Jennifer Visits Ellen

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For each of the past 6 or 7 years I have often spent a long weekend with an older woman (50-ish) who is dominant in all ways and brings out a submissive side of me that I never knew existed before I met her. (With all others I have always been the sexually dominant player) This relationship is very D/s and BDSM and involves what some will consider extreme sexual practices that are not generally accepted by most others. If you are offended by dominance, submission, the infliction of pain, watersports or scat play then you should not read this story.

I arrived at Ellen’s early Friday afternoon. By arrangement there was space for my car in her garage awaiting me as Ellen had mentioned when I called a few minutes before arriving. I parked, got out of the car, removed all of my clothes as required and walked into the house through the mud room and then into Ellen’s family room barefoot and naked. Ellen was there along with another woman, also in her fifties, Ellen immediately got up smiling and greeted me with a warm embrace and a nice tongue in my mouth kiss and then introduced me to Peggy, her sister, who also rose and greeted me with another hug. Ellen quickly explained that Peggy was visiting for a few weeks and I would be a plaything for both of them during my visit. I was initially very uncomfortable when I first saw another woman was present but as Ellen explained the relation and her expectation that I was there for their mutual pleasure I relaxed a little. After the greetings Ellen turned me various ways displaying me to Peggy.

Then she picked up a wide leather collar and buckled it around my neck while telling me that nothing was to change in my relationship to her, that I was to be her submissive without any reservations and in turn the same would apply to my relationship with Peggy. Ellen then insisted thatr I agree with my explicit understanding in my own words that this is what I also desired and I wished for them to have the use of me in any manner they cared to for the time that I would be with them. (She always begins our time together this way.)

Thru this typical beginning Ellen was fastening leather padded cuffs to my wrists and ankles and also cinched a wide leather belt tightly around my waist. Returning to her chair she had me go to my knees putting myself in between her legs and lifted her skirt exposing her very hairy pussy and told me to make love to her as she scooted her butt to the edge of the chair cushion. I could smell her pussy several inches before I reached it. The taste was as bitter as it was smelly but soon the taste improved measurably as she began secreting fresh pussy juice and the odor became unnoticeable before long.

Soon she rolled her knees further back to bring her ass hole to my access and it also was unclean with a fair amount of smeared shit surrounding her hole. Ellen looked down at me “Yes my Jenny, Clean all my shit while you’re there.” This immediately flashed a picture across my internal mind’s eye of Bob’s tongue bathing me almost every day back home. True to my dirty minded self I really got into the passion of eating her, licking, sucking and generating copious amounts of my own saliva turning her cunt and ass into a juicy mess. At the same time Ellen is saying “Oh Jenny, take as much time as you need but you must stay with it until you have me completely cleaned up,” She looked down at me, “Just keep licking Jenny.”

Peggy had gotten on the floor next to me to improve her view of this process and a couple of times grabbed my head and turned my face towards her to see and comment on the mess that was taking place all the while with Ellen telling her – see – isn’t she amazing – Jen is going to do everything we ask of her. I knew that she had surely made certain her ass would be dirty as part of her plans for me.

Peggy began taking close up pictures of our mess. Everything was pretty soupy and my entire face was completely slopped up with the brew I had created from my saliva, her girl juice and my liquefying of her dirty ass.

All of this was replicated almost exactly the same with me repeating the process with Peggy’s smelly cunt and dirty ass and with Ellen taking the pictures. All together I spent a couple of hours, with a few breaks and a few drinks of water, eating them and tongue cleaning their cunts and asses. As I said, my face was drenched with this mess and I was not allowed to clean my face until very late Friday night. I had many opportunities to see myself in the mirrors and I was a wild and crazy looking naked woman with a dirty face along with my collar, cuffs, and waist belt.

We had dinner in the kitchen with me remaining in this same dirty state (they had cleaned up somewhat) and after dinner I was taken into one of the bathrooms and put in a tub so they could both piss on me and into my mouth. It was late Friday night before I could take a shower. I had eaten a lot of pussy and eaten a lot of ass by the time I gratefully got a shower.

