Introducing Susan Ch. 02

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Susan woke the next morning, warm in her new bed and secure in the arms of her new lover. They had spent the night together doing nothing more than talking and kissing, holding each other, touching each other. Marie had been surprised how readily the young girl had taken to being fucked but she didn’t want to push her too hard on their first day; there was plenty of time for that and it would start today. Susan turned as she woke and looked up to see the older woman smiling at her. Her pussy and her bottom were sore but it was a strange kind of “sore”, almost pleasurable.

“Time to get up, sleepy head. We have a big day ahead of us. Time to go shopping. But there’s something you have to do first. You need to shave that bush around your pussy. It is gorgeous but it’s time for you to show off your delicious pussy.”

Susan smiled like the young girl she was and practically ran into the shower while Marie left the room to go back to her own bedroom and get ready for the day ahead. The girl had never before even considered shaving her pussy but she knew how to shave her legs so she thought it couldn’t be much more difficult. She soon realised that she had to be much more careful with the razor that Marie had left for her but, once she was finished, she loved the smooth feeling of her bald pussy and squirmed under the shower as the water ran over her sensitive lips. Even getting dressed seemed like something new as her cotton knickers rubbed against her newly shaved cunt and she wondered how much more this woman had to teach her.

When Susan finally came downstairs for breakfast, the older woman looked up and smiled. Her very own schoolgirl was dressed once more in her short, school skirt and white blouse. She had dispensed with the school tie but otherwise was standing before her as she would have done at school. Susan had been embarrassed to realise that the only things clean enough for a shopping expedition were the clothes she was wearing but, seeing the smile on Marie’s face, she was reassured and wolfed down her breakfast, eager to start shopping. It turned out to be a shopping trip the like of which she had never experienced.

Marie drove them into town and, after spending some time buying the girl some tops, jeans and skirts, she led her young lover to a very private shop, tucked away from the main street, away from the other shops and away from prying eyes. As Susan pushed open the door, she looked around in wonderment at the array of clothes and accessories. She was in her first lingerie boutique and Marie insisted that she choose and try on some new underwear. She explained to Susan that she was a woman now and that she must learn how to wear the proper lingerie to entice the proper people. Susan wasn’t sure she knew how to “entice” anyone and she knew she didn’t know who the “proper people” were but she was eager to please this amazing woman who had rescued her from a summer with her perverted step-father and his equally perverted friends.

Susan stood impassively as Marie explained to the helpful assistant what she wanted for her young companion and the shop girl, who was no older than Susan, was only too willing to help. When the girl started to undress her, Susan’s face burned with embarrassment at being stripped by someone her own age but, if she were honest, she knew that she could feel that wonderful tingling in her pussy again, the tingling that promised so much more.

Once the girl was naked, the shop assistant disappeared for a few moments then came back with a selection of thongs, knickers and bras. Susan had the sudden thought that she was standing naked in the middle of a shop and that anyone could walk in at any moment. Her predicament didn’t seem to be bothering Marie and the shop employee as they searched through the pile of underwear together and eventually decided on a pink bra and knickers set.

The shop girl again approached Susan and fitted her with the lacy bra as if she had never worn one before. Once the bra was in place, however, the girl insisted that she pull it this way and that to ensure it was fitting correctly. She used this excuse to run her hands over Susan’s small breasts, even going so far as to excite the young girl’s nipples so that Marie could see them sticking through the lacy material. Susan was enjoying what the other girl was doing but she wished she would hurry up and give her a pair of knickers or her pussy juices were going to start running down her legs.

Once she was satisfied with the bra, and with the way she had secretly got her hands on the other girl’s beautiful tits, the shop assistant returned to the pile of underwear and retrieved the matching knickers. She knelt down in front of the girl and got a close look at her beautiful pussy. She could tell her customer was very excited and longed to reach out and taste the girl’s juices but she knew she had to restrain herself. Fitting Susan’s feet through the holes of the bikini-style panties, she pulled them up the girl’s legs and arranged them expertly around the girl’s narlıdere escort bottom and pussy. Once again Susan squirmed a little as the lace rubbed against her shaved pussy. She decided there and then that her pussy would be bald from that day on. She loved the feelings running through her body and loved the way the shop girl was running her hands over her bottom cheeks to ensure the panties were a proper fit.

