Jack’s Penthouse Ch. 01

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For Women

Hi, I’ve disabled comments. This is meant to be fun, and the shitty comments and trolling are tedious. I hope that you enjoy it.


Jack was happy all his planning was working out. He had a Law and an Accountancy degree by the time he was twenty-two. A major Private Bank had headhunted him as a trader. Jack was good at what he did; promotions came quickly. He was making millions a year, but his lifestyle was frugal. He had written several books on market trading; he also wrote articles for several financial magazines. Jack hated working in the City, but the City was where he would establish his name. This happened faster than he anticipated.

Jack was networking with the serious power brokers in the City. His calm mind and excellent judgement soon became noticed. After five years at the Private Bank that had employed him, he was appointed Director of Finance. Within three years, Jack was on the board of five more major public companies. Jack’s life was changing. He was still earning big money, but it was so much easier now. Jack was now financially secure. When Jack was younger, his family had a house in a sizeable coastal town. Jack loved it there. He was a member of two prestigious golf clubs. There was a Horse Racecourse in the City; he enjoyed an afternoon there.

Jack had bought a beautiful apartment with sea views in the town. He loved the tranquillity of the location. The apartment block had twelve apartments with a Penthouse on top. A former Mayor of the City lived in the Penthouse. He was also the Apartments spokesman. If you had a problem with any of the services, then you spoke to Alex. Jack and Alex got on well. Jack was the youngest person to own an apartment in the Block; as Alex said, ‘They walk in but are carried out in a wooden box when they leave.’

Alex invited Jack up for drinks one evening. Jack was impressed when he saw the Penthouse; it was enormous with five ensuite bedrooms, lounge, dining room, huge kitchen and a fantastic balcony. Alex lived there with his wife Sandra and his daughter Pam. To say that they were both busty was putting it mildly though Sandra tits looked a bit meatier. Pam was a widow. Her husband had been a local businessman with lots of money but had died sadly in a boating accident. Jack had said to Alex, “Alex, if you are ever thinking of selling this Penthouse, then please let me know.”

Jack had spent a fortune refurbishing his apartment. He had installed Parquet flooring throughout. The kitchen and appliances were first-class, as were the three ensuite bedrooms. Jack had asked Alex if he would keep a spare key for his apartment if they needed entry when he was away. Alex agreed to this. Jack also asked because the whole apartment block had a very slow Internet connection if Alex would mind if Jack installed a small satellite dish on the Penthouse roof. Jack could install a cable to his apartment, Alex would also have an Internet connection at no cost. Alex agreed to this.

A month later, Alex came to Jack’s apartment unexpectedly; Jack invited him in for a glass of wine. Ex was quite excited; he then said, “Jack, I’m thinking of downsizing. Would you be interested in doing a deal with me taking your apartment and you taking my Penthouse? Sandra loves your kitchen, and quite honestly, we don’t need the space we’ve got upstairs.”

A deal was done, they were both happy. Jack then planned the refurbishment of the Penthouse; he did it with military precision, he used the same contractors he had used in his apartment. All Jack’s Antiques could be stored in a room in the Penthouse while the refurbishment took place. Jack stayed in the City while the work was carried out. The job they did was exceptional. The Penthouse was transformed from an excellent apartment into a dream apartment. The balcony was spacious with its barbecue.

Alex and Sandra were so happy in Jack’s old apartment, both parties were delighted, but more so, Jack had created a place that he could relax and work in. The next big thing that happened was a Company that wanted to install a Glass fibre Internet connection. First, it had to go to a vote. If forty per cent of the owner’s voted for it, then the Company would install it. With thirteen apartments, they rounded it up to six flats. Alex organised a meeting for all residents in a nearby Hotel. Jack was desperate for this to be done. It was the future.

Jack went to the meeting ten of the thirteen apartments were represented. Alex said that this was a good turnout. A representative of the Glass Fibre Company then spoke. He was excellent, highlighting the benefits of high-speed Internet. After he had finished, Alex, who knew Jack was desperate to have this and would happily have paid for six-monthly subscriptions just for him to have it. Jack did not know Alex was going to do this. Jack had no notes, no research data at his fingertips.

Jack then stood up and spoke freely for the next ten minutes. He told them by doing this today. They would be adding five thousand pounds to the value of their apartment at today’s prices. This would raise yearly. He then brought out his smartphone, telling them how powerful this was Yeşilköy escort bayan and how much more powerful it was with faster Internet. He finished off with a detailed account of the Glass Fibre Company’s accounts. He painted a wonderful picture, but he didn’t tell them that he was a significant shareholder in the Company.

