Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 17

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A warm afternoon sun, cast through the greenhouse, while I was watering. Amidst a lush jungle of foliage and the steady whine of circulating fans, it was peaceful and I was startled when I felt a swat over my ass. I turned to find Eric, grinning and very proud of himself.

“Fuck! You scared the shit out of me. But… I like it when you drop by… what’s up?”

“Well… sorry to freak you out, but you do look hot in those jeans and… that t-shirt… fuckkk!”

“That’s always good to hear from my boyfriend… you know. And you can keep it up, but you’re going to have to do better than that.”

“Anyway… I wanted to surprise you and take you out for a beer,” he said, trying to smooth things over, with a sexy grin. “Here… before I forget,” he handed me the key. “To get in here, I used the one you had at my place.”

“Just keep it… maybe you can visit more often. I’m about done and we can take off.”

He trailed his fingers over my crotch, “You know… this here is what I really need… so fuckin’ horny… almost used a dildo.”

I smiled, “That’s a great line.”

“Well its true… but this’s a lot better… come here,” he said, pulling me closer to push his tongue through my lips. I fell back to sit among plants, on the bench, and we made-out. Wrapping his lips over mine, he forcefully kissed and squeezed at the growing bulge, in my jeans. Unable to contain his needs, he stroked hard over the outlined shaft, while moaning and making out. He grabbed me by the hips and held me tighter, pressing his swollen cock against mine.

It wasn’t long before he dropped to his knees, unbuckled my belt and worked my pants down to my wellies. Kneeling and using both hands, he slipped the underwear down and tenderly worshipped the hard cock, as it sprang forward. Now arching, thick and hard, over my belly and swaying just inches from his face, his gaze focused. He smiled at the sight of his prize, his boyfriend’s rock-hard cock, topped with a tiny liquid pearl.

He gently stroked the shaft, yearning for its thickness, its weight and its taste; then he cradled the balls in his hand and watched the pearl grow. He pushed me back further and took it with both hands, slowly closing his fingers around its throbbing girth. He stared up at me, as he ran his hands up and down over the shaft. He licked the sugar, sliding down over the head, and I moaned as it passed through his lips and his tongue circled the head. I put a hand on the back of his head and pushed him deeper. With his mouth stretched tight, he responded by gorging himself and pushing harder, to feel the swollen head push at his throat.

His hands grabbed for my hips, while I fucked his mouth, pumping slow before the full-on thrusts that we both needed. I knew he was ready and grabbed, with both hands, to hold his head steady; I fucked through his lips, punching hard at his throat. I felt him gurgle, as my dick slammed at the warm fleshy, limit. As always, we celebrated our mutual need… with his hands digging into my hips and mine gripping his head, we fucked till I was at the very brink. “Uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh… fuck yeah… Eric… fuck yeah… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… closer… gotta pull out… or… fuck… I’m gonna shoot… fuck.”

Dripping with spit, I finally pull out, with a strand hanging from the tip and a matching one, hanging from his lip. Catching his breath, and sporting a big, sexy grin, “Now, let me ride it, dude… I really need some!”

Still in my wellies, with pants Bomonti Escort bunched at my knees, I started to pull off the boots and he grinned, “Leave’m on… don’t take’m off… fuck me in your boots. It’s fuckin’ hot!”


“Their sexy in a tool-belt kind-of-way… just fuck me! You know… yer my big-dick gardener… and… and I want you to fuck me with your boots on.”

“You got it… I got big, gardener dick, ready for the gardener’s hot boyfriend.” He moved closer and spread his ass; he looked back with that smile, again, and I kissed his cheek. I poked the muscle, spread more spit over my dick and teased him by dragging the shaft over the tight hole. His groans spread through the greenhouse, as I pulled him back to split open his muscled ass, driving deep into his belly.

Needing that moment to get use to the pulsing flesh, pushing at his insides, he pushed back into me for a few seconds before rolling his hips. Hot with the uniquely male pleasure of welcoming his man’s cock, he groaned, “Fuckkkkkk… Rob… that’s fuckkkking… mmmmm… perfect!”

I grabbed hold of his ass and he started pumping his body up and down over me, stroking my dick with his insides. The muscle, stretched tight, rippled over my dick, sending a sensory explosion through both of us. Time and time again, 4… 5… or 6 inches emerged, only to plow back into his body, as he impaled himself.

