It Started with a Game

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It was a normal Saturday evening and my wife Betty and I were having a quite evening watching TV when I noticed that Betty had turned quite pale and her face was contorted as if she was in pain.

“Are you alright?” I asked her as she seemed to be growing paler by the minute.

“No, I don’t feel very well. Suddenly I have developed an awful pain down the right side of my tummy.” She said, now beginning to writhe in agony.

She looked very distressed and I was getting quite alarmed.

“Darling you look dreadful. I’m going to call for an ambulance.” I said and when she made no objection, I knew I was doing the right thing.

I dialled 999 and when I described the symptoms to the operator, she said “Keep calm sir, I’ll have an ambulance with you in five minutes.”

I turned to Betty who was now sweating profusely, so I went into the kitchen, dampened a cloth and was mopping her brow when there was a knock at the door. The ambulance had arrived in record time — only four minutes from my phone call. I rushed to the door to let in the driver and a nurse who, between them, were carrying a stretcher.

“Thanks for coming so quickly, my wife’s in here.” I said.

“From what you described over the phone sir, it sounds as if your wife may have a burst appendix.” said the nurse as they picked Betty up and gently laid her on the stretcher, “But don’t worry, Dave is a very good driver and we’ll soon have her in hospital.”

I locked up and followed them as they quickly and efficiently bundled her into the ambulance. I jumped in after them and Dave was soon on his way, lights flashing and siren blaring. He radioed Betty’s symptoms and our ETA and when we arrived ay the hospital, a medical team was waiting to take over. They rushed her into the casualty department where a doctor examined her and ordered an immediate emergency operation.

After two hours, the immediate crisis was over and Betty was comfortably settled in a recovery ward while I had been nervously pacing up and down between periods sitting in the waiting room. A surgeon came to see me and put my mind at ease by telling me that Betty had suffered a burst appendix, as the nurse had suspected, but the operation had been successful and I could go and see her as soon as she had come round from the anaesthetic.

“She has been very lucky.” He told me. “If it hadn’t been for Dave’s rapid response and his speed in getting her here, things might have been very different.”

After seeing Betty and making sure she was alright, I went back to casualty to thank Dave and his nurse for their efforts but unfortunately they had been sent out on another call. So I asked the receptionist in the casualty department to thank them for me and to let them know that Betty was going to be alright.

“I’ll certainly pass on your message. They were very worried about your wife’s condition and will be relieved to hear such good news.” The receptionist replied.

Chapter 1

Betty recovered quickly and completely from her operation and was soon looking her gorgeous radiant self again. Our sex life had been somewhat restricted during her convalescence, but it was gradually getting back to normal. By ‘normal’ I mean that it was once or twice a week, not very experimental and usually not lasting very long. After twenty years of marriage our enthusiasm was beginning to wane from the wild activities of our early marriage and although we did not feel unduly deprived, we did start to wonder if there was some way in which we could spice up our sex lives.

One Saturday evening, about a month later, we were seriously considering writing to a contact magazine and were discussing the possibility of doing just that when there was a knock at the door.

“We’re not expecting anyone, are we?” I asked as Betty got up to answer the door.

“Not that I’m aware of Tom.” Betty replied as she left the room

When she opened the door, she got the surprise of her life. There, as large as life stood Dave Hanson, the ambulance driver who had taken Betty into hospital.

“Who is it darling?” I called from the lounge.

“It’s Dave … you know … the ambulance driver.”

“Hi Dave, it’s nice to see you again. What brings you here? Do come in.” Betty said, gesturing him to come inside.

“Oh I happened to be in the area and thought I would call and see how you were getting on. You had me pretty worried when I dropped you off at the hospital you know, and since then I have often thought about calling to see how you were, but we’ve been so busy, this is the first chance I’ve had.”

Betty shut the door behind him and ushered him into the lounge then greeted him with a peck on the cheek and a friendly hug.

“I’m so glad you called, Dave.” She said, “It’s nice to know you haven’t forgotten me.”

Dave gave Betty a long appreciative glance then said “I can hardly believe this is the lady I rushed into hospital a month ago.” He said turning to Tom. “She looks really wonderful now.”

“As istanbul escort you can see, Betty’s back to her old self now.” I said. “You’ll stop a while and have a drink with us won’t you?”

