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James and I continued our affair for the next few months, fucking in the jeep almost every night. In spite of all the discomforts, the sex was great. As a lot of couples do, we got to a point that we just had to have each other, and began stealing kisses and feels at work. I sucked his cock in the stock room one day, and missed being caught by about 10 seconds. Both of us would have been fired, so we decided to cool it at work, and just fuck in the jeep after work. Even with the new self imposed rules at work, I would rub my tits on his back if we passed close enough, or lick my lips suggestively if I caught his eye from across the room.

One day I was wanting him so badly I considered having him fuck me in the stock room. He was more cautious because he couldn’t afford to loose his job with a new baby coming and turned me down. I asked him (more like begged) if I could find somewhere safe would he fuck me. He did agree to that.
One of the older girls at work had an apartment nearby. I told her I was having really bad cramps, and would she let me go to her place and lay down for a while. She gave me her key, and with a sly wink, said “enjoy ” seems I wasn’t fooling anyone.

I got to the apartment before James, and went to the bath room and got a towel to put under us, washed my pussy, and dabbed some of her perfume behind my knees,and on my neck. When he finally got there I was sitting on the bed, the towel spread, and no panties on ,waiting for him..It suddenly occurred to me, I had never had sex in a bed before .I was about to share this bit of trivia when James came in, but he had his pants down to his knees by the time he got from the door to the bed, his cock was half hard and swinging side to side. He put his cock in my face and said “suck it bitch”. Hummmm this was a new one, it was always “honey” and “baby” before. I ignored his remark and took him in my mouth and savored the smell gaziantep lezbiyen and taste of him, and the feel of his cock growing in my hand and mouth. I reached under my skirt with my free hand and started to rub my pussy, moaning around his cock head, never slowing with my sucking. He made me stop sucking him and fingering my pussy so we wouldn’t cum, and had me undress all the way. I lay back on the bed and spread my legs wide wiggling my ass in an obscene invitation, showing him that my pussy was wet and wide open, and ready for his big cock.

He said “not yet” and got on his knees between my legs. He had licked my pussy lots of times before, and I liked it, but I wanted him to fuck me, I needed him inside me. He kissed and licked his way up my legs, biting when he got to the fleshy part of my thighs, his hands reaching up pinching my breasts and nipples. Something other than the bed was different today, James was like a different man, he had never been rough with me before, he was making sure I knew he was in charge this time. I cried out when he bit my thigh close to my pussy, but the next instant he had his tongue in me, making my ass bounce around , and my legs open even wider for him. He took my clit between his lips,and flicked it with his tongue, his fingers were digging in to my pussy, he had 3 fingers made in to a cone and was in me to his knuckles. He licked and fingered me for a few minutes, then another first, slipped his little finger in to my ass, and was finger fucking my pussy and ass while he nibbled at my clit. In spite of the pain I started responding to this new James, fucking back on to his fingers, moaning from the finger in my ass. He stopped and turned me over on my tummy. I tried to get away, and said “please James don’t fuck me back there, you will kill me”. He slapped my ass and said shut up bitch, (again with the bitch) what had I done to piss him off? I did shut up though, but he slapped my ass again anyway, a stinging slap that brought tears to my eyes. I was afraid to ask what I had done, and suffered through a half dozen more slaps to my ass. Then he was fingering my pussy again, and would stop and slap my ass, then finger fuck me more. I cant explain what happened to me, but I found myself raising to meet his fingers, and the slaps on my ass. Each stinging blow causing feelings deep in my pussy till I exploded on his fingers, and had one of the best orgasms of my life.

My ass was burning, and probably beet red, the bed spread wet from my tears, and I had never wanted to be fucked so badly in my life. I was chanting “fuck me James , fuck me , fuck meeeee. He just sat there, and told me to tell him what I wanted. I said “I want you in me”. Not good enough he said. So I changed it to,” I want you to fuck me”. Still not what he wanted, he slapped my ass three more times and said I could do better. Finally I was begging him in terms I wasn’t even aware that I knew. “put your big cock in my hot cunt “ I begged, “fuck me bowlegged” I wailed. I was still on my belly and felt him get between my legs, I was at a point that I didn’t care where he put his big cock, as long as it was in me. He held my pussy lips open and plunged deep in to me, bringing a low guttural moan from somewhere inside me. He was still on his knees, and leaned back and spit on my ass, and rubbed it in with his fingers, he mixed some of my pussy juices with it and pushed his fingers in to my almost virgin ass. He was fucking my pussy hard and deep , grunting, and getting deeper each stroke. Then I was cumming again, my contractions causing pain in my ass with his fingers in there, but a glorious feeling in my pussy with his big cock scraping the tender folds of my willing pussy., Before my contractions had stopped he pulled out of my pussy and placed the head of his cock against my ass and started pushing , trying to get it in my tiny hole. The pain was almost unbearable,If I hadn’t been in the middle of an orgasm I might have tried to get away from him. His cock slipped past my tight ring and in to my ass, I was screaming in to the mattress, my ass was being ripped apart, and by James, my lover, who didn’t seem to even care. He lay on my back, fucking me,reaching under me pinching my nipples, not seeming to notice my dry sobs. I was able to get my hand under me and start rubbing my clit, and made some of the pain go away. The more I rubbed my clit, the more I started to enjoy the new feeling in my ass, James was kissing my back and neck. I started fucking back on to his big cock, and was getting that feeling that I loved, and knew I was about to cum, James had most of his cock in me now, and pounding my ass hard, and was near cumming himself. We came as close to cumming at the same time as we ever had, his cock shooting pulse after pulse of hot cum in to my ass. My pussy and ass,were both squeezing and milking , my clit was so painfully sensitive I had to stop rubbing it, the contractions had become mini bursts, seeming as though they would never stop, Then it was over. He lay on my back, breathing in my ear, and as I started coming back to somewhat normal my ass began hurting and I crawled away from him, his big cock slipping out of me. He held me from behind, and said “you’re a complete woman now” and “that pussy and ass are both mine”. I was in no condition to argue.

The towel was in a wad and had not done anything to protect the bed, I cupped my hands under my pussy and ass and ran to the bath room, leaking cum along the way. After I had cleaned myself up, I went back out, and James was already gone. There was a big wet spot where we had been fucking. I had no idea how I was going to explain it. Luckily she never asked about it, but I did notice her giving James smoldering looks when she thought i wasn’t watching.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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