The three of us slept in Ellen’s king size bed – me in the middle (big surprise). Once during the night Peggy woke me with kisses uşak escort and then pushed my head down to her pussy which was now fresh from the showers we had all taken late in the evening. Clean at last, clean at last! I did enjoy her pussy, it is so juicy with girl secretions, strong tasting but good for my submissive feelings (go figure). I worked her position around to where I could also lick at her ass and move back and forth. Her ass was clean but plenty of ass and sweat smell. As I pushed my tongue into her anus I could both feel and taste some of her shit that seemed to be waiting for my tongue to reach it. Peggy evidently sensed this and I could feel her muscles tense and push. It was too dark for me to see well but my lips wrapped around a small amount of her turd that had pushed out of her ass and I took my time licking this protrusion of shit. After a few minutes I bit off the small portion that protruded allowing me to have a small piece of her shit in my mouth. Knowing I was taking a risk I pushed my head from between her thighs and moved my mouth up to her lips to see if she would let me share this tidbit with her. As I was moving towards her face, Ellen, who I sensed had been awake far at least a few minutes turned a lamp on just as I was placing my lips upon Peggy’s mouth. Immediately Peggy and I were eye to eye just as she was accepting my kiss and moving her tongue into my mouth. I kept my eyes locked onto hers, I knew she would immediately realize I had a piece of her shit in my mouth and I had no idea how she would react.

Much to my delight her expression brightened and she quickly sucked the little turd out of my mouth, swirled it around some and then pushed it back into my mouth. Somehow Ellen knew something odd was taking place between us and she grabbed a fistful of my hair and turned my face towards her in the light. Pulling my hair tightly she told me to open my mouth which I quickly did. She stuck her finger in my mouth and pulled the small piece of shit out holding it between two fingers and started laughing “Whose shit is this? Is this your shit Peggy?” Peggy laughed and said “It mine, put it back into Jen’s mouth, I want to watch her eat it.” Moments later they both watched me as I chewed the piece into a liquid slurry and first Peggy then Ellen tongue kissed me sharing what was in my mouth and the three of us swapped my slurry for the next few minutes. I glanced at the clock – 3:00 AM!

We all three got up and peed (separately) and Peggy and Ellen brushed their teeth and rinsed. When I moved to do the same Ellen pulled my wrist and said ‘no’, I was returning to bed with my nasty mouth to remain so until later in the morning. Peggy smirked and said I was fortunate that she enjoyed this entire event far more than she objected to my impertinence and sleeping with a dirty mouth for a few more hours was minimal punishment. Thankfully both of them viewed this in a favorable light.

But sleep evaded me for a while as I reviewed the events since my arrival. I was mildly regretful that Ellen had not yet done anything to fulfill my yearning to taste the erotic pain I knew was awaiting me. Also, since arriving, I had not yet received the intense orgasms I knew Ellen was so capable of bringing to me. Not that I had not had some deeply rewarding gratification from going down on both of the sisters including the nasty components of our play so far. I do so love making love to their pussies, the tactile sensation of licking, and sucking on each of them along with the tastes and aromas. However, I was pouting to myself that I also wanted to become the center of their oral aggressions. My mental solution – to verbalize my needs once the new day began. Then I finally found some much needed sleep for a few hours.

I was the last to fall asleep and the first to wake. Ellen was on her side with her back towards me. Peggy was asleep on her back. I scooted from under the sheet covering us without waking either and was able to get out the king bed without disturbing them. I slipped into the bathroom for another pee and then saw my face in the mirror. It looked like the face of a dirty street urchin. Smelled worse I’m sure but to my nose I had become odorless. I took this private opportunity to brush my teeth and get into the shower. When I returned to the bed area they were both still sleeping.

Heck, I need some company by now and I was all fresh and clean. I studied their sleeping positions and decided that it would be easiest if I began my fun with Peggy simply because she was the most exposed to my approach. I got myself between her legs and was able to get my tongue on the outer lips of her pussy with some long wet licks before she opened her eyes to see me licking her and watching her face at the same time. She smiled at me and gently nuzzled my head as she eased her legs further apart to offering me more comfortable access. Her cunt was dry when my tongue first lapped at her so I worked my throat to generate more spit and quickly had the outer lips nice and juicy from my licking. My hands were on her thighs and she van escort used her fingers to pull her pussy open for me to reach her inner folds which were beginning to moisten on their own creating a very pleasant aroma and taste, stimulating my desire to do my best as I also added some sucking kisses to my tongue licks. Peggy continued to hold her pussy open for my face so I used my hands to push her knees back and roll her ass up allowing me to tongue her more completely.

