It All Started at the Wedding Ch. 01

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It was a Friday night; Jack had been invited to a wedding tomorrow. It was a friend of his mum’s daughter. May was like a second mum to Jack, when he was younger he used to call her Aunt May, but a few years ago she had asked him to call her just May. May was a widow; she was a doctor with her own practice. Her oldest daughter Ann had got married seven years ago just after her father died. That had been a good wedding. Jack had gone with his mum; they had a wonderful evening. May, had a hard time as both her elderly parents were there, she was constantly looking after them. As May and her parents left that wedding May said to Jack, “When Kay gets married, I want a dance or two with you as you are easily the best dancer here.”

Jack was going alone to the wedding, his mum would have gone, but she was in rehab, she had a hip replacement five weeks ago, she was making a good recovery. Jack had visited her every day she had been in hospital and rehab. She had been in constant pain, but now she was pain-free and starting to look a lot healthier. Then Jack’s mobile rang, he answered, it was May, she said, “Jack, I hope that I am not disturbing you, but I have a bit of a problem.”

“May, you’re not disturbing me, how can I help you?”

“Kay and her fiance have taken a suitcase with their going away clothes plus their suitcase for their honeymoon to the Hotel this evening. They wanted to take a beautiful evening dress that I have for tomorrow night. I know that you have booked a room for tomorrow night. I don’t want Kay to see it until the reception. Could I hang it in a wardrobe in your room? I’ll be at the Hotel just after twelve. Is that ok with you?”

“May, no problem, you can do that. I’ll be there around twelve too. Once I know the room number, I will message you it.”

“Thanks, Jack, I will be sleeping in the room Kay is using. Ann and her family were supposed to be sleeping there, but the kids have a Church event on Sunday morning. I didn’t want the kids and Ann and Kay to see my dress, but more importantly, I didn’t want them to see my lingerie.”

Jack wondered what sort of lingerie May liked; she was a tall, voluptuous woman with huge breasts, Jack said, “No problem May, as soon as I know my room number then I’ll message you the number. I’ll explain to the reception that one of the guests wishes to change in my room. I will leave my suitcase there and only use the room to sleep in.”

They agreed to do that. The next morning Jack visited his mum. The rehab centre had a small swimming pool. It was just after eight in the morning. Jack was allowed to go into the pool area where his mum was swimming alone. Jack was impressed with what he saw. Mum was swimming with the breaststroke; her legs were pushing her forward easily in the water. Her hips were working correctly. Mum saw Jack; she smiled then swum over too him, she said, “Jack, it’s great to see you, thanks for taking the time to visit me today. You will be busy. I wish I were going to the wedding with you, but I have another week here. I feel so much better. Have you time for a coffee? I have done fifty lengths this morning that’s one and a half kilometres.”

“Mum, I’d love a quick coffee with you, but I can’t stay long as I have several things to do before I leave for the wedding.”

“Jack, that’s my towel on the recliner, please get it for me, and I’ll meet you at the steps.”

Jack did this then nearly gasped when he saw his mum’s curvy body. She had a flat stomach and a beautiful Camel’s Toe. Her tits were massive and bounced a little as she came out of the water. Jack handed her the towel; he was sure that she had pushed her tits out as she wrapped the towel around her. Mum then led him to the coffee machine. They sat for over half an hour; mum asked Jack to take pictures and send them to her by WhatsApp. Mum also said when she left the rehab for a small fee, she could use the pool there. Mum wanted to keep fit. Jack suggested she could use the Spa in a hotel that they owned. Mum said that she was still too self-conscious and wanted to swim alone. Jack suggested she could use it after nine in the evening when the pool closed. He then left.

Jack arrived at the Hotel, it was close to the city that Kay now lived in. It had been an old convent then converted into a hotel. It was beautifully appointed. The gardens were amazing. Jack checked in. He had a small suite. He asked the receptionist for an extra key as one one of his mother’s friends wanted to change in the room. He then messaged May giving her the room number. May replied that she was there and would get her things from her car. Jack opened the door when he heard May knock the door. She looked gorgeous in her mother of the bride outfit. Jack took her suitcase and showed her into the bedroom. He also gave her the spare key. Jack said, “I won’t be in here until I go to bed. I’ll sit in the lounge as you arrange your things. Would you like a glass of champagne? There are a couple of bottles in the mini-bar.”

“Jack, I would love a glass antep escort bayan of champagne, let me hang my things up, I will join you in the lounge, I don’t know why but I’m feeling a little nervous today.”

