Jackie Comes to Stay Pt. 03

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Big Tits

My Sister Lena and I had split up our household and moved apart. I had gone to Boston and she had gone to Charlotte with her daughter Jackie. It wasn’t such a terrible distance that we did not see each other but with the directions our careers were heading it did limit us to holidays and vacations. Vacations were always planned together and at times we would actually do destinations. Both Lena and I were now making good money and could afford a trip to the Bahamas or the islands off Fiji. We always picked out of the way beaches and private bungalows. We would arrange private times and Jackie would get scuba lessons so we could fuck like rabbits while she was gone. Once she was asleep we would sneak out and make slow passionate love under the palms and stars.

These vacations were much needed at the time as my work meant sixteen hour days stacked upon each other. The company was thriving in this post eighties boom and after the initial learning experience of the new port and warehouse project we had expanded and shifted our focus to some very lucrative tech company contracts. The dock and warehouse was always planned as a break even and get tax credit scenario. It allowed us to get the equipment and workforce set up. We established our supplier contacts and after the warehouse project was finished and every one had been paid in full some deals were inked for points on future contracts.

The local business community saw that we had come out on top and more work started coming in. We were on our third of these giant tech complexes when someone mentioned how many staff would be working through these offices and I went back to the planning office with some new ideas. I brought in a couple developer scouts and we started sniping some high rise contracts.

On my own I was able to grab some waterfront property in East Falmouth and over the next five years I put in a large 4 bedroom ocean side house. It had a large deck and a nice pool that looked out over the rocks to the ocean. The master bedroom sat at one end with a giant walk in bathroom and separated by the walk in closet was the first guest room with its smaller bathroom. I had a sun room with a small garden and wooden recliners covered in thick brightly colored cushions. There was a whiskey bar and a billiards room and there was an art room that I put in on a whim because I recalled how Lena loved to sketch.

Mostly though, what it had, was emptiness. I had parties there, shook some hands on deals by the whiskey bar, occasionally I would bring a lady out for a weekend. The relationships never lasted and the house never really felt like a home. Home you see, was in Charlotte. When I travelled there for holidays I would enter the condo and with my first breath I could feel this weight just drop off my shoulders. By the time I was on the couch with Lena cuddled up on my right and Jackie curled up in my lap the outside world had ceased to exist.

Later with Jackie snuggled into bed we would curl up on the couch, my arm would be around Lena’s shoulders and her head would be on my chest. Some nights we fell asleep like that. Burrowed into a pile of pillows and quilts curled around each other. Other nights Lena would start to tease me, moving her shoulder so my hand rested on her breast. She seldom war a bra at home and if she wasn’t wearing skin tight Henley’s then she was in some form of camisole with varying levels of sheerness. My hand would graze across her nipple and it would pop up looking for more. It didn’t take much for Lena’s nipples to stand up and be counted. A light breeze across the back of the neck, be it wind or breath, and up they came. If she caught you looking, and oh yes I looked, up they came.

My hand was at just the right height when we cuddled that she could dip her shoulder up and down in a circular motion and her nipples would bend and drag across my palm. I would step it up a notch and casually play with them as well. Catching them as they moved over my hand and giving them little tugs and squeezes. She often had orgasms during these play times and it often led to some of the best blow jobs I have ever had. She made an art of the act, taking her time and making the session last as I hung in delicious torment.

This was the pattern of our lives for the next few years. We worked hard and the money got better but more importantly we were also getting more time to be together. Vacations at first had been a week or two and then back to work looking forward to a long weekend but after eight years apart we had both negotiated longer holidays into our contracts.

In celebration of Jackie’s eighteenth birthday and her upcoming grad we held a small celebration at Locke-Ober in Boston. After the meal we showed her the tickets for our four week excursion. Our destination was Spanish Wells and the location was a diver’s dream. Jackie was so happy that it was all she could talk about for the rest of my visit. A visit that like all others went by much too quickly.

