Jamaican Desert

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“Do you want to go or not?” Theresa asked as she finished drying her hair. She adjusted her top, primping her generous cleavage and then fluffed her hair before looking in the mirror. A bright smile spread across her face and she nodded.

Theresa was two weeks past her 40th birthday but she looked much younger. Her pretty round face was devoid of wrinkles and she had a warm youthfulness to her pretty blue eyes.

“I think I’m going to stay here and hang out at the pool,” her husband Jeremy said as he laid under the covers. He was nursing a hangover and hadn’t been out of bed other than to pee all morning.

Jeremy was five years older than his wife and looked at least his age. His gray, thinning hair and dad body made him look every bit of fifty and many times in recent years people had mistaken the couple for father and daughter rather than husband and wife. They had been married for fifteen years and they had gone to Sandals Resort to celebrate their birthdays and anniversary in one fell swoop.

“Okay, but I’ll probably end up at Diamonds International,” Theresa teased as she walked into the dimly lit room with a devilish grin. Jeremy had opened an account with the well known chain five years earlier when they were in Grand Cayman while cruising and they had a verified $10,000 credit line with which Theresa could do as she pleased.

“Go nuts Baby,” Jeremy said, calling her bluff. He had plenty of money and he enjoyed spoiling his sexy, beautiful wife. He rubbed his aching temples and kissed Theresa goodbye.

The door clicked and Jeremy reached down between his legs as he grabbed his laptop computer and clicked on the file for his secret porn stash. He had nearly a Terabyte of porn, in a myriad of genres, in a hidden, password protected file, and he grabbed hold of his dick as he opened his favorite subfolder.

Theresa sat on the bus as they bounced into town. Her prominently displayed breasts jiggled and the vibration of the loud rough diesel engine had a profound effect on her libido. She felt self conscious as the only single woman on the bus but she’d been to Jamaica a few times in the past and she knew how to be safe.

The bus pulled to a stop at a small ramshackle shack beside the road, less than a mile from their destination, and the group filed out. A large black woman in her early thirties with enormous breasts and a nice pretty smile welcomed them into the plywood structure and several people disappeared into the small room in back to buy pot while others bought fruit and trinkets from the big, pretty woman.

Theresa bought a few oranges and then went into the back room as it emptied to buy some weed. She hadn’t gotten high in years but “when in Rome,” she reasoned with a soft giggle.

“How much you want?” The man, who bore a striking resemblance to Usain Bolt, asked in a thick Jamaican accent. His half closed, red eyes left no doubt that he’d recently sampled his product. Theresa felt jolt of attraction for him and she glanced behind her as the last of the group left the room. Her pulse quickened as adrenaline coursed through her curvaceous body. She wasn’t fat like the woman out front but she had full hips and big natural breasts with a narrow waist and somewhat broad, square shoulders. She’d been a swimmer in college and she’d never lost her athletic build even after two kids.

“What do you recommend? I’m just going to shop for a bit and then hang out at the beach.” Her pulse was beginning to race faster and she nervously twirled her long brown hair with her fingers. She had hoped to have sex with Jeremy the night before but her husband had gotten sloppy drunk and passed out before she could initiate. They hadn’t been intimate in weeks and she felt a bit needy as she eyed the tall black man’s sinewy arms. His fresh musky scent mixed with the smell of marijuana filled her head and with it came a bevy of wicked thoughts.

“Give this a try,” he said as he lit a joint and took a drag before handing it to her. He smiled knowingly and Theresa shivered. She felt the sexual energy in the air and she started to chew lightly on her bottom lip. She had, for the most part, been faithful to Jeremy during their marriage, unless you counted making out with her neighbor Sue one night after too many glasses of wine. She didn’t count that and she had honestly never been tempted until that moment.

Theresa Bayan Eskort took a long drag on the lit joint and held it in her lungs. Her body began to pulsate and her sex throbbed. She had long forgotten how how horny pot made her and she squeezed her thick, meaty thighs together rhythmically, making her needy clit pulsate in time with her beating heart.

“Wow, that’s strong,” Theresa giggled. She felt instantly buzzed and her eyes lingered on his. “I don’t think I can handle more than a joint.”

She paid his price and tucked the joint into her wallet. Their eyes met again and her legs felt heavy. She breathed deep and looked wistfully at his handsome face.

“God damn you are a good looking man,” she said softly as her eyes moved down his slim body. They paused at his crotch and she gazed longingly at it for what seemed like an eternity. “Did I say that out loud? I’m sorry that wasn’t appropriate was it?”

“So you want something more than ganja,” he nodded with a big, knowing grin. He lifted his shirt over his head and Theresa inhaled sharply. The room seemed to spin slowly and she looked wide eyes at his dark, well defined chest. She had often, secretly, fantasized about black men. She found their dark skin and brash confidence to be rather alluring, though she had never actually acted on her jungle fever.

“Maybe a little,” she giggled, “well more than a little, but I can’t. I’m married.” She held her ring up to prove it as she continued to look lustfully into his dark, pretty eyes. She heard the bus pull away and a pit formed in her belly as she realized that she’d missed her ride into town.

