It Started With a Snog

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This is a fictitious story though based upon a few people from my student days, it’s set in the early 1990’s hence the lack of cell/mobile phones. Hope you enjoy. Steve.


James had just begun his second year of a history degree at a red brick university in the south of England. In his first year he had lived in campus halls of residence, now he was in a shared house. It was the norm for university friends to rent out a house together, but James had made no friends so had ended up renting a downstairs front room in a shabby Victorian terrace. The other occupants of the house were an eclectic bunch to say the least.

The room next door was occupied by a rather effeminate guy of the same age. Upstairs, there was another guy, older, mid twenties, with wild eyes and a bushy beard. James had vowed to give him a wide berth. There was also a plain looking girl in the large room at the rear of the house and another girl who occupied the remaining room directly above him. Finally, on the top floor there were a couple, the girl was very pretty just like the ones in his stash of soft-porn magazines.

His magazines dictated what girls should look like. Whilst James knew he would never stand a chance with a girl who was as pretty as those who posed so sexily and scantily, he thought all girls should look like them. Therefore, short girls, fat girls, thin girls, indeed any girl with the slightest imperfection was discounted.

The girl upstairs, the one directly above him, was different, for she did not conform to his ingrained perceptions. A full figure, big breasts, long dark curly hair, green eyes. James thought she was in her early twenties so a few years older. James regretted not catching her name when Bea, the Landlady, reeled off the list of tenants.

He had been in the house just over a week when he encountered her in the shared kitchen for the first time, he blushed as she extended out her hand, ‘hi I’m Penny.’

Penny’s hand was was soft, welcoming, and soothing. She had long natural unpainted nails, James rapidly concluded there was nothing fake about her.

He felt his throat go dry, ‘James,’ he squeaked.


But rather than strike up a conversation or even engage with the girl, he simply nodded, before scuttling away to his room.

In the safety of his room James knew he should have said something, anything as he pictured her thinking about his social ineptitude. She didn’t look like a student and always left the house early, so must work somewhere. Why didn’t I ask her what she did for a job?

Now lying on his bed James recalled as he had exited the kitchen she had smiled knowingly. She must have realised I had been staring at her tits, James thought to himself. It hardly helped that through Penny’s light coloured t-shirt James could see the outline of her bra. Just thinking about what lay beneath her t-shirt had him hard in an instant and he had to readjust himself.

He encountered Penny a second time again in the kitchen. Second time round he he was more relaxed, no, that was a lie, he didn’t blush so much. They did have a conversation, but he could not remember what he said, only that he gave staccato answers, not the smooth replies his fellow male students would give. But his other concern was to avoid an erection.

He had hoped against hope that he might stand some sort of chance with her, but any faint hopes were dashed by the arrival of Neil after they had shared another all too brief conversation. It soon became apparent from the sounds they made upstairs Penny and Neil were an item.

Lying on his bed, hearing then fuck upstairs, he felt sick in the stomach, it was almost as if Penny was his actual girlfriend and he was being cheated on. He was intelligent enough to recognise his feelings were in no way rational, which probably made the whole thing worse for him.

A couple of days later, Saturday morning and as usual he had been thinking of her when his thoughts were disturbed by a knock on his bedroom door.

‘James, have you got a 20p I can borrow for the shower?’

It was Penny, standing outside in the hall. James’ throat went dry as he visualised her nakedness under her purple bathrobe, ‘er yeah,’ he spluttered as he turned round, walked the short distance to his desk and picked up a loose 20p.

‘Oh thanks,’ she said as she reached out to take the coin.

As she took the coin, her long nails gently inadvertently scraped against the palm of his hand and the sensation was felt all over his body. ‘You are a sweetie.’

He silently groaned as he visualised her nails scraping along another part of his anatomy. Blushing he attempted a smile.

A few days later there was a knock at his door, it was Penny, ‘here’s your 20p.’

Before he could reply she had brazenly entered the room.

‘Quite a bit smaller,’ she remarked as she looked around.


‘Your room, it’s a bit smaller than mine, you know mines directly above.’

‘I know…’ he began but stalled as she raised her arm and a small amount of midriff was revealed.

‘But I’ve bursa sınırsız escort got a double bed so that takes up a fair bit of space,’ as she pointed to his single. ‘Do you mind?’ Again she did not give him an opportunity to reply as she sat herself down on the bed.

‘What’s this?’ Penny asked as she shifted uncomfortably.

