Into a New Life

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She walks in the room. All eyes follow her to the empty center of the crowd. The bright light illuminates her as she takes her place. She stands before them, proud and full of restless spirit of someone untouched by the evils of the world. She looks around her, nervousness radiating off her clammy skin. The tightness of her costume did nothing to hide her body from those who surround her, giving all a clear view of her curves, all her womanly charms. She looks back the way she came and watches as a man comes forward, followed closely by a woman dressed in leather.

They reach her place in the spot light. She looks up at the man and stares deep into his icy blue depth. Suddenly, without warning a loud crack is issued forth as the sound of flesh hitting flesh sounds through out the room. She falls to her knees at the surprise and impact of the blow to her cheek. Tears spring to her hazel eyes. Fear fills her body as she looks around her for help, the help she knows is not coming. The crowd steps back a pace as the man and woman circle her, surveying their prey.

“Never look your master in the eyes until you are instructed to, little slave. From this moment on you belong to me and solely to me. You will obey every command and you will submit to my every whim, no matter what. Your body is mine, no longer yours; everything about your body is now my possession. You will serve me and please me, for it you fail, you will be punished. This little test set up today is just a small taste of the life will lead from now on. Now on your knees, bow before your master, so every person in the room will see you as my new slave.”

Slowly she pushes herself up to her knees, not daring to look at those around her. She begins to shake. Her fear is thick around her as her new master looks upon her beautiful form.

“Do not fear my little slave. I will never let any harm come to you. I take very good care of what is mine.” He looks behind him to the woman in leather. With a flick of his wrist the woman steps up and stands beside him. “This is my alpha slave and your mistress. When I am not with you, she will control you. You will never be left alone. Either she, I, a bodyguard, or all three of us will be with you at all times. You will obey her, her obedience is to me and your obedience is to both of us. The bodyguard is to guard you and to obey us; he will only obey those who pay him. You will have no say in your life from this moment on. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.” She mumbles in a quivering voice. Tears continue to fall from her fearful eyes.

“You will always address us as Master and Mistress. Now to begin the test. Stand up.” She stands on shaky legs and waits for the well ordered, innocence world she had known for the last eighteen years to come crashing down around her.

Master stands in front of her; all she looks at is the black shine of his shoes. She does not see the movement he makes with his hands, but she feels the response the movement made. Her mistress steps up to her and slowly begins to undress her. First she lifts her skin tight halter top, dragging her arms up as the shirt travels away from her body. Her firm, young breasts are revealed before her master and the crowd. No sound is heard, all are waiting to see the body of the new slave. They all are waiting to see what her master would do to her for their entertainment.

Her mistress’s hands travel slowly over her exposed breasts, slowly tracing small circles on her skin. Her skin begins to tingle, a red flush begins to creep over her pale frighten face. Her nipples became hard and sensitive from the barest of touches from the tip of her mistress’s fingers. Her body begins to crave the touch, wanting more then just the whisper of skin. She begins to feel the ache in her loins, growing steady with the continuous play on her breast.

Her mistress leaves her breasts, her fingers playing slowly down the smoothness of her body, circling her naval. A ripple of pleasure catches her by surprise as her mistress smiles at the reaction. She knows how her touch would affect the young slave; they all knew she was a virgin in both mind and body. Her hands reach the barrier of her skin tight mini-skirt. Slowly, so very slowly, she begins to push the material off her hips. As she passes her hips, her body trembles as she feels the hot breath of her mistress on her bare skin. She could clearly see her mistress and she watches in wonder at the woman slowly revealing her body to the crowd. As her skirt passes her thighs, her mistress leaves the slowness behind and quickly removes them the rest of the way. She now stood in only her black lacy thongs and her 2-inch black pumps.

“Turn xslot slowly around. Let everyone see your breast.” Her mistress stands up and moves aside as she slowly begins to turn. She feels the eyes on her body as she does as she is told. Her face flushes redder and she draws her hands into tight balls, feeling the perfect manicured finger nails dig into her palm. She stops when she is again facing her master and mistress.

“Beautiful.” Her master looks on at his new prize. “Now bend over and remove your shoes.” She never looks at her master as she follows his instructions. She bends over at the waist and removes her shoes. Now barefoot and only in her thong, she straightens up to her true height of only 5’3″. Her mistress once again comes up to her and begins to play with her flushed body.

Standing at least 4 or 5 inches taller than she did, her mistress had to tip her head back until she had no choice but to look deep into the intense green eyes. Her full, beautiful red mouth comes down on to hers, crushing her lips into her teeth. The kiss deepens as her mistress demands her surrender with her tongue pushing against her lips, forcing them to part. She finally complies with the demand and a low moan escapes from deep in her throat as she feels her mistress’s tongue plugging deep into her warmth. Their tongues touch and she feels the electric shock travel through her body, the wonders of such a kiss from her own sex surprising her. She feels and mimics the battle within her mouth then moans with regret as her mistress lifts her face from hers.