The trip to the Bahamas finally arrived. We had rented a nice little bungalow way out on the point. Nearest place was over a half mile otele gelen gaziantep escort away down the road and the beach came together in front of us into this spear of glimmering white sand that thrust out into the turquoise water. Problem was a window on the second bedroom had broken during a storm and the room was damaged enough that it was unusable. We contacted the owner who told us where we could find a cot and said we would see the repairmen the next day. Last thing I wanted was a group of contractors running power tools through my vacation. I talked him down to a twenty percent discount and the promise that nothing would happen to the house until after we checked out. I told him I would board up the window and sweep out the room and that we were not to be disturbed. He had obviously checked our references because he then asked if I would phone back with a material breakdown for the repair. He could advance order and have a crew ready to jump in as soon as we left. I agreed but got another ten percent off the rental.

We took our suitcases in while I explained the situation to the ladies. Lena immediately went to check out the cot and returned with a frown. “Unacceptable. That cot is a death trap. Obviously built in the cold war to sleep deprive prisoners for interrogation.” I grinned, she had been on a spy thriller media blitz for the last year and a half. “We don’t have a lot of options here,” I reminded her. “well our bed is big enough, we share this trip. It’s not like we won’t already be cuddled up on the sofa or outside on the daybed.” After this many years I knew when Lena had put her foot down so I bowed to the inevitable, “alright.”

We cuddled in that night. No air conditioning and even with the breeze through the large windows it was to hot for more than the lightest of sheets. We slept the travellers sleep. Fatigue heavy we barely hit the mattress before our eyes closed and slumber carried us through to the morning sun. When I opened my eyes I saw Jackie’s long dark hair pooled into my left shoulder. I was on my back and Jackie’s leg was thrown up on my thigh and was directly on top of my morning wood. Lena was on my right and her smaller frame was curled up against me with my hand laying on her curvy little ass. I felt their breathing change and watched them open their eyes.

We lay there for a moment and then Jackie giggled. “What was that for Sweety” Lena asked. Lena leaned toward her put pressure directly on my morning rod and more importantly on my bladder. “Uncle Jack has morning wood,” she said. Lena looked at me and I could see she was holding back a laugh. “Well get used to that,” she said. ” Every man out there will have them,” Lena giggled, “and there is worse ways to be woken up.” She waggled her eyebrows at Jackie and they both laughed. Jackie let her leg off my wood and I took the opportunity to make a break for the bathroom.

Breakfast was quickly sorted and a walk on the beach was definitely required. So down our private beach we all walked, hand in hand, as the diamond sun sparkled off the waves beside us. We were well out on the point. The bottom dropped off so shallow that you could walk out hundreds of yards and still be only stomach deep. “I need to get in that water,” Lena announced. She looked around at the completely deserted beach and then shrugged off her light cotton dress and flipped her sandals on top of it. She was bare ass naked except for the sun that wrapped her body in a warm golden aura. I paused and gave her the look. She shook her head. “don’t be a fuddy, it’s nothing we haven’t seen over the years, now what’s our mantra?” I sighed and pulled my t-shirt over my head “What happens on Vacay we remember forever, make it count.”

I paused as I was about to pull off my shorts and glanced at Jackie to make sure she was ok, but my precocious eighteen year old niece already had her top off and was slipping her shorts of her ankles. Her breasts hung down from her frame, full and firm. The nipples had darkened to a light brown and were the size of silver dollars with medium sized nipples that if they were anything like her mothers, could almost double in length and width. I realized I was just standing there watching her with my shorts half down and my pecker half up. Jackie giggled, arched her back and half turned at the waist as she posed for me. “Mom, I think Jack likes what he sees.” “well of course he does dear, now let’s get salty” and laughing they ran hand in hand to the waves.

We played in the waves for an endless time of sun and laughter until eventually we walked out together and picking up the clothes we returned naked to the cabin. Lena dropped her clothes by the door and turned on the outdoor shower. It didn’t have a lot of pressure but it was sun warmed and salt free. Jackie ran to join her and they helped each other wash the sand and salt out of their hair. Which in both of their cases was mostly on their heads as each sported just the tiniest of landing strips. Jackie definitely took after her mother in the private bits. Her inner gaziantep otele gelen escort lips pouted out just enough to show that exciting flash of pink as she moved.

They both waved me to join them and tossing my clothes with theirs, I complied. They had pretty much finished with each other so as I arrived I was greeted by two sets of soapy hands sliding over me. Lena stood in the front and cleaned my shoulders and chest as Jackie cleaned my back. When Lena got to my waist she spun me around and grabbed some shampoo. She poured some in and started working on my hair as I felt a pair of hands wrap around my shaft. I kept my eyes closed as Lena worked the shampoo into my hair and Jackie worked the soap around my cock and balls. Lena settled into a soothing scalp massage as Jackie explored my ball sack and ass before she returned for one slow rub of my cock before she finished my legs and then they rinsed me off.

