Jen Likes to Cum

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The following are stories or chapters of my life based on true-life experiences with some of my own fantasies added in so as to embellish and satisfy my own lust. It took me a while to write this first chapter as I could only get so far along before getting so turned on that I had to take break and take care of business. Now that I got this first chapter out, I hope to be able to post the next chapters regularly. I would love some feedback I go along as well.


Jenny had just walked in the front door of her apartment and started going through her mail. One of the ads she spotted as she fished through the junk mail caught her eye. It was an add for a vacation resort and it had a very attractive and shapely woman in a skimpy bikini walking along the beach which just set Jenny off.

Unconsciously, Jenny’s hand started down her taught belly and then toward the top of her low cut and tight fitting jeans. Jenny then paused slightly to ponder whether to slide her hand over or under her jeans. It was a short pause, as her decision was quick and it was decided to go inside her jeans, passed her thong and then through the small and well-trimmed patch of soft honey blond hair.

Just before she reached the outer lips of her pussy, Jenny stopped herself and regained her composure and thought to herself my God, I can’t go 5 minutes without something turning me on, setting my hands in motion and my mind racing with sexual energy. She thought, boy I should write a book about my crazy sexy life.

You see, Jenny had been an insatiable sexual being since she first discovered the kind of sensations her body could provide her. That’s right, just lying there on her bed one night; Jenny fond out what her fingers could do to her pussy to make her feel sensations. Wonderful sensations.

As Jen’s self-exploration of her body continued, she found that other parts of her body could also yield tremendous sensations and pleasure too. Her nipples were so sensitive that she would play with them for hours just rubbing and pinching and making them so long, hard and achy until they felt like they would just burst.

Eventually, Jen found herself masturbating pretty much every day. The only time or reason she wouldn’t was when she was otherwise occupied and her attention could not drift away toward pleasuring herself.

As a grown woman of 28 years old, Jenny has the kind of body that looks like she worked out at the gym regularly but really doesn’t. She enjoys going to the gym a few times a week just to keep fit and tone and of course, checking out the other hard bodies also turns her on. She has absolutely perfect 36C boobs that are nice and soft but also round and firm.

From the years of pinching, pulling and teasing, Jenny’s nipples are long and still point up and out at a slight angle. They get even longer and as hard as pebbles from just a cool breeze or the light brush from her clothes. They indeed have a mind of their own. Just like her clit and pussy bursa otele gelen escort do.

She had read on the Internet that some women could cum just from nipple play alone and so, Jenny tried many times but she could not. After hours of play, she could only get so close it would drive her mad with anticipation. But not until she actually touched her clit does she explode into an orgasm. Most times, it just takes a few seconds after starting in on that wonderful magic button of hers that she cums.

And cum she does. Jenny is the kind of girl that doesn’t usually stop at one orgasm if she has the time. No she prefers to writhe around in her bed and play her body like a finely tuned instrument for hours and just cum and cum and cum.

Jenny also orgasms rather quickly and easily compared to other women. During sex or when she masturbates, her first orgasm can usually happen in less than a minute when she wants it. Yeah, that’s right. Worse than a boy.

The fact that Jenny cums so quickly is no concern to her. As a matter of fact she likes it about herself because if one doesn’t satisfy her, she knows she could have another or another or another or as many as she wants to. She is a cuming machine when she wants to be. The only thing that ends Jenny’s masturbation sessions is when there is something she needs to do or she physically just can’t continue. Because she is so physically fit, she rarely reaches that point.

Although Jenny is consumed by sex or more accurately, by pleasure, she is actually a very responsible and driven young woman. Her crazy and ever present sex drive didn’t get in the way of her studies during her college years and even through law school. Jenny graduated at the top of her class and now working at a prestigious law firm.

Boy, if they only knew at the office what Jenny is really like because, Jenny never mixes business with her pleasure. As a matter of fact, everyone at the law firm thinks that although Jenny is an attractive woman, she’s actually kind of boring. Head strong and always focused on work and accomplishment. Yep, if they only knew.

Anyway, you are now a little familiar with Jenny’s background; here is her story and her adventures. Her sexual adventures!

Jenny realized rather quickly in life that she was different from most girls. She could tell that just in the way they discussed boys and sex.

You see, for some reason, Jenny didn’t just get turned on during their discussions of boys but it also turned her on just being around her girl friends and thinking about them too. Summer time meant that her and her girl friends would wear short shorts and skimpy tops. This kept Jenny thinking about sex most of the day.

By the time Jenny would get home after being out all day and before she went to bed, she would have to take care of business. She would slowly start to rub her hands all over her body. Tugging and pulling at her nipples. Making them escort bayan hard and long. Rubbing her wet no, soaking wet pussy and clit.

She simply loved the feel of rubbing her hands all over her body. The feel of her smooth soft skin. Jenny usually liked masturbating without teasing herself much. She liked going straight at it. Making her clit hard and popping out of its hood. Her juices running out her pussy and down the crack of her ass until soaking her bed sheets.