“We’ll take them,” enthused Marie, squirming a little herself at the vision of her sexy young lover standing there in her new lingerie. She knew Susan was excited, she could practically smell the girl’s arousal but she knew her own knickers were getting damp at the thought of removing the skimpy knickers later on.

As the shop girl rang up on the till an exorbitant amount that Susan couldn’t believe Marie was paying for her bra and knickers, she got dressed once more, keeping her new underwear on, as the assistant arranged to send on the rest of Marie’s purchases later.

“What else did you buy?” enquired the inquisitive girl as they exited the boutique and made their way to another secret destination that Marie had decided on for lunch.

“All in good time, my pretty one. You will find out later. Now let’s eat.”

Marie escorted her down a narrow alley to her favourite Italian restaurant where she was greeted like one of the family. As they waiters fussed over the older woman, they also took great delight in having a look down the school blouse of her young companion, the top buttons having been left open. One was even so bold as to pretend he had dropped something in front of their table so that he could bend down to retrieve it but also so that he could look up Susan’s short skirt. The sight of her open legs and her pink panties meant that he was hard when he stood up again and Marie smiled at the effect her young lover was having on the man. She could see his cock causing a bulge in the front of his trousers.

Susan was oblivious to this attention and, as Marie poured her one glass of wine after another, she was oblivious to the number of waiters who now seemed to be unable to walk past their table without dropping something.

Susan had never really drank wine before but the fruity, white wine that Marie had chosen was so light that she was able to drink it almost as easily as juice. By the end of the meal, however, her head was spinning and she wasn’t sure she would be able to walk back to the car. While Marie paid the bill, the girl tried to stand up but was rescued from falling flat on the floor only by the quick attention of two passing waiters. She giggled as they sat her back down, taking the opportunity to feel her small breasts and tight bottom.

Marie told her to stay where she was while she went to get the car. She could only bring it as far as the entrance to the lane but the waiters carried the girl out and positioned her in the passenger seat of the car. Reaching over to fasten her seatbelt, Marie noticed that the girl’s blouse had been buttoned up incorrectly and she knew it hadn’t been like that when they had entered the restaurant. As she watched the departing waiters she could see the broad smiles on their faces and the bulges in the front of their trousers.

Susan stared out of the front windscreen and watched the shops and houses pass by as Marie drove her home. After a while she wondered why it was taking so long to get home. She wouldn’t normally have bothered but, as the effects of the wine began to wear off, she realised something — she needed to pee, badly. The car turned on to an old country road that Marie explained was a short-cut home and bounced over every rock and hole that it seemed to be able to find. The girl could feel the pressure in her full bladder and it was only made worse by the condition of the road.

She tightened every muscle she knew how to tighten but each minute on the uneven road seemed like an hour and she began to fear that she wasn’t going to make it home on time. Surely she wasn’t going to pee her knickers? That would be too embarrassing; and in Marie’s car? What would her sophisticated lover think of her then?

“Marie, please, we’ve got to stop. I really need to go,” she whined.

“Don’t worry; we’ll be home in five minutes. Just cross your legs.”

Susan tried to ignore the jolts of the car. She could see the house approaching but, just as she thought she was going to make it, Marie swerved the car and drove right into a huge pot-hole. The car lunged down, then bounced up again and Susan was lost. She knew she should have gone to the loo when Marie went for the car but the waiters were so funny playing tricks on her and the need hadn’t seemed so great then. Now it did. Now it was too late; she gasped, the pressure became too much and the dam seemed to burst. Hot, yellow piss flooded from between her lips, soaked the crotch of her knickers, making them almost transparent, and ran out on to the seat of the car. It ran along the grooves on ödemiş escort the seat, it ran down her legs and soaked her socks and shoes. She cried out in despair as she covered her face with her hands, too embarrassed to look at Marie. She cried as she continued to fill her knickers with her pee. It poured through the lace of her new panties and began to pool beneath her, soaking her skirt and filling her shoes, her feet squelching within them.