“So innocent. So very innocent.” Her mistress smiles at the flushed face before her. “Now little slave, remove your panties and the real fun will begin.”

She shivers and clumsily removes her panties from her excited body. She stands before all to witness her nudeness and her helplessness at the hands of the two people in front of her. Her master walks up to her until his body almost presses into hers. His fingers capture her chin and force her to look up into his eyes. He smiles and tiny dimples appear on each cheek. She begins to relax from the warmth of his smile. His hands come up and cup her breasts. His hands are large, firm, and so very warm on her cooling skin. His hands feel the weight of them, sliding over the smooth skin, feeling the nipple harden even more under his skillful hands. His fingers began to dig into the flesh and he hears the quick intake of breath as the pleasure fills her.

He steps away from her body, but his hands remain on her breasts. A quick look over his shoulder and events begin to move quickly around her. People shifted from place to place, objects moved from person to person, until they reached the center. The men on the inner circle each hold some object in his hands, but her complete attention is not on the crowd, but on the man that holds her breast in his hands. The man that is giving her such pleasure, a pleasure she has never experience before. He continues to move his hands over her breasts, fingers playing with the nipples. Forefinger and thumb found a nipple each and begins to rub the hard sensitive nub of flesh, rolling it between them. She arches her back as the pleasure becomes overwhelming. He chuckles at her reaction, knowing full well that this is only the beginning.

She hears the laugh, but she continues to stare at the ceiling and the bright light blinding her as her glance crosses the lights path. His hands never leaves her body, slowly they travel south. She feels him murmuring something, but all she can do is stand, feeling his breath on her skin as his hands explore every inch of her enflamed body. He stops when he reaches the apex of dark hair at the entrance of her womanhood. Her sex is swollen, begging to be touched. His left hand encircles her waist while the right finds its way to the moist center of her being. He presses into the small of her back as he pushes a finger deep into her swollen sex. She reacts as he expects her to. Her knees buckled and a deep animal groan leaves her mouth as she sinks into his embrace. His fingers digging into her back are pushing her towards him, while his fingers in her sex push her up. She gasps and grabs a hold of his black shirt, feeling his muscles moving under her grip. She holds on to him as the waves of unknown pleasure wash over her, taking her breath away, leaving her limp and breathless in his arms. Carefully he lays her on the ground. The cool concrete floor meets with her heated skin, shocking her into once again becoming responsive. She looks up at the man towering over her.

With another flick of his wrist his alpha slave comes up beside him. In her hands she held xslot Giriş a pair of fur lined handcuffs. She looks up at him before moving over to her hands, lying limp beside her body. Her mistress clicks one of the cuffs onto her left wrist followed quickly by the other. Her wrist, linked together by the cuffs, rests on her belly, moving with each intake of breath she draws. She continues to watch her master as her mistress moves to her ankles. A man from the crowd hands her a long bar with cuffs hanging on each end. She feels her mistress move her legs apart and hears the sounds of the cuffs attaching themselves to her ankles. Her legs are now spread wide, almost impossibly wide. The cool air of the room hits her exposed sex and she gasps at the new sensation. Her eyes remain locked onto her masters, as she sees him snap his fingers and hears the sounds of chains being lowered from a pulley. From the center of the bright light a chain with a large hook at the end appears above her. The chain continues to lower until it stops above her wrists. She hears the clicking of shoes as her mistress takes the chain in one hand and pulls it till the hook is able to be linked with chains on the handcuffs.

She feels the chains beginning to move again, slowly the chains reverse pulling her arms up as they return to the ceiling. She is being pulled slowly by the moving chain until she hangs by her arms, her body an inch off the floor. She hangs helplessly in front of the crowd. Her mistress kneels down and attaches the spread bar to the floor by an exposed half circle of metal buried within the concrete.

Her master walks slowly around her helpless form. She hears nothing except for the taping of his shoes as he circles her body. She looks around the room, taking in the mass of people, men and women, which surround her, her master, and her mistress. All those in the inner circle hold objects of torture in their hands, and all watch eagerly as her master circles her like a predator about to strike at its prey. He stops in front of her and she watches as he unbuckles his belt and slides it through until he holds the piece of leather in his hands. He folds it in half, taking both ends in one hand and the bent part of the middle in the other. He snaps the leather together. The sudden noise causes her to gasp in fear and dread of about what is to come.

He walks around her until he is positioned at her backside. A hush befalls the crowd just before the unmistakable hiss of leather flying through the air. A sharp snap echoes as the leather strikes its target. An angry red welt forms across the smooth globes of her firm butt cheeks. She screeches in pain and surprise. She tries to be brave and not give into the pain as the blows continue to fall across her upper legs, lower back, and ass. She bites into her lower lip so hard, as the pain fills her entire being, a small stream of crimson blood flows from the wound. After several minutes of continuous pain, she screams. Her screams echo, screams of great pain and suffering invade the silence that once filled the room. Tears stream down her face as hard sobs take over her body. He walks around until he is again in front of her. She looks at him through her tears.