With his hips bouncing faster and our moans growing in intensity, we moved in unison and my cock stirred his insides. His breathing got labored; he whimpered and begged for me to fuck harder. Yearning for cock, he moaned, “Fuck yeah… fuck harder… uhhhh… fuck me… fuck me… uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh… fuck me, harder… yesssssssss… yesssssss!”

Obsessed with need, he wanted more… and needed more. He took over completely and slammed his body down over my dick, bouncing… pushing harder to pick up the pace. With a hard cock stretching his ass, his cock raged and his needs exploded; I couldn’t help but reach around and stroke his dick, as he rode mine.

I said, “Let’s do it there.” I pushed a couple begonias aside to bend him over the bench and he immediately spread his legs. I moved closer to smack at his ass and push back in, “Maybe that’ll teach you to not startle your boyfriend, in the future.”

I swatted a couple more times with a little more force and he squealed, “Yeah… mmmmmm… spank my ass… spank it… spank me harder… uhhhh… uhhhh… fuck me harder… fuck me… fuck me with that big gardener dick… punish me… punish me with it… uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh!”

I laughed, “You’re enjoying this too much… but so am I.” I continued swatting at the firm, muscled cheeks and pumping, balls-deep, into smokin’ hot ass. Aroused by my dominance, his ass worshipped my dick and the sting of my hand. He moaned “Yeaaaaaa, fuck me, daddy… gardener daddy… spank me… I’m yer little cock-slut.” In the dom role, my dick always feels bigger… and harder. I know it isn’t possible; it’s just fucking hot… and it feels so good.

He squealed as I buried it deep, “Mmmmm… that’s what I need… my man’s dick… fuck… it feels soooooo good!” I was in complete control… my rock-hard masculinity, stretched him wide and I was fucking deep into his belly. He moaned and gasped for breath, as I gained momentum and my balls slapped over his, his whole body shuddering from each pounding impact.

I felt my butt flex tight as I humped into Bomonti Escort Bayan his body, pummeling that irresistible ass and playfully slapping his butt cheeks. Eric moaned, “Fuck… oh fuck… your cock’s so big… perfect… perfect in my ass… so deep… fuck me deep… deep. Cum in me… cum in me like last time… wanna feel it in my ass… fill me with cum… give it to me… give it to me… please, daddy… give it to me!”

Between the fucking and spanking, I felt a release building in my balls; I knew I had to pull out or succumb to my needs. “Dude, let me flip you… and spread those legs for me.”

I flipped him over on his back, and that big hardon bobbed wildly. It looked so tasty… his smooth, tawny body covered with a sweaty sheen and that big dick was so enticing; it demanded attention. Accompanied with loud, raucous moans, my lips stroked over the hard shaft. “Mmmmmmm… ahhhhhhhhh… mmmmmmmm… Rob… fuck… fuck… suck me… suck me… uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh… suck that dick… suck that big dick.”

“Fuck me… fuck me… yer gonna make me cum… mmmmmm… feels… uhhhh… uhhhh… so fucking good. Put it in me… fuck me… put it in me… uhhhh… uhhhh!”

I smeared cock ooze over his muscle and pushed into the heat. Slamming hard into his body, I fucked him like an animal (to paraphrase Reznor). He held his legs way back and precum fell from his dick, splattering his belly. I pushed his legs out further, to where he was splayed wide, prone to the hard-pounding he begged for. Eric loved being a cock-slut; he always loved to be ridden hard… and fucked hard. And I always love being a top… his daddy.

He moaned, “Fuck meeeee… uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh… yeah! Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me! Yessss… yea… yea… yea… yea… fuck yeah… fuck meeee… fuck meeee!” He grabbed for his dick and started jerking wildly, spraying cum over his belly. I pounded into his body and, for good measure, swatted his ass a couple more times.

When it was fading, he groaned, “Mmmmm… ahhhhh… that’s it daddy… make me hurt… fuck me hard… mmmm… like that. Uhhhh… uhhhh… you like it, when I call you daddy?”

I replied with a huge grin, “You know I do,” and continued thrusting. My cock throbbed and pulsed inside his core, “I really do… fuck… uhhhh… uhhhh… I fucking do!”

I scooped seed from his belly and brought it to my lips, “Mmmmm… it’s warm.”

“I’m yours… your cock-slut… fuck me with that big dick… that’s it… uhhhh… uhhhh… yeaaaa… uhhhh… fuck me hard… fuck yeahhhhhhh!”

