Interracial Love On The High Seas

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“I think you better take some time off Joan, you have been working so hard on that project. Now that it is finished and they need a few weeks to review it, take the vacation that you were planning before the project came up” said her boss Bruce. “I don’t really think I’m the “cruise type” but maybe I will see if my friend can still get time off and go with me. I really don’t like to travel alone.”

Joan was driving home from work and she make a stop at the local take out buffet that had it all, from A-Z so she could rest, call her friend and not have to worry about cooking and clean up.

After picking out so many different delights to have for dinner, she stood in line and was getting hungry from all the delicious smells that were coming from the many containers which they were in. She also went to the neighborhood liquor store to get a bottle of her favorite wine and finally was heading for home.

She got out and picked her mail out of the slot and then headed to her townhouse. She got her briefcase out and all the yummy foods but swore she wouldn’t touch anything in her briefcase tonight as she was dog tired.

After putting a plate together of almost everything she brought home, she decided to change into her comfy sweats and call her best friend Julie and ask her about the cruise. Julie said she would love to still go and needed to do some shopping for some clothes so they made a date to shop on Saturday and then have a night out to go over their vacation plans and then book the trip.

She went to bed shortly after she ate and spoke to Julie and kept wondering if she was doing the right thing. She then thought how tired she is and how hard she did work on that project.

Saturday couldn’t come quick enough for impatient Julie did nothing but talk about the cruise in every conversation she and Joan had during the week.

Bright and early and the girls had breakfast at the mall in the little coffee shop they loved. They did some talking and decided they would cruise to St. Thomas.

Shopping went well as they bought new bathing suits and dresses, shorts and tops and even some new undergarments and a few sexy night gowns. There was also the new shoes, sandals and sneakers and some sweats.

That night Julie picked up Joan and they headed to the pub/club they frequented Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort with friends all the time. It was crowded but they got is as Julie thought ahead to make reservations. The had the buffet for dinner and talked and decided to go to the travel agent in the morning as they knew someone that would be open on a Sunday. They went and make all the arrangements and they leave 2 weeks from Saturday.

Work was busy for me but she wasn’t as crazy as she had been and was getting everything in order so that in her absence if something would need to be looked at or looked up, it would be at their finger tips.

The day finally arrive and girls waited for the taxi take them to the airport. It was crowded but it went fast as they then approached and then boarded. The flight was about 2 hours the they chatted the entire way.

They got all their luggage and went to the docks where the cruise ships were all lined up for departures. She kept saying to herself that she will have fun and she will not have a doubt about it.

After getting settled into their cabin and unpacking they had the normal drill to show the passengers the lift boats and then had a little welcome aboard luncheon for them. They set sail and ate a nice lunch.

In the dining room there were so many people guys with guys, girls with girls, families, older people and some college age students both boys and girls.

I was scouting the crowd and someone caught her eye but kept it from Julie. He was tall, well built and seemed to be with a friend. He was also black. I had this “thing” for black men and Julie always teased her how she “was always different then anyone else”. He happen to have turned to look in her direction and she thought he was looking at her.

They had second seating for dinner and would you believe this but the attractive black man she saw earlier was at their table and she would like a crazy young teenager but tried to act cool. They introduced themselves to each other at the table as they would be table mates for the entire trip. His name was James and he said he was single. His friend was white and his name was Dan. He was also attractive but she was too busy to notice that Dan was attracted to Julie.

After dinner they went back to their cabin and Julie commented Kadıköy Çıtır Escort how James was looking at me like he was interested. I told her that I found him to be personable and attractive, but I knew I wasn’t in his league and she told me I was. She said that she heard Dan tell James about the “midnight buffet” and insisted we go there and see if we could meet up with them.

We changed into something more comfortable from our dresses and heals. She put on one of several pairs of white slacks and a floral top and white sandals. Julie marched them around the disco/buffet at midnight and Joan spotted James right away but didn’t say anything to Julie as she was already having thoughts of James when Julie shouted out “There they are; let’s see if we can sit with them”. As we were walking towards them, 2 girls sat down at their table with them and my heart sank but I didn’t want to get bummed it was only the first night of 2 weeks on the high seas. We found a small table that we sat at and had a drink. The music was great and I was in the mood to dance and as that thought came into my head, James came by and asked me to dance and I accepted. He said the girls talked so much and all about themselves that he wished they would leave.

Julie went over by Dan and started to talk to him and girls seemed to be upset because he was paying attention to her and James had already gotten up to see me.

James invited me back to the table where Dan said that he and Julie were going to check out the ship; walk around the decks. James said he just wanted to hang out on deck and enjoy the moonlight and asked me to join him and of course I accepted.

We talked briefly about our jobs, family and friends and I told him that I didn’t think I was the type for a cruise but I was enjoying myself so far.

The looked up at the stars and the moon and I felt him put his arm around me. It was so comfortable. I turned to look at him and he had a huge smile on his face. He had the sexiest dimples I have ever seen; so deep and pronounced. He looked me in the eyes and I looked into his dark eyes and the next thing I knew it, we were kissing. Not little pecks but passionate long and french kisses. I hated to admit it, but I stuck my tongue in his mouth first and we are still laughing at it to this Kadıköy Elit Escort day.

We walked around and stopped and kissed and then he invited me back to his cabin. I thought that Dan may already be there asleep but I went with him. There was no sign of Dan and James put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and a note for Dan not to come in yet.

We made such beautiful love to each other. He was careful and slow and he has a huge long thick black cock, extra large I may add, but I managed to fit it in my mouth as I gave him what he called “the most mind blowing and most enjoyable blow job he ever had”. I did mention to him that “I swallow” and he was excited. He entered my white shaved pussy slow and then we developed an rhythm and it was like we were old time lovers.

We did it doggy style and it was awesome. I told him that I wanted to wear and swallow his hot juice when he was ready. He honored my requested by shooting his hot load down my throat and all over my face and chest. I got cleaned up in his bathroom and he asked me to stay the night with him and he removed the sign. He said he couldn’t keep Dan out with no where to go. We got up at 8 and I had to go back to get ready for breakfast and noticed that Dan had never returned.

James got ready and walked me to my cabin and who was walking out of my cabin was Dan. Julie was in the shower so James and I sat my cabin and made out a bit and kissed until she came out. She kept James company while I showered and got ready.

Eventually I moved all my belongings into James cabin and Dan moved into mine. I hardly saw Julie and I was having the time of my life. I lucked out as James was also from NJ and we carried on after the cruise and we are still together.

I never knew that I would have enjoyed myself as much as I did on the cruise I didn’t want to take.

I love James and he loves me and we have the best sex ever. We pleasure each other every chance we can and he will be moving in with me shortly as he is signing his lease over to Dan who is still dating Julie. We are very close to each other and double date at least twice a month.

Things happen for a reason and if it wasn’t for my boss pushing me to take a well deserved vacation, I would have missed out on meeting the man of my dreams. Some of my family and friends are not too happy about me dating James because he is black and I am white and I told them all that they should get a grip and don’t try to drown out my dreams of being with a black guy.

James has been an inspiration to me and a great lifelong love that I look forward to seeing every day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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