Alex then stood up and complimented Jack on his knowledge. Alex spoke for five minutes. Jack looked around the room. There were only three men there, Alex, Jack and a doctor that lived on the ground floor. The rest were women, including Sandra and Pam. All of the women attending all had the look of a woman that hadn’t had a good fuck for a long time. All of the women there looked intelligent, were well dressed. They also all looked very fuckable. It went to the vote. There were eleven yes votes. A French lady, Collet, her neighbour, Edith, who was German, had given Collet her proxy ballot. Jack was so happy.

Alex had been introducing Jack to a lot of the neighbours. He had seen them around but didn’t know names or what floor they lived on. Jack was pleased to meet them. They all seemed so lovely. They all have a wealthy look. Two Jewish widows were dripping in diamonds. Both had massive tits and were very attractive. They asked Jack what type of laptop they should buy and could they come to Jack for assistance. There was a charming French lady, Collet. She had cast her neighbours’ vote, who was married to a knitwear manufacturer, she was impeccably dressed with a lot of class. She was also a widow, and her son ran the business.

There was a lady that played golf every day. She wasn’t Jack’s cup of tea; she was a bit agriculturalist. In fact, her business was dairy farming, and they had an enormous dairy products factory. There was an attractive widow whose husband owned a substantial bakery business. There were also two ladies in their seventies that both still had a twinkle in their eyes. One of them said that her son knew Jack, it turned out that her son was Senior Actuary in the City. There was also Sandra and Pam. Both of them were flirting with Jack. Jack invited everyone there to a barbecue on the following Saturday night on his balcony. Jack then asked Alex if he could invite any of the residents who had not attended the meeting if they would like to come.

The bakery window, Isabel, came over to Jack and said, “I find you very interesting. I’m pleased that we got the result as I use the Internet a lot. Could you give me your business card?”

Jack gave her his card with his name, mobile number and email address on it then Isabel said, “I’m looking forward to the barbecue. I’ll WhatsApp you my acceptance; I live on the floor below you. It would be best if you popped down for a drink soon. Please call me Isa.”

Jack was then asked for a card from the two full-bodied Jewish ladies. The French lady asked for two cards, one for Edith. The two older ladies also asked for a card. The lady golfer did not ask for a card and told Jack that, sadly, she had a previous engagement arranged for that evening. They all left the Hotel. Jack walked with Pam, Alex and Sandra were in front of them. Jack walked upstairs with them. Pam then said, “Would you like to come in for a nightcap with me? Mum and dad will watch the news then go to bed. We have converted the room that you used as a storage room into a little bar. It’s very cosy.”

Sandra and Alex were already in the apartment. Pam opened the door and showed Jack that he had kept the wine and stored things in a room. It had been transformed; it was now a small bar with a sofa and bar stools. Jack said, “What a snug little bar. It’s ideal if you want a quiet drink.”

“I’m glad you like it. What would you like to drink? I have a dry white wine.”

“Thanks, may I have the same?”

Pam poured the two glasses; then they sat on the sofa. Pam then said, “Jack, would you mind if I go braless? I have got a new bra on, and the cup is cutting into me. It’s a problem when you’ve got big tits.”

“Pam, do what you want to make yourself comfortable.”

Pam left the room and came back two minutes later braless; she had changed out of the blouse, jacket and skirt she had been wearing and was now wearing a top and tight-fitting leggings. Her tits were massive. Her nipples were hard; Jack was sure she wasn’t wearing any panties as her Camel’s Toe was so sharply defined. Then Pam said, “I love how you spoke this evening Jack, you made people realise it was a no brainer; we need the Fibre Optic cable. Do you like the wine?”

“Thanks, yes it’s got a very smooth aftertaste. I only drink wine. This is very good.”

“I’m glad that you like it; dad was saying that you have a Pilot’s licence. Is that true?”

“Yes, six years ago I went to Vienna in Austria to an American company, it was a high-pressure course. The weather is perfect there and ideal for flying. I have got a single and twin-engine licence. I also have a Commercial Pilot’s licence. I’ve never used that.”

“Well done; before I married, I dated one of the Red Arrows pilots; they trained at the local airport. Do you have Escort Yeşilyurt a plane?”

“I’ve three, but I don’t fly them. So instead, I lease them to a Flight School; that’s just a business decision.”

“That’s interesting. You seem very tense Jack, you can relax here; we won’t be disturbed. Would you like to relax with me?”

Jack smiled then said as he looked at the beautiful way Pam’s massive tits were jiggling, “You are an attractive woman; how long are you alone?”

