it happened vacation (and continued at home) pt 12

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Note: I see a few were confused by my last story. Some confusion can result from the lack of names while other can result due to names (like to many) and it was even assumed by some that the last story wasn’t even part of the series ?. I asurre you it is part of the series.
Sure I didn’t use names and pt 11 did describe having a three way, not a 69, like some were thinking. I thought I wrote it clearly. I figured it would be obvious to anyone who has followed the series as to who the “slender young girl” was involved in the three way but I purposefully kept the 2nd girl a mystery to spark some imagination but not much since there are only 4 females in the entire series. That doesn’t mean someone new couldn’t be added I guess. Just keep reading………

And now the continuation of:
it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 12.

I couldn’t believe it. I have dreamed about it and fantasized about countless scenarios but did I ever think I would have sex with these two girls at the same time, I mean these two in particular, NO !. It was easy to imagine my sisters friend being into it but HER ??. I thought my sister may have been cooking up something like this, hell I was hoping she was, but what just happened took me by complete surprise.
I sat there after having my first three way and looking at my girlfriend while she just smiled at me, keeping me in suspense regarding my question which was “how in the hell did those two even know each other”.
I couldn’t have imagined my girlfriend being a participant in a three way with me. We got dressed then sat back down on the blanket and talked.

Turns out that my girlfriends brother knows my sisters friends brother and thats who’s house she stopped at when her and I were on our way to go swimming the other day.
She explained to me that her and the girl have been talking and they kind of just “hit it off”. She said she found the girl to be quite provocative for her age and when the subject of sex came up she said they found they shared similar interests. I wondered what else they shared ?.
She also explained that when her and I stopped at that house to drop something off for her brother the other day is when the girl saw me in the car and they put it all together as to who knew who and things took off from there. She also heard through the girl that that my parents had split. That made me wonder what all my girlfriend did know, what else had she been told ?.
Looking at my girlfriend I nervously asked, “so what is it exactly you heard that you think I’m a “stud muffin”, as you put it”.
“I know about you and her, duh”, she said.
I dropped my eyes to the ground with some relief that her and the girl didn’t share EVERYTHING. As she started to speak I looked back to her.
“She told me all kinds of things, like how much you enjoy getting a girl in the ass, she said you were aggressive which I certainly knew and we both like that but also figured you needed some in return”, she said. I just smiled and rolled my eyes.
I know about you and your sister”, she said.
I looked at her wide eyed, not knowing what to expect. She just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders like “no big deal”.
“Its’ nothing a lot of us haven’t done or experimented with”, she said.
I looked at her just nodding my head while thinking is she making some kind of confession with that statement ?.
“I figured if you had that much action going on, that I know about, then you could certainly handle the two of us at the same time”, she said.
She mentioned that she liked what happened but did still want one on one time with me.
We finished talking, she offered me a ride home but I declined. I started walking home and thinking about our conversation and all the revelations.
I pulled my phone out and texted Sis to check up on her. We texted how much we missed each other plus that she would be back home tomorrow and she emphasized the need for her and I to “spend some time together”, which I certainly agreed. I’ve been having plenty of sex but I needed something that only she could give me, that we could give each other. We needed to make love. I started growing hard.

By the time I got home Mom was there and in the kitchen, busy at the counter. She had just arrived a few minutes before I did and hadn’t even changed from her work clothes. She had been recently promoted at work and had to wear more business type attire.
She had on an outfit I haven’t seen before. She stood before me in a black business dress, which conformed to her shape and accentuated her waist and hips. The low cut shirt certainly didn’t Silivri Escort help hide her ample breasts plus the blazer she had on conformed to her waist and upper body. She had on high heels, her dark hair was pulled back and fastened and she wore a pair of black rimmed glasses.
I just stood there looking her up and down.
“So what do you think”, she asked, as she held her arms out and spun around.
“Oh Mom, you look so HOT !”.
She frowned and rolled her eyes up, “Typical guy”, she said, as she turned back to the counter to continue what she was doing.
“Don’t BS me, thats the reaction you shoot for by wearing an outfit like that”, I said.
She turned her head slightly and had a smile on her face.
I walked up behind her pressing my groin against her ass while running my hands around her waist. She smacked my hand.
“Go get a shower you are sweaty and smelly. I’m going to change and finish supper”, she said.
I walked away thinking, if she only knew how I got sweaty and smelly. I was laughing inside as I headed to the bathroom.

The rest of the evening was typical. We ate, she did some work, I surfed the internet, we watched TV, etc, until it was time for bed. I was anticipating “getting some” but I couldn’t interpret her level of interest and resigned myself to let her be the lead.
She turned off the TV and got up and started to head towards her room.
Thinking it’s not going to happen tonight I got up to head to my room up.
I got about two steps when she said, “Honey, you want to stay in here tonight”. I turned and she was standing at her door looking at me.
“Sure, I’ll be right there”, I said. I didn’t have anything I needed to do but I headed to my room to give her a few minute plus I didn’t want to look assumtive.
I walked back to her room and I heard her busy in her bathroom. I undressed and got under the covers. She walked out with a very sexy nightie on and stood there while I took her in.
“You like”, she said.
I just laid there still taking her in as she crawled up on the bed straddling my feet, reached up and pulled my cover down. My cock sprang up as the cover was pulled over it.
She looked down at my cock slightly rocking back and forth then she looked up and our eyes met, “Yeah, I think you like”, she said. Pulling her nightie off over her head and tossing it to the floor she crawled higher, turned around and positioned herself for a 69.

