Invited to a Friend’s Wedding

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Big Dicks

So, we get to the hotel the night before my buddy’s wedding and just crash.. it was a long trip. The next morning we wake up a little late. We go and have breakfast and then came back to the room to finish waking up. As we laid back down and started watching tv, you pushed herself against me under the covers looking to spoon. My hands started roaming and found some good spots and a little moan escaped your lips.

Unfortunately, the phone rings at that point. The groom is in a panic and needs something from home. I’m not in the wedding party, but all the other guys are busy or have their kids with them, etc. So, I begrudgingly grab my keys and head out. You stay in the hotel to continue relaxing. I’ll be back in 30 minutes..

Text messages start hitting my phone once I get on the road.. I know you were a bit horny as I left.. I get a cryptic picture of just your purse. Then one of your purse open. Then your hand in your purse. THEN, a pic of a small toy you pulled out of your purse..

So I’m kicking myself now for leaving, but I know I’ll have fun once I get back to the hotel before the ceremony starts.. unfortunately for me, the dumbass drivers causing accidents and construction projects etc, cause my return to be delayed for at least 90 minutes.. So, by the time I get back it’s time to get dressed for my friends wedding…

I apologize to you the whole time while I’m stuck in traffic and you are very gracious knowing none of it is my fault..

So, I get back and you are already dressed to the nines and I have to race and get all handsome.. but, we do make it on time..

Once the ceremony is over at the country club / hotel that we are staying at, we make our way to the one of the banquet rooms for the reception.. Şanlıurfa Escort

Once we find our table and set our stuff down, you look at me and have me come closer and you whisper in my ear, “I have a surprise for you.” And you grab my hand and press something into it. It’s a little key fob looking thing with a large button in the center. No marking or labels.. “what’s this?”, I ask. You say, “Remember the little naughty thing we picked up at the naughty store the last time we went there together?” I have an epiphany and remember what we bought. It’s a pair of women’s panties that have a remote control vibrator in them to stimulate a woman’s pussy. As you point to the remote, you say, “Looks like you’re in control.”

I couldn’t believe that you were so willing to try this! This is a fantasy that I had thought about for SO long, but never had anybody daring enough to escape the mundane reality…to be bold enough to try…

I SO wanted to see the wet spot at the end of the night…to lay you down and pull off her soaking wet panties before I fuck you senseless.. (Little did I know..)

I hit the button on the remote briefly and watched you jump a little, stifle a moan and bite your bottom lip. You knew we were both going to enjoy this!

The reception commenced with a cocktail hour. We mingled, but you didn’t know anyone except for me. I “buzzed” you a couple times while I introduced you to friends of mine. I left it on for about 10 seconds each time. Sometimes your voice squeaked if you were taking, or you just cleared your throat. The smile on your face told me that you were definitely going to enjoy the rest of this torture, as was I! I love teasing you any way that I can..

While Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan ordering drinks, I turned the remote to a low setting, giving you a light little vibration as you were ordering. You just smiled and swayed a little at the bar. The bartender had no clue why you were smiling, other than to believe you were just happy!

While waiting for the drinks, I turned it on a little stronger and left it on for like maybe a minute. You just closed your eyes for a bit, smiling ear to ear. I wasn’t sure how you’d react, but I was SO happy that you were actually enjoying this.

So, the wedding party and the bride and groom entered and the dinner was served. I gave you a break through dinner, and only turned it on briefly every 20 minutes or so.

After dinner I would give you different vibration intensities and durations. Nobody around us was even aware of our play time. When I was talking to the bride and groom when they made it around to our table, I turned it on medium high and left it there. You kinda crossed your arms, closed your eyes and put your head down in the crook of your arms, gently rocking back and forth. I could not stop smiling! I stopped the vibrations and you lifted your head…and had almost a sleepy smile. “Time to dance, milady?”, I asked holding my hand out when a slow song started playing. I asked if if you were ready to go soon and in a very low voice you said, “Jon, I am already soaking wet. You better fuck me soooon…”

THAT got my cock really hard!

We danced to another song and decided it would be best to retire.. and get to some serious sex in the hotel room.


As we exited from the one banquet hall and were walking to the elevators, you Escort Şanlıurfa grabbed my hand and pulled me into the empty hall next door to the wedding..

There were empty tables and chairs set up there for some upcoming event. You pulled me over to the closest table and sat me down in a chair. You then asked me for the remote control. I handed it to you. You then proceed to straddle me. You put your hands in my hair and kiss me, hard. You break the kiss when we both need some air. You look me right in the eyes and grind your pussy onto my extra hard cock… and then hit the button to turn the vibrator on at full power.

Well, we both kind of lost it. Heavy moans and groans and lotsa kissing. Your breathing gets more labored. I can see your face turning a nice crimson. I know you’re going to explode soon..

Your eyes go wide. Your legs wrap around the back of the chair. All of your weight is on my cock. I can feel the vibrations, but as your breath comes out in gasps, I can feel your pussy pulsing on top of my cock.. you just keep grinding and cumming on top of me until you can’t take it anymore..

You click the button on the remote and it turns everything off. You stand up and reach under your dress and take the vibrating panties off and throw them onto the floor. You grab me and pull me to the table. You reach back and use your hands to push yourself up onto the table. You raise your dress and spread your legs and as you’re looking into my eyes, you say, “fuck me, right here and now!”

The table is the exact perfect height and as I undo my zipper and belt and pants, you start rubbing your pussy just to see and show me how wet you are..

One push, and I’m inside you. You start cumming immediately, as you’ve been waiting to be fucked all day long. But, there’s no teasing. Your ankles are on my back pushing me and your hands are wrapped around my back. It’s just hard quick ‘fuck me’ sex. We’ll have plenty of time to cuddle later, let me just be a good boy and fuck you hard and make you cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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