Island Encounter

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Hi, it’s me Nancy. Everything I’ve submitted so far has been about experiences that I had 2-5 years ago. So this time I figured I write about a more recent experience. This took encounter took place over the Veterans Day weekend, on week long trip I took with my husband to the British Virgin Islands. Hope you enjoy and hope ya’ll write me.

The husband and I arrived on the island late Friday night. We settled into our room for the night after making plans for the next day. While my hubby went off to golf, I went to have a manicure/pedicure, shop for some nice club clothes and a nice bikini. I was told the best place to have my nails done was not at the resort, but was at a local shop in town. So I rode the resorts bus to the outskirts of town, where it dropped me off. I stopped a few locals, and after figuring out the accent, got directions to the nail salon. While having my nails done I noticed what had to be the darkest black man I’ve ever seen , working at a tattoo parlor across the street. Looking at him from a distance got my nipples hard and I knew that if I got a better look, I’d be wearing wet panties – so I decided to get a better look. After my manicure, I left for lunch (my pedicure was arranged for the early afternoon). I found a local grill to eat at. After I finished eating, I wandered over to the tattoo parlor to get a better look at this fine specimen of black manhood. He was very muscular and I loved how his biceps flexed as he applied his artwork to the customer. He glanced my way a few times but never really acknowledged me – which I could understand, I was dressed pretty plain (loose fitting t-shirt, bra, loose fitting sweat pants, bikini panties, socks, and running shoes). I never got a good look at his face, but his body alone (and my wet panties) told me ‘Girl, you gotta get fucked by this guy’, so I found the shops hours and went back to the nail salon to reschedule my pedicure appointment. After finishing up there, I caught the resort bus and went back to the hotel to meet my hubby for dinner. During dinner I told my husband that some local gals had invited me to a show the next evening (a flat lie) and could he keep himself occupied for the night. He whined a bit, but agreed and we went back to our room to sleep.

I spent most of the next morning lounging around the hotel pool with my hubby. My pedicure was set for late in the afternoon and I felt everything was ready for me to get a fucking from this black tattoo man. After lunch, I left for our room so I could get ready for my evening out. Not wanting to alert my hubby as to what I was doing, I packed my “adventure” clothes in a big carry bag and quickly threw on a teal blue tank top, a tan colored bra, a pair of tight denim shorts, a tan thong, and a pair of running shoes. I was out the door before my hubby came back up to our room. Within minutes I was on the resort bus heading into town for my pedicure and “adventure“.

As the gal worked on my toe nails, I made sure I could use the restroom to change into my “adventure” clothes – since it would be real close to closing time. She told me it would be no problem, so I just sat back to enjoy my view of my of the tattoo guy. Once the pedicure was finished and the paint was all dried up, I went to the restroom to change. I stripped off my clothes and slipped into my “adventuring” gear – an almost see-thru sleeveless white blouse with thin straps, a black strapless bra (that could be seen thru the blouse), a short tight black skirt, black 3” heels and NO panties. I then proceeded across the street to the tattoo parlor, where the guy was just finishing up with his last customer. When I entered he took Kadıköy Grup Escort serious notice of me this time.

“May I help you miss?”, he asked with his sexy island accent. I looked his face over real well for the first time. He was decent looking and his two front teeth had gold crowns on them.

Clearing my throat I answered him, “Well, I was kinda wondering what it would cost to tattoo something?“

He smiled at me as the customer left the parlor, leaving us both alone. “Depends. I determine the cost by what you want and where you want it.”

I was feeling a bit bold, not to mention a bit damp between my creamy white thighs, so I decided not to beat around the bush (pardon the pun), “I want whatever you got and you can put it anyplace you like!”

He turned around and locked the door, shutting off his OPEN neon sign. He pointed to the chair his customers sit in and motioned me to sit in it. I quickly did. Once seated in the chair, he stood in front of me and pulled my blouse off over my head. He then told me to remove my bra. No sooner had I unclasped my bra and pulled it away, letting my small but round/firm 36Bs free, his big black hands were on them. His dark hands totally covered up my white tits as he fondled them. As one of his hands rubbed and squeezed my right tit, the other hand slid down under my skirt and began to caress my inner thighs. I could feel his knuckles brushing against my hairy bush.

