Jacinta’s Story Ch. 10

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From Pussy

She stumbles woozily in to the kitchen from her whipping and beating, her whore’s body burning and stinging. Holding on to the counter top to keep from collapsing, she surveys the food she has bought. She begins to hurry about, clicking in her whorish high heels and her whore maid serving outfit.

The earrings, swaying and clinking from her ears, bounce off her shoulders, as she stoops and bends to prepare the food. Her pussy, red and sore from the beating, burns and chafes with each hurried step.

She slides trays of food into oven for warming, and fills bowls and dishes with snacks. The slut makes sure the beer is chilled and ready in the refrigerator and additional beer in coolers outside on the deck.

“Ohhhhhh Whorrrrrrrrrrre!!…. Whorrrrrrrrre!!” She looks up, hearing Masters call.

She wipes her hand on her whore maid’s apron, and hurries out into the main room.

“Yy-y-yes M-master?” she says, looking at him, then, lowering her eyes.

“Is everything ready whore?”

She nods…”Y-yes…Master,” she pats her wet palms on the apron nervously, “I think so.”

“Good whore…it had better be. Now, come here…”

She looks up, sees His evil smile, shakes her hair back, the earrings clinking noisily below her ears.

“Yes Master.”

She approaches, apprehensively, unsure of what might be coming.

“Kneel, bitch.”

She quickly kneels, the open cuts on her knees chaffed by the carpeting.

He smiles at her. “Well, almost already. We want the boys to know who you are….don’t we?”

She feels her face burn…..nods…” y-y-yes Master”

“Okay then, whore…” he laughs. “Lean in then bitch.”

His hand cups the hair on the back of her neck…pulling her head forward. A huge black magic marker in His hand, He begins writing on her forehead. By His evil grin…the xslot whore can only imagine what He is writing. Then, the marker on her cheek, His hand twisting her by the chin, writing on both sides.

He leans back…laughs… “Go look whore.”

Her face softening… in dismay, she rises, and steps to the mirror in the hallway. Across her forehead, she sees “Daddy’s Whore” written, and “Black ~ Cock hole” written on either cheek…with an arrow on each side pointing to her mouth.

Her moan is cut short by a snap of His fingers… “Come…heel, bitch.”

Cowering, she hurries back to His chair and kneels.

“Kneel up, sit pretty bitch!!”

She straightens, her arms behind her back. He leans forward… brows furrowed in concentration… begins writing on her chest … above her breasts… above the low cut maid outfit. Then, He begins chuckling…

“Go look.”

He leans back…her face…melting…nearly into tears, afraid to look. She steps to the hall mirror and sees arrows pointing down into her breasts. Above the arrow “Tiny white whore tits” is scrawled, then, a space, then, “Ask whore how you can help.”

She groans, lifting her arms protectively, but…unable to cover the humiliating words. She hears masters fingers snap again.

“Bitch …heel!”

She returns to Him, kneeling. He grabs her hair dragging her across His lap, her head down over the other side… ass bare up on His lap. His hands fondle the bruised , welted, skin of her butt cheeks, making her flinch at their tenderness.

She moans, feeling the magic marker at work again on her backside. She grimaces, trying to stifle her moans. She feels a pair of long strokes of the pen on her ass, then “Roll over bitch”.

“HH..hh.HHH…” wincing at the pain…she tries to roll over on his lap… glancing up at Him as she xslot Giriş lay face up. Once again she sees His concentration….writing on the front of her thighs… She shivers in utter despair and humiliation.

He leans back…smiles…so proud of himself. Just then the doorbell rings. She jerks with a start, half rolling over, looking at the door.

“Well whore…go answer it!!”

She turns her face to him in a panic, realizing what it says on her face, her chest…and god knows what on her ass and thighs. Whimpering, she hops to her feet. She hurries in her heels to the door. She pulls it open, gulps and stares at the huge fat black man staring wide-eyed at her.

“WELL, ….WELL!!” His stare turns to a wide smile, then a laugh” Well, well, well!! Lookee wha-we have here!!”

“Marcus…!! Look at this!!”

A tall skinny black man steps around the heavy one, his jaw dropping as he stares at the white blond whore in the doorway. The blond slut shrinks in embarrassment. The other black man’s face changes from astonishment to hilarity, the same as the first.

“Well, Daddy wasn’t jokin’ wazzee?”


She gasps….pushing the door open and stuttering… “ppp-please come…in…”

Smiling, Marcus and Jordan (the heavy one) push their way in the door, staring at the white whore as they pass.

“Hey, Big Daddy!!” The men exchange loud greetings, and handslaps, ignoring the tiny blonde behind them.

She stands as taught… wrists behind her, chest thrust out chin up…eyes down. Face burning in humiliation. And then all three turn facing her.

“An daddy…you weren’t only a kiddin’!!! You dun brought us a white ho!!” Loud laughter.

“Not just that … a trained white whore…” Master laughs, “get them a beer whore…then xslot Güncel Giriş greet them properly”

She gulps…..nodding…hurries out to the fridge, pulling out two beers, and one for Master. She nervously uncaps them, hurrying out. They are already seated, so she bends to hand Master a beer, sitting on the table at his side, then bending to hand one to Marcus, hearing the laughter emit from Jordan as she bends. Blushing, she recalls master’s markings…unsure of what he wrote on her thighs.

As she approaches Jordan with his beer, his eyes light into hers…

“Please do…” he smiles a huge white toothed smile up at her. She freezes, unsure of what he means, then she hears Marcus gagging on his beer behind her. She turns quickly.

She looks down at her thighs. “Ask whore to see Red Puffy Pussy”. She darts a glance at Master, His smile, wide, evil.

“Uh-h-h… ” she groans, pulling hair back from an eye, forces a smile…..sidles up to Jordan’s chair and spreads her legs wide standing alongside his chair.

He twists in his chair, lifting the maid apron and skirt slightly, his fingers between her legs… feeling her aching, sore, puffy pussy lips.

“O-O-O-O-E-E-E!!” Jordan laughs…looking up at her, his fingers rubbing her slit briskly, causing her to rise on her toes and gasp. “My oh my, you are a ho!! Marcus, you gonna have to see this…!! Go show Marcus Ho!!”

She crosses obediently to Marcus…chancing a glance at Master, a smug, pleased smile spreading across His face.

She stands next to Marcus. His concentrated face peering under her apron and skirt. His eyes widen and he brings his hand up, his fingers begin rubbing the redness.


He looks up hearing her moans. He smiles…”Well, well.”

“Bitch!! Greet them…properly!!!”

She gulps….presses her lips tight together….kneels before Marcus, bows down kisses his boots.


Master roars, erupting from his chair…across the room and plants a kick into the whore’s ribs…then another into her ass … and another.

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