“Thanks, I’d love to Tom, but I can’t really stop now, I have my wife waiting for me in the car.”

“Well, for goodness’ sake, if that’s all that’s stopping you, go bring her in.” I replied.

“Well if you’re sure we wouldn’t be imposing on your evening.”

“No of course you wouldn’t,” Betty replied with a smile. “in fact it would brighten up what would probably be a mundane routine evening of nondescript TV.”

Dave went out to his car and returned a few moments later with his wife whom he introduced. “This is Pat.” He said, introducing her as they walked into the lounge.

Our first sight of Pat took our breath away. She was a gorgeous blond with shoulder length hair. She was tall and fairly plump, yet not fat. In fact she had a wonderful figure. I cast my eyes quickly over her body, trying not to make my inspection too obvious. She was wearing a knee length skirt which revealed a superb pair of nylon-clad legs, and a tight fitting sweater which covered yet emphasised a fantastic bosom. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and after what seemed like an age, but in reality was only a couple of seconds, Betty stepped forward to greet her.

“Do come in Pat,” Betty said warmly. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. This is Tom, my husband.”

“Pleased to meet you Pat.” I said shaking her hand and giving her a welcoming peck on the cheek. She was wearing a wonderful scent and I found the aroma as quite arousing. Her handshake was warm and firm and I sensed that she held my hand for a little longer than I thought normal for a formal introduction.

“It’s lovely to meet you too,” she said. “Dave has told me about your emergency operation Betty and we have both been quite concerned, but you look wonderful now.”

“Yes I’m fully recovered now thanks and, if you don’t mind my saying, you look pretty wonderful yourself.”

“So, what will you have to drink … whiskey, gin, brandy, wine …?” I asked when we had all sat down.

“Could I just have a slimline tonic please Tom. I make it a strict rule never to drink when I’m driving.” Dave replied.

“I’ll have a gin and tonic if I may.” Pat said. “That’s one benefit of not driving.” She added with a smile.

I poured their drinks and a whiskey each for Betty and me then sat down to join in the friendly chat. Conversation was easy and as we found we had a lot in common, we got on very well. We talked about our interests and hobbies and during the conversation, I mentioned that on of my main interests was photography. I noticed Dave and Pat exchange glances at this, but at the time, I didn’t make anything of it.

As we chatted, I couldn’t help glancing frequently at Pat’s superb breasts. I tried not to make it obvious where I was looking, but I’m sure she noticed because she kept giving me a sly smile and dropping her gaze to my crotch.

As the time passed the drink made her more relaxed and she chatted away as if we had always known each other. Pat sat back comfortably in her chair and kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, which allowed her skirt rode up to reveal a generous expanse of her thighs. She made no attempt to cover them and I got the impression that she was purposely giving me a show. She skilfully made it appear accidental and very casual but it didn’t escape Betty’s notice because she kept glancing across at me and giving me a sly wink and a grin.

But the admiration wasn’t all one-sided as I noticed that Dave was paying quite a lot of attention to Betty, who, not to be outdone, was also ‘accidentally’ revealing as much as was decent of her legs too. She excused herself and went into the kitchen to replenish our drinks. When she returned, I noticed that the two top buttons of the blouse she was wearing had mysteriously become unfastened and when she bent to give Dave his glass, he had a nice view down her generous deep cleavage. As the evening passed and we became more at ease with each other, the conversation became quite sexual and there was a distinct atmosphere of expectancy.

Finally Pat said “It’s getting late and I think we ought to be going now. It’s been a pleasure meeting you and thank you for a very pleasant evening.”

As Pat and Dave got up to leave, Betty said, “Thank you for coming. I’ve enjoyed our evening. It’s a pity you have to go so soon.” Then she added “Look, why don’t you come for a meal with us sometime then we can have a nice long evening together.”

Pat looked delighted. “Oh yes, we’d love to, wouldn’t we Dave?”

“Rather, thank you betty.” Dave said enthusiastically.

“How about next Saturday evening?” Pat asked

“Yeah, that’ll be fine. I happen to have that weekend off.” Dave replied

“Well get a taxi here so you can have a drink Dave.” I said.

“Great, we’ll look forward to that.” Pat said.

Dave and I shook hands şişli escort and we gave the girls a goodnight kiss. This time it was a kiss full on the lips, not a peck on the cheek. Pat tasted lovely and although it was only our first meeting, she was not in a hurry to pull away. They gave a friendly wave as they drove off and Betty and I went back indoors.

