Jennifer’s Belly Ch. 02 – Final

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***Please be thankful to my strong and sexy Master for allowing me to publish this work. I devote this work to him.***


Jennifer’s eyes flickered open, head swimming as consciousness brought her back. She felt a warm and wonderful sensation in her bellybutton and she let out a soft moan. As her eyes got used to the dim light she saw her captor. He bent down his head to her ear, his warm breath blowing over her skin.

“Was that all right? Not too much was it?”

“Of course, we agreed we would meet like this. I didn’t expect it at all which is exactly what I was hoping. Mmm, I’ve been looking forward to this for so long, to be in your grasp.”

She gave a small shudder as his finger continued to prod into her bellybutton, her skin felt like fire against the cold metal of the table.

“Are you ready for more? You look so sexy and I can barely control myself. But I want to make sure you know the safe word. Both verbal and nonverbal. Can you repeat them for me babygirl? Remember, call me Master.”

“Yes Master, the verbal phrase is ‘red light’ and the nonverbal is to blink my eyes rapidly.”

“Good girl. Call me Master Rob.” he lightly slapped her hip. “I thought I’d give you a little treat, something I know you’ve been wanting since we started talking.”

He swung himself up on the table, moving so that his stomach was positioned over her face with his eyes looking down at her stomach. He pressed his bellybutton against her lips, his hard abs rubbing against her nose.

“Lick.” He ordered, bringing his own lips down to her bellybutton.

Jennifer stuck out her tongue, a feeling of exhilaration running through her as she followed his order. It was such a simple one, but the single word oozed with his power and control over her. She dug her tongue deep into his bellybutton, licking and coating his bellybutton with saliva that dripped down onto her lips and cheeks. She moaned as she felt his tongue explore her sensitive hole. His tongue arching down and delving into the depth of her bellybutton, her hips quivering as her mound dripped and gushed. Juices running down her legs and pooling on the metal table. She writhed and continued to suck his bellybutton, licking and moaning like a slut. A slut for his bellybutton.

All at once he stopped, moving off of her, she gasped in surprise, whining softly. He stood over her, smirking. His bellybutton dripping her saliva down his stomach.

“I think that will make it wet enough for what I have planned next. But first, I need to make sure that cute little mouth of yours gets some practice.”

Master Rob climbed onto the table again, straddling Jennifer’s chest. He pulled her by the hair so her head lifted up off the table. She looked up at him, grimacing slightly at the pain of her hair being pulled. He smiled, tapping the tip of his cock against her lips.

“Suck it.”

Jennifer took his cock into her mouth, lapping gently with her tongue. Her eyes widened as he pushed his hips forward, his cock filling her mouth. She choked, gagging on his girth, growling softly. She loved this, the way he took what he wanted, the way he dominated her. She felt the corners of her mouth tearing as his girth made her lips expand. She tried to push her lips forward, whining as her head was held still by her hair. He noticed her straining against his hold and he slapped her cheek softly.

“No, I am going to decide how much of my cock you get at a time. Be a good girl and suck on what I have given you.”

Jennifer felt her body heat up even more as he restricted her, her body trembling and her juices leaking out of her. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, tasting and licking his hard shaft. She moaned, loving the way he filled her mouth.

All at once he pushed his hips forward, not stopping until his cock sunk down into her throat and her nose touched his stomach. He held her head tightly in his hands, not letting her get away. He watched her eyes, they widened as she choked on his cock, but she didn’t blink. He growled in pleasure, he could feel his cock pulsing as her throat contracted around his shaft, a tight squeezing sensation that sent shivers of pleasure up and down his body.

“Good girl, hold still now.” He slapped his hand on her ass, moving down her body. His hard and wet cock sliding across her stomach, leaving a trail of saliva.

Jennifer’s eyes widened in confusion, wondering what he was doing. She lifted her head slightly off the table to look at him. She shivered as she felt the warmth of his throbbing cock trailing down her stomach. Master Rob looked at her face, smirking as he held his cock, pointed straight down into her deep wet bellybutton. Precum dripped out and into the wet puddle nestled in her basin.

