I’ve Been To The Top…

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I’ve Been To The Top Of The Mountain
And Tasted Paradise

Gazing upward I view the mountain peek that your legs form as they straddle my nude body. All thoughts of the cold tile floor leave my mind as I watch a single golden drop form between your inner vagina lips. I think about the first drop of water from the melting snow atop the mountain that will be the start of a stream and then a river as it flows down the mountain. As if reading my thoughts the lone golden drop falls from your neither mouth and before it hits my prostrate body other drops fall, then there is a stream, and finally a river of gold flowing from your mountain top to my awakening sex. You take more control of where your golden river flows and direct it up and down my now ridged member and over my testicles. As I watch the golden river dance on my lower body I can’t help but moan out loud with the pleasure that your actions are giving me. A smile forms on your lips as İstanbul Escort you understand what I feel, but you never take your eyes away from the golden river.

Like the snow on the mountain top there comes a time when the flow of drops start to dwindle and the river starts to lose some of its’ force. But unlike the mountain you can bend your knees and bring the top of the mountain to the valley below to keep the river’s aim true. Then the river is reduced once again to a stream. Closer and closer your sex comes to mine. At last there is contact and a moan escapes from both of our lips from the contact. Then the golden stream is nothing but drops and finally even they dry up. That is when you start to slide the outer lips of your sex on the underside of my dick.

My cock is trapped between your sex and my stomach as you continue your dance of love. I look down towards our junction and swear I see my prick smile when your backward Bayan Escort motion exposes its’ head. I smile at the thought, and you smile at me. Then with a swivel of your hips you capture my prick and impale yourself upon it. Again we both moan out loud. I see a million emotions cross your face as you ride me like a race horse on a 1/4 mile track. I can picture you with a riding crop in your hand hitting my flank to make me go faster, and the thought causes my prick to twitch. As if reading my thoughts your eyes pop open, a wicked grin spreads across your face as your reach out with both of your hands and twist both of my nipples. A gasp of surprise, part pain and part pleasure, and then I lunge upward with such force that I almost throw your off. You laugh and ride me harder. I reach up and twist both of your nipples and now it is your turn to gasp, but how ever impossible it seems to me you begin to move even faster. I swear we Eskort are moving across the floor as our gyrations are totally out of control. We are both so hot we are smoking.

And then it happens…

I die.

I feel my being fly upward and outward through my prick into your vagina. I am nothing but an orgasm. I know nothing but joy, there is nothing else…

Then somehow I am reborn back into my body, gasping for breath like a new born child. You are lying semi-comatose across my body impaled on my sex. Somehow I find the power to control my arms and I wrap them around you. Together we fight for breath, and after a life time or two we both find that sweet peace that comes with incredible sex.

I think to myself if I never get laid again it will be okay. I have never been so contented in all my life. As if reading my thoughts you raise your head, look me in the eyes, smile a wicked smile, and then if by magic you spin around. You engulf my penis as I get a close look at the mountain top. Instead of a golden drop I see an avalanche. What was once mine, is now ours and it is falling towards my mouth.

I have been to the top of the mountain and tasted paradise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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