Jamar’s Client

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Once an All-American collegiate football player, Jamar Dyson was destined to go pro. However in a bizarre twist of fate, he tore the ACLs in both knees during the final game. It was another year of extensive rehab and therapy before Jamar was back on his feet. By then his name, which once made headlines had faded into obscurity. Jamar no longer stood out, but just another face in the crowd. Fortunately his scholarship wasn’t a total waste and he graduated with a degree in health & nutrition.

Sure it wasn’t glamorous as the pros, nor was he being paid millions but Jamar really enjoys being a personal trainer. It gave him great satisfaction knowing he was helping people better their lives. The greatest thing was being surrounded by hot, attractive women working out for 8-10 hours a day. He felt like a kid in candy store with temptation around every turn. Be it day or night, there was plenty of eye candy throughout the two-story facility. For Jamar, it was the next best thing.

One evening just as Jamar was prepared to leave, he saw her. At that moment it was as if time itself ceased. She was a beautiful blonde bombshell about 5’8″ with a figure that rivaled any super model. The pink sports bra she wore perfectly accentuated the curves of her 34C breasts and also showed off a little cleavage. It seems as if her sexy long legs had no end to them. It was as if she stepped out of the pages of a magazine. Every guy she passed by turned their head.

Jamar set his bag down and set his sights on this woman. There was absolutely no way he was going to leave without getting her name at least. He slowly closed the distance, using the exercise machines as cover. She began to stretch from side to side, loosening up before getting on with her workout. When she bent down to touch her toes, Jamar got a great view down her top. The bulge in his shorts only got bigger.

“Ahem…ahem, excuse me but I’ve never seen you here before. Are you new to this facility?” Jamar said.

She slowly looked up at him, taking in the nearly 6’4″ black man towering over her. What could he possibly want? She just wanted to be left alone and work out in peace. Yet this stranger was intruding her space.

“Excuse me, miss but are you new to this facility?” He asked again.

“Yes. I’m Kelly Van Der Hass. I just joined about a week ago.” She introduced herself.

He extended his hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Kelly. Welcome to Gould’s Life Fitness.”

“Thank you. And who are you exactly?”

“I’m sorry. Where are my manners, I’m Jamar Dyson, one of the personal trainer here.”

“And how can I help you?”

You can start by taking off all your clothes. “Ahem…huh…er well I was wondering if you’ve ever considered a personal trainer?” He asked.

“Thanks but no thanks.” Kelly politely responded. Are you kidding me? Does it look like I need a personal trainer? She threw her towel over her shoulder and excused herself. Undeterred, Jamar weaved through the other gym patrons as he followed her up to the second level. Just as Kelly reached the women’s locker room, he positioned himself between her and the door.

“Please…just hear me out then I’ll get out of your hair.” Jamar assured her as he tried to catch his breath.

Kelly folded her arms across her chest.”Boy! You just don’t take no for an answer will you?”

Jamar reached into his pocket and pulled out a pamphlet. It listed the three different packages that a client can choose. He began reading and telling her the overview of each package. Kelly showed little interest, yawning more and more with each passing minute. What’s with this guy? It’s as if he likes to hear himself talk.

“Alright…ok I’ll take the gold package.” She cut him off.

“I’m not finished yet…wait…what?” Jamar was unsure if he heard right.

Kelly sighed. “I said I’ll take the gold one.”

“You think I’m gonna fall for that. Quit playing girl.”

“Okay, if you don’t believe then let me pass.”

Jamar wasn’t about to let her walk and quickly got her information. After setting up and confirming their first session, they shook hands sealing the deal. He stepped aside and Kelly istanbul escort disappeared into the women’s locker room. Jamar went to his car, excited as he has never been before. Kelly was beside herself, contemplating whether or not she made the right choice. She really just wanted him to stop pestering her, but what’s done is done. Whether she wants to or not, Kelly was going have to ode up to her commitment.

Two weeks slowly came and finally the day has come. Jamar woke up extra early, showered and meticulously shaved. He got to work around ten to meet with another client. The day seemed to drag on and the anticipation was killing him. With each passing hour, Jamar was getting more excited. Finally with only then minutes until his first session with Kelly, he kept vigilant around the entrance. She could still decide not to show up, yet Jamar remained optimistic.

Kelly came walking in at 6:30 pm on the dot. Her attire showed off her assets, from her breasts down to that well-toned, firm butt. She went upstairs to store her bag before returning to him. The session began with Jamar instructing her to stretch and loosening up. He walked behind her as she bent down to touch her toes, sticking her ass into the air. Jamar moved closer; the bulge in his shorts just inches away from her bum.

“Mmmm…your form looks good from here.”

Kelly turned her head. “What was that?”

“Nothing. You’re doing well so far.” Jamar quickly said. He exhaled, nearly dodging one there.