“You held out much longer than I expected. Very good little slave, you are beginning to make me proud that I choose to take you into this lifestyle.” A tiny smile of power lights his face as she looks on. Her only response is to hang limply in her bonds and return his look. Her looks is the look he had seen many time before, a look of someone not quite broken but very close to the breaking point that it will not take much more to achieve the goal. The ultimate goal of the test is to break the spirit of the slave and then through training rebuild the spirit of the perfect sex slave, a sex slave that knows only obedience and submission to those who hold the power.

She watches as her master replaces his belt and holds out his hand to the nearest man in the circle. The man places something metal, a flash of light reflects off the shinny surface before her master’s fingers close around the object. Her body tenses as he comes towards her, holding the shinny metal object in his hand. He stops inches from her body. With his free hand he grabs hold of her left breast and cruelly pinches the nipple. He pulls the nipple harshly from her body, causing her breast to form a cone shape from the force of the pulling. She bites down again on her wounded lower lip. The searing pain flows from her nipple and down ward through her body. He takes the metal object and opens the claws of the torture devise. She screams as the clamp bites into the xslot Güncel Giriş tender flesh of her nipple. The clover clamp holds true as her master tugs on it. He follows with the other nipple, until both nipples are clamped within the cruel and relentless grips of the clover clamps. The contenting chain hangs in the valley of her breast. He pulls hard and quickly downward, the clamps tighten on her nipples, sending new pain through out her already pain filled body. She screams at the pain, new tears flow down her cheeks. Suddenly her master lets go of the chain and the tension is lessen.

He reaches out his hand again to the circle of the crowd and another torture devise is placed in his hand. Before she can register what the devise is, he swings back his arm and she feels the sting of nine different points along her upper thighs. Nine perfect thin welts flare red as he lifts the cat-o’-nine tails away from her body. He repeats this until from her breast to the top of her knees are covered in thin red welts. Screams mixing with desperate sobs shaking her bound body.

“Please Master, stop. Please!” she begs between breathless gasp as the sobs continue to shake her body. He throws down the cat-o’-nine- tail and unzips his pants.

His throbbing manhood springs free, no longer confined by his pants. He grabs her hips, his fingers digging deep into her flesh. In one quick move, he enters into her virgin womb. A deep, pain filled scream rips from her throat as her maidenhead breaks and the searing pain of loss innocence fills her lower body. He ignores her screams as he thrust again and again into her body. Just as quickly as he had entered her and pulls himself free of her. While still hold her hips, he moves himself to her angry red backside. His manhood is still throbbing with need, as it shines in the light from her wetness and virgin blood. He positions himself with his hand and in one fluid motion he enters into her virgin anal entrance. Another deep, pain filled screams rips from her throat. She feels the throbbing need of her master and the ripping force of his lust as he thrust himself inside of her over and over again. He holds hard onto her as his climax begins to consume him and as he enters the ultimate passion, he thrust hard and deep within her and throws back his head and screams. His primal, animal like scream mingles with her painful screams and in the distance she hears clapping.

As her master slowly recovers from his organism, the clapping becomes thunder, rolling over her and her master. He pulls free of her body and replaces his now limp manhood back into his pants. Her mistress rushes forward, holding in her hands a document. She stands before her and with one finger she wipes the blood from along her thigh and smears in onto the document. She walks to her back and repeats the smearing of her virgin blood to the document.

“You are now bound by blood to me and my master. You are now documented as our property and from this moment on you will be known only as our sex slave. Master owns you, just as he owns me. We own you just as we own a pet; you are our pet, nothing more.” She hands the document to the master. Holding the document close to his body he reaches for her face. He brings his lips to a bruising kiss to seal the torment and to end the test.

A man steps forward from the crowd and walks to stand beside her master.

“This is your body guard and the mate we have chosen for you. As you may or may not have noticed that I did not spill my seed within your womb. The only man allowed to do that to you is your mate. I own your body and I have given your womb to this man to create a child that will be the perfect submissive person from birth till she or he reaches adulthood. He will guard your body from the outside world, but never from me, your mistress, or anyone else have I chosen to share you with. He will keep you safe from those who do not know or understand this lifestyle and he is also to keep you away from yourself, if the needs arise. Do you understand little slave? Do you understand that I own you and you are no longer the person you were this morning, that that person no longer exist?”

“Yes master, I do.” She whispers, for her throat is raw from the screaming and sobbing.

“Get her down and let’s go home.” The chain lowers and the cuffs are removed from her ankles and wrist. As soon as her feet touch the ground, her knees buckle and she slumps against her bodyguard. He holds her upright as her mistress removes all the devises from her body. As the clamps are removed from her nipples and the fresh pain fills her senses, she feels herself being lifted into the arms of her bodyguard. Together with her master and mistress, they walk out of the circle and back the way they came. They exit the building and the crowd goes their own way, the light goes out and the room is deserted. She has now entered into a new life; a new life of pain, pleasure, and power.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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