Intimacy in the Age of Steam Pt. 02

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The train waited in the platform; it was just minutes before it was due to leave. From the locomotive clouds of steam and a steady stream of smoke. All the sights and sounds of a railway engine ready for the off. The door to Hector’s usual compartment from the platform opened and in stepped Tom Headman, nodding at his usual travelling companions.

Hector put down his evening paper for a moment. Tom Headman smiled, “I know, you were hoping for someone else!”

And the men very much were hoping. The prospect of carrying on from the day before certainly uppermost in their minds. The idea that it might not just be Hector Stubbs’ fingers playing ‘doctor’ with their new travelling companion. The train lurched and began its journey. Unfortunately, it rather looked like the men were going to be disappointed. The train gathered speed leaving the station and rattling out over the many points. It seemed the girl had missed the train. But no, the door to the corridor opened and in came Zephyrine, her chest rising and falling as she panted. She had only just caught the train. Had entered further back down the train and walked up along the corridor. Room was made for her between Tom Headman and Frederick Trowse.

Papers were folded and the gentlemen looked expectantly at the girl. Out of Tom Headman’s briefcase came… ‘briefs’ — thick, grey woollen knickers, washed and neatly pressed.

“Oh yes, thank you.” And they were tucked away in Zephyrine’s satchel.

“Did you play some more when you went to bed?” James Marlston going straight from the hint of the return of the knickers to the point.

“Of course. Not as good as having your fingers, sir,” she said looking at Hector, “but it helps me sleep and I like it. Might you do that again?”

The journey was just beginning. There was plenty of time. Time for all of the gentlemen to play within Zephyrine’s skirt, all to use their fingers upon and in her.

“Of course, Zephyrine, when you’re ready. Shall we remove your knickers for you?”

“Oooh, please.” Such a simple invitation — to ‘do that again’, but so pleasing to the businessmen. The girl sitting opposite Hector. He would not have been as direct as James Marlston. He would not have asked so quickly but now the question was asked and answered, the opportunity just so wonderful. Hector reached out, touching both of Zephyrine’s bare knees above her white socks, at their sides, and then began sliding both hands up into her skirt. Within the compartment four penises firmed, the sexuality of what they were seeing, or, in Hector’s case, feeling, so coming to them. As Hector’s hands went higher, the girl lifted her bottom from the seat enabling, when his fingers slid over the sides of the knickers for him to grasp their elasticated top and tug downwards. Out from the skirt came a pair matching those seen the day before. Hector leant forward and down to untie Zephyrine’s shoelaces, his face going forward almost into the knickers around her knees.

Shoes undone, the knickers came off. Hector leant back in his seat and smiled at Zephyrine. “That makes things easier.” It did, of course, but not actually that difficult for male fingers to probe within knickers, there are plentiful ways in! “Who would you like to begin? We are all happy to play doctor!”

Zephyrine looked around. She must have realised that her invitation would extend to all of the men, but she asked Hector to ‘go first.’ He was not loath to repeat his actions. His fingers returning under her skirt, this time to the inside of her knees and then upwards along her inner thighs, as he had done the day before. Not as wet as then, but only to start with. Young women, young ladies — girls even — have a ready wetness. It came, wetting Hector’s touching and probing fingers. It was not long before he could slide a finger into the girl, easing it in and out like a small penis. He looked up at the girl, watching her face as he worked her.

“May I?” Asked James Marlston, seated bursa escort beside Hector, the other side of the compartment from Zephyrine. Not a man to be holding back. His hand slipping under Zephyrine’s skirt even before Hector had removed his. One hand came out, and another hand went in. Indeed, one finger out and it was not long before another finger went in! Zephyrine’s thighs went wider, and she leant back in her seat, her head going up and her gaze on the ceiling, clearly rather lost in the feeling. Did she notice Tom Headman’s hand touch her knee and then venture under and into the pleated skirt causing James Marlston’s to be withdrawn. Zephyrine’s head did come down and her eyes focused on her moving skirt as he found the soft, yielding wetness and she felt a slightly different ‘technique.’

A fourth man’s hand, Frederick Trowse’s, a little later made its way under and up the schoolgirl’s skirt. He had been encouraged by the others. Had seemed a little reticent of ‘taking the plunge.’ He had barely started to feel when the sound of ‘tickets please’ came from outside, not immediately outside but quite close along the corridor, the sound too of the next compartment’s door being slid back. The hand was withdrawn, Zephyrine smoothed her skirt and fumbled in her blazer pocket for her ticket and the men sat back perhaps a little red faced and searched for their own tickets.

