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I’m Cheryle “Cheri” an Irish Catholic, Attorney, Singer-Songwriter 30year old bi-sexual woman-­čĺő

Chapter One – The Music Scene:

The culturally diverse Uptown neighborhood has been an entertainment hotspot since the Roaring Twenties. It’s home to some of the city’s most beloved music venues and one of Chicago’s oldest jazz clubs.

When the Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom was built in 1926, it was one of the most elaborate venues of its time. Today, the opulent interior is still a stuns me every time I’m there, with intricate mosaics, soaring arches, and ornately decorated balconies.

Legend has it that secret tunnels link the Aragon Ballroom’s basement to the nearby Green Mill, a Prohibition-era hideaway and a favorite of Al Capone. I like to sit in Capone’s favorite booth, I love the Green Mill when I’m feeling down for its nightly jazz shows that keep the music going till late into the night.

Just around the corner, the Riviera Theatre is a great place to catch popular national acts and indie bands. Built in 1917, it was used as a movie theatre before being transformed into a concert venue in the 1980s. The space has retained its grand interior, with French Renaissance Revival flourishes that create an amazing backdrop for performances by some of today’s top musicians.

the Logan Square neighborhood is a hipster hangout that I love for its dive bars, art galleries, coffee shops, and cocktail lounges. It’s also where I find the cutting edge of the local music scene, with venues that aren’t afraid to spotlight under-the-radar bands and experimental sounds.

I like to walk Milwaukee Avenue a trendy thoroughfare that stays busy long after dark with bar hoppers and concert goers. I’ll visit the Whistler. It’s easy to miss, no sign, just a front window with rotating art installations and plenty of locals lined up for nightly no-cover shows.

Walking a few blocks down, I’ll hit Concord Music Hall. This mid-size venue draws a young and trendy crowd for the diverse concert line-up, from nationally touring bands to up-and-coming acts. On any given weekend, there is a spectrum of artists taking the stage, including punk, electronic, indie, hip hop, metal, and everything in between.

Tucked away from the crowds on Milwaukee Avenue, Rosa’s Lounge welcomes new and seasoned blues musicians to their intimate stage. The family-owned spot is one of the city’s most beloved venues, and a tribute to the old-school clubs where Chicago-style blues was born.

If I’m looking for a chill night at a neighborhood watering hole, then I head across the street to Cole’s Bar. Grab a craft beer, Cole’s has great wine and beer selections, and shoot a game or two of pool in the front, then Sincan Escort I’ll head into the cozy back room to hear everything from cover bands to folk musicians. No matter who’s on stage, admission is always free, panties are optional. Live music, comedy & open-mike nights are showcased at this laid-back neighborhood watering hole.

Cole’s is a great place to get stage time too, sitting in with musicians/bands I know from the scene or playing a new song of mine on open mic night. That’s when I first saw her swaying to the song I was playing there was something magical in the way she moved. Simple, unassuming, a subtle desire settled in has I played and sang watching her dance.

Her dirty blonde hair framing her gorgeous face with hazel colored eyes wearing a Grateful Dead tee shirt, ripped faded jeans, and yellow flip flops. My eyes exploring every inch of her a strange fascination setting in. Coming off the stage when my time was over I walked over to the beauty not really controlling my legs.

“I’m Cheri, I saw you dancing to my songs, did you enjoy my set?” I asked her.

“Very much, I saw you perform once before at the Lakeshore, I’m Autumn,” She said with a big smile of straight white teeth extending her soft hand. We stood there laughing, chatting and flirting it was an electric moment with Autumn and I holding her soft hand in mine. Until what I assume was her date or boyfriend came from the front bar and whisked her away. I drank my craft beer and watched my beautiful Autumn disappear into the crowded bar.

Chapter Two-Going Home

Arriving at my tenth floor apartment I put on some Grateful Dead music, lit some candles, took of my clothes and laid on my bed starring at my little naked body in the bedroom mirror. The candles giving off just enough light I was already in the mood starring at my naked body in the mirror thinking of Autumn. My hands found my breast pinching my delicate nipples caressing and squeezing them, pinching. Bringing one of my breast to my mouth I teased with it flicking my long tongue over my hard nipple. Taking my time enjoying the show as I let my hand slide down slowly over my stomach through my neatly trimmed red pubes to my waiting wet pussy.

Rubbing softly, caressing, making love to myself, letting my fingers play with with my wet pussy lips. Inserting one then two fingers inside me slowly, so wet, moving in and out my desire growing. My other hand following the same path to find my tiny clit rubbing it gently the whole time watching the scene play out in the mirror. My juices making a slurping sound as my fingers thrust in then out pictures of Autumn dancing in my head.