“Lots of married white women come to the island to try a Jamaican treat,” he said as he rose to his feet. Sweat glistened on his ebony flesh and Theresa reached out with trembling hands. She caressed his strong hairless chest, savoring the warmth of his body before reaching into his shorts.

His cock felt big and hard and the cute brunette purred softly as she pushed his shorts to the ground. She felt hands tugging at the hem of her shirt and she rose her arms letting the heavyset Jamaican woman lift her shirt off bearing her sexy bra clad breasts to them both. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest as her bra slid down her arms and the Jamaican woman pushed her shorts and panties past her hips.

Theresa grabbed the man’s big black cock while the other woman undressed behind her. The Jamaican woman pressed her warm, fat body against Theresa’s back and reached under her arms, cupping the married woman’s pale breasts with her soft ebony hands.

Time slowed and the room seemed to rotate slowly on its axis. Theresa lowered her lips to the man’s dick and sucked gently on the tip. Her small hand barely circled his thick, tumescent shaft as she stroked it and she purred like a happy kitten.

Theresa moaned long and low as the other woman’s thick black fingers parted her swollen labia and rubbed her hard, needy clit. The woman knew exactly what Theresa needed, working her dripping cunt into a lather with one hand while the other tweaked and punched her engorged nipples. Theresa’s wide hips wiggled from side to side, enticing the black woman’s fingers into her dripping wet hole and she eased the man’s big cock into her hungry mouth.

She sucked hard and fast. Her muffled gags and moans slipped from her supple lips and her body rocked fore and aft, wantonly rubbing her pussy against the other woman’s fingers. She felt ravenous and wicked. Her sex life to that point had been monogamous and vanilla and while she had vivid and active fantasy life she had never imagined doing anything like that in real life.

The man guided her lips from his turgid manhood and turned her thick, juicy body away from him. She looked into the Jamaican woman’s pretty eyes and smiled. Theresa had kissed a few women in her life time but she’d never done more than that. She had never even honestly considered doing more. The idea of pleasuring another woman, while a little intriguing, had seemed daunting but at that moment she wanted to explore every inch of

Her hands shook with excitement as she touched the woman’s huge black breasts. Theresa had the nice tits. They were natural Ds but the black woman’s breasts dwarfed them in every dimension and she was enthralled by the opportunity to play with them.

Theresa opened her mouth Anadolu Yakası Escort as the black woman kissed her, welcoming the woman’s tongue inside. Their tongues danced together in the warm enclave of their sealed lips and Theresa fondled the woman’s huge tits. She loved how heavy and soft they were and the way the woman moaned into her mouth when she tweaked the nipples.

The man rubbed his cock across Theresa’s swollen lips and then eased his long, fat dick into her frothy, wet hole. He was easily the biggest she’d ever had and she winced when the tip hit bottom inside her tight pussy. She felt her labia stretch tight around his shaft and she groaned as he backed slowly out until just the tip was inside her.

The woman ended their torrid kiss and then sat down on the old, tattered couch behind her. She spread her thick ebony legs wide and looked expectantly into Theresa’s pretty eyes. Theresa knew what she wanted and to her surprise she wanted it too.

Theresa lowered her lips to the woman’s hairy pussy. Her scent was rich and heavy but it was surprisingly enticing and her mouth began to water profusely. Never in her wildest fantasies had she dreamed of going down on another woman. Her fantasies involving women were always selfish and the other woman licked her clit, not the other way around, but she wanted to taste the fat, sexy black woman. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth like a snake and she dragged the rough surface along the woman’s pretty, pink lips until she reached the woman’s hard clit.

Theresa grunted and moaned as the man rammed his cock into her creamy white depths. His cock stretched and pounded her bringing her to a screaming climax as she eagerly lapped at the woman’s delicious pussy. She had never tasted anything like it. The juices were tangy, salty but still sweet and she slurped and swallowed all that was offered. Her body rocked hard and her face mashed into the woman’s pelvis with each powerful thrust of his big black dick.

His breathing labored and his thrusts became wild and erratic. At the same time the sexy black woman clutched at her head and pulled her tight against her fragrant pussy. Her juices soaked Theresa’s skin and her legs began to tremble.

He thrust deep and Theresa felt his seed splash deep inside her warm fertile womb. Her husband had gotten a vasectomy after the birth of their youngest child and she hadn’t used birth control since. Her body tensed as he grunted and pumped a huge load of cum inside her.

He stopped moving and let his cock deflate inside her as Theresa lapped hungrily at the black woman’s pussy. She had never tasted anything quite like it and she knew it was something she would taste again. Her eyes had been opened and never again would she settle for a boring, vanilla sex life.

The Jamaican woman clutched at Theresa’s head, pulling it tight against her dripping hole. Her thick ebony legs quivered and quaked as she came hard and her fragrant juices soaked Theresa’s face like a honey dipped donut.