“Tell me how much you want it bitch, tell me you want to feel my cock in your bellybutton!” He bit his lip, stroking his cock and lowering it closer to her stomach.

Jennifer let out a squeal of pleasure, air escaping in a whistle between her lips. She İstanbul Escort never thought about her bellybutton as another fuckhole before, but now that he offered it to her she wanted it more than anything. She swallowed, looking up to meet his intense eyes, her mouth parting slightly as she groped for the right words.

“Please…Master. Please fuck my bellybutton. This whore needs your cock pounding her sensitive bellybutton, she needs to feel her Master dominate her navel, and breed it with his precious seed. Please Master, I need it so badly!” Her voice was soft and desperate, causing Master Rob to smirk slightly and lower his cock until the head teasingly touched the rim of her navel.

“Very good slut. You are a good bellybutton whore and I will grant your request. I am going to fill your precious fuck hole with my seed, claiming your bellybutton and breeding it. Do you want me to own your bellybutton slut? It will be mine and you will have no more claim to it, you will not even be able to even touch it without my permission. Do not take this decision lightly.” His eyes burned with desire, Jennifer shivered again, trying to push her bellybutton up to meet his cock.

“Yes! Own it Master!” She shrieked, her face red and burning. Her chest heaved as she struggled for breath.

Master Rob held her eyes for a moment more before drawing his attention back to her bellybutton. He lowered his cock down and filled her bellybutton with the head of his cock. Jennifer let out a gasp, she could feel his cock stretching her tight belly hole, it felt so good. The heat throbbed in her stomach, the tip of his cock pressing against the sensitive parts of her bellybutton and making an electric surge of desire stream to her pussy. Her juices erupted out of her, squirting onto the table. Like a dam breaking her juices spilled out of her, crashing in a waterfall and pooling between her legs. As he began to thrust she laid her head back, her back arching and her stomach pressing upward. She moaned in abandon, not holding back the pleasure that consumed her mind and body.

“Good babygirl.” Master Rob stroked her right breast. “Now, feel my seed fill your bellybutton.”

He thrust his cock hard into her belly once more, holding it there. His hands braced on either side of her stomach, muscles straining, bright blue veins popping out along his arms. Jennifer opened her eyes and watched. Her eyes widened as she felt a hot sensation in her stomach, she felt his cum shoot out of him, shooting into her bellybutton. She let out a soft squeal as his seed filled her navel, her own juices spilling out of her again as her orgasm washed out of her. Her breasts heaved and she slumped against the metal table in exhaustion. Master Rob tenderly wiped her blond streaks away from her eyes and lifted his cock out of her bellybutton.

“Now I think you deserve a rest after that. Good girl for taking your Master’s cum. I’ll leave this puddle in your bellybutton as a reminder that I own it now. Get some rest babygirl, I’ll be back soon.” He kissed her lips and the metal table shook as he climbed down. Her eyes flickered and closed, sleep almost taking her.

“Just a moment babygirl.” Master Rob unhooked the chains, rubbing her wrists and ankles to stimulate the blood flow. He picked her up in his arms and carried her over to the room next door.

Inside sat a large kingsized bed, Master Rob placed Jennifer on the bed, fingers sliding over her face to cup her cheek. His lips lingering on hers and he placed a firm kiss, tongue sliding out to wrestle with hers. His body shifted, looming over hers, until he lowered himself to lie on top of her. He kissed her longer, harder, desperately. He lifted his face up, smiling down at her. Jennifer’s eyes fluttered open, a faint smile on her lips.

“M-Master!” She cooed softly.

“No more talking.” He ordered, wrapping his arms around her and rolling over and resting her head on his chest. “Just sleep, we have much to discuss when you wake up.”


Jennifer breathed in deeply, her arms stretching up above her head, hands grasping at the sheets beneath her. She yawned, her mind quickly clearing. She glanced around, panic sweeping through her. Where did he go? She glanced around the bed, spying a piece of paper lying on the pillow beside her. She unfolded it and narrowed her eyes at the untidy writing. “Be back soon, need to get things ready.” She sighed stretching herself out once more. Her back ached from the metal table and she arched her body, feeling the muscles tense and burn. She sighed again, relaxing onto the bed.