‘Err,’ he spluttered in embarrassment as he realised he’d left a stack of his magazines under the top blanket.

But Penny had already raised herself and was rummaging under the covers. A few moments later his embarrassment was complete when she triumphantly pulled out the magazine’s.

‘Hmm what do we have here then?’

‘Er they’re not mine, I was looking after them for a…’

‘A likely story,’ she replied as she nonchalantly flicked through the magazine and giggled.


‘At least the pages aren’t stuck together.’

Of course if a scenario like this had occurred in his magazine Penny would have already had her clothes off.

But Penny was more interested in the magazine. James didn’t know whether to be disappointed or relieved. ‘Oh she’s very pretty,’ Penny cooed, ‘what do you think?’ She asked as she showed him a picture of Angel 19, 34-24-32dd.

He remained rooted to the spot.

‘Of course real women don’t look like this. These look like they’ve been air-brushed, all perfect skin, not a spot in sight, and look at this pussy, who has the time to trim it and shape it like that every morning?’

James, felt himself nod in agreement as if he knew what a real pussy looked like.

‘Oh my God!’ Penny exclaimed, ‘her,’ she pointed to a model who was more curvy than the rest. ‘God, I thought that was…’

‘Er who?’ He croaked.

It was now Penny’s turn to blush, ‘well I suppose I know one of your secrets.’

She knows I’m a virgin!

Penny read the confusion on his face, ‘that you have a stash of naughty magazines, though Sam,’ she pointed at the wall, ‘will be disappointed.’


She gave a little chuckle, ‘he thinks you’re gay.’


‘I didn’t think you were and these magazines prove it. Now my little secret. Promise not to tell Neil?’

He nodded.

‘She,’ Penny pointed to the girl in the magazine, ‘she, is the spitting image of my ex’s sister, you see when I found out he cheated on me I got my revenge by sleeping with her.’

Did she really say that? He thought to himself. He must have miss-heard, he was still trying to process what he thought she’d said as she continued.

‘I told him he should get his sister to teach him how to pleasure a woman properly, we sort of split up after that!’

James had no idea how to react or even if he should say anything, his only action was to swallow hard.

‘Oh dear have I shocked you?’

He involuntarily nodded.

She laughed, ‘I do still like boys though,’ as she winked at him.

He felt himself blush again.

‘You’re probably wondering why I’m here.’ Not giving him time to respond she continued, ‘don’t look so nervous I’m not going to seduce you or anything.’

He gave a small sigh of relief.

‘No it was Sam, it’s his birthday and he’s having a bit of a bash tonight and wanted to invite you but was a bit shy, although if he knew what you kept hidden under the sheets he probably wouldn’t be so keen.’

‘Er I don’t think so…’

‘Why not, are you busy?


‘Why not then?’

‘It’s not really my scene.’

She looked him up and down and frowned, ‘you can’t catch gayness you know. I’ll promise to tell Sam you’re a hundred per cent hetro, with a steady girlfriend who you will marry once you graduate and have lots of children with.’

He blushed again, this time at the girlfriend word.

Penny read him again. ‘Not got a girlfriend?’

‘Not at the moment.’

‘Well you won’t find one in your room, or do you prefer your magazines?’

‘No of…’

But she cut in, ‘good, Sam will be so pleased.’

That evening there was a knock at this door at 10.30pm. it was Penny who gave him a hug. Her large breasts mashed against his chest and he savoured that moment, perhaps it was the right idea to go out. He forced a smile on Sam and looked the rest of the party up and down, bunch of weirdo’s and freaks, he thought to himself.

They made their way to the club which wasn’t a huge distance away from the house. A couple of them offered him a swig from their bottles of alcohol they were carrying but he declined.

Inside the club, thump, thump went the music, the sound alien and unrecognisable. Surrounded by hundreds of strange people and attacked by dry ice which hung around in his nasal passage uninvited. James was convinced he was the only normal person inside the club. So far the only highlight had been Penny’s hug.

Later he had ended up with Penny and a whole group of her females friends at a table in an a large alcove, away from the main dance floor. Somehow the acoustics were such that a conversation could be had over the dance music. Whilst James hated the music, bursa üniversiteli escort it’s relative absence meant any conversation was clearly audible. And the conversation at the moment was his bête noir, sex. He listened impassively hoping he would not go too red or worse be asked his opinion.

Penny was holding court as she proclaimed, ‘doggy’s good, it really hits the spot.’ Giggle, giggle.

