tone this time.

” OK, OK. Jeeez, calm down, will ya?” Josh replied.

Sheryl went to the bathroom to freshen up and Josh starts to dress up. He went to the kitchen to get a drink and waited for Sheryl to finish what ever she’s doing in the bathroom.

Jennifer (Mrs. Kein) noticed Josh’s car parked on the street in front of her house when she pulled into the driveway. She like Josh and secretly admires him just the same as she admires his father, Drake. She got acquainted with Josh’s family in one occasion, and was quite attracted to Drake the moment she shook hands with him. She never felt that attraction to anyone since her divorce almost 11 years ago.

Seeing Josh frequently in her home when he drops or visits her daughter always reminds her of Drake and she grew accustomed to him, especially his small talks, teasing her in regards with her looks. She never been with another man since her ex-husband left them, and she didn’t paid much attention how she looks since then. More than a few occasion that she felt tingle between her legs when she’s with Josh, and having no sex through those years sometimes takes a toll with her lust but she kept it in secret, especially to her daughter. She was getting anxious to get in the house, expecting to hear Josh’s pleasing comments.

Josh was sipping a can of soda in the dinning area when he saw the front door open and Mrs. Kein walked-in and saw her smile at him as she closed the door.

“Hi Mrs. Kein!” Josh greeted Jennifer as she placed her handbag on the dinning table.

“Hello Josh, got off early today?” Jennifer asked as she looked down the hall for her daughter.

“Yeah, we’re heading to the mall to check out Sheryl’s prom dress but she spilled soda on her and she need to freshen up, I guess we’ll just pick it up tomorrow.”

Jennifer nodded and went to the fridge and got a drink for her self and then went to the living room and sat on the sofa and she motioned for Josh to come over as she pass by him. Josh followed her to the living room and sat across from her.

They talked and laughed as Josh starts to tease and compliment her as usual. He even asked permission for Sheryl to come with him, perhaps to the Bahamas. She didn’t say yes, but she will talk things over with her daughter first. They were joined by Sheryl after a few minutes and continued their conversation till Josh needed to go home.

“Well, nice talking to you again Mrs. Kein. You’re really a blast you know!” Josh said.

Sheryl showed him to the door and gave Josh a kiss on the cheek before he got out of the door and gave him a sign to call her later.

Josh drove home and when he was near their home, he saw his sister Tammy got off a car and waved before she stated to walk towards the house. He slowed down a little as the other car drove towards his direction as to take a look at the driver and saw a black driver in his teens. With concern and a bit of jealousy, he pulled in the driveway and almost ran and inside the house to confront his sister about the black guy who dropped her off. He’s about to find out about the first interracial threesome his sister just had, and that’s another story…………

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