I had noticed at 3:00 when we each peed that Peggy had not defecated (somewhat surprisingly) so I was pretty sure when I had the chance to push my tongue back into her ass I would encounter a full rectum and I quickly confirmed exactly that. We were in eye contact with one another as this new round was going on and the room was brightly lit by sunlight. She knew my tongue was touching her shit at the moment I pushed it into her ass. I pulled my face back to say “My, my, such a nasty ass dear Peggy.” Then I pushed my index finger into her ass as we watched each other, both smiling at our mutual lewdness. I moved my finger about in her shit making sure it would be well coated when I removed it from her ass and then pulled my shit covered finger out of her. I held it up for her to see with a big grin on my face as I waved my dirty finger about a little. Peggy was grinning back.

By this time I saw that Ellen was awake and propped up on her elbows watching our nasty display. Then I moved my filthy finger to my mouth and began licking her shit off with my tongue. Once my finger was kind of clean I returned it back to her ass for another coating of her shit. This time when I pulled it out I extended my hand towards Peggy’s face offering her a taste not knowing what sort of reaction I would get. She grabbed my wrist and pulled my dirty finger into her mouth and began sucking her shit off of my finger much to my delight. Our first act of the morning and we were both sharing some more of her shit. I thought to myself ‘hmmm, a welcome partner in shit eating depravity.’ I had some concern that Ellen would decide that I was way out of line but as it turned out for me (fortunately) she liked this behavior.

Regardless, Ellen brought our play to a halt after watching us for a while longer and said that we needed to clean up once again, eat a breakfast and for me to get my mind into a more submissive demeanor for I was to have a very challenging day in front of me. She also told me not to defecate (I could already feel that my rectum was partially full as was normal for me each morning.)

After a relaxing breakfast Ellen said it was time for me to give up my status of equality that she had thus far tolerated and she wanted Peggy to see me reveal my true self as the submissive, depraved slut that I loved to be. And, of course, whenever I’m within Ellen’s sphere of influence I am her willing and ecstatic slut. I’m always confounded by how much of a total submissive this woman turns me into. Each time I have been with Ellen throughout the years I fall desperately in love with her for what she does to me.

We went to her play room and she had me lie down on my back on her medical exam table. She mounted the extensions for my arms and legs and fastened my leather cuffs to each. The leg extensions were the typical stirrups although padded. They were positioned for my knees to be bent and legs to be spread wide. The extensions for my arms were also padded and held my arms comfortably above my head (above if I was standing). The table section that was below my butt was moved away leaving me supported from my shoulders to the upper portion of my butt. All cushioned and actually comfortable. My knees and elbows were also strapped leaving me almost completely immobilized except for being able to turn my head.

Both Ellen and Peggy began massaging me with heavenly scented oil on every part of my body. The massaging was tender and erotic and they each took turns touching me everywhere from my toes, soles, cunt, anus, nipples, face, eye lids, and on my head. This went on for a deliciously long time. Although the massage was all over, everywhere, they did concentrate on my most sensitive areas. Both of them frequently kissing me and both of them dripping their saliva into my mouth, frenching me, sucking my fluids from my pussy and my mouth. No particular pattern and this was intensely erotic. I had several orgasms, not sure how many, impossible to count. My orgasms were being triggered not only from my pussy but from my anus and my nipples. It is not possible for me to explain the intensity of my reactions. After a very long time of enduring this incredible process they stopped and covered me with a blanket, turned the lights out (pitch black in this room) and left me by myself. For how long I do not know. I was so completely sated with the pleasure they had given me I think I fell asleep until they returned some time later.

When they did return there were two other friends of Ellen’s with them. Ellen explained that they were there to observe my further submission to her. At the erzincan escort same time Peggy whisked the blanket off of me. I was very embarrassed to be exposed to these strangers, quite humiliating considering how utterly spread open and helpless I was. The first action was for Peggy to lift my head allowing me to drink some water – I was very thirsty.