Jack went into the lounge, opened a bottle of champagne, poured two glasses then waited for May. A minute later May came out of the bedroom; she was glowing, she picked up a glass then raised it, she said, “Jack, I’m so glad that you did this for me today. Cheers!”

They clinked their glasses and sipped the champagne, “May, that’s a stunning outfit that you’re wearing, you look gorgeous. Mum wants me to take pictures and send them to her. She’s sorry that she’s not here today.”

“She hasn’t seen this or the dress that I’ll be wearing tonight. I have found a lovely little boutique in the city; I love what they are selling. Dot will love it too. I’ll pose for you later.”

They finished the champagne; it was now one-thirty, May said, “Jack, I have one more thing to ask you, will you sit beside me during the church service? Ann and her kids will want to sit beside me, but I don’t want Bob to be anywhere near me, I don’t know what Ann ever saw in him, he gives me the creeps.”

They were both standing; Jack took May in his arms, they cuddled, then Jack said, “Of course, I will do that, I think that he’s a creep too, he has delusions of grandeur, I think that you’ve paid for his lifestyle. I have heard a few rumours that he likes young men around him. I often see him around town; he’s always with a guy.”

“Jack, I’ve heard the same. Let’s go, or we will be late. Stay close to me today. We can talk later about him. After the meal, please come and sit with me.”

May then pulled Jack close to her; he could feel the weight of her massive tits on his chest. He also felt her push her pussy against his leg; May moved her head, their lips were an inch apart, then she buried her tongue deep in Jack’s mouth, they kissed lovingly and affectionately for a couple of minutes. Their bodies were pushing against each other. Then May said, “I haven’t kissed like that for years. We had better go but let me check my make up first.”

She ran her finger around Jack’s lips; she redid her lips then they left. Jack couldn’t believe what had happened. May had excited him; he had felt his cock harden. They arrived in the small church; May went to the first row, she nodded and smiled at the groom’s parents and brother and his girlfriend. Jack got a shock when he saw Ann; she looked drained; she had also put on a lot of weight. Jack noticed several grey hairs on her head; she was only thirty-five. Ann sat next to Jack; she hugged him before she sat down. Her two daughters were not there; they were flower girls for Kay. Neither Jack nor May acknowledged Bob.

The service started, Kay looked gorgeous, Jack was taking lots of pictures. The hotel WiFi was excellent; the photos were being sent very quickly. When they exchanged rings, Jack videoed it and sent it to mum. Then in the gardens Jack took more pictures May posed for him with Ann, Jack realised how much weight she had put on, Ann’s tits were huge. May whispered to Jack, “After the pictures are taken, I’ll go to Kay’s room and get a bottle of champagne. The guests will then be served champagne before the meal starts at three-thirty. Please join me in your room but give me ten minutes to change. I’ll arrange for more champagne to be left in Kay’s room, so we don’t run out later.”

Jack knew then that May would be in bed with him tonight. Mum had replied to Jack; she wrote, “Jack, I feel as though I’m there, the pictures and videos are marvelous. Poor Ann doesn’t look happy, spend some time with her. That parasite of a husband will be everywhere but beside her. I would love some pictures of the speeches then the dancing. I love you, mum, xx.”

Jack went to his room; he didn’t use his key but knocked on the door. May opened the door immediately, she looked stunning, her dress showed her figure to perfection, the cleavage she was showing was terrific. Her dress was a subtle red colour; it looked so luxurious. Jack wondered what she was wearing underneath. May had two glasses of on the coffee table; they sat down then May said, “Jack, I think that we both know what’s going to happen tonight. I am so looking forward to it. We have only fifteen minutes before we need to join the other guests. I’ll be at the top table. You are sitting at the table opposite me. Ann and Bob are on the same table. Ann is sitting next to you. You are sitting facing me so that we will have eye contact. I have Bob sitting next to a very effeminate single guy who studies Law with Kay. After the meal, we will all sit together.”

“If possible, don’t let Bob dance with me. He has wandering hands and loves to feel my tits and ass. If you get the opportunity, I will tell him to stay away from me. If he tries anything, I’ll slap him so hard everyone in the room will hear it.”

May leaned over and kissed araban escort bayan Jack so tenderly, Jack’s hand was exploring her breasts, her tits felt wonderful. May said, “Please stop Jack, I love what you’re doing, but my tits are so sensitive that you’ll make me cum. We can do everything tonight. We must be so discreet tonight. You are my best friend’s son. We got to make this our secret.”