“You are a good looking man; I was widowed four years ago. I haven’t had anything serious since then.”

Jack hugged Pam, then said, “Are you sure that we won’t be disturbed?”

“Sure, mum’s the only one that would disturb us, but she wouldn’t be disturbing us. She’d be wanting to join us. I like you, Jack; you excite me; you’re making my pussy so wet.”

Their mouths met, Pam’s tongue was deep inside Jack’s mouth, Pam was hot. They kissed and touched for several minutes. Jack couldn’t get out of his head about Sandra wanting to join them. If Sandra was as hot as Pam, this could get very hot. Pam’s tits were massive; they were more than a good handful; Jack wondered what Sandra’s would be like as they looked meatier. Pam then pulled off her top and her leggings; her body looked beautiful, then noticed a strip of well-trimmed hair, a half-inch strip just above the top of her long sex slit. Pam said, “Do you like my landing strip?”

“I love it, Pam; you have a beautiful body; I think that I’d better strip.”

Jack then stripped naked; his massive cock was so stiff, it looked impressive. Then, Pam started to stroke Jack’s cock and said, “Wow, Jack, your cock is massive. It’s so long and thick; once the girls around here learn how well you’re hung, you’re going to be very popular.”

Pam then took Jack’s cock into her mouth, her tongue working on the bulbous head of his cock, her fingers massaging his heavy balls. Then Pam took it deeper in her mouth then with a final push; Jack felt the head of his cock hitting the walls of Pam’s throat. He also felt her lips around the base of his massive cock; she was taking his entire length. She was now deep-throating Jack; Pam knew how to suck cock. Pam then pulled Jack over on top of her on the sofa; she spread her legs as wide as she could, she lifted her knees in the air then guided Jack’s cock into her wet, soft hungry pussy, Jack started to ride her.

They both started to use their hips; Jack was going deeper and deeper now. Pam loved it. Jack soon had a powerful rhythm going; he was pounding her pussy relentlessly. Pam was so horny; she said, “Jack, you are stretching my pussy; I’ve never felt so good, fuck me harder, baby, make me cum.”

Then Pam arched her back to take Jack’s cock deeper then she had a massive orgasm; her whole body trembled. Then Pam screamed out, “I’m fucking cuming; your cock is amazing; make me cum again; I need it so badly.”

Jack kept pounding Pam’s pussy relentlessly; Pam was now gripping Jack’s cock at the base and head of each thrust. Their hips were working in unison. Jack was giving her long strokes, pushing his cock in deep until her cunt flaps were wrapped around the base of his cock, then pulling out until Pam was frantically gripping to keep his bulbous head inside her hungry cunt. Finally, Jack slid his hand down; he was surprised how big Pam’s clit was; he teased it with his fingertips. Pam loved this.

Pam was grunting like an animal now; she was so horny, then she had a second mind-blowing orgasm, she screamed again; she was nosier with this one. Jack was relentless with his pounding of her dripping pussy. Pam quickly composed herself. She loved the way Jack was fucking her. Pam was purring with pleasure. Then Pam asked, “Jack, can you do me again? This is so fucking good, this could be the fuck of my life, and I’ve had a few good fucks.”

Jack hadn’t cum as yet. He was enjoying the ride Pam was giving him. Soon both their hips were working as one; it was so spontaneous. Jack kept pounding her; five minutes later, he sensed she was close again. He raised his tempo. He was going harder and deeper now, then amazingly they both climaxed simultaneously, Jack shot his load deep inside her, Pam was gripping him so tightly trying to pull every last drop of spunk out of him. Then Pam said, “Jack, it just gets better; what a feeling when you squirted your creamy spunk, and it hit my cervix. I have loved every minute of tonight. God, I’ll sleep tonight.”

They kissed affectionately then Jack left. He checked his watch; he had given Pam three massive orgasms in just under thirty-five minutes. She had been so fucking noisy; she was a screamer. Jack also fell asleep quickly when he got to the Penthouse.

The following week passed quickly; Jack was in the City until Thursday. He had arranged with a local Hotel to supply a Chef to cook at the barbecue and two waitresses to pour drinks. The Hotel would also provide disposable cutlery, crockery and glasses. These were of high quality and would make the clear up easier. Jack opted for real crockery, cutlery and glassware. He wanted to do this Zeytinburnu escort right. Alex had phoned him because he knew that Jack was providing all the steaks, burgers and sausages from an excellent local butcher. Sandra did a fantastic homemade potato salad. Would Jack like her to make the potato salad for him? Jack agreed.