I was standing in the warm Caribbean sun with a medal winning hard on as the girls dried each other off. They kept glancing at me and giggling and I could clearly hear them. “Does it go down eventually mom?” “Well it will if you let it, takes a bit of time but if you ignore it then eventually it will. Unless you don’t want it to that is.” Jackie leaned in a little, “what do you mean?” she asked. “Well there is a power to it, getting that reaction from a man. It can be, intoxicating.” I could see her nipples were getting hard. “It can be a lot of fun too, teasing. And the payoff can be worth it, really worth it” Jackie clapped her hands and glanced over at me where I was pretending to ignore them. “can we mom?” Lena grinned at her, “We would be fools not to, wouldn’t we?”

The Girls told me to organize the deck and they went to make Sangria and snacks. I moved three loungers under the pergola and set tables nearby. I snapped and tied the cushions in place and set up a couple fans to move some air across the space. I checked the view, yep, White sand reaching the water and sunlight breaking into diamonds on the small waves that stretched back beyond the edge of vision to the sky. I got my speaker out of the luggage, plugged it in with some good background music going and then rubbed some coconut oil on the fan blades and turned them on. In just a few moments of the oil spread through the pergola.

The girls came out, still naked, with a large pitcher of Spanish Sangria and a tray of fruit and cheese. They poured three big glasses of the wine and rum mix and we all took a couple healthy swallows. The citrus hadn’t blended in yet and the rum was noticeable with it’s dark sugary heat. Lena came over and gave me a nice long kiss and I could taste the wine on her lips. She grabbed Jackie and they set up their towels on the loungers.

Once they had everything arranged to their satisfaction they lay down and Lena looked over at me. “Oh cabana boy,” she called. “It’s sunscreen duty for you.” I walked over and took the bottle of 30 block oil. I knelt down next to Lena and dribbled some oil on her neck and between her shoulder blades. As I began to smooth it in she said, “we put spf on this morning but that water likely washed it all off. Make sure you get it on every spot,” and she wiggled her round little bum. “I wouldn’t want to ruin our vacay with a burn in a bad spot.”

I worked her from hairline to hips and then went to the bottom and started up from her toes and worked my way north. She propped herself up and looked at me, her breasts lifting off the towel and swaying to the side as she turned. “Oh aren’t you clever.” She looked over at Jackie who had also lifted up from her towel. “He’s gotten himself a better position now wouldn’t you say?” I continued working the oil up her legs to the thighs which as I arrived opened up to give me better access.

I felt Jackie slide in behind me and her body molded against me. Her breast supported by my back and as she leaned to look over my shoulder I could feel her nipples harden as they scraped across my skin. I worked my way up to Lena’s ass cheeks and dragged my thumbs up the inside of her thigh until they came up against her pussy lips, then I ran back along her taint to her anus, I swirled one thumb around it and then pulled up along her cleft to the flat spot at the bottom of her spine. I circled around and repeated the motion, but pulling her ass apart as I reached so I could see her pussy open up and show the moist pink entrance. “You said not to miss a spot, right?” I asked as my thumb dipped a bit into her butt hole. “Mmm oh yes, don’t miss a spot.” I could feel Jackie’s breath get faster and she watched me rub the outside of her mother’s pussy. “Is he hard Jackie?” Lena asked and then moaned as I flipped a hand over and reached underneath to rub her clit.

I felt Jackie reach around me and her small hand found my raging tool. “Oh my god,” she gasped and pulled her hand back before reaching the rest of the way to take a good feel. She ran her hand from base to crown and circled the crown a few times. “Oh he definitely is,” she called gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan out. Lena pulled away from me and sat up,”right then, Jackie’s turn.” She grabbed her drink and took a long swallow. Then grabbed the pitcher and topped up all of the drinks. Jackie lay face down on her lounger and I sat on the edge of the frame and pulled her hair to the side as I dribbled some oil. I repeated the process that I had done with Lena working the oil into her slim athletic body. He skin was soft and warm and the oil had warmed in the sun. Jackie was almost purring by the time I got to the top of her tight little ass. Despite the difference in hair color the two ladies had almost identical builds. They had generously full breasts and tight round little bums.