She took my meat deep into her mouth as I pulled her to my face. I reached out to tease her with my tongue and gave her little flicks up and down her slit. She started taking me in deeper then pulled me back out, sucked hard on my head then plunging back down throating me. She then begun to flex her hips in the typical fuck motion.
I started fully licking her cunt from top to bottom and she pulled off of my cock and let out an, “OHHHHHHH !, MMMMMMMM, UHHHHHH !”, then it was like she stopped breathing then with an, “AHHHHHHHHH !”, she flooded my face as I continued to lap at her drenched cunt.

I scooted from under her and positioned myself behind her, placing my hardened tool at her sopping wet gash.
I pushed into her and kept going until I bottomed out. I stopped to enjoy the feel of being deep in her with her cunt gripping my cock. I grabbed her hips and started pumping in and out of her. I thought I was doing just fine when she raised her head and started fucking back at me and rocking her hips. In a desperate voice she said, “FUCK ME, I JUST NEED YOU TO FUCK ME”.
I immediately dug my fingers in, picked up the pace and started slamming into her, HARD. I was fucking her with all I had and which caused her to shudder then start moaning, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OHHHHHH, OH BABY YOUR FUCKING ME !, then I felt her get wetter as she came again.
I had different intentions so with my mind on other things I didn’t feel the need to cum, YET. While I fucked her I rubbed my thumb over her anus then inserted a finger. I could tell she had plenty back there in the day and I was aching to have my cock in her ass.
I slowed the beating I was giving her pussy with the intent on making the transition to get my cock in her puckered brown hole.
I was pumping my finger in and out of her ass while I fucked her pussy. I felt things were ready plus I was breathing hard from the anticipation of what was to come.
I stopped and pulled my cock out of her soaked cunt and placed it at her asshole.
“OH BABY, I WONDERED IF YOU WERE EVER GOING TO DO THIS”, she said. She remained bent all the way over and had her head on the bed.
I stayed on one knee and planted my other Escort Bayan foot beside her then raised up as high as I could to line up then push into her, she had no problem taking my girth as I pushed to the fattest part of my cock then I stopped.
“DO IT”, she said. With that I pushed in to my entire length. I pulled back to start pumping her when she said, “GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO ME BABY”.
I got off my one knee and planted my feet beside her in the squat position. I moved my hands up to grasp her waist and I started fucking deep into her butt. I was taking FULL strokes and was in instant heaven. She kept moaning, “UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, as I fucked in and out of her hole.
After a minute I felt it rise within me and I started fucking her harder and faster. Without additional lube things were beginning to dry out.

I was close, there was no stopping me. I pounded away wanting nothing more than to shoot deep inside her.
“HONEY, YOU NEED TO FINISH UP”, she said with a strained voice.
“I”M GONNA DO IT MOM, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH”, I moaned out. I concentrated on shooting and my legs were burning as I pounded a little harder to bring it on.
“HURRY BABY, HURRY IT UP”, she screamed out.
“I HAVE TO CUM, OH MOM I”M CUMMING, UH, UH, UH, UH, OHHHHHHHHH, I moaned out as I thrust deep and held it as I blasted thick sticky goo into her.
I continued to hold it in as another equally powerful blast shot deep into her guts. I continued to hold it in as I squeezed a few more squirts into her before pulling out and sitting back.
She slid forward and laid out with her arms stretched out to each side. I finally fell back breathing and stretched my legs out to help dispel the burning in my calves.
After several minutes we recuperated and got under the covers. She talked about how she had the need but hadn’t had sex like this in a long time and how much she enjoyed what I did for her and to her. After a while we drifted off to sleep.
When we woke up in the morning she got on top and took care of my morning wood before we had to get ready for school and work.

I knew this was going to be another tough day trying to concentrate on school, Sis was coming home today. Between the time school got out and Mom made it from work Sis and I only had an hour and a half or so, and of course we could sneak some in tonight when Mom slept.
With school finally done I walked home .
Upon walking in it appeared I was the only one home, I wonder where Sis is I thought.
Iwent to my room and when I walked in the door shut behind me, I turned to see Sis standing there naked. She has certainly been spending time naked in the tanning bed I thought, not a tan line anywhere
She walked up and threw her arms around my neck as I ran my hands down her sides the let them drift over the curve of her butt and I squeezed her cheeks as we kissed.

