Intertwined Ch. 01

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This is J. Some of you know my husband (ULiv1ce- who I will call “G” on this) through his accounts of our sexual adventures on Literotica. Well, I have a story to tell about a recent reunion with a girlfriend of mine and what that lead to. After telling it to G, he insisted that I write about it. I have to catch my breath just writing the details below.

“That’s so great! I can’t wait to see you.” I said, ending my call.

“Who was that?” G asked.

“That was my friend Anne, the one I’ve told you about from before we met. We haven’t seen each other in years. She is going to be in town for a week long conference at The Peak Resort and invited us for dinner next Wednesday.

“Damn- I can’t make it that night. I got a call this morning that I have to fly out next Wednesday to Chicago for a meeting. I will be back Thursday night. Maybe we can meet over the weekend?” G responded.

I knew what he was thinking and could see quite a bit of disappointment in his face. He really wanted to meet her.

Anne was my neighbor back when I was first studying for my insurance exams. I was so focused on starting a career that I rarely went out and didn’t have much time for relationships, other than a date here or there with a guy I’d meet somewhere.

One Friday night she unexpectedly called (knowing full well that I’d be home) and invited me over for dinner with her and her boyfriend. Let’s just say that after loosening up from a lot of wine, the three of us were sitting on the couch talking and Anne leaned over and kissed me. I’d never done that with a woman before, but after the initial shock I knew that I didn’t want it to stop.

I vividly remember tasting her lips and feeling her soft tongue caressing mine, which made me wet right away. The next thing I knew she was kissing my neck and removing my bra while her boyfriend was pulling down my shorts. It was… an incredible experience. For months afterward until I moved out of the building, we shared each other- with her boyfriend and without – quite a few times. I could still almost taste her.

G knew all about that. Although he had never met Anne, he told me how frequently he pleasured himself to the mental picture of she and I. And quite frankly all these years later I still did too. She was the first person ever to make me squirt.

The following Wednesday came and the workday seemed to take forever. I kept thinking “Does she still think about our fun? Was she ashamed? Would tonight be awkward?” From Anne’s social media page and calls over the years I knew about her husband Jim and their teenage kids. How much did he know about us?

I was a bit nervous on the drive over. After valet parking I walked into the lobby- and there she was. Anne had always been striking- auburn hair and beautiful figure. This many years later, the only things that changed were that her figure was a little more voluptuous and she had a few streaks of grey.

Just the sight of her in that little black dress made me stir in the right spots.

“There you are!” she said then kissing me on cheek and giving me a long hug. “When I heard the conference was going to be here I knew I just had to see you”.

“I’m so happy that this worked out. I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all week.” I responded. I didn’t want to overtly give it away that I was already getting turned on, in case that door was closed and locked. But my nipples had their own agenda and after that hug they were a bit obvious through my white blouse to anyone close by. Even though Anne’s eyes were looking at mine, by her peripherally focused gaze and smile I could tell that she’d certainly noticed. “Let’s head into the restaurant and order a couple Şanlıurfa Escort of martinis to celebrate” I said.

Dinner was amazing. We had a small four seat table in a dark, semi-private corner that provided a beautiful view of the city below, made only better by the enormous drinks. Instead of sitting across the table from me, Anne sat adjacent, both of us facing the window, candlelight flickering off of her lovely features. The food was what would be expected at the top restaurant in one of the country’s finest resorts.

We talked about our families, trips, careers (Anne had become very successful in pharmaceutical sales). Eventually, the martinis started achieving their desired effect and conversation moved further back in time. Her voice lowered to almost a whisper as she moved her face closer to my ear. “You know, very often I still think about what we did” Anne admitted. “Jim and I have never had a threesome; in fact it’s never even been discussed. Having kids in the house plus busy careers just kind of puts our moods elsewhere in general, I guess.”

“Your kids are about ready to leave home so trust me, you can add a lot more excitement because it’s just you two” I replied. My voice lowered to a whisper and I leaned in. “And by the way- Anne- I’m sorry but I also fantasize about what we did. All the time. That’s been one of the reasons why G and I are looking for a plaything for a threesome. Over the past couple of months we’ve done the bar and club scene, interviewed some potentials from some personal ads; we just haven’t found anyone that turned us both on the right way.”