I slid down to Jackie’s feet and started to work up from her toes. Jackie lifted her chest up from the lounger and turned to look at my face as she slowly widened her legs. Her pussy came into view and I was mesmerized it was both like and yet unlike her mothers. Both had lips that protruded out a little bit, they were pink and moist. Moist? Oh yes Jackie was obviously turned on. Her lips had swollen out and her pussy drooled a little bit of moisture. I must have made a noise because Lena sat down next to me and looked as well. “Ooh, someone is enjoying their holiday,” she said. Jackie started to talk but Lena cut her off. “This is what vacay is for, it’s ok for you to be excited, this is very exciting, Even I am excited, see,” she took Jackie’s hand and held it to her pussy. “There, damp.”

Jackie moved her hand a bit and then looked at Lena who nodded permission. Jackie’s hands began to run around Lena’s pussy lips, spreading her juice around. Lena looked at me and gasped a couple times as Jackie’s fingers explored. She looked at my hands that were resting on Jackie’s ass, cupping and lightly stroking but not really moving. “Back to work Cabana boy,” she said. I dribbled some more oil and spread it all around.

Once the oil was all in place I ran my hands very slowly up Jackie’s inner thigh until my thumbs were resting on each side of her pussy. I dug them in and pulled up and down in opposite directions. Her pussy pulled open and then slid against itself as I moved her lips back and forth. Then I slid up to her anus and rimmed it slowly for twenty seconds. I felt movement and Lena was leaning in to watch as she reached out and took my cock in her hand. Her hand was oily and she slid it from the head down to the ball sack. She stroked and squeezed my cock as she watched me slide my hands back up Jackie’s thighs, but on this pass I slid both thumbs slowly and smoothly into her wet pussy as deep as I could, I pushed them in and out about 4 times and Jackie’s ass had tilted up to give me better access and she was pushing back to hold her place as my thumbs pushed into her smouldering heat. I leaned back and pulled my hands back up to her ass hole and slowly circled it.

I felt a hot breath on my cock and then Lena took me into her mouth and softly sucked and tongued my crown, Slurping up the precum that had oozed out of my cock head. I leaned forward and as my cock sunk deeper into Lena’s throat my first two fingers slid deep into Jackie’s pussy until they were all the way in and my thumb was pushing into her rosebud. My other hand slid underneath her pussy until my fingers could feel her hard swollen clit and then I slowly and deeply, finger banged my niece into a body convulsing orgasm. The feel of her cunny pulsing and squeezing my fingers as she came pushed me over the edge and I unloaded a torrent of cum in Lena’s throat and like a champ she pulled me deeper in swallowed the bit that didn’t go straight down her throat.

I stumbled to the side and sat down on the nearest lounger. Lena got Jackie off the Lounge and led her shaking legs off to the loo. I cleaned up myself and the pergola, then collapsed on the lounge and fell fast asleep. The girls did whatever girls do when they go off together to the facilities. When they came back they worked around my slumbering self and attached the lounges together to make a giant day bed. They then grabbed some cover ups and joined me.

I woke the next morning to a pair, no, two pairs of hands playing with my morning erection. I kept my breathing slow and I relaxed all the muscles I could. For the next fifteen minutes Lena and Jackie joked about the care and feeding of the male penis.. When they saw I was awake Lena crawled up along side me and gave me a wickedly hot kiss. “good morning,” she said. “Great morning,” I replied. “you don’t mind if we give you a hand getting up?” she asked. “Not at all, I appreciate the assistance.” Lena smiled at me in a decidedly feral manner then she looked at Jackie. “Alright then Missy.”

Jackie clapped her hands and then went back to work on my pecker. It hadn’t relaxed at all and now she went all out, She perched herself on my thighs and pulled my cock up between her legs so it stuck straight up above her belly and stroked it like it was her own. The visual of my niece rubbing her cunt on the front of my cock while she stroked the top half of the shaft and swirled her other hand around the know. Well a man can only take so much and my sperm shot three feet in the air. It splattered all over Jackie and rained down on me. Jackie slid off my legs and watched as my cock softened and collapsed back on my stomach. Then she climbed up beside me, curled in and asked, “Did I do alright Uncle Jack?” “Better than alright baby girl, that was amazing.”

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