Then Ellen and Peggy began to repeat more of the erotic massage they had administered earlier and as they did so Ellen began an instructive narrative, pointing out how responsive my different body areas were to their manipulation, even though two strangers were observing all. Absolutely humiliating – pulling on the hair covering my pussy and pulling on the hair surrounding my anus, showing how my labia was swelling and stimulating my clit causing it to swell and protrude. Pointing out my secretions, how my juice was oozing towards my anus. Pulling my cunt open and stimulating my urethra making it respond with some swelling. Peggy was at the same time pinching and pulling on my nipples, biting them and also biting my lips, making them puffy.

I became highly charged, very sexually agitated as this continued on and I was again having mini-orgasms. My pussy was swollen and dripping. My anus, according to their remarks, dilated from Ellen’s fingers working it over. My nipples were so extended they were painfully swollen also.

The two women were somewhat matronly, fully dressed and in their fifties. Once I had reached this agitated condition Ellen began telling them that her slut was now ready to accept any deprivation, humiliation and pain that Ellen would inflict upon me. Ellen asked me if such was correct and I nodded my head. She said, oh no, no nodding, tell these friends of mine if indeed you agree with me. I knew the only answer was a clear “yes, mistress” and I quickly got the words out.

Then she asked me – are you a shit eating submissive slut? I knew I had to answer correctly and said yes. Then from Ellen as she slapped my face – yes what? “Yes, I am your shit eating submissive slut mistress.” (I knew this drill and knew I needed to pay careful attention to my answers to avoid another slap.) As this was taking place two of her fingers were in my ass churning the shit in my rectum. Ellen pulled her shit covered fingers out of my ass moved them to my now open mouth and I began licking them clean as I knew I must. This was repeated a couple of times as I listened to first a couple of gasps and then some humiliating comments as to indeed – “She really is a shit eater!”.

I knew that this was only the beginning of a very long session.

Ellen said – yes, a shit eater and a piss lover. Then she caused the exam table to lower itself as Peggy was lifting her smock in order to pee on me. Three of the four women present pissed on me – all over. They all three made sure I got some of their pee on my face and in my mouth. Then the same ritual from Ellen – you’re also a piss lover my dear – is that correct and I was sure this time to speak an answer that suited Ellen.

Let me say at this point how all of this was impacting my own psyche. It was very embarrassing knowing these two strangers were there watching my degradation and commenting on it. Playing with shit and piss has often been something I can enjoy, but only on a personal and intimate level and only with someone that in some way is dear to me. I barely knew Peggy for no more than 24 hours and had no idea she was going to be there (until then I didn’t know Ellen had a sister). Then these two strangers, about 15 years senior to me, evidently thoroughly amused by the D/s process taking place along with Peggy occasionally videotaping some parts of this scene, had me in a state of mortification and humiliation. But also present in my psyche was this odd sense of pride somewhere inside of my head that three of those present were seeing me accepting willingly from Ellen all that she was offering me. This part of me was exhilarated and loving what was taking place. In my mind’s eye I was also the fifth observer floating above me excitedly thrilled watching and admiring my debasement. Go figure!

So – there I was still oiled up from before, drenched in the piss of three women and savoring the dual taste of their piss and my own shit in my mouth.

Peggy told the others – let’s take a break and go have some refreshments. We’ll bring this slut with us so she can at least watch us enjoy ourselves and she needs to move about anyway so she is in shape for our next round of entertainment. They got me up and off the exam table, hooked my cuffs to me neck collar and clipped a short chain between my ankles and then Ellen fastened a leash to my collar and we all went to the kitchen. Ellen served some fruit and chilled wine. I was instructed to sit on the floor next to her and Ellen had Peggy put some fruit mixed with some of the wine in a bowl and told me to be sure to finish all of it. I knew this was mostly for the benefit of her friends’ amusement. I imagined this as part of the act Ellen wanted to present so I best do a proper job of acting it all out in silence. I eagerly lapped up my food and drink just as if I was her pet dog, on my knees with my face in the bowl and my ass sticking up as I was ridiculed. You know what – I may say it was part of an act but the fact is doing this in front of the others further aroused me as I acted like an animal.

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