Jenna’s Erotic World Ch. 04

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A Night to Remember Jenna

After a week of normal nights, I was dying for a repeat of the action from the previous Saturday. Tony didn’t know but I had gone to visit an adult shop for the first time while he was at work. I had never seen so many sex toys, magazines, videos, fantasy clothing and other paraphernalia. I had never known there were so many aspects to sex. I really had led a secluded life! I decided that I was going to buy somethings to “expand” my knowledge.

I picked up a large vibrator, some sensual lubricant to go with it and a pornographic magazine that showed men and women in what I thought would have been impossible positions.

While I was doing the weekly shopping, I saw a bottle of Mango Vodka and I started thinking back to when Tony and I were teenagers and just started going out. My drink then was always Vodka and Lemonade. “Damn it” I thought to myself. “Time to relive the good old days”, so I bought the bottle.

When Friday night came Tony and I relaxed in front of a movie. After the movie ended, I grabbed a drink. I decided I wanted some of the Vodka and lemonade I’d thought about that day. I asked if Tony wanted a drink. When he asked what I was pouring I told him that it was a spring drink and I wanted to look at doing some cocktails. I poured generous mixes and before I knew it half the bottle was gone. I was giggling at everything, especially the sexy cocktail names Tony and I were looking through.

When I suggested an AMF Tony asked what it stood for. I said the first thing that popped into my head.

“All Male Flavour.” I said giggling at the cheeky thought that popped into my head.

“And what is an All-Male Flavour?” Tony enquired.

“It tastes like semen!” I burst out laughing not being able to contain my mirth any longer.

Tony laughed with me, but he also closed the distance between us. He took my head in his hand and drew me to him for a deep passionate kiss. Right, then I wanted him to fuck me like I had never been fucked before. The images of the men and women in the magazine I had hidden under the mattress kept coming to mind.

He then took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. I was feeling very relaxed, the vodka doing its magic. We lay on the bed, fully clothed and he began to kiss me with some Hd Porno heat.

“You’re all scratchy!” I said feeling like someone had rubbed sandpaper on my face.

He quickly offered to shave of which I was thankful.

As he went into the bathroom, I quickly undressed, removing my bra and nickers as quickly as possible. I got under the covers and pulled them up to my neck. I like to sleep in pyjamas and Tony knows this. He would be very surprised to get into bed and find me completely naked.

When he climbed under the covers and snuggled up to me his reaction was what I expected. He felt my warm naked body and immediately his mouth sort mine out. His hand went straight to my breast squeezing it and rubbing his thumb over my nipple making it very erect. He began to kiss and bite my neck working his way down until I felt his wet raspy tongue licking my hard and almost painfully sensitive nipple. I sighed in pleasure as his other hand worked its way around my back. He gently ran his nails from the nape of my neck to the small of my back sending electric shocks of pleasure coursing through me. He then cupped one of my ass cheeks and squeezed them, almost as if he were testing a ripe melon. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and pushed his probing finger into my wet pussy. I moaned as I felt him explore my moist mound.

I pushed him back and started to kiss his neck making long hot wet circles with my tongue. I worked my way down his chest, his stomach and then further still to his hard cock. I felt the wiry hair of his pubes with my tongue as I licked the base of it. I grasped hold of his erect shaft and pulled it to my mouth. I had begun to enjoy the feel and texture of his penis and especially enjoyed the moans of complete passion that came from Tony when I licked the tip of his engorged head, running the tip of my tongue along the slit at the top. I could taste the salty sweetness of his pre come.

I then took him into my throat as deep as I could go. I played with his balls in one hand, gently squeezing and rolling them around in my palm. When I thought, Tony was going to come, I pulled his cock from my mouth and said to him “My Turn” and turned myself around, placing my backside over Tony’s face.

He spread my ass cheeks wide exposing me fully Türkçe Altyazılı Porno to his lusty stare. My pussy and asshole were completely open for his pleasure. Suddenly I felt his tongue begin to lavish my tight anal bud. I moaned in pleasure. I had never let Tony touch me there but tonight I was open to new experiences, and this was a taboo I was dying to try.