Stan, the conductor, pulled back the door, “Evening gentlemen, miss.”

Did he notice anything unusual, did he have any idea what had just been going on? There was perhaps a slight frown but he said nothing more than he usually did. It was only after he left that Hector realised Zephyrine’s grey knickers were sitting on the seat next to him, right by his trouser leg. His trousers were grey and striped. The knickers too were grey. Had the conductor noticed? Had he perhaps noticed a particular tension in the room, a rather flushed look on Zephyrine and the gentlemen’s faces? Had he discerned the grey knickers?

“Come on Trowse, back to work,” said James Marlston as the conductor disappeared back down the train.

Frederick Trowse’s hand touched the girl’s knee and then slid back under the skirt, Zephyrine’s eyes opened wide and she smiled, “So good,” she said, “Oh please, some more! I like, so much.”

The gentleman nodded his head but asked, “Are you sure?”

A delightful giggle and a “Golly, yes!”

The girl had talked about her play in bed, about how it helped her get to sleep. They had asked her how easily she orgasmed and received the surprising reply that she did not think she did, though she had gone on to, to their considerable delight, to talk about her friends and what they had told her. To hear all about her young friends and their own private activities. The gentlemen were happy to ask questions as they imagined girl after girl touching and playing with herself.

How delightful for the four gentlemen to give Zephyrine her first orgasm. Somewhat of a surprise. But, certainly, a joy to them, as it was to the schoolgirl. It was James Marlston’s hand that finally did it. Or, rather, his fingers. Two or three together pushing in and out under her skirt, in and out of her young vagina, a virginal vagina if the many male fingers that had now been up inside it, stroking and pretending to be penises did not count. James Marlston’s thumb had been working her clitoris as his fingers played at being a penis. The other gentlemen had been watching the movement under her skirt, sort as if she had a ferret under there! It was Frederick Trowse and Tom Headman’s hands that pulled up her skirt so all could see what was happening, necks craning around or forwards to see James Marlston’s hand at work between Zephyrine’s wide splayed and wet thighs, all visible below her gorgeous dark triangle.

How lovely to see the girl’s eyes go wide, see the startled look across her young face as the gentleman tipped her over the edge into her very bursa escort first orgasm. Delightful young gasps from her, a fluttering of eyelids and a so sexy panting.

The withdrawal of James Marlston’s hand was slow. His fingers holding to their position showing the extended and bunched fingers that had been deep within the girl. He held them for all to see and then brought them to his mouth and sucked. The first to taste the girl. It was rather likely there would be more doing a similar sampling. Zephyrine with her eyes closed did not see but the others did. A shaking of his head from Frederick Trowse, smiles from the others.

“Was that, was that it — an orgasm?”

“Well, was it, Zephyrine? It looked very like it to us.”

She rather agreed that it did seem so, indeed, to be exactly that. “So good. Now I know! What happens with you, with men and boys? I mean I know what happens, sort,of but… would you show me?”

It was, of course, rather what the gentlemen had hoped. They had hoped Zephyrine would want to see. The prospect of revealing their penises to the schoolgirl had excited them. They had thought about it a lot. Perhaps more than show, have her grasp or even… But now it came to it, there was some reticence. Had they each been alone with the girl it would have been different, probably. But they were not alone, they were sitting in a moving railway carriage with their regular travelling companions — fellow businessmen. Not one other but three others. None were quite happy bringing their penises, their erect penises out into the light of the carriage, not with the others there. And all were erect. No question of that.

It was Hector who ‘grasped the nettle’. He had explained the Latin translation as referring to masturbation, he had been first up Zephyrine’s skirt, so he felt it was up to him to take the lead. A feeling he should take the leadership role. Not that easy to take the first step, not with the others watching. He concentrated on Zephyrine, looking at her as he asked, “Shall I?”

“Oh, yes please!”

Hector was hard. A phenomenon occurring on and off since Zephyrine had started joining them, it had sometimes been like that for quite a long stretch of the journey. One by one he unbuttoned his fly, something he had never done in a railway compartment. Yes, in the swaying lavatory cubicle but then extraction had been easy. His penis had not been hard! Not so easy getting it through his shorts and out of his fly, achieved after a little twisting and bending; but there it was rising up out of his fly and in his hand. Still looking at the girl he took his hand away leaving his pink ‘truncheon’ to stand free. And stand it did! A very respectably sized cock with a pale pink ‘helmet’ fringed with purple, all fully exposed and, at its top, the little slit where his semen came out. Somewhat portly, so smartly dressed and so respectable Hector Stubbs, sitting there with his not insubstantial and strongly tumescent male organ standing up out of his fly.

