Jamie Goes From Boy To Man Ch. 05

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The people in this story all came out of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and was not the intent of the author.

All the characters in this story are at least 18 years of age. There are no minors involved in acts of a sexual nature in my story. It is fiction, people. I’m writing it for my own entertainment and I hope for your pleasure as well. BB

(Desert is the best part of any meal)


When I awoke, it was twilight. Some sunlight was coming though the window, but only the filtered light through the window shades. .

My surroundings were unfamiliar at first. I was in a strange bed room. It took me a few seconds to figure out where I was, and what happened that afternoon. Finally the spider webs dissipated out of my brain and it all came back to me. I smiled at the memory. It had been marvelous All because of a very pretty lady, that even though she may have been old enough to be my, Grandmother, she was still a beautiful woman. She had already opened up the wonderful world of sex and lust to me, but she had promised to teach me even more. I was starting to get an erection just think of the wondrous things we had done and all the other delights she had promised we would do later.

Right now though I was all by myself in her bedroom. She was no where in sight.

I looked around the room and found my cloths were no where in sight.

I looked in the bathroom. I couldn’t find my clothing but at least I found a big fluffy bath towel to wrap around myself, so that I would not be totally naked.

I walked out of the bedroom door, into the up stairs hallway. I couldn’t see anybody, but I could at least hear someone moving around down stairs.

I quietly walked down the spiral stair case. I still could not see anyone, so keeping as quiet as I could, I followed the sound which lead me to the kitchen. The door was open, so I looked inside and there she was.

Her back was turned working at the kitchen counter. So she didn’t see me standing, at the kitchen door.

She was wearing a sheer black negligee. It did about as much to hide all of her charms as a cloud of cigarette smoke.

For someone in their sixties she had the body of a much younger woman, not yet out of her twenties. Her honey blond hair hung down loose, around her shoulders. There was not even the slightest hint of grey in her hair. The shoulders were totally clear of any blemish and the skin was as tight as that of a much younger woman, with no visible wrinkles at all. Her back gracefully sloped down to a very petite small waste. Then her hips flared out to a perfectly heart shaped ass. Her legs were an absolute work of art. The thighs, knees, calves and ankles were as perfect as those of the goddess Venus, as she first came out of the sea.

“You are absolutely beautiful,” I whispered, while I stood there, totally dazzled by her beauty.

Amber sounder a startled little squeal of shock, quickly turned her head and when she saw it was me she flashed a brilliant smile and relaxed.

Giggling, she said with a smile, ” oh you startled me, don’t sneak up on me like that.”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized, “it was just that you looked so beautiful standing there in that lovely gown.”

“Oh by the way what did you do with my cloths?”

“Don’t you worry, you won’t be needing them for a while.” Her smile got bigger and she walked up to me, across the kitchen floor. She then put her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss, grinding her hips into my groin. “You really do know how to make a woman’s day perfect.”

I blushed red and just grinned at her. I could feel the softness of her breasts pressing into my chest and smell her expensive perfume.

“Dinner is ready to put on,” she said. ‘A nice thick ‘T’ bone steak for you, to keep up your strength. And a petite steak for me. “I want your strength at it’s peak tonight, you are going to need it by the time I finish with you,” she giggled. There is no need to be in a hurry though, now that I’ve got you. I plan to keep you all weekend long.”

I looked up at her with surprise. When the idea sunk in, I shrugged, what the Hell I though, there is no one porno at home that I have to answer to but myself. “Ya sure why not, I can’t think of any place I would rather be then snuggled in your arms, all weekend long.”

“What a sweet thing to say, you really know how to make a woman feel that she is desirable.” She took my hand and pressed the palm against her large breast. “Mmmmmmm,” she breathed, “I love the feel of a nice strong man’s hands on me.”

She walked away from me and out to the dinning room table. She pulled out the chair at the head of the table and said, “you sit here honey, and I’ll set our dinners out on the table.”

I sat down and watched her work. First she came out with a large dinner plate with a big medium rare steak. On the plate beside it a large baked potato with melted butter on top. Next a bowl filed with corn on the cob with melting butter running down their sides. Then another bowl covered with a kitchen towel, it was filled with fresh baked biscuits. Finally she brought out a plate with her smaller steak and a small baked potato without butter on the side. She set her plate down in front of the place beside me and sat down. “There is home made apple cobbler still in the oven for you after you finish dinner, for your first desert. After that you can eat me for your final desert. Would you like that sweetheart. I’m afraid I”ll have to settle for a small dish of low calorie yogurt. A small price I most pay for your sweet compliments about my figure,” She said. “After that of course I plan to dine of you. Mmmmmmmm ………… Yummy……. accents of man my favorite food.