What did they mean?

She continued, ‘plus if he’s ugly I don’t have to look at his face.’

A friend of Penny’s who scared the life out of him chimed in with, ‘I like sitting on a cock, so I’m in control I can get him to cum when I want plus he can play with my tits.’

‘Oh are we embarrassing you?’ Asked Penny.

‘No,’ he lied.

So the inevitable question was asked, ‘what’s your favourite position James?’

‘Er,’ he spluttered as he thought of something convincing to say, ‘I like all of them.’

‘But you must have a favourite?’

I’m so out of my depth, he thought as he gave an unconvincing reply, ‘missionary I guess,’ he caught Penny’s eye.

‘Bit boring if you ask me.’

He breathed a sigh of relief as the conversation went onto other things and a few of them left. Later it was just him and Penny, the others were either at the bar or had gone onto the dance floor.

‘So you’re a missionary man then?’ Penny nonchalantly asked.

‘Yes,’ he felt himself go scarlet.

Penny gave a little smile before asking, ‘do I make you nervous?’

James sensed her weighing him up and wished he had the power to see inside her mind, he nodded.


‘I don’t know.’

‘Do you think I’m a bit full on with the things I say about sex and stuff?’

‘A bit…’

Penny replied with a throaty laugh, ‘its all an act, you know, I’m actually a virgin…’

It was that word as soon as Penny spoke it their eyes inadvertently locked and he felt her peering inside him examining his sexual history which was as pure as the driven snow. In hindsight he should have said, “so you and Neil were just moving the furniture about the other night.” But he said nothing.

To Penny it was no great surprise, the absence of a girlfriend, his shyness, but he was okay looking, had a sense of humour. Subtlety was not her best characteristic as she said, ‘oh my God, you’re not are you?’

He felt himself blush as he slipped further into his seat, picturing her reaction, laughing, telling the others, getting the DJ to announce, “we have a virgin in the house!”

‘No,’ he replied defensively.

She smiled sympathetically the sort of smile a parent would give their child when they said something totally ridiculous.

‘What?’ He responded.

‘So how many girls have you slept with?’

‘Er,’ he spluttered as he thought of a realistic number, ‘five.’



‘Their name’s’

‘Er, well there was, Jane, and er, Caroline.’

‘Where did you meet them, what were they like, how old?’

‘I… I can’t really remember, why all the questions?’

‘It’s okay James, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, I won’t tell the others.’

He felt himself nod his head, before looking down at the floor, ‘it’s not that obvious is it?’

‘No,’ she lied. ‘But you must have at least snogged a few girls?’

He shook his head.

‘Oh dear.’ She studied him for a few moments.

‘What?’ As he caught her eye.

‘Hmm, it’s not as if you’re all that weird and you’re reasonably good looking.’

He felt his heart suddenly rise, as he sensed something was about to happen.

She gave a little grin, before looking round, ‘quick, before the others get back.’


‘Snog me, do you want to?’

‘Er, what about Neil?’

‘It’s only a snog, it can be our little secret.’

He gulped before nodding.

With that she leant forwards and pressed her mouth against his, moments later he felt her tongue part his lips end enter into his mouth, wet and invasive. James didn’t even know whether he liked it but felt a direct current to his groin. With Penny leaning into him, her left breast pressed up against his chest and upper arm.

She withdrew so her face was only an inch or so away.

‘That nice?’ She said softly.

He nodded still in shock.

‘Want to do it again?’

He nodded for the second time.

And she repeated this time her tongue flicked and gently stroked along the inside of his top lip, he groaned in pleasure as his heart went into overdrive and he felt his cock belatedly stiffen.

She pulled away, ‘you okay?’

Truly dumbstruck he just nodded as his heart continued to race.

She smiled as she saw the others approaching whispered in his ear, ‘didn’t you want to give me a feel?’


She looked down at her ample chest.


‘I wouldn’t have minded,’ before giving him a sexy grin.

James spent the next twenty minutes or so just sat at the table in a trance-like state. In the immediate aftermath Penny bursa anal yapan escort had wondered off with a group of the others seemingly oblivious to the feelings she had created inside of him.

In time a lust filled desire to find her, to get more enveloped him. James desperately searched the cavernous club, going into every room, every bar up every stair but she could not be found. Rather inadvertently, he ended up in the company of Sam and a couple of his dubious friends. Paranoid they might try to spike his drink he left the club.