“MMMM, a white girl with some pussy hair. That’s a rare thing in these parts miss. I can tell we are going to have some fun eating you out tonight.“ he said to me as he worked his black hands closer to my married white pussy. While making the moves on my pussy, he never forgot to pay attention to my titties. His tongue went to work on my left tit. He swirled the nipple around in his mouth, nibbling on it with his gold capped teeth, before sucking it in hard. He did this for a few minutes, before swapping over to my other tit. One hand moved to my left tit, as his mouth went over to my right one. By now he was rubbing his knuckles against my clit and I was responding to him. I was moaning and grinding my cunt to his hand. He then began to twist and tug on my hard nipples, as he dragged his tongue all over my right tit and nipple. He flicked his tongue across my nipple a few more times, before stepping back from me. He pressed a lever on the side of the chair, laying me back. My head was down by his waist, he undid his pants, dropped them and his briefs down around his ankles and ran what had to be about 10“ of thick black meat across my cheek. He had me turn my head to the side, as I did this, I ran my tongue all over his cockhead and as far up his shaft as it would reach. He pulled my face closer to his crotch, lifted his cock up and dropped his heavy black balls onto my waiting red lips. I was soon running my tongue across the fleshy sack, as his hands went back to work on my tits. He groaned, “That’s it white girly, worship my seed sack”.

I simply nodded my head as I continued to lick away at his balls. He was now running his dark hands up and down and my creamy white legs. I moaned and began to suck on the sides of his black sack. His hands once again were at work on my firm white tits, twisting and turning my nipples like they were dials on an old fashioned radio. My black lover told me, “White girly, I just gotta have that naughty tongue working on my cock.”

With that, he drove his big, thick black cock down my throat, working it like it was my pussy. I found myself running my tongue up and down the full length of his shaft, as his dark manhood slid without effort in Kadıköy Manken Escort out my wet, warm mouth. As I continued to have my face fucked by his cock, I could feel his fingers probing my moist pussy. This only made me start sucking him harder, which in turn lead to him fucking my mouth faster. I could feel my body shake gently as his fingers made circles around my pussy lips and inner thighs. I groaned and spread my legs wide apart for him. He grabbed my married white face and buried it in his black crotch, making me choke and gag down his darkmeat. As he continued to intensely fuck my face, his fingers began to spank my clit. I moaned onto the cock buried in my mouth, as he let out a low groan. His thumb was now rubbing my clit as his fingers went back to rubbing my pussy lips. I was getting close to my orgasm and I started to grind my pussy to his fingers. I knew he was close too, as he jack hammered his dark cock in and out of my mouth faster and faster. As his body began to tense up, he quickly forced his cock as deep into my throat as it would go. He let out a loud groan and I could feel his cockhead expanding in my mouth. He then let loose a thick stream of his black seed straight into my throat. I gagged and choked it all down as fast as I could, greedily and whorishly trying not to let one drop get away from me. After we were both sure I had sucked him dry, he pull his semi-erect cock out of my mouth and told me to finish stripping. I kicked off my heels and lifted my ass up out of the chair and simply pushed the skirt off onto the floor, as he completely stripped himself. Once we were both totally nude, he told me, “It’s feeding time white girly. And I’m looking at having some bushy cunt.”

With that, he walked to the foot end of the chair, lowered his face to my pussy, and quickly began licking up and down the length of her hot, wet slit. He then shoved his tongue up into my pussy and began probing inside me. I was loving it! As he continued probing around inside my pussy, I began to moan and beg, “Oh yes. Yes. Use that black tongue. Fuck my white pussy with your hot black tongue.”