“I’ve been about to explode, I’ve missed you so much”, she said.
I pulled a hand around and ran it over her pussy while leaning my head down to kiss her neck and top of her shoulder.
She pulled me closer and whispered in my ear, “make love to me”.
I pulled back and began to undo my pants as she unbuttoned my shirt. She was helping me, rushing me to undress.
We stood before each other naked then we got on the bed and while she was on her knees I got up behind her and reached around to massage her titties while I kissed her neck and back. She was leaning back against me with her head leaned to the side reaching her arms behind her to grab my waist and pull me closer.
I continued kissing her back then started to run my hand up and down her wonderful body. As I reached her pussy and ran a finger along her slit, she took in a breath. She was wet and the sensation of my finger touching her clit sent shivers up her back. She was ready so I stopped and leaned back.

She turned and began to lay down. I followed her down and positioned myself on top of her. I reached down and worked my cock up and down her cunt then stopped at her entrance and pushed in. With me on my forearms we locked fingers and stared into each others eyes as I started to work in and out of her.
This felt so good to me, to have her body touching mine, to be in her, I just wanted to melt. My eyes explored hers and as the intensity of our lovemaking picked up we began kissing, deep soft kisses as I continued a steady rhythm in and out of her. I was fully enjoying the feel of being inside my sweet little sister.
We closed our eyes and pulled our hands apart. She put her arms around me than ran her hands down to my lower back and began istanbul Escort pulling me into her.
I’ve been wanting her, needing her for days and I wanted to hold off but the passion, the feel of her body and the action of her cunt made it impossible. I tried to get it off my mind but the need to cum was quickly overpowering my want to delay.

We stopped kissing and I sped up just a little to bring on the inevitable. She moved her hands to my shoulders and began to gently dig her nails in. My back straightened as my thrusts picked up even more. Cum fill my shaft but I held it as the pressure built. Her hot juice flooded my cock just as I was near the point of release.
“Cum in me”, she said softly.
That was it for me, I let loose and began to spray inside her.
“I LOVE YOU”, I said, as the first spurt left my cock.
I pumped in and out as I continued to spray inside her until I was spent. When I was done we began to hug, kiss and lay there wrapped in each others arms as we confessed our undying love for each other.
Enjoying the feel of each others body we took note that 40 minutes had passed and that we didn’t have long before Mom would be home.
The passion began to pick up again as we continued to hold each other and started to kiss.
She pulled her head away and with a smile, “I know what you like, I know what you want”, she said.
I ran my hand down to her nice plump butt and caressed it as we looked at each other.
“It’s like your reading my mind”, I said.

We broke our hold, she rolled out of bed and said, “be right back”.
She went to her room and was back in an instant with some lube in her hand.
She got on the bed and knelt facing me and worked some lube onto my cock. She worked her hand up and down my shaft, it felt so good.
“MMMM”, I moaned, as she continued to work me until she knew it was rock hard.
She turned her back to me and straddled me. She moved up as high as she could as I had one hand on her butt pushing her up higher and the other hand on my cock to line up and she eased down onto me. She was tight and hasn’t had it much back there so I held my cock steady as she lowered herself down.
As the head of my cock was being flattened by the pressure she applied I watched as her hole began to stretch and I pushed up and entered her and let out an, “ohhhhhhh”. The feel of her anus snapped tight around my cock was intense.

I placed each hand on her hips as she began to ease herself down. She started rocking and I didn’t try to force any more into her I just let her get used to it. After a few little strokes I was ready for more and was about to increase my grip and pull her in as I pushed up but she suddenly sat more upright, which helped the alignment, and taking a breath she lowered herself down more. She took me in past the thickest part of my cock and continued to work herself up and down.
I was breathing very hard now from the feel of her incredibly tight hole squeezing my cock. She continued to work and was taking me in deeper and deeper with every descent.
I was pushing against her butt to get her up as high as possible then letting her come down on me then I pushed my hips up as she came back down and my cock was buried in her ass.

To be deep inside my sisters plump ass as she worked herself up and down my shaft was more than I could take. She wanted me as deep in her as much as I wanted it. She was driving me wild the way she was riding me and when I couldn’t stand it anymore, I tensed up and, “UH, UH, UH, I HAVE TO CUUUUUUM”, I shouted.
I pulled her hips and thrust myself up into her as I let go. It felt like I shot a continuous stream that slowly lost pressure and when it quit I gave my cock a few squeezes with my muscles then she tightened up and slowly pulled off of me.
I laid there catching my breath as she got on her side next to me and started running her hand over my chest and giving me little kisses on my shoulder.
She laid there looking at me, finally caught up I turned my head to face her, “that was incredible”, I said.
“There’s going to be more of this, a lot more, I LOVE YOU” she said.
“I LOVE YOU TO”, I said.

She got up and went to the bathroom and I figured I better get up and clean up a bit before Mom got home. As I waited for Sis to get out of the bathroom I started to wonder how all this was going to work out. Mom and I had our sessions when nobody was around but how is that going to work now that all three of us are home. Will Mom want to sneak in some late at night and what about Sis and I.
I never even thought about the logistics of it all until this moment. I wondered about the implications of not only Mom finding out but what would Sis think, what would she do, what would I do.
I just laid there thinking how is this going to work…………….

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