Master Rob walked inside the bedroom, watching as Jennifer stretched out. He licked his lips, her tight sexy body making his cock harden in his pants. He cleared his throat, letting her know that he was there. She sat up smiling softly and stared at him. Her eyes straying to the folder he held by his side. Master Rob walked forward, sitting on the bed in front of her and setting the folder between them.

“How Kadıköy Escort are you feeling?” Master Rob reached out and grabbed her hand.

“Good.” Jennifer squeezed his hand, looking curiously at the folder.

“I have something that I want you to look over. We talked about this being a permanent relationship. Master and slave. I wrote up a contract for you to look at, it details my requirements for you as well as duties and responsibilities for both of us. Now, I don’t want an answer right now. This is a big decision and commitment so I want you to take at least a couple of days before you say yes or no. Understand babygirl?”

“Y-yes!.” Jennifer’s eyes widened, her heart pounding in her chest. This was exactly what she was hoping for, and she looked up to his eyes. His own shown the excitement and desire she was feeling, and was happy to see the same look in his.

“I know you want to say yes right now but this is a big decision. I would say its a bigger decision than a marriage. There is a trust and love we need to have for each other that goes far beyond a normal relationship. I know we’ve built a lot of that up over the past year of talking online, but now that we’ve met in person I want you to think if this is still something you want. If you say yes there is no backing out.”

Jennifer’s eyes widened, she looked down at the folder, only now realizing just how thick the stack of papers was. She felt her heart pounding and her breathing coming heavier. Could she really give her life to this man sitting in front of her? Yes, they had been in an online master and slave relationship for the past year but still. Did she know him well enough? Did she want to leave her life behind?

“Ok…” She trailed off, the silence becoming awkward as she struggled to think of something suitable to say.

“Like I said I don’t want you to answer now. But all the same I think it best if we stop here. I want to take your other holes when and if you agree to be my slave. But take the weekend, go home if you need to. And if this is all too much for you then we can arrange something else. We can always remain in our current online role only, whatever you choose. I want you to be happy babygirl.”

The sincerity and reasonableness in his words made her heart stutter. She looked over his body, how muscular and strong he was. And now, knowing how good he was too. She took the folder and stood up from the bed, staring at the blankets.

“I think I will go home. I don’t know what I am going to decide but I will let you know.”

“In that case take this.” He handed her the folder, the papers felt even heavier in her hands.


“Just look it over, don’t make a decision until you read it all. Understand?” He took her chin in his hand, lifting her head so her eyes looked into his.

“Yes Master.” She answered, a spark of happiness moving through her as he dominated her.

“Good girl.” He moved forward, his lips lingering over hers until he kissed her. It was a long and deep kiss and when he pulled back he let out a soft sigh.

“Uh…” She moaned back, pressing her lips forward for another kiss.

“No babygirl. It’s time for you to go. Let me know your answer.”

He helped her gather her things before helping her up the stairs and out of the coffee shop. She turned back to him, a look of sadness on her face as she walked out the door and back to the hotel.

She absentmindedly sat on the bed, suitcase packed at her feet. The folder lay in her lap and she opened it, thumbing through the pages. The contract was divided into sections, each one detailing her role and duties for the everyday as well as public and private behavior. One section stood out to her in particular, making her heart thrum and her juices drip in her panties.

“The slave’s bellybutton is for her master’s pleasure and she shall learn that:

a. Her bellybutton will be used as her Master wishes for his pleasure.

b. When her bellybutton is being fucked by her Master’s cock she will not move

in such a way that will force his cock from piercing her, such as rolling to the

side. She will move her stomach in a way that will suck the Master’s cock into

her bellybutton as deep as possible and allow him full access.

c. The slave will grind her bellybutton against any part of the Master’s body

when ordered to do so and use her whole body in the effort to pleasure her


d. The slave shall worship her Master’s bellybutton and cherish every

opportunity to pleasure it. When ordered to do so she shall first kiss it before

doing anything else and she will not neglect pleasuring the rest of the


Jennifer reached under her shirt, lightly poking her bellybutton. Her finger barely inside yet already she could feel the tingle between her legs. Despite the formal language of the contract she felt an intense wave of pleasure pour through her. Her heart quickened, her body a surge of energy, Ataşehir Escort and she knew what she had to do. She had to be his slave.