When they had gone, I said to Betty “Come on let’s have another drink before we go to bed. That’s been quite an evening hasn’t it?”

“Yes darling, it certainly has. Get me a good stiff one … a drink I mean..” she said with a knowing smile.

“So, what do you think of them?” I asked as we sat down and sipped our drinks.

“I was very impressed. Dave is very charming and I could see you were very taken with Pat.”

“Yes, I suppose I was. She has a great pair of tits and nice legs doesn’t she?”

“You’re right about her tits, they really are big and not too firm … just the way you like them. I’ll bet you would just love to get your hands on them, wouldn’t you? And as for her legs, I’m surprised you took your eyes off her tits long enough to notice them.”

“She was only crossing her legs. Do you think she realised her skirt had ridden up and how far up her legs I could see.”

“Oh don’t be so naive Tom. She knew what she was doing alright. She was enticing you and you know it.”

“Were you doing the same to Dave? I saw him ogling your legs and I also saw how you unbuttoned your blouse so he could get a good look down your cleavage.”

“Well why not? He deserved a bit of a thrill too, don’t you think?”

“Yes, of course I do and I’m sure he appreciated what he saw. You’ve always had big attractive tits too you know, and I’m sure he would have loved to see more of them.”

Betty came and stood in front of me, bending forward so I had the same view down her blouse as she had given Dave.

“Do you think I was too bold letting Dave look down my blouse like this and do you think I showed him too much?”

“I don’t think he saw much, really. After all, you only had two buttons undone and your bra hid most of your tits. No, like I said, I don’t think you overdid it and I’m sure he didn’t see half as much as he would have liked.”

“Do YOU want to see more, darling?” Betty suddenly asked me, slowly unfastening her blouse all the way and exposing her bra-encased tits. Then she pulled her bra up and let her superb breasts spill out to my appreciative gaze, before running upstairs. I quickly followed her and we had the best sex we’d had for a long time.

Chapter 2

The following morning was hot and sunny and when I went downstairs, I found that Betty had cooked a full English breakfast, which we both tucked into with gusto. After breakfast, we cleared away and went to sit out on the patio by the pool.

After a few minutes soaking up the sun, Betty said “I think our evening with Pat and Dave helped to spice up our sex last night, what do you think?”

“I agree. We haven’t fucked like that for a long time.”

“You know how we were talking about writing to a contact magazine before they arrived?” she went on. “Well I was wondering if they would be interested. We all got on well and the conversation did get a bit sexy. What do you think?”

“I’ve been thinking on those lines too and you may be right.”

“Well the way Pat was flashing her legs at you, I think she would definitely be interested. And Dave didn’t hide the fact that he was looking down my blouse.”

“Perhaps we can sound them out on Saturday rather than writing to a magazine. At least we know them now and we don’t know who we might meet from a contact ad.”

“Oh Tom, I’m quite excited now. How do you think we should go about it? We don’t want to scare them off do we?”

“I think it best not to make any plans. I’m sure if we are all of a mind, things will happen. Let’s just play it cool and see how it goes.”


The week passed slowly for Betty and me as we both anticipated the next meeting with Pat and Dave. On the Friday evening, we had a phone call from Pat.

“Hi Betty, it’s Pat. I’m just ringing to see if it’s still okay for tomorrow night.”

“Yes of course its okay, in fact we are both looking forward to seeing you again and getting better acquainted.”

“Oh that’s great … we’re looking forward to it too. What time do you want us and is it formal or casual dress?”

“Come early … we don’t like eating late. How about 6.30? As for dress, please don’t be formal. I shall only be in comfy casual clothes and if this heat keeps up, I shall be wearing as little as possible.”

Pat laughed down the phone. “Okay Betty, I think I get the message and I’ll be happy to dress casually too … very casually.”

“Really Pat, do I detect a note of naughtiness in that remark?”

“Well let’s not pretend. We both know that we were teasing the boys a little last week don’t we?”

“I can see there’s going to be no fooling you. You are quite right mecidiyeköy escort of course Pat. I’m glad we’ve had this little chat and we’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Bye.”

“Okay Betty … Bye.”