After loosening up, he set her up for a ten minute jog on the treadmill. It was just more for his pleasure than anything else. From the front desk, Jamar was mesmerized by the rhythmic bouncing of her breasts. As he watched her, his cock got harder and harder. The urge to have his way with her was overpowering. It took everything he had to maintain his professionalism. After her jog, Jamar set Kelly up on several other machines including the butterfly and arm cruncher. By the end of the session, Kelly’s light blue top was damp around the edges. She has been pushed that hard by anyone before.

“That wasn’t bad for our first session. Good job!” He gave her a high-five. “How about a smoothie, it’s my treat?”

“No thanks…I don’t think so. I really should be going.”

“Please…just to celebrate our new partnership?”

“Perhaps another time…err…alright, sure why not.”Kelly couldn’t turn him down. Jamar had that my dog is dead look on his face.

“Hi, how may I help you?” the girl behind the counter greeted them.

“Hmmm…how about two medium peach mango smoothies please.” Jamar and Kelly sat down at the counter. They watched as the girl prepared their drinks, starting with fresh mangoes and peaches. Then all the fruit went in the blender with some yogurt before mixing everything up.

“Do you do this with all your clients?” Kelly asked.

“Of course, it’s protocol.”

The girl presented their drinks to them.”There you go. Two peach mango smoothies, enjoy!”

As they sipped their drinks, Jamar and Kelly began setting up dates for their coming sessions. With empty glasses in front of them, Kelly thanked him, threw her towel over her shoulder and headed to the women’s locker room. Just the thought of Kelly, naked and showering was making him horny as hell. During the drive home, he had one hand on the steering wheel and the other inside his shorts, nearly causing an accident.

Upon arriving at his apartment, Jamar really needed release. His girlfriend was still doing the dishes when he swept her up. Pushing everything aside, he made love to his girlfriend on the dinner table. She was taken by surprise by his aggressive demeanor, but she didn’t complain one bit.

Jamar didn’t think it was possible but with each meeting, Kelly was looking sexier than the last and he just wanted her more and more. Following each session, it was the same. After being worked up all day; he would rush home and unleashed his urges on his girlfriend. Whether it was in the shower, on the couch or in the Laundromat, Jamar didn’t care. His girlfriend appreciated all the extra attention, though she never knew his true motives.

It escort bayan was their sixth meeting but Kelly was unusually running late, which was very uncharacteristic of her. Jamar paced back and forth, constantly keeping an eye on the entrance. He paged her and left messages on her but still no response. The huge clock read 7:45 pm, an hour and fifteen minutes after the designated time.

“Why don’t you go home, Jamar? I don’t think she’s coming.” A colleague of his said to him.

“Oh…she’ll be here. Don’t you worry about me, pal. She will be here.” Jamar assured himself.

It wasn’t until a quarter to nine when Kelly strolled into the facility. Though a bit irritated, Jamar was relieved to see she was alright. “I’m sorry for being so late. But I had a ton of paperwork to finish.”

“Didn’t you get my messages? Why didn’t you return my calls?” A stern Jamar asked.

“How many times do I have to apologize? Besides I’m here now.” Kelly smiled and nudged his shoulder as she went by.

Jamar couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but it was hard to stay mad at someone like her. He waited patiently as Kelly returned after putting her bag away. The session started routinely with warm-ups to loosen up her muscles. Then they moved onto a 15-minute cardio workout integrating dumbbells. After a ten minute cool down, Jamar set Kelly up on several machines to maintain both the upper and lower body. Then they went upstairs to check try out several new additions to the facility.

Jamar looked around and the number of gym patrons slowly dwindled down just as expected. Although opened around the clock; the later it got, more and more people began to leave. By the end of the session, there were only two women left including his client. There were three guys on the other side and a group of about 8-10 guys on the first level.

“Ok Kelly, I say that about wraps up our workout wouldn’t you?”

She wiped the sweat from her brow. “Yeah, I think so.”

After cleaning the perspiration off the machine, Kelly went into the women’s locker room. The only other female patron emerged from the locker room shortly after and made her way to the exit. It was exactly the sign that Jamar was waiting for because Kelly was now the only woman in the entire building. Once he made sure no one was looking, Jamar quietly slipped into the one place that no man was permitted, the women’s locker room. Like a predator hunting its prey, Jamar methodically moved towards the back where the showers were.

As he continued to the showers, something caught his eyes. Sitting atop the bench, in plain view was Kelly’s gym bag. Jamar couldn’t help himself and went over to the bag, which was conveniently unzipped. It was like Christmas morning as Jamar rummaged through the bag’s contents. Then he found something worthwhile; bunched up in a plastic bag were her dirty workout clothes. The sour pungent odor slowly filled his scent receptors. He reached and pulled out a pair of black panties. It was still moist, laden with her sweat. Jamar brought the lingerie to his nose and inhaled deeply. Her feminine odor, coupled with perspiration filled his nose. It was truly intoxicating, sending a rush between his legs.