My talking was having an effect on both of us. As I listened to myself, I began to twist and tug on my nipples. He was now in the middle of fucking my pussy with his face. He was grinding his nose to my clit, and working his tongue faster and deeper into my cunt. I found myself basically riding his tongue like it was a cock. I could hear my juices slopping and feel them on all over his face. My breathing was getting faster and my moaning louder. He grabbed my slim white hips with his big dark hands and shoved his tongue as deep as it would go. I found myself being overwhelmed by “Jungle Fever”, as his tongue fucking alone wasn’t good enough for me. I grabbed the sides of his head with my hands and began rocking my hips hard and fast into his face. I wasn’t sure if I was going to drown him in my pussy juice before I orgasmed, but his talented black tongue didn’t give me long to think about it. Within a few moments, I felt my body shudder hard and I squeezed his dark black head between my silky white thighs. I let out a yell and then came all over his face. My legs dropped back onto the chair, as my breathing returned to normal and I began to recover from this fabulous orgasm. I was sure hoping were weren’t done, cause I certainly wasn’t worn out.

He had me get up out of the chair and then sat down himself, his black pole fully erect again. I ran my lips over the throbbing cockhead a few times. I opened my mouth and took only the shiny black cockhead into my married white mouth. My black fuckmaster had other ideas. Kadıköy Masöz Escort He grabbed my head and thrusted his hips up, shoving his cock into my mouth. He slowly worked his large black tool in and out of my O-shaped slutty white mouth a few times. When he pulled it out, it made a “POP”. A string of saliva lead from my red lips to his ebony cock. He then placed his hands on my hips and helped me climb up onto the chair, facing him. I positioned his thick black cock between my legs and spanked my whorish white clit a few times with it, before shoving all 10” into me. It slid in with no problem (I was REALLY wet by now). His hands caressed my ass, as his tongue ran all over my tits and nipples. I was my running my small white hands up and down his dark chest, as he pumped my pussy slowly. My body hadn’t fully recovered from my first orgasm, and he was working me towards a second. As my breathing got faster and my moaning louder, he went to work, fucking me harder and deeper with each stroke. As I neared my second orgasm, I began to drag my fingernails across his chest. He in turn grabbed my waist and began pushing me up and off of his cock, only to pull me back down hard onto it. I found myself rocking my hips as he thrust his large black tool into me. Within a few more strokes, I found my body bucking and my hips gyrating as I orgasmed a second time. He rode out my orgasm with all 10” of his black cock buried deep inside my married white pussy. After my body stopped spasming, he pulled his hard cock out of me and had me move, so he could slip by me. He then had me place my face in the seat of his chair, my tight creamy white ass propped up high. He positioned himself directly behind me, I could feel his throbbing cockhead placed against my tart little hole. I was still feeling a bit weak from my second orgasm, but I told him, “Please don’t stop. Fuck the hell out of my little white ass!“

His only answer was to flash me a smile showing his golden caps and shoving his thick throbbing black cock deep into my tight white married ass. He pumped my ass hard and deep five or six times before removing his cock. He circled his fat cockhead around my puckered asshole a few times, before shoving it back in, rotating his hips as he did. This time he slowly began to work it his big black missile in and out of my white married silo. Using one hand to spank my ass, he used his other hand to finger my clit. I was loving every stroke of his cock. I was his black cock loving white whore. He gazed at me looking back at him and said with his sexy accent, “MMM good white girly. You like my black cock don’t you. You will do as I tell you, won’t you?”

I simply nodded my head ’YES’, my eyes filled with sexually satisfaction. With him furiously fucking my ass and his big black fingers rubbing my hard white clit now, it didn’t take long for my third orgasm to build up. My body was shaking and shuddering wildly in his chair. I was ramming my creamy white ass back to meet my black fuckmasters massive cock. I was grinding my clit to his fingers and could feel his free hand slide up my back and around the front to my tits. The moment his big hands began to manhandle my small firm tits, I went over the edge. My third orgasm was so huge, I let out a long loud moan, before collapsing straight down into the chair. As my legs gave out, my asshole tightened around his thick member. Then all at once I felt a warm rush of liquid fill my ass as I heard him start to grunt. He pulled his cock out of me and I could feel the stringy rope of his black seed shooting all over my lower back. As he continued to grunt and moan, his hand worked up and down his shaft, spilling the last of his creamy love juice onto my ass cheeks. He staggered off to clean himself up, I simply slipped my clothes back onto my sweaty, cum covered body and thanked him for a wonderful night. “Do cum back again, white girly.”, he told me.

If I did, that would be another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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