Jay’s Love Slave Ch. 01

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Jay Ryan was an up and coming pop singer with striking voice, and a revolutionary sound. A throwback to an earlier era, he had little boy looks and small town charm.

He also had a reputation as a straight laced, “boy next door” type who went to church every Sunday, called his mom regularly and boasted a clean and moral lifestyle, one that his record label and management people touted as worthy of the “role model” that he had become.

Jay arrived on the pop music scene in a relatively short span of time; in the six month period since having been featured on a hot reality series and winning the grand prize of a recording contract, Jay was the center of a flurry of activity, wealth, fortune and fame.

With such fame, also came other “perks”.

One “perk” that Jay hadn’t planned on was a rather rabid following of female admirers who sometimes went to extremes in the pursuit of a glimpse of their idol.

Marcy Rivers was one such admirer, pushing the envelope, ending up with more than she bargained for.

And Jay Ryan, it seems, wasn’t the “straight laced boy next door” after all.

They met when Marcy broke into Jay’s apartment.

She had passed herself off to the security as a cleaning woman, hired by Jay. She was intent on meeting her “idol” and didn’t care to think of the consequences.

After being “discovered” hiding in his closet, she initially told him that her name was “Tawny”. She was fearful that he would call the authorities on her and have her arrested for breaking and entering.

After considerable coaxing, Jay was able to convince “Tawny” that he wouldn’t call the authorities—at least not right away.

Instead, he would make her his “slave”.

That he didn’t reveal this little concession to Marcy right away, was entirely another story.

Marcy left Jay’s apartment that fateful night with a false sense of security, a giddy feeling of triumph over having met her idol, and little knowledge of what lay before her.

No, Jay wouldn’t teach her the lesson she needed to learn by any conventional means. Instead he would use his grip on her to his advantage; she would learn a different way.

Their initial meeting, though awkward, led them to a very different type of relationship, and Marcy xslot was in for a very bumpy ride on the road to becoming a submissive.

Before Jay released her from his apartment that fateful night, he issued her a warning:

“I won’t call the police, but don’t think I’m done with you. I am not. When I call you, you will come. Defy me, and I will contact the authorities and have you arrested”

Pretty ominous words, but Marcy wasn’t sure whether his threat was real or not.

He had such a reputation as being an all around “nice guy” that she could not fathom him following through on such a dark threat.

Add to the fact that he’d fixed her dinner the night of the “break in” and Marcy pretty well thought she had skirted the event, scout free.

One thing, however, was niggling at her.

She didn’t even understand the “When I call you, you will come” part.

Her head was spinning and she simply wanted to put the embarrassing episode behind her.

Two days after breaking into Jay’s home, she awoke with a headache. Marcy picked herself up from the bed and headed straight into the bathroom.

Turning on the shower full force, she tried to get the water as hot as she could without scalding her skin. Her head was spinning, the room felt like it was in motion, the blood rushed to her face making her feel like a thousand little needles were poking into her skin all at once.

She undressed and stepped into the shower, letting the water pour over her head, shoulders and the rest of her body. She grabbed a washcloth and started to scrub herself vigorously, using more soap than normal. The water trickling over her skin, hitting her back felt good, and made her tense muscles relax a little bit.

She was trying to forget the events of the past few days, and so long as she remained in the shower, she could focus on the soap, the water and the warmth and comfort of the combination rather than the predicament she found herself in with Jay.

She closed her eyes as the water streamed down her neck and back, leaning against the shower stall wall.

Running her washcloth-clad hand over her breasts, belly and down to her mound, she visualized Jay’s face on tv, the seductive expressions being delivered just to her. xslot Giriş

She pressed her own fingers into her love lips, and stroked herself again and again until she climaxed hard against the shower wall, uttering his name as she convulsed and writhed under her own hand.

“Jay…oh god Jay…” she moaned softly.

She opened her eyes to see a figure standing outside the shower door, watching her performance.

She froze immediately.

She could not see the figure clearly through the obscured glass pattern, but she could only guess it was Jay. The outline of his body distinct enough for her to make the connection.

Jay spoke, his voice hushed, low.

“That was quite a performance, Marcy dear.” he said.

“Now do it AGAIN.” he ordered, this time his voice loud, thundering, bouncing off the walls of the bathroom.

Marcy felt a knot at the pit of her stomach. She turned around to face the side wall of the shower stall, her back now facing Jay.

“Marcy, baby, DON’T make me come in there after you…” he sneered.

“No!” she shouted over her shoulder.

“Go away!” she jabbed, burying her face in the washcloth, mortified that he had witnessed her masturbating, still fantasizing about him.

“Marcy, dear. You KNOW that I have spoken to the security guard at my home. He remembers you quite well.” Jay advised.

“He also has a direct line to the chief of police. May I remind you that you broke into my home. You have committed a crime and all I need to do is place one little phone call and you will be confined like a little jail bird” his voice was steady, unwavering.

It scared the heck out of Marcy.

“Now, do you also remember what I told you before I let you go the other night?” he continued, his voice almost menacing.

“I—I—” she tried to speak, but her voice was gone.

“I told you that I wasn’t done with you. I mean what I say and I say what I mean” he warned her.

“Now, I expect an encore of your performance. DO IT AGAIN” his voice boomed against the bathroom walls.

Marcy stood there shaking like a leaf, unable to move her hands or feet from their current position.

Jay opened the shower door and turned off the water. His steady firm xslot Güncel Giriş hands turned Marcy around to face him.

She was afraid to open her eyes, but the water dripping from her hair into her face, made her instinctively wipe her forehead and rub her eyes, opening them in the process.

Jay’s eyes were boring right into hers.

A jolt of electricity shot through her innards, going straight to her love mound.

Jay pushed her back into the shower wall and kissed her mouth hard, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth, probing her lips and searching for her tongue. He guided her hands to her mound and softly traced the outer lips of her mound with her fingers, his atop hers, leading the way.

Marcy took his lead and thrust her fingers into her walls, probing, swirling around her love knot.

Jay’s hands gently cupped Marcy’s breasts as she circled her own nub with her fingers and wiggled her hips to the motion of her hands.

Jay lightly flicked her nipples with his fingers, scraping his nails over the flat tops.

Marcy shuddered and stopped her fingers from stroking her button as the sensation caught her by surprise.

“Don’t stop” he breathed into her ear, his breath hot, sexy.

Her fingers continued to circle and stroke her engorged knot, while Jay traced his fingertips from her nipples to her naval. She pressed hard into the shower wall, her head tilted back against the wall, eyes closed again.

The climax was starting to build. Marcy felt the pressure in her tight thighs, her pelvis starting to warm dramatically.

“Open your eyes, Marcy, and look at me” Jay commanded.

She did as he said, without thinking, only responding to the physical need as she was already on the edge of climax.

His eyes met hers, and devoured her, teasing, flirting, tearing deep into her gut.

The facial expressions which so earlier make her uncomfortable and slightly aroused now literally send her spiraling out of control in a mind blowing climax.

“Oh my god…Jay…on my god…” she screamed as her pelvis and hips bucked violently.

Jay kissed Marcy softly on the lips, letting his tongue skim along the lines of her lips. His eyes bored into her again. He handed her a towel, wrapped her in it and led her towards her bedroom…

“I can see we have more work to do” he hissed into her hear as his fingers trailed the edge of her shoulder.

They entered the bedroom, and Jay softly lay Marcy on the bed.

To be continued…

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