Jennifer Rides More than the Subway

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It was quitting time on Friday. All the downtown commuters were busy rushing to the train to find a precious postage stamp sized piece of real estate, or if the gods shone upon them that day, and actual seat. The gods were frowning on Jennifer. It seems she had taken too long to change from her work shoes into her walking shoes and she had arrived at the train station at just the perfect time. Just in time to see the last seat being taken and not late enough to avoid being herded all the way to the back of the car to stand in the isle. There she stood… one arm up in the air holding onto the strap for leverage, the large pink bag weighting it down from the shoulder, the other arm crossed in front of her around her waist so she doesn’t end up grabbing the briefcase that’s attached to the man behind her. “Man,” she thought to herself “could he at least pull that back a bit?”

She turned around to see what the problem was and noticed that the briefcase was back as far as it could go. Turns out, there was only one very thin man between her and the back wall of the Train. He was holding that briefcase up against the wall already. “Great,” she thought “I’m going to have to put up with this briefcase bumping into my hip the whole ride home.”

So there she stood, staring straight ahead into the back of the large stranger in front of her, briefcase on her right hip, left arm up in the air (untucking her shirt…argh!) with her pink bag on her left shoulder bumping into her left hip. Good luck keeping steady on this ride home.

At the next stop, even more people got on pushing her further to the rear of the train car. Now she could see that blasted briefcase protruding out in front of her a few inches. “At least the guy behind me has to deal with my bag like I get to deal with his.” she thought as she adjusted it on her shoulder again. Not thinking that was a nice thing, she put the bag on the ground and grabbed the overhead bar with the other arm, to give the previous on a break. The overhead bar a slightly higher that the strap so she had to reach, being the short woman that she is. This made the left side of her shirt come untucked from her skirt even more than the right hand side, but who would notice because the BREIFCASE IS STLL THERE!

One more stop and she starts feeling like a sardine. No, Sardines have more room. Peas in pods? No. You know those cars you see on the junkyard shows when they crush them into little cubes? Yeah, she feels like the steering wheel. She also feels something else. It’s slight, but it’s there. This guy behind her, briefcase man, is pressing his package against her! She can feel it through the black skirt and nylons she has on. There it is. That lump pressing against her right butt cheek. She moves her hips slightly to get just the slightest movement to check if what she’s feeling is what she thinks it is. With the swaying of the Train car on the tracks, it easy to make it seem like the train did it.

Her suspicions are confirmed right away as she feels a slight swelling of the bulge. “This has to be the guy’s dick I’m feeling,” she chuckled to herself. She chuckled for two reasons. First, how bad does it have to be that you are copping a feel with your dick Sivas Escort from some strange lady on the Train, and second, he’s really kind of small…”Well, he was a thin man,” as she chuckles again. She moves her hips a few more times to rub against his pencil penis just to see how long he’ll actually do this, and to see if she can get it to grow some, poor guy…at least it seems he likes what he’s feeling

Wondering if people are watching this, she takes a quick glance to the seats on the right of her. There’s two guys (give a girl your seats?) there. The one by the window is staring out the window, engrossed in his IPod, and the one close to her is reading some book. To the left is a woman in the window seat. Eyes closed. It looks like she’s gonna be on the train for a long time, and is used to it. Closest to her is another man reading some book with his headphones on. Not that they could see anything anyway because of the briefcase rubbing up against her hip!

“Wait…” she thought” If that briefcase is up against the back wall, so is Mr. Pencil penis. That means He’s not rubbing me…I’m rubbing him!” She’d been letting the swaying of the Train car do all of her dirty work for her, not knowing that this guy didn’t ask for this. She can’t move much forward because of the very large man in front of her, but manages to roll her hips forward just enough to not to rub the skinny genie anymore.

Just then, the skinny man behind takes his hand off the overhead bar and slips it under Jennifer’s untucked shirt, puts his hand on her waist and gently pulls her back and begs “please don’t stop” in one of the kindest voices she has ever heard.

Leaving his hand on her waist made him move around a little more, so she didn’t have to do as much work to rub her ass on his dick. The Train did the side to side work that she was doing earlier, so she tried a little up and down motion thrown in. She also pressed a little harder now that both of them knew what was going on. Yep, he probably did have one of the skinniest dicks she had ever encountered.

Finally arriving at the first stop that lets people OFF the train, someone in a seat one row up from the back needs to get out. The man in front of Jennifer backs up as much as he can to let him out and in the process squeezes Jennifer completely up against skinny penis man. Taking advantage of the situation, he slides his hand from her waist around to her stomach and up between her breasts before the man in front gives more room. By the time the man in front of her is back to where he was before, skinny man’s hand is cupping her right breast underneath her completely untucked white button-up blouse.

Hoping to discourage this kind of behavior and continue with the pencil rubbing that she’s starting to enjoy now too, she leans forward and puts one hand on the back of the seats on either side of the isle. This will help grind her bottom into the thin man easier, and will also claim some valuable isle real estate at the same time. Unfortunately, bending over also makes her skirt start to ride up from the up and down motion. What to do…stand back up and loose isle space? Stay bent over and let the skirt ride up? “Reach back Sivas Escort Bayan and pull it back down” she decides.