He stuffed the panties into his pocket and pressed on, stepping swiftly and cautiously. As he got to the showers, he moved along the wall and poked his head around the corner. It was a glorious sight, a feast for the eyes. There was Kelly, au naturel as soapy water cascaded down her backside, glistening under the fluorescent light. Jamar has spent many sleepless nights imaging Kelly, unclothed and now it was actually happening. The bulge between his legs strained against his shorts, yearning to break free.

Jamar slowly went into the shower, closing in on the sexy blonde. With all the steam that encompassed the area, it was like stepping into a fantasy. Kelly turned the shower off, unaware that she someone was standing within arms’ reach. At that precise moment, Jamar made his move. He reached around, one hand cupping her breast and the other around her waist, pulling her into him.

“What the…Jamar, what are you Maltepe escort doing here?!” She gasped.

He tightened his grip on her breasts. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. Simply licking you is turning me on.”

Kelly clenched her legs together as his hand moved between her legs. She managed to escape his grasp, retreating into the corner shielding her intimate parts as best as she can. He closed the gap, cutting off any escape.

“My dick has been aching for release all day. Will you help please?” Jamar slid his shorts off; his huge black cock sprang free, all 10 inches of it stood fully erect.

“Please leave, if you don’t then I will scream.” She warned.

He shook his head. “Go ahead if you want everyone to see you like this.”

It pained her to admit it but Jamar was right; screaming would only bring further embarrassment than anything else. She glanced at Jamar, who was smiling devilishly then at the monstrous black cock then back at him. What should I do? Is there no other way for me to get out of this?

“Just suck my dick, Kelly please help to release my aching cock.” Jamar waved his dick inches from her face.

“If I suck on it then will you leave?”

“You have my word,” he lied.

Slowly Kelly reached out, reluctantly grasping the base of his massive cock. She still couldn’t believe it has come to this. It throbbed in her hands; the thick vein snaking the length of his shaft looked like it was about to burst. Her tongue ran up and down his dick, tasting his flesh for the first time. She could hear Jamar groan as her lips engulfed the bulbous cock head. His dick began pulsating as she moved it around her mouth. Her tongue worked wonders, swirling all around the apex and pee hole.

“You love sucking my big fat cock don’t you?” He gazed down into her pretty blue eyes.

What is this feeling, lust? It was embarrassing, Kelly was getting very horny. Involuntarily she reached between her legs and massaged her pussy, fingering herself into orgasm. Inside her mouth, Kelly could feel her saliva building up then it was as a dam burst. Gob after gob of his hot, sticky cum rushed into her mouth. It was too much she pulled his cock out; hot cum spewing all over her face and tits.

“There…are…you…satisfied…now?” Kelly panted. “Now leave…so I can clean up.”

“It looks like I’m not satisfied yet. Please finish what you started.” Jamar smiled deviously and forced her back onto the tile floor.

“Please…this isn’t what you promised!” she cried.

Ignoring her plead, Jamar exacted his dominance forcibly spreading her legs open. “Just a little bit inside you, Kelly.”

She thrust her hand to his face, but he simply swatted away. Kelly turned away and winced. She could feel his fat cock enter her sopping wet pussy, slowly pushing and expanding her vaginal walls. Kelly threw her head back and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. The feeling of his hard dick throbbing inside her hot pussy was exhilarating.

“It went easily even though you said no.” He teased. “oh, it’s so tight around my ‘son’.”

Jamar bounced her up and down on his cock. Her beautiful breasts were slapping and hitting his face. Kelly moaned, softly at first then louder and louder echoing through the empty locker room.

“Don’t stop…more…fuck me more!”

Jamar was more than happy to oblige, positioning himself on top of her. He pushed his cock in long, sensual thrusts enjoying her pussy slowly increasing his pace. Each thrust became more effortless than the last. Pure pleasure overwhelmed them with each thrust building the impending orgasm. Kelly was lost in euphoria, loving the monster black cock devouring her cunt now feeling her climax build up.

She yelped, bucking her hips and pushed onto Jamar’s cock, as an orgasm exploded in her clitoris shaking her to the core; every nerve was tingling in pleasure. The black man swung himself faster and faster inside the sultry blonde. His lips found hers, she gladly accepted his tongue in her mouth as another orgasm shook her body. A jet of black cum shot through Jamar’s shaft, pouring in powerful streams filling her pussy with his seed.

After emptying his pent up sperm, he pulled out his dick and stood over. Kelly didn’t hesitate, lapping up the sticky fluid on his cock. A string of clear, milky cum cling to her lips.

“I can’t wait for our next session.” She smiled at him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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