It hurts, Daddy

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This is my first story, so please be nice!

*BUZZZZ* BUZZZZ* I reach into my pocket to pull my phone out. It’s a message from Daddy. “Go into the bathroom and hook up your enema tube to the shower.”My stomach dropped. And immediately my pussy began to tingle. I did as he said and hooked it up to the shower. I messaged him back, “ All done Daddy! What next?” I waited for a few moments and finally received a text back. It read, “Strip your clothes off Princess. Grab the Vaseline out of the cabinet. Then I want you to lube up the enema tip.” I did as Daddy requested. I sent him another message letting him know that I did what he asked. He then instructed me to insert the tip several inches into my butt. He then ordered me to turn the water on lukewarm. I did so and the water began filling my tummy up. I know that I am supposed to hold it in for 5 minutes. I barely made it there. I had to make sure my bottom is all cleaned out for Daddy for whatever it was that he has planned, so I had to do 2 more enemas to make sure I was really clean.

I messaged Daddy that I was all clean now. He said “Good, start dinner and have it ready by the time I walk in the door. You know what to do Princess.” I got dressed in a twirly dress that I love. IT HAS POCKETS! I slipped my phone into the pocket. No panties of course. I started dinner and was just plating it up when I heard his truck pull into the driveway. I made him a gin and tonic and he sat down for dinner. He and I ate while he continued to drink more and more. I knew by watching him, he wanted to hurt me tonight.

He gets more aggressive in bed when he drinks this much. I love it. I crave being hurt sometimes. He has no idea how much I want him to take complete control and do whatever he pleases to me. He gaziantep lezbiyen disappeared into our bedroom while I began to clean up the kitchen. He called for me just as I was turning the dishwasher on. I entered our bedroom where I saw several different things on our bed and his nightstand. He walked up behind me, grabbed a fistful of my hair, and tipped my head back. His other hand went around my throat where he started putting firm pressure to choke me. He then started forcefully making out with me while he was still choking me. My adrenaline spiked, and I started to struggle to get free. He held me for a moment longer, then let me go. I gasped for air. He told me to strip my dress and get on the bed. I did and he came up and pinched my nipples while slowly going back up to my neck again. He wrapped his fingers back around my neck, pinned me down with his forearms and legs, and started kissing me again. This time he didn’t let go until I went limp and almost passed out.

He asked me, “Do you like that Princess?” He started making his way down to my pussy, paying attention to both boobs, roughly squeezing and tweaking my nipples on the way down. His fingers parted my folds only to find me dripping wet. “Mmmm…. That’s Daddy’s good little girl, getting so wet for me.” He swiftly inserted 2 fingers and started pumping them hard and fast. He inserted his ring finger in my ass and as soon as he did, I started squirting everywhere. He praised me yet again, “Good little girl,” “Rollover on your belly,” he said. So I did. He began attaching restraints to my left wrist. “Princess,” he said as he attached my right wrist, “Daddy’s going to need you to be brave for me tonight.” He brought my left ankle up to be connected to the restraints. He then hooked the strap underneath my neck. “I’m going to end up hurting you tonight,” he said. My belly sank but my pussy tingled so much. I was scared but excited.

“I’m going to take away all of your senses, except touch and smell. You will be blindfolded, gagged, and have music in your ears.” I got even more excited because I love being rendered helpless. He has no idea how much so. He told me that he was not going to stop no matter what I do. I was scared trying to figure out what exactly he was going to do to me. He asked me if I was ready to play this way, giving me one chance to back out, but I wanted to know what he was going to do to me. He placed the pacifier gag into my mouth, and then he slipped the blindfold/headphones combination over my eyes and ears. Turning on my music, I was not going anywhere. I feel him trail fingers down my back. It sends a shiver throughout my body. His fingers reach my ass cheeks. I feel him smack my ass hard. I yelped and jumped. He started alternating between ass cheeks with spanks from his hand and rubbing them to soothe them. I can feel my butt warming up from his ministrations. I felt him get off the bed and waited with bated breath to see what he would do next.

I felt his breath down on my thighs then felt him grab a cheek in either hand and spread me apart to start rimming me. He then flips me over in the bed and viciously starts eating my pussy. He puts 2 fingers in my ass hole. He starts fucking my ass with his fingers and I can’t stop myself from squirting in his mouth. He has told me multiple times that he loves it when I squirt in his mouth although it still embarrasses me. I feel something cold with his fingers in my ass. It’s lube I realized. He then pumps my ass a few more times still adding more lube to my hole. He inserts another finger and spreads them out, stretching my ass. I feel him adding more lube. I’m thinking “Why does he need so much freaking lube for?” I soon found out why.

He added his pinky to the rest of his fingers, and I was beginning to feel full and a slight pain when he spread all 4 of his fingers. He added even more lube inside my ass hole. He pulled his fingers out and squirted it directly inside me. Then he tucked his thumb and started pushing all 5 fingers into my ass. It was getting uncomfortable. I started moaning out my protests. He ripped my blindfold off and said “I told you, you would have to be brave for me tonight Princess. My whole fist is going inside your asshole.” I whimpered. He added lube to his palm and top of his hand as well as to his wrist. “Take a deep breath baby.” He said. He started working his hand even harder inside my asshole. I was in so much pain I started crying, begging him to stop through my gag. He kept going. Adding more lube, He said, “Princess I almost have it in there just a little more.” I was sobbing. He kept going and I finally felt his hand pop through my sphincter, and it snapped around his wrist. He gave me a couple of minutes to adjust to having his whole hand inside my asshole. He then started pumping his hand and immediately made me start uncontrollably squirting. He kept saying, “Fuck yes baby girl, squirt all over the place, you are such a good girl, you are my perfect Princess.” He finally pulled his fist out of my ass which set off another round of my squirting. He put his dick inside my pussy and started pounding. He got me off a few more times before he emptied his balls inside of me.

He released me from my restraints kissed my forehead and said, “I love you, Princess.” I replied, “I love you so much, Daddy.” I love when my Daddy drinks so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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