They went downstairs separately, they both mingled with the other guests, the champagne was flowing. They were then asked to take their seats. Jack sat beside Ann. The meal was excellent. Jack and May were having a lot of eye contact. Ann was chatting away with Jack. Her two daughters were at the top table; Ann was so proud of them as they were so well behaved. Then the speeches started. Ann had an excellent camera. She was taking pictures and videos too. Jack soon realised that Ann’s camera took very high-quality pictures in HD.

After the meal had finished Jack and Ann found a quiet table as the ballroom was being prepared for the dance. Jack then used the Hotel’s WiFi to transfer the pictures and videos to his phone. Then he sent them to his mum. Ann was looking a bit depressed, Jack said, “Are you ok, Ann? You don’t look very happy?”

Ann sighed then said, “I have a dreadful marriage; my husband is now chatting up his latest boyfriend in the bar. My two daughters are having the day of their lives oblivious to all the shit happening around them. I have given them a stable childhood, but I have had to pay the price. I’m overweight, I cook properly for the girls, but I’m eating junk food. I can’t continue like this. Mum has funded all this. She financed Bob’s first office. He now has four. He has an apartment inside the latest office. Mum has financed everything. We have separate bedrooms in the house. I have not had sex with him for over five years. In this time he has raped me six times. He comes home drunk then because he is a control freak he wants to fuck me. Mum wasn’t happy when I told her, but I wanted to keep it going for the sake of the girls. Mum accepted this and put me on the pill. I can’t take it anymore. Bob is gay; he prefers to be with men. Twice he has given me STDs. Mum treated me.”

“Now I realise that he is a useless father. The girls and I are better off without him. How can I tell mum? I feel terrible; I should have listened to her before. I need to get my life sorted out. Look at the weight I gave put on; my hair is turning grey. I’m slipping down a slippery slope.”

“Ann, you can use the Spa at the Hotel, the staff there will help you get fit again. The Beauty Salon can help you with your hair. Things will work out.”

“Jack, you’re a darling, I want to kiss you.”

The band started to play, the bride and groom took to the floor, them May and the groom’s father. May them came across and took Jack to the groom’s mother, this was am an insult to Bob, Bob was still I’m the bar. Ann and her girls started to dance; the girls had met a family of two boys and a sister who were residents of the Hotel; they were now all dancing together. Later, Jack was alternating between May and Ann with dances. Jack had told May what Ann had said to him, May had pulled him closer to him and whispered, “I’m so happy to hear that, I have a plan ready to go into action. I will tell you later. Ann looks a lot happier, keep her sweet Jack she and the girls will be leaving around nine as they have to be at a church thing in the morning.”

Jack’s next dance was with Ann; he told her that May was on her side, and things would happen soon. Ann pulled Jack close to her; Jack felt her massive tits on his chest, she was pushing her pussy against his leg, Ann said, “Thanks Jack, I feel a great sense of relief. Thanks for telling mum, I was genuinely scared to, I can feel a happy ending coming to this.”

At eight the Bride and Groom left, as Jack and Ann walked back into the Hotel, Ann said, “Jack, I need to do something, come with me.”

Jack saw May and the groom’s mother sitting talking, Jack went with Ann to the room Ann had been using, Kay had given her the key. Ann opened the door, they both went into the lounge, it was tidy, then they went to the bedroom, it was also neat. There was an overnight bag on the baggage rack. Ann put her arms around Jack; her tongue went deep into his mouth. Ann was pushing her pussy against Jack’s leg. Her tits felt beautiful against his chest. Jack realised that Ann was very aroused, this was confirmed when Ann said, “Jack, take me on the carpet, the bed hasn’t been used, and mum’s sleeping in it tonight.”

They were both naked thirty seconds later; Jack was amazed at Ann’s body, she was tall like May, her tits were massive, she wasn’t slim at the waist. Her legs were thick; she also had one of the hairiest pussies Jack had ever seen. It looked like it had never been trimmed. Ann went to the bathroom and came back with a bath towel, she lay it on the carpet then said, “Jack, that’s gaziantep arap escort bayan a huge cock you have, would you lie on the towel and I’ll go on top. I’ll give you a little warning; I cum a lot.”