“Susan! How could you?” asked Marie in mock horror. Her plan had worked to perfection. “You will have to be punished for such behaviour.”

Once the car drove up the already familiar drive, Susan leaped out and dashed into the house. She intended to make straight for her room and, at the very least, change her skirt and knickers. Marie, however, was too fast for her. Years of athletic training had kept her fit and she soon caught up with the naughty girl and grabbed her by the hand. Dragging her into the study she locked the door behind them while Susan stood in front of the large fireplace, wishing the fire was lit. She watched, mystified, as her lover brought her high-backed chair to where she was standing. She kept her head low, not wanting to catch the eye of the older woman, and was not prepared when her teacher suddenly grabbed her by the arm and pulled her down over her lap. In an instant Marie had the girl’s right arm pulled up her back, held by her own left arm and her right leg wrapped around Susan’s struggling legs, holding her in place. Susan was too shocked to make a sound but what she heard next made her cry out in fear and humiliation.

“How dare you piss in my car, Susan? Since you neither seem to have respect for the clothes I buy you nor for my own possessions, I will have to teach you that respect.”

Taking the girl’s short, school skirt by the end, the gym teacher slowly drew it up over Susan’s smooth thighs and, suddenly, she felt the air on the tops of her bare legs. When Marie continued to move her skirt slowly over her round bottom, her young lover just prayed that the ground would open up there and then to swallow her alive. She thought her tiny wet knickers being on show was as bad as it was going to get. She was so wrong.

“Did I not just buy these for you, Susan? Of course I did. Did we not have a lovely day today? Of course we did. Well, you are about to find out what happens to those who disappoint me.”

With that, she grabbed Susan’s tiny pink knickers and tore them off her. The pain from this rough treatment was nothing to the shame the girl felt from her bare bottom being on display. Last night she had been embarrassed by Marie touching her bottom but the things her older lover had done to her had banished all those feelings. Now, however, all she felt was shame, humiliation. And she had a feeling that it had only just begun. Suddenly she felt her teacher’s hand on her bottom and, as Marie caressed it, she remembered that it actually felt quite nice to have someone touch her there. This just made what came next even worse.


Down came the teacher’s strong hand on her tender right cheek. Susan nearly threw herself off the older woman’s lap when her body reacted to the pain running through her bottom but the teacher had a tight grip on her and she was going nowhere.


This time Marie’s hand came down on her left cheek and Susan’s poor body coursed with pain anew. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! There was no stopping the cruel teacher once she had started. The girl’s bottom was soon as red as her face but still the dominant woman went on. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! She was crying from the pain, from the humiliation and from the fact that she knew her pussy was starting to tingle with each new blow. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The teacher was starting to tire now but then she looked down at the young slut and saw her legs were slightly parted.

She looked closer and could see that Susan’s young pussy was moist and starting to open. Smiling to herself, encouraged by the fact that her young lover was secretly enjoying her punishment, she resumed her spanking with renewed vigour. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Susan was still wriggling, trying to free herself but the more she did, the more she felt her clit rubbing against the rough denim of the teacher’s jeans. She didn’t understand this but, even though her bottom was being severely punished there was a nice feeling running from her pussy throughout her body. The more Marie spanked her, the more she wriggled, the more sensitive her clit became and the nicer these new feelings became. She didn’t know why but she knew she felt wet between her legs and wondered if it was the pain or the humiliation that was turning her on more. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Soon the nice feelings in her bald pussy were stronger than the pain in her bottom and the girl wriggled more and more, more and more until soon she was wriggling even though the spanking had stopped.

Marie sat back and watched in almost helpless amusement as seferihisar escort this previously innocent girl masturbated herself on her lap. She had even let go of Susan’s arm and legs as she rocked herself back and forward on her lap and brought herself off. Yet another incredible orgasm washed over the young girl and all she could do was enjoy it as she moaned in pleasure throughout.

“That feels soooo goood.!”