Moving quickly off the bed she carried her suitcase down to her car and almost ran down the street and to the coffee shop. The open sign was still off and her hand moved to the door knob. But it wouldn’t turn. She tried again, but the door was locked. She looked through the glass but here was no movement, no shadow, nothing to show that anyone was still there. She gulped and turned away dejectedly. She slumped back to her car and drove home, her mind numbly taking in the five hour drive back.


She pulled her car up to her garage and headed into the house, doing everything on auto pilot. She had about nothing else but the thought of being Master Rob’s slave. It was such an easy thing, to say yes. But the implications of that word were staggering. She would have to give up everything. Her career, her friends, maybe even her family. Could she do it? She didn’t realize she was at her front door until a loud chirp shook her from her thoughts. She looked over to see a blue jay hopping from one branch to the other. She smirked to herself and unlocked the door and into her sparse living room. She closed the door and left her luggage on the floor, opening up her back pack and puling out the folder. She sat on the couch and read it again.

All weekend she read the contract, memorizing everything in each section, licking her lips at the parts that excited her the most. Her panties were soaked from the constant dripping and she felt flush and hot. Finally she knew her decision, her heart swelled at the thought and she picked up her phone, texting one simple word. Yes.


The weeks passed by quickly durning her training. There was rarely a time when her hands weren’t handcuffed behind her back. Her new Master was unrelenting, using her body in ways that she never knew it could be. He fucked her daily, in all her holes, and kept a leash around her collar so he could pull her behind him down the hallway. Her days were filled with the new routine of her existence, all of it documented and signed by her.

She would wake up in the morning, well before he did, and lick her Master’s bellybutton. She would explore his bellybutton deeply, slowly licking every inch until he woke up. He would usually pull her up onto his chest and spank her ass as he woke up and then ravage her pussy or ass with his cock fully erect with his morning wood. Then he would attach the leash to her collar and drag her to the bathroom to shower. He would stand in the water while she ran her tongue up and down his body, licking his toes and feet, his balls and cock, his bellybutton, his hard muscled abs, his pecs, cleaning and tasting every inch of her Master’s body. Worshiping him, and moaning as she explored him.

After the shower he would force her to her knees behind him as he stood at the sink. He would shave and she would press her lips forward and lick at his ass. Her eyes would close as she ran her tongue up and down his crack, her tongue sliding into his asshole. She would diligently lick him, her nose buried between his ass cheeks, until he pulled her away from him.

“Good girl,” he would say, pulling her up to her feet. “Now make me breakfast while I dress.

She always followed his orders immediately, cooking and serving his breakfast. While he ate she would kneel between his legs under the table, her lips traveling up and down his shaft, sucking him and moaning in pleasure as he ate. He would sit at the table under she made him cum, waiting for her to swallow every drop and clean his cock. Then he would stand up and head to the door. She would help him put on his shoes and coat, before kneeling at his feet with her head down. The perfect model of submission before he headed out to work.

During the day she would clean and shop, making sure all his needs were accounted for, and making sure to masturbate for him in front of the various cameras he had installed around the house to watch her during the day. She never thought she would be one for cooking and cleaning, but she found that she enjoyed the way he ordered her around, controlled her. There was something so deeply sexual about it all, even as she washed his socks and underwear, folding them away into his dresser for later.

She would wait for him on her knees in front of the door. Her breasts, bellybutton and pussy all on display for him when he walked inside. When he came home he would hold her face to his crotch, stroking his fingers through her hair and ask her what she had done during the day. He would pull her up, spreading her ass and plunge his cock into her, fucking her ass deeply and smacking the white pale orbs of her ass as he did so. Once he came she would clean his cock and cook dinner.

Clad only in her pink panties she would cook, working even if he came up to fondle her breasts or spread her legs to breed one of her holes. If she burned his food or otherwise messed something up he would bend her over the table and spank her. After he ate they would lie on the couch. He would snuggle her to his chest as they watched television. His hands would roam her body and she would close her eyes, heart pounding, and shiver as his fingers caressed her skin.

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