Innocent Indian Wife’s Degradation Ch. 08

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Thanks to sdc97230 for editing my story.

As the morning sunlight filtered into the room, Kayal tried opening her eyes very reluctantly. Anand was not in the room. Kayal had a quick look at the watch, and it was around 7.30am.She could hear the commotion outside the room in the veranda or garden area.

Kayal’s whole-body felt stiff after the bruising late night act, the ferocious boning done by her tribal lover, but she felt absolutely happy and in very good space. She quickly brushed her teeth, changed into a track suit and walked into the resort’s veranda area.

Almost half of the group were with family, having their morning coffee. She went and quietly sat beside her hubby Anand, who was as usual in his cheerful, ebullient mood pouring her a cup of coffee. As she sipped her coffee, Kayak thought about the parting words of her tribal lover: he had decided to let her have her bath first and then decide. The group planned to leave for a trek by 9am, so they all dispersed to their respective rooms.

Kayal was very much in the mood for another frenzied fuck. She knew this was probably a lifetime opportunity, but in the end decided to go along with the team. She understood that she had one more night to stay in the resort and it would be better and more discreet in the night if she was still in the mood. Her body definitely required the rest after such a bruising and aggressive night of love making.

The trekking wasn’t as good as she expected. Anand with his DSLR was taking pictures of all the tiny butterflies,geckos,deer, etc., instead of his gorgeous wife. And she had made the mistake of buying a polyester T shirt. As they kept walking,the T-shirt stuck to her body due to the sweats making her boobs appear even more prominent. Most of the male members of the group were furtively glancing at her heavy boobs heaving as she walked while their wives gave her dirty looks. Anand was, however, unaware as he was busy shooting for the Next Nat Geo feature.

That evening the tired group reached the resort by 5 pm after a day -long trek and bird watching activity, then retired to their respective rooms for some much-required rest. There was a dance I am really ashamed to admit. Moreover, I am unhappy that I missed the afternoon session very badly — Then with a reddened face she covered her mouth. I don’t know why I am talking about all these things openly!

Joburi: O Madam don’t feel bad, this is the only time and probably I will be the only man you can talk freely about this subject it was pitch dark. Then she heard Chief Joburi’s voice, “My lord, I have brought you a very sweet dish for your feast please,” as he pushed her in and closed the door of the dark room.

Kayal was shocked by the words as she understood there was another person in the room, then she heard a flick of a match from a corner of the room. A yellowish glow spread across the room, and Kayal could see the unmistakable presence of the tall, strongly built, pot-bellied head Shaman she had seen in the evening. Luckily, he gaziantep masaj salonları had on a flowery dress covering his privates.

Kayal’s mind was in turmoil. She knew what was in store for her: in plain words she would be royally fucked by these two tribal guys for sure! She did not like the way Chief Joburi had brought her as if she was some low level hooker, but honestly, he only saw a lady hungry for sex and had decided to give her more fun in his own warped logic.

The Old Shaman said, “O my beloved queen you are more beautiful than Joburi had told me,”as he walked toward her, his belly juggling as he walked. Kayal was transfixed by what was happening as she stood frozen almost in a trance

The Old Shaman came close to her, sitting in his haunches, on his knees in front of her, his big hands and palms stretched. He reached for the big jugs of her breasts, crushing them and squeezing them, and at the same instant his face bent lower toward her love hole, his rasping tongue started licking her clean-shaven pussy lips all in a swift few seconds.

Kayal was stunned by the Shaman’s direct assault. His strong hands mauling her breasts were hard and aggressive, but his tongue and lips were another matter. Never before had she felt such tender and strong lips licking her pussy. The Shaman’s tongue was like sandpaper, creating mind blogging sensations inside her sex starved body. Her hands hung to the bald head as she whimpered, “Ho noo ayooo…” in non-stop squealing.

The Shaman was like a lap dog licking her pussy, occasionally his tongue trying to enter her pussy, and then he started sucking her clitoris with his thick lips. Then he stopped, and looking up he said,

“Madam, I love your hairless bald pussy. It’s so nice and my god, you taste very sweet.” Then he lunged, and gave a quick lick as he looked up again.

Chief Joburi: O great Shaman Jambala I did not know madam had prepared that specially for you, my highnesses please allow me to join you in this pleasure!

Kayal could not believe what was happening, but one thing was sure, she was going to get royally pleasured by these tribal warriors. There was no point in fighting on any of this, after having come willingly for this sex fest, and she decided to enjoy this night willingly as she waited for the group orgy to start.

“O Joburi, this is too delicious a present to have alone, take the other side and prepare her.”

Kayal looked on as Joburi walked towards her, getting behind on the other side.As she looked at what was happening, the old Shaman had his tongue and lips on her pussy and he began to sensuously suck and lick alternatively on her clit and pussy lips.

Kayal was trembling as she stood holding on to the bald head of the Shaman. Then she felt another wet tongue on her asshole. My god it was Chief Joburi! She just could not control the sensations as she started blabbering.

“O Chief Joburi my god this is too good, my god I will gaziantep masaj salonları escortları collapse with pleasure! Ayyo ah ah ahh ha!” Then she closed her mouth with her hands as her body felt the twin tongues lashing on her asshole and pussy.