One of, or more better put, one of a few distinguishing things about Jenny is that her pussy juices continuously when she masturbates and in such great amounts that by the time she has her first orgasm the sheets are soaked with her juices.

After Jenny would achieve her first orgasm, Jenny would keep rubbing her hard clit until she came again and often times, again and again. Riding each wave of each orgasm. Then it would seem like she is riding each orgasm as they melt into each other while Jenny’s mind would be lost in a pleasurable wave of lust and abandon. Finally, when she decided she had enough, then finally she could drift off to sleep and dream. Most times of sex.

One day, Jenny woke up in her usual way. As she slowly came to, she lazily tossed and turned a little and started to rub her pussy. Soon, she had her first orgasm of the day. Much like some people wake up to a cup of coffee, Jenny woke up to a really good cum.

Because Jenny was home from college for the summer break, she would normally lie there in her bed for a little while and continue to rub her nipples and clit until she had maybe 2 or 3 and sometimes 4 good cums to start the day. But today after her first cum, Jenny was up and out of bed and into the shower because her closest friend Ashley would be over soon and her and Jenny were headed up to Jenny’s parents lake house for the July 4th weekend.

It was already eight o’clock and Ashley, a college classmate of Jen’s, was probably on her way over. Jenny lived away at college during the semester but during summer break she lived with her parents in a rather small and modest home but Jenny was fortunate to have her own bathroom off her bedroom. So, Jenny had complete privacy within her own home. She could masturbate and cum anytime of day or night.

While some might think of this as unhealthy or some kind of obsession, Jennifer came to realize that masturbating and orgasms just felt good. Why should she deny herself the pleasure her body could provide? Why not indulge her mind and body whenever she could or wanted to?

Anyway, while Jenny was showering, she just could not help but play with herself. Jenny started rubbing and pinching her nipples. Since she only orgasmed the one time in earlier in bed, it was just to tempting to start rubbing her pussy again as the water from the showerhead ran down her taught and golden tanned body.

Jenny’s nipples must have been extending a good 2 inches as she twisted and pulled mudanya escort on them with one hand while her other hand was rubbing her pink pussy lips. Coaxing her clitoris to once again pop back out of the delicate folds of her inner pussy lips.

Jenny’s bathroom consisted of a tub and a glass enclosed stand up shower that faced a large window. This thought turned Jenny on whenever she masturbated in the shower because she imagined strangers were watching her in this highly aroused state. But in actuality and Jenny knew it, the way their house was situated there was no chance of anyone being able to witness Jenny as she played with her magnificent body. It was just a fantasy. One of many.

Meanwhile, as Jenny was enjoying herself in the shower, Ashley pulled up into Jen’s driveway, got out of her car and walked up the front door and rang the doorbell. “Hello Ashley,” Jenny’s mom said. Are you Jen ready for a fun weekend at the lake? The fireworks are on Saturday night and I’m sure the two of you will have a really great time.

“Yes,” Ashley said, “I’m looking forward to it.” Jenny’s mom instructed Ashley to go on up to Jenny’s room to see if she was ready to go. Ashley went up the stairs and turned to Jenny’s bedroom door and knocked. Ashley summoned, “Jenny are you ready?” No response. Ashley pushed opened the door and peeked in and did not see Jenny but heard the shower running. Ashley entered Jenny’s bedroom and sat down on the bed deciding to wait there until Jenny was finished with her shower.

However, after a few minutes and some odd noises, Ashley made her way over to the bathroom door and peeked in. Ashley saw and watched Jenny’s naked wet body. Her hands moving about pinching and pulling her long hard nipples. Her hand buried between her legs.

Then, Ashley saw Jenny cum. Her head thrown back with her shoulder blades resting up against the tiled wall. Her body arching and then convulsing and spasming for what seem like forever. As Ashley watched, her hands began to caress her own young body without Ashley even realizing.

Ashley played with herself as she focused on Jenny’s amazing tits and nipples. The sensations she was experiencing were so new to her. She had never seen anyone, let alone Jenny, in such a highly aroused state. Nor had she played with her own delicate pussy in such a way. But she took it all in and was enjoying the moment immensely.

Meanwhile, Jenny started to cum again then again one more time. As Ashley continued to watch, she was now feverishly rubbing her own now dripping pussy and clit mimicking Jenny actions.

The intense feeling of an orgasm was building up inside Ashley, which she never felt before. Finally as Ashley’s first ever orgasm hit her, she let loose with an uncontrollable moan. “Whose there,” Jenny nervously yelled out?

Ashley quickly composed herself and replied, “It’s me Ashley.” Are you ready to go? “Just a few minutes,” Jenny replied. As Jenny’s last orgasm subsided she wondered, “Did Ashley see me?”

Jenny was less horrified by the thought of Ashley witnessing her masturbating than she was intrigued. But never-the-less, unbeknown to both girls, this event set in motion something that would have lasting impact on the rest of their lives. Their sex lives that is.

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