When she finally stopped she suddenly became aware that Marie had gone quiet and that her teacher had freed her arms and legs. She clumsily pushed herself up off the older woman and stood up a bit uncertainly. Her legs felt like jelly as she smoothed her short skirt down and fixed her hair. Unsure what to do next, she simply walked upstairs to her room and waited for what was to happen next.

As all went quiet downstairs, Susan decided to get out of her piss-stained skirt but, as she dropped it on to the floor, Marie burst into the room, naked, looking menacingly at her young lover.

“Oh no, you don’t, young lady. Don’t even think of playing with that pussy again. Get into the bathroom.”

Susan was about to explain that she was only taking off her wet skirt when Marie walked over to her and pulled the young girl to her, her large breasts crushing Susan’s smaller ones, and kissed her, hard, her tongue forcing its way into the girl’s mouth. “I didn’t have to force too hard,” thought Marie. “I wonder just how far I can push her.”

Her urgent hands slipped down Susan’s trembling back, cupping and squeezing her equally naked, spanked cheeks. Reluctantly breaking off from their kiss, Marie turned the girl round and pushed her forcibly into the bathroom. Susan turned to face her angry lover; afraid of what she would do, afraid of finding out and afraid of losing the one woman who had ever loved her. The older woman pushed the girl to her knees before her, keeping her strong hands on Susan’s shoulders.

She may have been a virgin before yesterday but she knew what Marie had done to her and she knew what she had to do now. It wasn’t any hardship as she had been longing to taste the other woman’s pussy all day but she was still a little frightened that she would do it wrong. As Marie’s hands moved from her shoulders to hold her head in place and began to purr in delight at feeling the girl’s innocent tongue sliding along her slit, Susan thought that she must be doing something right.

Marie knew that Susan had never done this before but what she lacked in experience she made up for with her willingness to please. She shuddered in pleasure as the girl’s wet tongue played with her equally wet lips and, as the girl became bolder, she began to tentatively move up to lick her lover’s throbbing clit. As she pushed her pussy more insistently against the girl’s mouth, she felt her orgasm start to stir and marvelled at the speed with which Susan had brought her to this point. As she began to cum, riding Susan’s tongue like a willing, soft cock, she prepared herself for the final part of her plan. Just as she stopped moaning and Susan began to relax a little, Marie relaxed too and let herself begin to pee all over the girl’s startled face.

As she tried to pull away, to escape the flood of piss washing over her, Marie held her in place and watched, delighted, as some of her pee entered the young girl’s mouth. It was pouring over her eyes, her nose and running down her chin, soaking her school blouse, making it almost transparent, her puffy nipples poking through the lacy bra and letting the older woman know just how turned on the girl was. Releasing her slightly, Marie gave her next chilling command.

“Open your mouth, Susan,” she ordered.

The girl didn’t hesitate but drank in all that her older lover had to give. She couldn’t swallow as fast as Marie was pissing and still more ran down her body until she could smell as well as taste the strong aroma of the older woman’s pee. It was then that Marie noticed what the young girl was doing.

Totally overcome by humiliation and ecstasy, Susan had her fingers between her legs, urgently, furiously, rubbing her clit. Marie couldn’t believe how depraved the girl had become so quickly and pulled her back to her piss-soaked lips, forcing the girl to lick her pussy once more. The taste of Marie’s cunt, the feel of her pee soaking her body, the urgency of her fingers playing with her own clit brought Susan to the biggest orgasm of her young life and, watching such behaviour tipped Marie over the edge too as they came together

As she finally released her young lover, Marie watched as Susan fell to the floor, luxuriating in the pool of her piss that had gathered there. She reached down and brought the girl to her feet, kissing her on the lips, tasting her own pee and smiling contentedly.

“Well done, Susan. I wonder what the girls at school would say if they could see you now.”

At that, the girl bit her bottom lip, wondering if she had done something wrong but her smile returned when her lover praised her depravity and assured her there was much more to come, in fact, it was going to start tonight. Slowly stripping the girl of her pee-soaked clothing, Marie helped her into the shower, then joined her and smiled as the girl laughed and grabbed the shampoo first, reminding her of how young her schoolgirl lover was.

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