Never in her life had she felt a tongue in her anal hole, it was absolute pleasure, in fact Kayal’s mind was more on Joburi’s hard rough tongue on her asshole. As she now equally felt the hard suck of the old Shaman on her clitoris, she knew she would climax any minute as this was beyond any pleasure.

In seconds, Kayal fell into a deep intense climax as she shuddered and fell on her knees, her eyes closed in absolute pleasure.

Both men understood the lady’s intense climax and moved away, Chief Joburi holding the collapsing lady from behind as she almost fell on his lap, his hard cock resting against her butt and back.

The Old Shaman gingerly got up & removed his clothes, uncovering his privates. He was a well hung man, his penis easily 10′ long and almost 3 inches thick. The amazing part was that his cock head was even thicker, almost 4″ inches, making it most pleasure to ladies. He was a smart man, always making the lady fully lubricated before he mounted them. It was a technique he had learned from his great uncle which allowed him to have many satisfied lovers.

He stood in front of his latest prey, her head bowed in total pleasure in the aftermath of the most electric climax, almost sitting on Chief Joburi’s lap. He knew the lady was in for more intense sexual pleasure all night.

Joburi, understanding his sex guru’s mind, lifted Kayal’s head and whispered, “Please open your eyes, Madam.”

Kayal. almost in a total submissive sexual mood with these two burly, rough tribal guys after the stunning and brutal climax, opened her eyes. She could not focus, but slowly she could see the old Shaman standing in front of her sporting a gigantic hard on. She could hardly believe the size of the old man’s cock.

Kayal looked at the smiling Shaman in utter shock, as he walked up to her, his eyes looking down on her eyes in an absolute hypnotic gaze. Joburi took both her hands to the Shaman’s balls as Kayal looked down at the big, shiny, oversized cock staring her in her face. It was obscene and big, almost the size of her wrist, oozy and shiny with almost an equally thick head and body.

Kayal involuntarily swallowed saliva and opened her mouth. Then, her eyes fixed on the striking eyes of the old Shaman, she started licking and sucking the cock head, just managing to take the tip inside her, sucking his slightly thick precum clean.

The old Shaman gently patted her head and stepped in, pushing nearly his complete cock head inside her mouth as a timid and demure Kayal started sucking the giant tool almost clamming inside her mouth.

Kayal could not believe the sexual hormones raging in her body. She almost felt a slavish desire and devotion to this masaj salonları gaziantep big cock thrust in her mouth, she could not believe her obedience to this ugly man and his obscene cock. She absolutely wanted to suck it hard, and yearned to take more of it in her mouth as kept swallowing his slightly salty, bittersweet precum in total servitude

Old Shaman Jambala then gently pulled her head from his cock, kissed her cum filled open mouth and then said, “Devi, I want to see how much of it you take inside your mouth, can we try?”

Even before a disoriented Kayal could say anything, holding both her hands on her head he started slowly mouth fucking her, each time putting more and more of his cock inside her mouth.

Kayal was absolutely shocked by the brutal act but bizarrely thrilled. Maybe because of the drink or due to the animal-like magnetism of the old man she liked this aggressive, dominating act and she even relaxed her throat so she could take more of his monstrous cock inside mouth. But honestly, she actually yearned for this big cock to be inside her pussy.

As this continued for a few minutes, having inserted almost half of his massive cock inside her mouth, the Shaman took his cock out and said, “It’s time for a tribal sandwich. My lady, poor Joburi, too needs some fun.”

Chief Joburi led her to the cot and whispered, “On your knees, Madam,”

Kayal was on her knees as Joburi moved behind her. The Shaman gingerly walked and lay down on his back, so his glistening shiny cock was in front of her as she looked down.

Kayal understood what was expected of her as she automatically lowered her head towards the Shaman’s big cock, poised and ready to take it inside her mouth as she raised her back and presented Chief Joburi her pussy almost like an open offer.

Then Kayal felt Chief Joburi’s hands patting her pussy and she felt his thick fingers entering inside her pussy. It seemed he was coating it with warm oil. It felt absolutely awesome. She thought these tribal guys knew how to treat a lady, then shockingly she felt his finger lubricate her anal hole as he slowly finger fucked her.

Kayal had never felt more horny in her life as she whimpered her woo’s & ahaa’s in absolute sensitivity to the finger in her anus

Hearing the Brahmin Lady’s sounds in the still night, the Shaman’s hand gently pushed her face toward his big cock as Kayal gratefully took it inside her mouth and started sucking it with relish.

Now Chief Joburi applied a fair amount of oil on his hard, thick, slightly smaller cock in comparison to the Shaman, then holding the lady in her hips he coolly rammed into her well lubricated pussy.

Even though Kayal was expecting the entry eagerly, it felt absolutely awesome as the thick cock slipped inside her well-oiled pussy. As he rammed a few hard strokes Kayal also moved her head up and down on the big cock of the Shaman and fucked his cock into her mouth. She loved this twin act, it was a mind boggling sensation & pleasure.

But the most stunning aspect or realisation for Kayal was she just loved sucking this big clammy cock in her mouth. She even liked the flowing precum. It was liberating.

Chief Joburi knew it was time. Suddenly he removed his glistening thick cock from her pussy, and then in one strong and hard stroke entered her ultra-tight butt hole. In a single stroke he was fully inside as he hung on to her, squeezing her big breasts.

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