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I have sent you an email, anonymous and cheeky, it reads

“Meet me at 8:00pm at the Power House Boutique Hotel on Kingsford Smith Drive, room 708, don’t be late!”

I have prepared the room with tiny candles and soft music. It is a cold winter’s evening and I have much more than staying warm on my mind. There is a full bodied bottle of red wine decanted and sitting next to the bed. I have had a long and luxurious bubble bath and pampered my skin with body lotion. I am wearing my favourite evening dress and have taken the time to colour in my face, my lips are cherry red and my eyes sparkle with the thoughts I have entertained since the afternoon, contemplating the seduction that is to take place.

I have rung room service and they are poised in readiness with the delicious morsels we will enjoy for our dinner. But first the interlude of long slow lovemaking is to be savoured.

I glance at the clock next to the bed and it reads 7:44pm there remains only minutes before he should arrive. I carefully survey the room to make certain that everything is in its place.

I take another sip of my champagne and there comes a tentative knock at the door. I sweep my hair from my face and walk over…I open it slowly and there appears before me a dashing man, wearing his favourite tie. In my best French accent I greet him with a whispered “entre Voo” and he smiles and steps closer to me, the door swings shut and we embrace with a courteous kiss. I put my finger to my lips signalling a hush I do not want to start a conversation that regales our days activities, I simply want to kiss him. We interlock our bodies and kiss passionately. He laughs and plays along with the vow of silence not speaking a word.

I pour myself another glass of champagne and pour one for you also. We clink glassed entwine arms and sip slowly, already I feel the affects of the bubbles, my head is swimming and I have become flushed with heat as my body temperature is raised because of Samsun Escort my arousal. We set the glasses down on the small table next to the plump velvet feather filled couch, I sit first and you stretch to secure a position as close to my body as you are able. Our lips meet that first sensation of the hot flesh touching is magnificent. My lips open as our kissing becomes more passionate, the air around us is warm and our mouths have become entangled in a delicious passion.

We remain connected as your hands begin to move under my long hair, I lean back just a little to allow you access to my neck. Your mouth slides form my lips down my throat to the softest part of my neck, I let out a slow moan as your warm mouth kisses my neck, our bodies are now so hot, there is the soothing sounds of the music and the flickering from the candles that gives the room a warm glow.

You lay my body down on the couch all the while your kisses are gifted to my skin. As you lower you body on to mine I move my hands up your sides, lifting your shirt from your trousers expertly. I can feel you press against my hips and I am certain of your arousal I feel your manhood as my hand gently fondles the bulge in your pants. We disconnect for a moment, as you pull back from me and arch back to almost stand with one leg on the couch and one on the floor, you undo your tie while looking at me so greedily. It is flung across the floor as I begun unbuttoning your shirt, very so slowly as I blow you a kiss, the shirt is suitably discarded and you turn your attention to my dress.

I sit up close to you as you reach behind me and undo the long zip, I feel your finger trace down the middle of my spine as a gentle shudder is felt through my body. You then pull the shoulders of my velvet dress down and kiss a tiny line across my chest. Then you remove my dress altogether. Leaving me there in my black lacey bra and French nickers. You reach over to the glasses of champagne and Samsun Escort Bayan we again partake of the glorious fruity bubbles, this time we kiss with a mouth full of the drink and mingle our tongues feeling the contrast between our warmth and wetness and the chilled drink. I swallow and you plunge a kiss, this time we move our heads every which way to gain access to every sensual part of the touching mouths, lips and tongue. My hands reach down and begin to unlock your zip.

Carefully moving my hands in-between your undergarment and your hot skin, my hand wraps around your manhood and as I gently squeeze and twist you breath escapes, we momentarily disconnect our kiss then resume with more intensity. My skin is hot to touch my wetness gathers and my breathing is now so heavy. My hand moves holding your erection and I sense your arousal with every small careful move I make. I feel your hand reach around my back and you unclasp my bra… I arch my back as my breasts bounce free, my pink nipples stand erect and my breasts are full and round and as you touch them I begin to squirm with utter delight. You move your mouth from my lips and lick a line in-between my breasts moving ever so close to my right nipple, you move again to the center and kiss tiny kisses back up to my neck, the anticipation is delightful yet agonizing.

I release my hand from your manhood as you step one step away so I can wrestle your trousers to the floor. With them, I take your silk boxer shorts and as you step out of them. I pull you close to me, kissing your belly, breathing hot air on the trail of hair that leads down your middle to your erection. My hands move to caress your gorgeous bottom as I pull you even closer I massage your cheeks as a baker would kneed bread, it almost tickles you yet feels wonderfully playful. I look up at your face and you have your eyes closed and you are biting your bottom lip trying not to make a sound as I slide you into my mouth…taking Escort Samsun all of you with my wet hot lips…sucking on your slowly and skillfully.

My hands move from behind you and have found the tufts of hair around the base of your shaft and tugged on them moving my hands up to where my mouth stops to arouse you further, keen attention paid to the softest most delicious part of you…licking slowly all along and around the head tasting the saltiness of your body, moving you in a circle around my moist lips and then hurriedly capturing in my mouth for a tongue lashing of the most delirious kind…you are unable to maintain the silence and you sigh a deep breath and moan softly I love feeling you move inside and out, hearing your breath escape with force as your body grinds near my face…your skin is hot and the shivers begin…now deep in my throat I take another strong movement to secure your arousal…my mouth is soft and wet.

I begin to gently suck of the head of your cock, moving to make circles along the tip then suddenly plunging you into my mouth, I do it very slowly teasingly then pick up the pace. Your hands reach down and you grab my hair carefully you then move me in the pace that pleases you the most moving in closer and over you constantly caressing the length of your manhood. Sucking greedily, slow then faster, as the tension mounts until you can resist no longer your body begins to quiver intensely and your sounds are now heard. I hear you release just one word…yes… yes… yes as you voice your delight- you explode in my mouth and the room suddenly feels humid the candles still flicker and I move from my seated position to embrace you gently to let your body melt into mine.

I gently stroke your shoulder as you body still quivers…the smell of your hot sweaty skin is intoxicating and your smile tells me you have felt a pleasure surge through you from your feet to your head…and everywhere in between. You fall into my embrace with your head resting on my shoulder, your breathing is still heavy, though softer now…I kiss tiny kisses on your cheeks while softly holding the back of your head…you relax and can hardly speak…I do so enjoy to pleasure you!!

So what are you doing Friday Night…?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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