Theresa stumbled out of the ramshackle structure into the bright Jamaica sun. Her eyes squinted and she looked around, confused and disoriented. Trevor, the man who had just been inside her, and Martha, the heavyset black woman, had lit up another joint after their tryst and Theresa was stoned.

She felt Trevor’s cum seeping from her well fucked cunt and it made her more ravenous than she’d been before he had fucked her. Her tongue circled her lips and she savored the taste of the woman’s juices as she scanned the roadside for a taxi.

Her eyes widened for a moment and she breathed a deep sigh of relief as she spied a beat up taxi across the street.

Theresa crossed the street quickly and climbed into the dingy economy car. She gave the driver the name of the resort and fifteen minutes later she arrived at the gate. She handed the older man a twenty and then walked back to her room as cum soaked her black cotton panties.

“I did it,” Theresa announced as she entered the room. Jeremy was still in bed and a wide grin spread quickly across his weathered face. He pushed back the covers, revealed his tan, toned naked body. His hard cock jutted proudly from his pelvis and he grabbed it firmly.

“Show me,” he croaked. His eyes were wide and glazed with lust and he squeezed and stroked it slowly. His nostrils dilated and Pendik Escort he watched without blinking as his pretty wife pushed her shorts down past her wide hips. The smell of sex wafted over him and he inhaled sharply, drawing it deep into his lungs.

Theresa pulled her soiled panties away from her neatly trimmed sex and the thick, pungent aroma of cum mixed with her aromatic juices filled the air. She pushed them down to her strong, shapely legs, revealing the sticky mass between them.

Jeremy groaned and his mouth watered. He and Theresa had begun sharing their fantasies less than a year prior. Their marriage had been on the rocks and they had both been at their wits end. With nothing to lose Jeremy had told his wife that his biggest fantasy was for her to cuckold him.

Theresa had been shocked. She knew vaguely what cuckolding was and she had never imagined that her conservative, loving husband would be into that. She was disgusted and confused. How could he profess to love her and yet want her to have sex with other men. She wanted to leave him immediately and she considered doing so but his calm measured tones had, as always, diffused her anger.

Jeremy had gone into great detail and showed his wife videos showing amateur women having sex with other men while their husbands filmed and took pictures of the encounter. It had been unfathomable to her that any couple would do that but at the same time she couldn’t look away. Her pussy had turned into a molten mess and she began to picture herself as one of those women, especially when the man was a well built and well endowed black man.

Theresa had been born and raised outside of Boston on the south shore. Boston had a reputation at the time as a racist city, and her second generation Irish immigrant parents had been bad but she had secretly harbored interracial fantasies since high school.

“What did he look like?” Jeremy groaned as he helped her onto the bed. His heart was pounding fiercely in his chest and his dick was so hard it hurt. He and Theresa had only recently begun to roll play to satisfy their shared cuckolding fantasies but he had been thinking about it for years. He had long been a closeted submissive and his secret fantasies included several things he still hadn’t worked up the nerve to confess to her.

“He was tall with dark skin and a sinewy body. His chest was nicely defined and muscular and he had a beautiful big black cock,” Theresa said in a low raspy tone. Her body quivered as she knelt astride her husband’s handsome face and lowered her dripping pussy to his waiting mouth.

Jeremy pushed his tongue deep inside his pretty wife and sucked a big glob of cum into his mouth. He couldn’t believe what was happening and he couldn’t contain his excitement. He had almost lost her when he confessed his wicked desires and they hadn’t slept together for several months afterward but her curiosity had gotten the better of her and eventually she’d begun to ask questions.

Theresa’s hips undulated slowly, grinding her sloppy cum drenched pussy against her husband’s eager mouth. She felt his tongue dig deep, searching for cum and her body shivered. Her eyes rolled back and she cried out loudly as she came hard. Her juices soaked him to the bone and she rolled onto her back beside him.

“Fuck me you vile pig,” she hissed. Her head was spinning like a top and she spread her legs wide as she tugged at her swollen labia. She had never been more excited in her life and she closed her pretty blue eyes as Jeremy climbed between her thighs and sank his dick inside her ravenous sex.

He had a nice cock. It was above average in length with a thick shaft and a pretty circumcised tip. She liked the way it fit in both her pussy and her mouth but he couldn’t reach the depths of her sex like Trevor had.

Her hips bucked wildly and she held Jeremy’s gaze. Her mouth hung agape and she grunted like a wild animal. The sound of slapping flesh filled the room and another intense climax washed over her as Jeremy fucked her hard and fast.

His face contorted and he let out a deep, guttural moan as his sperm joined Trevor’s in the murky recesses of Theresa’s frothy womb. He pounded hard and then paused with his manhood deep inside of her. His impotent seed coated her cervix and splashed against the convulsing walls of her canal as he collapsed in a heap on top of her.

“Details Baby,” Jeremy gasped as his sweat soaked body lay on top of his pretty wife. His cock began to slowly deflate but it became fully erect as Theresa told him in great detail about her torrid threesome with the couple inside the back room of the roadside shack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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