As I finished my sentence, Anne looked up and kissed me longingly on the lips. Their softness; her tongue; the memories came flooding back. It was as delicious as I remembered. I instantly became wet. In the darkness under the table I felt her hand touch my thigh and start caressing, with each stroke going higher up.

She pulled back looking me in the eyes, slightly biting her lip, which looked incredible in the candlelight. “I’m in a huge suite with a great view. Want to come back with me?”

I briefly hesitated before answering. Would G be ok with this? Then I realized that he absolutely would; Anne was a known fantasy for both of us. We were becoming ever more adventurous since earning the title of “empty nesters”. He would want to know every sordid detail.

“I can’t wait.”

We both sat in quiet anticipation on the chilly bell cart ride up the hillside to the room. Her hand found my thigh again and gently caressed it, hidden from the bellman.

He opened the door for us and I could see why this was a VIP suite. It was gigantic. There was a beautiful fireplace in the living room with the deepest leather couch I had ever seen; a full wetbar; a walk in shower with six heads; claw foot tub and a master bedroom that was bigger than my first house. The curtains were open and the view of the city was unrivaled anywhere.

As he left and shut the door I walked over to admire the view. Anne came up behind me, kissing my neck and grabbing my breasts. I turned me head and we kissed, tongues caressing. I was shaking, and not from the cold.

“It’s a bit chilly. Let me light a fire to warm us up. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable on that ridiculous couch” Anne offered. I walked over and sat down and slid all the way to the backrest. This thing had to be 15 feet long and probably 3 feet deep! My feet came nowhere near touching the ground. There was a really soft, grey blanket draped over the arm that I already knew would add to the overall pleasure. I watched her with nervous anticipation as she lit the fire and joined me.

“I have so been Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan looking forward to tasting you again” she said sliding up to me, lips meeting mine. Every touch of her tongue made me hotter. I ran my fingers through her hair as we made out. Her mouth moved down my neck and she started undoing my blouse- alternating between working the buttons and cupping my breasts. I started panting.

Once my blouse and bra were off, her mouth immediately moved to my left breast, licking and playfully biting my nipple. After a couple of minutes of mutual enjoyment she turned away and sat at the edge of the couch, lifting her hair. “Unzip me.”

I kissed Anne’s neck and unzipped her dress, pulling it down over her shoulders. My hands reached around front, undid her bra and found her breasts, squeezing and then running my fingers gently over both of her hard nipples. Her hand reached back and grabbed my hair as she lifted her chin, giving more of her neck to me.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Anne stood up and let the dress fall to the floor. She turned toward me and we looked at each other smiling. With her standing, my face was at the perfect height. I slid her thong down her legs, exposing a perfectly smooth, engorging pussy. My mouth moved in, kissing and licking, flattening my tongue so as not to miss a spot. Anne lifted her right leg onto the couch, providing me easier access. I’d never forgotten that she liked when I gently sucked her clit, and her increased moans proved that had not changed. My hands grabbed her very toned ass cheeks as I licked, feeling the warmth of the fire behind them. Her fingers were running through and grabbing my hair as her hips pressed into me. I could hear her heavy breathing.

In between breaths I heard her say “I have been dreaming about this.” From my fervor she probably could tell that I had as well.

Anne pulled away and pushed me onto my back as she removed both my skirt and pants in one movement. Her naked body slid on top of mine. Our lips, tongues and hands met again. I rolled her over and she opened her legs, wrapping them around me. I was thrusting my hips in order to rub my clit against her pubic bone; I just couldn’t help it. I wanted every part of me touching her.

The roaring fire and our body heat made the room feel like a sauna. We were already glistening.

I ran my tongue down to Anne’s ample breasts, suckling each gently. Her areolas were large- about silver dollar size. Like me, she had developed even greater curves than I remembered since becoming a mother. My left hand made its way to her pussy. The soft tip of my middle finger began stroking her clit- up and down with the occasional move down the slit’s length and between the lips.