When I pushed his knees back to his shoulders, he rambled, “Robbie… so fucking hot… uhhhh… uhhhh… Robbie… use me… use me… don’t stop… fuck me… fuck yeah… fuck yeah… uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh… fuck me!”

He gasped, “I need it bad… so fuck’n bad… uhhhh… uhhhh… pound my fuckin’ ass… pound my ass… yesssssss… fuck it… fuck yer seed into me… gimme that seed… I want seed!”

I was breathing in shallow gasps and couldn’t take anymore; the small amount of self-control I had was gone. All I wanted to do was fuck… I wanted to fuck my man. I wanted to fuck him a hundred times, in a hundred different ways and I knew he’d love every second. Just before unleashing a big, creamy load, I shoved as deep as possible and felt the heat in my balls. I pumped a few more times, before my cock jerked and flooded his insides. We both felt it throb and jerk, as it Escort Bomonti pulsed seed. He screamed, “Cum in my ass… cum in me… cum in me! Pump it deep… deep in my belly… fuck me with it… uhhhh… uhhhh… push it deeper!”

I screamed, “Fuck yeah! Fuck… Eric… Eric… fuck… uhhhh… uhhhhh… uhhhh… oh god!” I felt my dick recoil and my whole body prepare for more. Not as big and it didn’t last as long, but it was just as satisfying. After a few more strokes, I could feel the last throes, a tiny trickle pumping into his ass… that beautiful, tight ass.

Still shuddering from orgasm, “Mmmmm… fuck yeah! That’s it… fucking swallow that load, with yer ass!” To feel my dick pulsing deep inside, I slammed forward and collapsed on top. Short of breath and panting, a strong warmth spread through my body. “Ahhhh… ahhhh… fuck… fuck! Eric that was good… ahhhh… ahhhh!”

Again, I rolled my hips… I kept the whole shaft buried and we laid there, sharing the intimate warmth of two entwined bodies. He kissed my cheek, smiled and tightened his hold on my dick. Over and over, he squeezed, milking out every drop… every precious drop.

Finally, he broke the silence with a big grin, “You know… I owe you a beer. Wanna take off before we get caught?”

I smiled, “Sounds good… a beer sounds real good. Don’t worry about getting caught… the staff is so small and nobody ever comes in at this hour. But hey… we got leaves… no fig leaves but they should work. I think you’d look hot with a leaf.”

He points at me, “You’d really look hot in a leaf… maybe Halloween? Our own private Halloween?”

“You know I’m in. But before we take off, I gotta take a piss.”

“Just do it here… it’s not gonna hurt anything… it’s a greenhouse… you know.”

I rolled off and aimed for the floor… it was still semi-hard so I leaned my body forward to avoid painfully bending it so hard. The pungent, yellow urine started to spit out and quickly became a heavy stream. It arced through the air with a surprisingly, strong force (I really had to go), before splashing over the concrete.

“Ahhhh, fuck that feels good!” I exhaled in relief, “I needed that, dude.”

He didn’t reply, just gazing at the stream, shooting from my dick. A strong scent rose from the puddle forming, on the floor. I was shocked when it appeared to excite him and he reached over to run his fingers over the throbbing tip. When they passed through the warm jet, it splashed everywhere.

“Mmmmmm, I love that… it’s hot to watch you pee and feel it on my skin… you know. He looked up, “We should do this more often.”

After all our time together, I never realized Eric liked watersports. At times, we had fucked around in the shower, pissing on each other… but I thought it was more of a locker room prank. I smiled, “Guess you like it… then let’s do it,” and targeted his legs, hanging off the bench. I emptied my bladder, spraying a trail up over his dick and, as high as, his abs. Initially, he was surprised, but it was very clear that he was enjoying things. It splashed over a growing hardon, ran down his legs and he squealed, “Fuck yeah! Yeah… that’s it… sweet! Cover me… hose me down… mmmmmmmmm… yeah… yeahhhhhhh! We do need to do this more… fuck!”

At that point, the stream began dwindling, but his gaze was fixed, till it trickled to nothing. Still feeling the heat on his skin, he wrapped his hand around his rock-hard cock and stroked out another load.

He moaned, “Mmmmmm that’s good… mmmmmmm… uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh… yesssss… uhhhh… uhhhh… yessssssssss… cumming… m’cumming… cumming!” I watched it pour from the tip and run down over his fist. Once his moans trailed off, he smiled up at me and closed his eyes.

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