Tingling all over, legs spread and up, knees Escort Ankara bent, what a great view of my sexy body in the mirror. Moaning, rising off the bed to meet my fingers plunging into me. My body dancing with pleasure, a magnificent feeling, my scent filling the room. Thrusting in deeper. Then out, then in, adding another finger and a third driving hard pounding my pussy.

Screaming, moaning, grunting, panting, pleasure exploding throughout my little body, my wet juices covering my hands and bed sheets. The sounds coming out of my mouth surprised me, grunts, moans, screams. Something primal taking over, losing all rational control, plunging my fingers in hard, deep ready to cum for Autumn.

A shattering orgasm shaking my little body, my cute little toes curl, screams and moans escaping my lips. Screaming her name, AUTUMN! pleasure radiating out through me.

Chapter Three-Chance Meeting

Sitting behind my big oak desk in my office at the law firm working on some legal motions I needed to file with the court later in the day. A knock on my door breaking my concentration.

“Come in,” I said only minorly annoyed.

“Cheryle this is our new intern, A law student at Northwestern, Autumn,” the senior attorney continued, “We thought she could learn a lot working with you.”

“Of course, Sir, my pleasure,” I said then turning to Autumn and extending my hand, “Nice to meet you.” neither of us letting on like we had met before at Cole’s bar. Over the next few weeks and months we established a great working relationship and any thoughts I had of a sexual nature were pushed aside I was now her boss and mentor. But she is great to look at her gorgeous body, her cute pampered feet, those dazzling hazel eyes.

Chapter Four-The Lakeshore Tavern

Setting up for my regular Saturday night gig, doing a quick sound check, a couple of hours before I was set to perform. I looked out from the stage at the empty bar only a few regulars playing darts and drinking. There was Autumn swaying like before in her Grateful Dead tee shirt, ripped faded jeans and those yellow flip flops.

She waved and I smiled at her but my mind was thinking this is going to be trouble. When I finished my preparation I got my favorite craft beer from the bar and ducked into the green room. Longing on the sofa legs up, shoes off, sipping my beer there was a knock on the door and in walked beautiful Autumn.

“HI, you here with your boyfriend?” I asked hoping.

“No, we had a fight,” she continued, “so I thought I would come hang watch you play.”

Like I said trouble with a capital T. “Have a seat sweetie,” I said without really thinking or maybe Cheri was doing the thinking Eryaman Escort Bayan and not Cheryle. Autumn slipped of those cute yellow flip flops and sat facing me on the sofa. I had been here before this scene as always turned out and burned out the same. Lost in desire or lust or maybe I was just horny we were soon making out on that old cruddy sofa.

Driven by her beauty stroking her cheek as my other hand slip down her body over her braless breast lower still unbuttoning her faded ripped jeans. Sliding my hand inside her jeans to find her thong soaking wet. Fingers finding there way inside her wet pussy playing her like a fine instrument hitting all the right notes, fingering the cords.

Her pleasure sounds filling my ears in a beautiful melody. The playful act of two women making love our cloths coming off two gorgeous naked bodies coming together as one. Laying on the sofa in a beautiful sixty nine position. Tasting Autumn as she taste me our sex sounds filling the room, Auralism at it’s best, a beautiful melody of sound.

A perfect moment months in the making since that first night at Cole’s bar life is beautiful in it’s randomness. This would change things forever between us a beginning an a end. My pussy grinding into her tongue as my long tongue strained to go deeper inside her smooth pussy. A grand crescendo coming, panting, moaning in a sexual delight.

‘Knock Knock’ “Cheri five minutes,” came a voice from outside the door. Shit, how long had we been at it? Dressing quickly, taking the stage, barefoot, Autumn’s pussy juices still on my face. Called to the spotlight again for the best set I ever played. Autumn watching me perform swaying has only she moves.

Chapter Five-After the Show

laughing, giggling, drinking, on the sofa in the green room her smooth legs stretched out her gorgeous feet finding my lap. I caressed her smooth legs finally working her feet I prodded each cute foot, digging into the soft balls of her feet. Knuckles enclosed around her soft toes popping them lightly. Sucking each toe in my warm mouth working my tongue around them. Her moans telling me I was on the right track.

I was loving every minute of servicing her lovely feet, reading my mind, she removed her top freeing her ample breast. Her hands sliding inside her pants pushing them down exposing a hairless pussy I needed to taste. I crawled between her legs, licking my way up, flicking her clit with my tongue. She manage to free her legs from her pants wrapping them around my head, pushing me down, fucking my face, my long tongue exploring her insides. Her smooth pussy felt wonderful, her scent filling the air, her moans grew louder.

Her hands in my long red hair, her pleasure flowing through me, my tongue straining, juices dripping down my chin. Her body shaking in delight, I lingered there, finally crawling up her body slowly, finding her lips we kiss fervently.

Life’s secrets revealed…. Thank you for reading my story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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