The following day, we were in a state of high expectancy and excitement. After Betty had prepared the dinner and put it in the oven, we both went upstairs to get ready. It was still quite hot so I didn’t take me long to shower and dress as I was only going to wear a t-shirt and slacks.

Betty followed me into the shower then into the bedroom to dress. She spent a little time deciding what to wear finally settling on a half-cup bra with very brief matching panties a flimsy top with a low loose neckline and a mini skirt.

“Well, how do I look?” she asked, giving me a twirl.

“Wow, you look great.” I replied enthusiastically. “You’ll knock Dave’s eye out when he sees you.”

Pat and Dave arrived just before 6.30, much to our delight. The fact that they were early indicated to us that they were just as keen on seeing us again as we were seeing them.

We both went to answer the door and ushered them into the lounge. Pat looked simply stunning and I felt that she had dressed to please me, at least I hoped she had. She was wearing a lacy blouse with a low loose neckline and her fabulous breasts were pushed up by her bra to show a generous amount of upper flesh and a deep cleavage. Her skirt was very short and showed off her lovely shapely legs to almost halfway up her thighs.

They sat down together on the three-seater sofa and I asked them what they would like to drink. Pat chose a gin and tonic, as did Betty, and Dave and I had beer. As Pat reached forward for her glass, I had a nice view down her blouse and when she sat back and crossed her legs, she revealed a generous amount of bare thigh. I kept glancing at the sexy sight, trying not to make it too obvious, but I was sure Pat was aware of my interest.

Betty was a very impressive sight too and Dave wasn’t slow to take advantage of the views Betty gave him as she went about her hostesses duties.

We enjoyed a sumptuous meal and after a delicious sweet, we returned to the lounge for coffee. I sat on the settee and to my surprise but great delight, Pat sat down beside me and I do mean ‘beside’ me. Although it was a long settee, Pat left no space between us and I got quite a thrill when I occasionally felt her bare arm touch mine.

Dave sat in one of the easy chairs facing us and we chatted as we waited for Betty to bring in the coffee. Betty poured us a cup each and handed us a plate of chocolate biscuits then went and sat on the floor next to Dave’s chair.

“You don’t mind if I sit here, do you Dave?” she asked him as she sat down beside him and curled her feet up under her, resting her arm over the arm of his chair. “I quite like sitting on the floor and in any case, I don’t fancy sitting over there on my own.” She added, pointing to the other chair.

Dave looked down at Betty, unable to avoid a pleasing view of her deep cleavage as he looked down her neckline. He nodded his agreement as he munched his biscuit.

I took the foil wrapper from Pat’s biscuit and along with mine, rolled them into a tight ball, then, as I had done many times before with Betty, I playfully flipped it across to her, trying to get it to land down between her tits.

“A rotten shot as usual.” She said with a smile as it bounced off her chest and landed on the floor.

Dave quickly bent and picked it up and tossed it towards Pat with the same intention. Pat wasn’t slow to see the way things were going and as the missile approached her, leaned forward to try to catch it in her cleavage, but although it was close, it missed its target.

“You’re a rotten shot too, Dave.” She said with a wry smile.

I retrieved the offending missile yet again and as I took careful aim, Betty leaned forward. Her blouse gaped open and as Dave looked down in appreciation at the tantalising sight of her almost completely exposed breasts, I launched the missile towards an almost un-missable target. It landed neatly in the centre of Betty’s cleavage and settled down between her breasts.

“Good shot darling,” she said with a smile, “now come on Dave, let’s see if you can do the same to Pat.”

“OK, if you’ll get the missile out for me, I’ll see what I can do.” He replied looking down Betty’s blouse to where it was hiding.

Betty gave me a quick knowing glance. She knew I was itching to get my hands on Pat’s tits and she was about to arrange for me to have that chance.

“Oh come on Dave,” she said, looking him straight in the eye. “you’re a big boy now. I think you’re quite capable of getting it for yourself.”

Dave look stunned. “Wha … wha … what?” He stuttered, half in embarrassment and half in delight. “Do you really mean it? Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“No of course I don’t … just hurry up and find so we can carry on with the game.”

He looked across at me rather apprehensively. “Are you sure that’s alright with you Tom?” he asked.

“Go right ahead Dave. Don’t worry about me. Just get you hand down there and see if you can find it.”

“Well as long as you’re sure.” He said.

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