Jack lay on the carpet, Ann then squatted over him, teasing her hard clit with the bulbous head of his cock. She then centred him in the middle of her sex slit. She was very wet. Ann pushed down; she took Jack’s full length with the first push, Ann gasped and said, “Jack, that feels so good. My cunt feels stretched, but it feels so good, oh god, the head of your cock is hitting my cervix, that’s amazing. Your magnificent cock is three or four times the size of Bob’s. I remember one night when he was pounding into me; I asked if he was in yet. He has a micropenis.”

Ann soon had a powerful rhythm going; she had strong cunt muscles; she was gripping Jack’s cock at the right places on each push. Her tits were bouncing as she rode him; they were huge. Jack was stroking her big clit; it was hard and could tell that Ann was enjoying it. Jack noticed a few grey hairs on her pubic hair. Jack thought that she should get waxed or shaved. He preferred being smooth around his cock and balls; it was far more sensitive. Jack wondered if May was smooth or did she have a bush too? Ann was now pounding Jack’s cock; it felt so good for Jack. Then Ann cried out, “I’m cuming, fuck, what an orgasm.”

Jack faked an orgasm; he felt it better to do that than possibly make Ann feel insecure. Then Ann’s mobile rang, it was May, Ann answered and listened then said, “Mum, you look after the girls, I’m getting their things from the room. Kay gave me the keys. I’ll tidy the room for you, and I’ll be down in a few minutes. Mum, Jack has been wonderful today. I opened my heart to him. I want to divorce Bob; I can’t take anymore.”

“Ann, I’m so happy to hear that, that will happen. Things will start to happen tomorrow. Bob and his new boyfriend, left ten minutes ago in a taxi. I saw them kissing in the back seat of the taxi. I managed to get several pictures. Take your time; I’ll look after the girls; they are both exhausted.”

Jack went into the bathroom; he used the bidet to wash his cock. He left the soiled towel on the bathroom floor. Jack carried the overnight bag downstairs. May was sitting beside the two girls who were fast asleep on two couches. Ann was glowing; she kissed May then said, “I’d better get these two home. Mum, I feel so good. I feel that my life has changed today.”

She then transferred all the pictures and videos to Jack’s mobile. Jack had already sent the speeches to his mum. Just after nine, they left. May got two glasses of champagne then sat with Jack. May said, “Tomorrow, we need to get a locksmith to change all the locks and driveway gate code. I’ll go upstairs now and phone my lawyer. We have so much evidence; if he doesn’t play ball then we’ll pass our evidence to the Law Society, if we did that, he would be struck off, he would be barred from practising law. What a difference in Ann, she was glowing when she left, thank you for spending time with her today. I will make it up to you tonight.”

May then went up to Jack’s room. Jack edited the pictures and videos and sent them to mum. Jack got another glass of champagne; he sat, reflecting on a fantastic day. He was glad that he had been able to help Ann. He wanted to see her again; she gave a great fuck. He was also looking forward to tonight with May; his cock stirred as he thought of her. Then his phone beeped, he had a message from mum, it read, “Jack, the pictures and videos of the dance are excellent, the quality is amazing. I have looked at all the pictures and videos; I haven’t seen Bob in one of them. Ann looks so much happier in the last pictures than she does in the first ones. Her girls are gorgeous. May looks stunning in her dress; she has found a new boutique, would you like me to dress like that? I was thinking of phoning the Hotel and asking them to bring me a bottle of champagne. I was a good girl and didn’t do it. When I get out of here can we have a bottle of champagne together? If I swam after nine in the evening in the Spa, is it possible to switch off the security cameras, I wouldn’t like to be a peep show for the staff and guests?”

Jack replied, telling mum everything about Bob, he didn’t hold back. He told her that the camera was Ann’s. He finished up by saying, “Mum, no problem with the pool. I can disable the cameras. Initially, if I swam with you in case anything happens. Would that be ok with you mum?”

Mum replied, “Jack, I’d love to that with you. I can’t overdo things when I get out. There are times when I can swim naked here. It’s a wonderful feeling. Would you mind if I swam naked with you? We are both adults.”

Jack replied, “I don’t have a problem with that. You have a beautiful body. Can I swim naked too?”

At ten to eleven, Jack’s phone beeped, it was from Ann, it read and included an HD quality picture of her shaved pussy, she had spread her cunt lips open with two fingers to show her huge hard clit, it looked beautiful, it read, “Jack, thanks so much for today. My eyes are open now. When I saw your magnificent shaved cock and balls, I knew that I had to do something. I hope that you like the result. I want and need to see you soon. During school hours, one call and I will be there. Thanks again, Ann xx.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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