“You are amazing,” I told her. “You’re the sexiest woman I have ever met. Never in my life has any woman aroused me as much as you have. You are sitting right there in all your radiant glory. I come down stairs here an find that not only are you the sexiest most desirable woman. But on top of all this, you can cook like my mother used to.”

Now it was her turn to blush. “What a sweet, sweet boy you are, Jamie. You make me feel like a school girl with her first crush.” Her eyes filled with tears of joy. “I knew when I first walked into that coffee shop, this afternoon that you were someone really……….really special. You are not only one of the handsomest boys I know but you have truly the soul of a poet. When you do merry, you deserve a woman with as kind and gentle a spirit, as you have yourself.”

For the longest time we said nothing at all. We ate quietly and when we glanced at each other our faces showed our admiration for the other.

After finishing the meal including our desert, I helped her stack the dirty dished, at the counter. She had her back to me, rinsing the dishes off for the dish washer. So I couldn’t resist coming up behind her and reaching up under her breasts an caressing them though her negligee while she works. I stepped in close until my hips were pressed up against her bum and gently kissed and licked the back of her neck.

She moaned softly while my hands explored her breast flesh and my cock started to harden while I was rubbing it back and forth against her bum. She reached up over her head and held my head to her neck.

“You are really turning on my love switch,” she purred as her turned herself around to face me.

“That was exactly my intention,” I smiles as our lips met in a passionate kiss.

She moved her hand down in between our bodies and pressed her palm over my erected cock moving it around with just enough pressure to shoot a thrill through my groin area. She ground her body against mine.

My body was starting to tremble and my knees got weak, to the point where I had to hold onto her body to keep myself from falling to the floor.

She reached over and untied the knot that was holding the towel around my waist. The towel came off from my body and I held it at my side.

“Oh yummy your cock looks delicious,” she breathed. “I can’t wait to swallow you. It reminds me of some juicy, ripe fruit that I can gobble up, while the juices run out the sides of my mouth.”

“Just as long as I get to eat your fruit as well,” I said.

“You bad boy,” She said. ” you have me so worked up I can’t stand to japon porno wait any longer. Come with me,” she said, taking me by the hand and quickly leading me out of the kitchen and into her living room. Once there she took the towel from my hand and spread it over the cushions. Then she pushed me by my shoulders onto the over stuffed couch.

I fell back onto the cushions with a swish.

Amber dropped to her knees and crawled forward between my legs. This time she didn’t waist any time teasing me. She leaned forward took my hard cock between her lips and plunged her lips down, over the shaft, until her lips were buried in the fuzz at the base of my cock. Then pulled her lips back about two thirds of the way up my shaft and once again plunged her mouth all the way down to the base. She kept this up forming a rhythm of the motion. I was in Heaven. I lay back in the couch. I was so light headed from her action that I just could not sit up.

I was feeling pleasures at the start of this day, I never knew existed. Automatically I started fucking by cock back up into her mouth. Every time she plunged down I pushed up to meet her hungry mouth.

I could feel my cum starting to churn in my balls. I knew if she kept up this kind of action I was not going to last very long.

“Oh mommy,” I cried, “if you keep up blowing me like this, I will cum pretty soon for sure.”

Upon hearing this she started sucking all the harder. She was eager to taste my load in her hungery mouth and she was not about to stop now.

“Oh yes,” I gasped, “that’s the way.”……….. “That’s the way to do it.”………… “I’m going to blow any second now.”…………..”Here it comes, here it comes alright………”Nothing can stop it now mommy.” ……… “Get ready for a big giant cum bath, all over your beautiful face.”

Her head was bouncing up and down on my cock now.

“Oh GOD, Oh GOD here it is, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

She made sort of an animal growl, when I exploded into her sucking mouth. She clamped her lips over my shaft almost tight enough to hurt. She was determined not to loose a single drop of my bodily fluids. I could see her throat muscles working as fast as she could, in order to swallow it all down into her belly, before any of it was spilled out through the corners of her mouth. She kept right on sucking me like some sort of vacuum cleaner.

I kept right on pumping glob after glob, down her lovely throat. At last my cum flow slowed down to just a few drops. But she held her mouth in place. She knew from past experience, that there was usually just a few drops of cum left to trickle out after a man was finished with his main climax. She didn’t want any of the precious cum to be missed

Finally satisfied that she had in all. She lifted her head until my cock came out of her mouth with a pop sound.