When she reaches back to pull the skirt down with her left hand, she has to put it between her butt and the pencil package, in effect grabbing both and pulling down. Although pulling isn’t what happened. More like rubbing. The skirt went nowhere because of the briefcase still rubbing against the left hip, and his pant went nowhere because, well, they were zipped, but as soon as she shot the hand back behind her, he pulled her closer with the a hand on her waist and pinned her hand right there on his penis. He pulled her in tight as if to say again “please don’t stop.”

Jennifer turned her hand around and gently grabbed his crotch. She rolled him around in her hand enough to know that this might very well be the skinniest penis she had ever seen or even heard about. Not pencil thin, that’s too mean. Marker? Sharpie? No. Remember those big pencils that you used in Kindergarten? The ones that were like twice the width of the regular pencils. Yeah, that big. About as long as that pencil, too probably a good 6 or 7 inches.

Another stop and more people get off, but the extra room doesn’t seem to reach the back of the train. Jennifer glances out the window on the right to check what stop they are at. Nowhere near her stop. The guy at the window has gone to sleep the guy in the aisle seat is still reading his book. A quick glance to the other side confirms that the briefcase is blocking their view from what she is doing. As soon as the Train starts up again, she decided to find out exactly how small this guy’s dick really is. She reaches up and zips his pants open, slips her hand inside and wraps her hand around his warm penis. To her it feels like a curling iron that’s warming up, and not the one for the big curls.

Skinny man takes his unzipping as a hint and takes his hand off her waist and starts to lift her skirt the rest of the way so that her bottom is covered only with the nylons. He runs his hand around her hip under her skirt and directly to her crotch. The skinny hand and the softness of the nylons light up her pussy like lights in the tunnels the Train goes through. She wiggles her hips as if to say “please don’t stop.”

She stands up straight to give him better access to her crotch and gives his thin dick a squeeze of encouragement, but her pulls his hand back away, back around her hip, off her body and up to the bar above leaving the only contact between them her hand on his dick and his briefcase that is keeping her skirt up above her hips.

After steadying himself, Jennifer feels a gentle push on the back of her shoulder. She bends over to take hold of the seatbacks as she did before as pencil man slips his hand inside her pantyhose and caresses her bottom. He moves from cheek to cheek all the while pulling her pantyhose and panties underneath down over her hip so that her entire bottom is naked and exposed. She quickly glances down and to the right and sees that the book is still open and as he turns the page, skinny man slips his penis into her wet and waiting pussy.

He moves in and out with the rhythm of the train, Escort Sivas but the sensation doesn’t seem to be enough. Maybe size does matter. She reaches down with her hand and starts rubbing her clit while the skinny penis continues thrusting. She looks at the book again in the lap of the passenger in the seat to her right and notices he has a hard-on also. Does he see anything? What kind of question is that? I’m getting screwed right next to him. She tilts her head down a bit more and catches him watching out of the corner of her eye. She takes her hand off her clit and grabs the book and put it in his lap, grabs his hand and put it on her clit and rubs herself until the passenger in the seat gets the idea and does it on his own.

There she stands, slightly bent over, skirt above her hips, panties and pantyhose down around her thighs. One man rubbing her clit and slipping his other hand up her shirt while another man (with the smallest penis ever) screws her from behind on the train.

Just when she is about to cum from the rubbing (ok, maybe a bit from the screwing), pencil man pulls out. “He pulls out!” she screams in her head. “What, this is his stop or something? I was just about to cum?” as just as she’s finishing that question, he dives his skinny dick deep into her ass. “Whoa! now that’s some friction!” she moans, finally glad about his pencil size.

He pounds her ass while, and somehow hearing Jennifer’s cry for friction, book man shoves three fingers in to her waiting pussy. Finally Friction! In and out they course with the swaying train. In and out of the ass. In and out of the pussy. Sometimes in unison, sometimes opposite. The asynchronous pounding was too much for her as her knees buckled and she moaned as quietly as she could to not draw attention to herself.

She moaned so softly that the two men servicing her didn’t notice either. Pencil man finally came in her ass but book man seemed determined to make her cum some more, and that she did. Right after pencil man pulled out of her ass, the feeling of her anus going back to normal was enough to push her over the edge a second time. Thinking her screwing was done, she straightened her back a bit, but she saw book man nod quickly and then stand up to trade places with pencil man.

Book man entered her from behind and was significantly larger than the dick that had just been in there. She let out a small gasp as the larger dick entered her now dripping pussy. Since pencil man was able to sit down, he let himself fondle her breasts as book man pounded her from behind. No extra friction needed here! Jennifer came for a third time as she pressed her backside up against book man pinning him to the wall, and catching the attention of the book reading passenger on the other side of the aisle. He now had a great front row seat to a double screwing now that pencil man has taken his briefcase with him to the other side if the aisle!

“Like what ya see buddy?” Jennifer laughed to herself. “I wonder how big his dick is?”

Book man unloads a large volume of cum inside her as pencil man fondles her tits underneath her blouse. As he pulls out, with no briefcase to hold it up, Jennifer skirt falls over her hips again, concealing the juices and the heat of a double screwing. Just then, the train pull into her stop. She picks up her bag, says “thank you boys,” and with a wink and a quick courtesy, walks off, leaving her panties and nylons around her hips to let the juices run out on their own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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