Tony worked his tongue around and in, deeper and deeper. My cunt had begun to drip as my excitement grew. Tonys fingers slithered into my tight pussy. Suddenly Tony whispered to me “Can I put my fingers in you?” This was exciting. My stomach had butterflies. “Yes” I whispered. “Use the lube in the top draw”. I heard him open the draw and open the tube of lube. Next, I felt the smooth sticky feel of something wet being smeared on the opening of my anal passage. I held my breath thinking back to the previous weekend when Jase was fucking me in a similar position, suddenly I felt Tony’s finger push deep into my bum hole. I gasped in pure rapture of the moment. I was doing something I had always felt was off limits. I could tell that Tony was turned on. His throbbing cock twitched in excitement in front of my face. I kissed and licked the engorged purple head enjoying the feel of his fingers exploring my forbidden entry. His tongue continued its amazing work on my pussy.

Suddenly I was taken with an idea. I remembered the previous weekend when my backside was slapped and how it made me feel. “Spank me!” I suddenly said. I could feel Tony hesitate as he said “What?” I repeated myself. ” Spank me”. I wanted Tony to slap my ass. The idea of being punished by Tony was making me hot. Suddenly there was a loud slap and a biting sting in my generous ass cheeks. The sting was replaced by a rapid warmth that spread from where he slapped me moving outwards. I groaned. “Again. Harder” I gasped out. Another loud slap and an even more intense pain. Again, and again his hand came raining down on my bare ass, each one making a loud noise like that of a gunshot. Each time his hand made contact with my ass cheeks I felt a stabbing pain that immediately became a burning warmth that spread all over my backside and towards my already drinking cunt.

I pushed myself more onto his face Brazzers so his tongue could greedily lick my juices. I had Tony’s cock in front of me, his legs spread wide in these 69 positions we were in. I could see his balls hanging low and a dirty thought filled my head. I reached for the lube and coated my fingers with it. I took Tony’s throbbing rod in one hand. I took my lubricated index finger and pushed it deep in his bum hole. I heard him grunt in surprise then moan, especially as I took his penis head in my mouth and began to work it like a lollipop.

I could feel Tony was close to coming so I stopped. I had other plans. I rolled off him and lay on my side with him behind me. He lifted my leg up and thrust his cock like a spear into my wet slick pussy. I could feel his long warm member sliding in and out, rubbing my clit with each stroke. I was rapidly approaching orgasm. Tony began to kiss then bite my neck sending electric shocks running down my spine. I reached over and grabbed his hair as he sucked deeply on my neck.

I had not finished with my experiments tonight and before Tony shot his load, I wanted to try one more thing.

“Fuck my asshole” I said in a low voice.

“Are you sure?” I could hear the excited yet incredulous tone in Tonys voice.

“Yes, yes please do it. I want to feel your cock in my ass.” I breathed.

I felt him pull out of my pussy. I could hear him fiddling with the tube of lubricant. He moved on closer, and I lifted my legs wider to give him clear access to my virgin bum hole. I felt him press his thick cock head against the tight sphincter of my anus. He pushed gently. My asshole began to stretch open to swallow him. I suddenly inhaled as his thick girth continued to stretch my poor ass passage. He was huge and I was not sure this was a good idea. I gritted my teeth. Suddenly he was always in. I breathed a sigh of relief. Now that I had been stretched, I could feel him move in me. It was a different feeling. I felt like I had to push him out. The muscles of my ass contracted. When it did, I could feel him moan. I realised I was milking his cock with my ass. I turned over my shoulder and we began to kiss as he thrust his thick rod into my deep back passage, while I clenched and unclenched my muscles, “milking” him. Suddenly Tony grabbed my hips and thrust hard and deep as he began to shoot his hot sticky come deep into my ass.

I was exhausted. I had had an amazing experience and pushed myself beyond anything I had ever done. Tony wrapped his arms around me and in the warmth of his embrace we both fell asleep.

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