Jack was busy on Saturday morning. He had a local florist putting floral displays all over the public rooms of the Penthouse. There were four of the residents not attending, the two that hadn’t appeared at the meeting. The golf lady and the doctor on the ground floor would not be there. It looked that there was going to be a total of eleven there, including Jack. The only males would be Alex and Jack. There would be nine women there; Jack had already fucked one of them, Pam. Would it be possible to fuck the other eight? He didn’t know, but he was going to try and find out.

Alex, Sandra and Pam were first to arrive just after six; Sandra had two enormous bowls of potato salad, it tasted delicious. Alex was wearing a blazer and trousers, Sandra and Pam were both showing a lot of cleavage. Both were dressed in cocktail dresses. Jack was wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt and trousers. He also was wearing a pair of classic Gucci loafers. Jack had three cases of Pol Roger chilled plus another two cases for a backup. The Champagne was served. Next to arrive were the two Jewish widows, Ruth and Eva; they were dripping in diamonds and showing a lot of cleavage in cocktail dresses.

It was a beautiful evening; it was warm with a cloudless sky. Jack was now at the door welcoming his guests. Sandra was doing her bit on the balcony, making sure the Champagne was flowing. Next to arrive were the two older ladies; Jack couldn’t believe it, they both were showing cleavage, and they both had a lot to offer. They also were wearing cocktail dresses. Isa was next. She looked gorgeous. Her hair had been styled and highlighted. She was showing cleavage also in her cocktail dress. Then finally came Collet and Edith, both looked stunning. Edith introduced herself then said, “Please call me Edi. I’ve never been here before. What a beautiful and tastefully decorated apartment.”

Jack was immediately drawn to Edi; she was tall, beautiful and with a very curvy body. There was something special about Edi. Both Edi and Collet were showing cleavage in their cocktail dresses, but Edi was showing it very discreetly. They then went to the balcony; Jack was now circulating, the Champagne was flowing. Finally, the Chef was ready to serve, the barbecue began. The steaks melted in the mouth, the potato salad was amazing, it had a delicious taste. Everyone had eaten; Jack offered the Chef and two waitresses a meal, they all accepted.

As they were all drinking Champagne, they were all keeping the same glass. Soon everyone had been fed. The Chef put all the food into Jack’s fridge. Then he tidied up. It was now just after eight. Every one of the guests was drinking Champagne and chatting. Jack gave the Chef and the two waitresses a good tip, and then they left with all the crockery and cutlery; Jack would hand the glasses into the Hotel tomorrow.

Then Jack got his iPad out; he had pre-recorded three hours of soft dance music. He had two JLM Charge Bluetooth speakers. The sound was terrific. The first song was Lady in Red; Edi was wearing a red cocktail dress. Jack asked her to dance; Edi was giggling with excitement and accepted. Everyone looked so happy when the music started playing. They all started to dance.

Edi felt good in Jack’s arms. Her massive tits felt soft and heavy on his chest. Then Edi said, “Why did you ask me to dance first?”

“Because you’re the Lady in Red.”

“I think that you’ll be busy tonight, there are only two men here, and I think that the ladies here would prefer to dance with you.”

“I’ll have to pace myself, but I’d like another dance with you later?”

“I would like that too; I will keep my eyes open for you.”

They danced three dances together, and then Pam asked Jack to dance. Pam was hot. She was pulling Jack close to her. As they were walking back to their seats, Pam said, “Dad, won’t be here long. He hates dancing.”

Jack knew that Pam could be available if he wanted her later. Jack then danced with Isa. She held him close, then Isa said, “I thought that you would have called me?”

“I wanted to, but I didn’t have time; I was in the City all this week. I like your hair. You are looking gorgeous tonight.”

“I did it for you; I’m happy that you like it; I could do lots of things to make you happy.”

“Isa, don’t worry, I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Jack then danced with everyone else. Collet felt and smelt good. She flirted with him. Her body felt good. He danced with Ruth next; Jack knew that a phone call would be all it would take. Eva was the same. They both had a very horny look about them. Jack noticed that Sandra and Pam were helping Alex walk. He needed support as he had only danced one dance with Sandra. The rest of the time, he had been drinking Champagne. He was very drunk. Then Jack asked May, one of the two older ladies, to dance. She was a character. She said, “Thank you so much for inviting us tonight. Jill and I have enjoyed it so much. Jack, I love the firmness of your body. Your muscles feel so tight. How do you feel about an older woman? Have you ever been with an older woman, or is that an experience you would like to have?”

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