Zephyrine had said she ‘sort of’ knew what happened with a penis but did she really want to see that? Was he really going to have to ‘wank’ in front of them all?

“It’s rather big,” said Zephyrine. A classic sort of statement and just the sort of thing any man wants to hear! “So different. What do you do. Show me!”

“Pretty good, not bad old man, not bad at all!” James Marlston being encouraging. It was good of him.

Hector looked up from Zepherine and gave a thin smile to James Marlston. He even shot a quick glance at the others, seeing they too were looking at his exposed penis. He did not fell uncomfortable now looking at their trousers and seeing their bulges there.

Hector did what Zephyrine asked, even with the other gentlemen looking on. It occurred to him that perhaps he should have suggested ‘all together’, but might that have been a bit much for the girl? Her eyes were intent on his penis as he reached bursa eskort and began to stroke, moving his skin up and down over his head.

“Is that nice? It looks it. All soft and stroking. I suppose it’s a bit like… only not wet.”

As if on cue a little ‘pre-cum’ welled up and ran down Hector’s glans to be picked up and spread onto the taut membrane and into the foreskin by his movement. It was wetter now — male wet rather than female wet.

“Ooh! That’s not it?”

“Hardly,” said James Marlston, “rather more to come I think!”

A pause from Hector as he fumbled in his trouser pocket and brought out a neatly folded white handkerchief and spread it carefully. That too had taken a bit of doing. An indication to his colleagues that he was really going to go for ‘it’ — he was planning to ejaculate.

“What’s that for… oh, I get it. Golly!” said Zephyrine, leaning even more forward.

Hector masturbated some more letting his thoughts wander as to what he would really like Zephyrine to do. His eyes rather focused on her mouth. Now wouldn’t that be something!

“I’m sorry, chaps, I hope you don’t mind but…”. There was no need to finish the sentence. All at once Hector was demonstrating for the benefit of Zephyrine and very much showing what he hoped the other gentlemen would not ‘mind.’ From the little slit in his penis head came a sudden shot of white, followed by a larger and more projected spurt of semen all coming down onto his handkerchief.

“Golly, gosh,” exclaimed Zephyrine as a third spurt came out and onto the handkerchief, quickly followed by a further two of declining intensity.

Breathing hard, Hector swallowed and blinked still looking at Zephyrine’s mouth. The thought of ejaculating within the schoolgirl’s mouth had been very pleasing. Indeed anywhere on or in her would be pleasing. It had been pleasing enough, of course, just to come with her watching. And come he most certainly had. The reality, the product of his penis, was all over his white handkerchief, soaking into it, for all to see. “Sorry, chaps,” he repeated.

“No, well done old bean. Good show,” the others joined in with James Marlston’s praise. Hector’s fellow commuters being supportive. It was likely they were all impressed with his leadership, they probably would not have found it easy to do what he had done — even just get their penises out alone. And to go the whole hog — out onto a handkerchief. “So, there you are, Zephyrine,” went on James Marlston. That’s how you do it if you are a boy or man and that’s what happens!”

“Thank you. Thank you. It was really good to see. So sudden — whoosh! I’d like to see that again! It’s so…”

But the train was starting to slow. Hector folded his handkerchief.

“Oh, it’s shrinking,” Zephyrine stood. This time there was no need to worry about her knickers, they were already tucked in her satchel. Before the door opened, Hector had tucked himself away, and they all watched the girl’s retreating figure, her skirt swishing from side to side. It was rather good knowing she was knickerless beneath, still more for the gentlemen to know they had all had a hand up there — really up — and moreover that she had had an orgasm right there with them. Indeed because of them.

“Well,” said Tom Headman, “well indeed! That was jolly decent of you, Stubbs, to take the lead. Good show! Did I read that correctly? The girl said she’d ‘like to see that again.’ Do you think she might. I mean I’d be game if she was perhaps to use her hand if you see what I mean — on each of us!”

“I think that’s where we’re going,” agreed James Marlston, “don’t you think she’d like to have a go. I’m hoping she’s itching to get her fingers around…”

“Quite.” interjected Frederick Trowse. “Are we really sure we should be doing this? I mean she’s so young. What if her father…”

“Oh come, Trowse, this is an opportunity and a half. Perhaps we might go so far as… I mean there’s room isn’t there. You felt, Trowse, you could fuck her, couldn’t you?”

“Language, Marlston! Yes, I’m sure I could, but…”

Some hesitation on Frederick Trowse’s part but his penis had been no less hard than the others and he had most certainly taken his turn to feel.

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