“Oh that was wonderful,” I gasped. My whole body still a buzz from her loving attentions she had bestrode on me. I still lay back on the couch. I felt like I was totally drained. To exhausted to even move until I caught my breath, and regained enough of my strength, so that I could finally to sit up.

She smiled down at me. “I told you that you were going to need all of your stamina.” She continued, “and just think, this is only round one. You still have the whole weekend to go.” She started laughing, at something funny that popped.

Her laughter was contagious, “What are you laughing at. Did I do something funny?” I asked.

Still giggling she said, “No sweetheart, you didn’t do anything funny. It’s just that I was thinking. Tomorrow I’ll have to feed you lots of oysters. They say that oysters boost a man’s lobito. I wouldn’t want you to poop out on me right at a critical moment of truth. How embarrassing that would be for you. Especially if I threw your butt out of my house still stark naked,” she continued giggling at the thought.

That same thought made me a little nervous. It was well over a five mile walk to my house from here. She was just kidding around, or at least I hoped she was just kidding. I still had no idea where my cloths were.

“Well young man, it is rather rude of you to leave a lady in a lurch,” lezbiyen porno she said as she stood up in front of me less, then a foot from my face.

“What do you mean,” I asked in all innocents.

She started to lift the front of her negligee above her waist. Then stepped forward until her pussy was right in my face. “Well what I mean is that if a lady gets down on her knees in front of you to give you oral pleasure. It is only right and fair that you return the favor.”

She let the negligee drop over my head and ground her pussy over my mouth.

With both my hands I reached behind her and took hold of both her bum cheeks. Then pulled her pussy onto my eager mouth. And started licking up and down the lips.

She reached up and held my head in place over her pussy. Not enough to force my head but only to guide my mouth where she needed it. “Oh yes baby you lick pussy real good,” she said in a sultry voice. You have learned already just how to make a woman really happy. Don’t forget the clit honey, that is really the most important part.”

I pushed my tongue through the folds and tickled the clit with just the very tip of my tongue.

Amber gave a little squeal of delight, “That’s it baby. I’m really grooving now. That feels so wonderful. Keep going honey I want to really bath your face with my cream.”

She held my mouth right over her clit and locked it in place. I could only assume right there is where she wanted it. I flipped my tongue as fast as I could move it. This must have pleased her because her movements seemed to be getting wilder by the second.

“That’s it baby, you really got it right this time. What a lover you are. Just keep it going I’m building up the a real gusher of a cum.”

Her hips were moving so radically I was having a really difficult time keeping my tongue in contact with her clit. As she moved around against my mouth. Her clit kept slipping out of contact with my tongue tip.

“No, No, No, My clit. Not there. It’s my clit I need licked,” she said with a lot of desperation in her voice.

I pulled her ass cheeks even harder against my face. This made it a lot easier to control her bouncing. I could in this way keep my tongue in contact with her clit.

“Oh yes that’s it baby. You got it now. I’m almost ready honey. I can feel it building starting down at the tips of my toes. Keep going don’t you dare stop now. This time I’m going to actually squirt my love juices all over that handsome face of yours. ” She was gasping for air now and her whole body was trembling.

I was licking her in a frenzy now. I was almost as desperate as she was to get over that final hump.

Finally with one giant effort she burst over the mountain top. She erupted with an extremely loud scream, and fell forward on top of my face.

My body was forced back with my head in the very corner of the couch. My nose ended up inside the lips of her pussy and my mouth was also covered under her lower torso. My airway was totally blocked.

Amber was still out of it, as yet not recovered from her climax. Her whole body lay still, except for her hips. They were leisurely moving up and down, fucking my nose, like it was some odd shaped cock. She was gasping for air herself. Her love juices were literally poring out of her pussy like water out of a tape. Right into my nose and mouth, adding to my breathing crisis. I was drowning right there on Amber’s couch.

Rather then push Amber off my face onto the floor, I simply pushed a finger up alongside of my nose. That made a small airway so that I could breath through my mouth. Once that was done I relaxed and waited for Amber to recover from her orgasm and then return to planet earth. (TO BE CONTINUED)


This ends part 05 of my story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did enjoy it, then please write to me and let me know. We all need encouragement. And I admit I love having my ego stroked as much as any man. Also I would love to hear about any ideas you may have to use in my stories. This story came from a reader’s ideas and would not have been written without that input.

One last point. Please do not make your comments anonyms. If you do there is no way that I can answer you. I love making new friends around the world by answering back. I’ll try and write back to you if you ask me to. LOL (Even if I do not like your comment I promise not to show up at your door and punch you in the nose 🙂


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