James was back at house lying in bed with ears still ringing from the loud music. However his ears were not the only part of his body which was stimulated by the earlier events. Not a minute had passed since he had not thought about that snog and as for felling her tits. His cock throbbed painfully as his mind repeated her words, “didn’t you want to give me a feel?”

Just then his thoughts were interrupted by the pay-phone ringing from the hall outside. He decided to ignore it partly due to laziness, but more significantly the large erection he currently sported.

However the phone refused to be beaten as it continued to ring. Reluctantly he put on his dressing gown and ventured out of his room before picking up the phone, ‘hello.’

‘Hi James.’

The voice was female but he couldn’t immediately place it, ‘er who’s that?’

‘It’s me Penny of course!’

‘Oh…’ he replied as he felt a stab in his groin.

‘You sound disappointed.’

‘Er no, you just sound different on the phone,’ he responded.

‘I was about to hang up.’

‘Sorry I had to put on my dressing gown.’

‘You were asleep?’

‘No, just in bed.’

‘I was just checking to see if you got back alight.’

‘Thanks,’ he replied surprised she should show any interest in his well-being.

‘So what happened to you?’

‘I left.’

‘I know that silly, but why?’

‘I don’t know,’ he lied.

‘Didn’t you have a good time?’

‘I did,’ he replied somewhat unconvincingly.

‘Are you sure?’ she paused.


‘Are you worried that I might tell the others about you being a …’

‘Yes,’ he cut in.

‘Don’t worry James you can trust me.’ She heard a sigh of relief from the other end of the phone.

James paused as he thought about what to say.

‘James, you still there?’


‘You don’t mind me phoning then?’

‘No,’ he replied as her voice made the earlier events even more vivid, ‘no not at all.’

‘That’s good, I wouldn’t worry about, you know, I’m sure you’ll soon meet a nice girl.’

‘I doubt it.’


‘Well they would want someone, you know, who knows what they’re doing.’

‘Maybe,’ Penny paused, ‘but some girls might like teaching you.’

James gulped.

Penny continued matter of factly, ‘I’ve never been with a virgin before, it might be fun.’

James had to steady himself as he ran through all the possible connotations. The snog had been beyond his wildest expectations. But sex! Could she possibly mean? In the brief time he had known Penny he had never met someone who was so open with sex.

In the ensuing silence Penny smiled to herself, before changing the subject. ‘I’m over at Liz’s, but she’s now gone over to her boyfriends so I’m all on my own and a bit bored, so I thought I’d call you and see if you were alright.’

James had a mixture of conflicting emotions; relief, she had changed the subject so didn’t want sex. But also disappointment because he desperately wanted sex, the prospect of losing his virginity both excited and frightened him in equal measure. ‘What’s she doing over there?’

Penny laughed.


‘You, you’re so innocent, no wonder you’re still a virgin, as we speak she’s probably getting fucked silly by his big cock,’ Penny giggled, before whispering under her breath, ‘lucky girl.’

James gave a gasp of surprise.

‘Oh I forgot you get all embarrassed when the “S” word is mentioned.’

‘No I don’t.’

‘Oh but you do.’

James detected a slight playful edge to her voice, ‘well a bit.’

‘A bit,’ she giggled, ‘when we were all taking about sex positions you were as red as a beetroot.’

‘Oh yeah,’ he replied as his earlier embarrassment flashed back to him.

‘So apart from that you had a good night?’


‘That’s good, so you didn’t mind then?’


‘Me snogging you of course.’

‘Er no,’ James felt his chest tighten in excitement as he blurted out, ‘that was the best bit.’ The silence hung and he thought that perhaps he said the wrong thing.

‘Was it now…’

‘Yes,’ he responded tentatively.

‘I thought I might have been a bit full on and that’s why you left.’

‘Er no.’

‘So you enjoyed your first snog?’

‘Yes,’ he replied instantly.

She giggled, ‘you didn’t need much time to think about that.’ Before she paused, ‘so would you like to kiss me again then?’

James swallowed hard.

Penny laughed.


‘You, you’re so shy.’

‘I’m not.’

‘Prove it then.’

‘I would.’

‘Would what?’

‘Like to kiss you again.’

‘Would you now,’ she paused, ‘if you hadn’t left the club so abruptly… well, you just might have done.’

He tutted silently as the missed opportunity, before saying his thoughts, ‘I wish I hadn’t gone now.’

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