She was panting heavily and began to moan as my two middle fingers entered and began thrusting as well as doing a “come hither” motion. I wanted that g-spot. Anne gyrated so that I might reach as many internal pleasure areas as possible.

I felt a hand on my head gently starting to push me lower. She wanted me to eat her.

My tongue drew a line from her right breast, down her torso to her pubic area. I gently kissed her hips, inner thighs and then pussy. My right index and middle fingers were made into a “v”, exposing her clit. I also licked my left thumb which found its way to her asshole. As soon as I began gently sucking again, Anne’s hips began writhing. The anal play was adding to the pleasure- circling and caressing. As I licked I took a moment to gaze toward her face, enjoying the amazing view of her heaving torso and bottom of her aroused breasts.

Anne was feeding herself to me. And she was in ecstasy.

Her Escort Şanlıurfa hips were arching and I felt her whole bottom begin pulsing. Then one thrust paused at its apex as she let out a load moan. Delicious wetness washed over my tongue and lips. I couldn’t get enough.

As she came down Anne whispered “sit on my face. I have to taste you now”. I slid up and straddled her mouth, lowering my clit onto her waiting tongue. My fingers grabbed that auburn hair as I watched her face disappear beneath me. As with her, my clit was being sucked and a finger found my ass. Then I felt her tongue rolling- a sensation I’d not felt before.

Her softness was something a man couldn’t duplicate. I loved cock and the strength of a man but as is typically said, there is nothing like a woman’s touch. No razor stubble to be felt.

Her right thumb moved to my clit as her tongue slid to my asshole. She remembered what I liked. I was riding her, grinding hard. The rimming and her rubbing brought me there. My entire body tensed, hips thrusting forward. A loud, high pinched “Yeah!” escaped from my mouth as I squirted juices all over her face. Anne kissed and licked me almost greedily, not wanting to miss any. She was drenched.

Instinctively I knew we had to have each other at the same time. Call it “reminiscing” but I never forgot that we both craved 69ing. I turned facing toward her feet, laid flat, put my mouth on her pussy and we rolled on our sides as a unit. We are the same height and with legs and arms intertwined the fit was like two puzzle pieces. Our heads were buried so deeply into one another that from across the room I imagined we looked like a single body.

Hands caressed each others’ backs as mouths and tongues freely found lips, clits, ass. We were both so turned on that movements became more and more aggressive. Anne’s mouth swiftly moved side to side over my clit as I decided to bury the entirety of my tongue deep into her. I felt her thighs tighten as did her grip. It was about to happen.

Wave after wave of Anne’s pleasure hit me, her body convulsing. I kept my face buried as deeply as I could, enjoying every second. Amazingly, during a full-body orgasm she still had the wherewithal to lick me. The rolling tongue massaged my clit with increasing speed. When I finally came again she moaned almost as loudly as I did from the enjoyment of my wetness.

Her licking slowed and lightened to barely perceptible tongue flicks and kisses. We let go of each other and rolled over – silent except for the panting. The room was hot and our bodies sweaty. Anne laid her head onto my heaving chest. “That was… so incredible, my body is still trembling” I said after a couple of minutes. She looked up at me and we kissed again. “Yes. Yes it was. It was better than I KNEW it was going to be. We’ve got to make that a tradition somehow.”

The fact that she had anticipated this as much as I started turning me on again.

“I have an idea” I responded. ” I told you before that G and I have been looking for our unicorn. Do you have any free time while you are here? We can surprise him and have some fun at our place.”

“I have meetings until late Saturday afternoon and then I’m free. I could check out early and leave for the airport from your house on Sunday afternoon, if that’s ok.”

“Perfect! I won’t tell him anything about tonight, other than that we had dinner, and maybe a little tease. I have to admit he already jacks off at the thought of us together.”

“That sounds like a lot of fun” Anne replied with a sly grin on her face. “We can make it as memorable as tonight. I do have a question for you, however. Since G is out of town, would you please spend the night? You can borrow some of my work clothes and leave from here tomorrow. But I think I’m going to want some of this again very shortly. And that claw foot tub looks like a fun playground.”

“I’d love to.”

Look for Intertwined Part 2 released separately but at the same time.

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