Jenny Cheats Ch. 04

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Jen’s heart fluttered as she opened a new email from Kevin. They’d found each other in a cheaters chat room and had been teasing each other with stories of their antics for the last month and a half.

Usually they only talked in chat. Occasionally they’d swap pictures or masturbate in front of a webcam for each other but mostly it was his words that turned her on so much. He had a wife that loved being cheated on and some of the things he did in front of her made her quiver.

She’d blown a family friend in front of her husband but he hadn’t known about it. She’d even talked to him on the phone while her boss had viciously been pounding her pussy but she’d never dared to let him know about any of it. Part of the rush was getting away with it.

Recently she’d told Kevin about a fantasy of hers of having a two man threesome. What she really wanted was five men running a train on her but while it was fun to dream, the reality of that would have probably scared her and she knew this.

The way he talked it made her think that he could really get four other guys to screw her into a comma so she’d said two.

There in her inbox was an itinerary.

She stared at it, mesmerized. In two weeks she was heading to Denver. They were open tickets. The two of them had never exchanged last names. She only had to enter her information and she’d be whisked away for the weekend to enjoy Kevin’s touch.

Unconsciously she toyed with her new nipple piercings. That had been one of Kevin’s first suggestions when they’d been Skyping. She hadn’t regretted it for a moment. If she wore the right bra you could still see the little bumps of the barbells she had in them and she liked when people knew there was more going on under her clothes than met the eye.

She already knew she was going to accept the invitation. Just the thought of it was spreading a warm feeling all through her body but she had to plan it just right. She’d never had to go out of town on business before.

Immediately she opened up a new email and began typing on the keyboard. She wrote to her boss.


I need to get out of town the weekend of the 15th. Friday through Monday, back early Tues. Any way I can use work as an excuse?


She sent the email away and tabbed back to Kevin’s chat window.

“Making plans now! Any requests?”

She quirked an eyebrow as she read his reply and shrugged. It would be fun. Quickly she undressed and pulled off her wedding ring and grabbed her phone.

Turning on the office light she kneeled down on the plush rug in her husband’s study and opened her mouth. Placing her wedding ring on her tongue and took several selfies.

After pouring over them she picked the best one. Her eyes were large and innocent but her free hand was cupping one of her breasts. She sent it off to him and closed the chat browser. Chris would be home soon and she had been teasing him via text all day.

She painted her lips a dark red and slipped in the little jeweled buttplug Kevin had gotten her for her anniversary present, that alone had gotten her off for a week, and put on the ‘schoolgirl’ outfit Chris had bought her. Complete with sheer, thigh high stocking and ribbons in her hair.

As she waited in the living room for Chris to get home she heard her phone beep and checked it. Dan had texted her back in reply.

“What’s in it for me?” He asked.

She tapped quickly on the phone as she heard Chris’s truck pulling into the driveway.

“I really get back early Monday.” She texted with a grin and took a selfie. She sent both to him and Dan sent her a thumbs up.

She stuffed the phone between the couch cushions as Chris’s key hit the lock and jumped up. It was difficult walking in the fuck-me platforms that went with the outfit but she managed to be in front of the door when he let himself in.

He grinned at her and let out an almost explosive sigh.

“Hey baby girl.”

“Daddy…I got in trouble at school.” She said, in her best teenie voice.

He tisked at her and set down his briefcase. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric of the button up shirt she wore and they were getting harder as the roleplay progressed.

“What did you do?” He asked, his voice stern and trying to hide the excitement.

She stepped closer to him, looking up at him with big, innocent eyes. “It wasn’t my fault, daddy. Melissa told her boyfriend that I was a cocktease.” She pushed her tits against his chest.

“I know I’m not a cocktease, daddy. I’m your little fuckmeat. You told me so.”

The whole time they fucked, almost an hour of it, she thought about Kevin and his fat dick pounding her. About what she would say to his little wife while he was cumming all over her tits and face. Mostly she wondered if she could get a man inside her ass and pussy at the same time. How it would feel.

When he finally knelt her down and started stroking his erupting cock in front of her face she was even hornier than when she’d Escort Ankara started. Cum splashed over her nose and forehead. Should could feel it hit her hair and dribble down onto her tits. By the time he was finished one of her eyes was glued shut and he was panting.

He staggered off to take a shower and she promised to join him. Before she went upstairs she grabbed her phone back out of the couch cushions and took a few selfies with his cum all over her face.

It was almost time!

She landed in Denver, the flight had been short but it had felt like forever. She hadn’t been about to let Kevin’s first in-person view of her be after she’d been locked in an airplane for three hours so she’d told him she’d meet him at a bar downtown.

She had a reservation at a hotel and took the shuttle in. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion and she was so impatient. She’d been to Colorado before but the view was even more stunning than she remembered.

Hurrying into the hotel she checked in, almost ran to her room and quickly took a shower. He’d sent her a few perfumes and she applied one of them delicately. A little pinch behind her ears, one in her cleavage and one just above her clit.

He’d sent her clothes but the jewelry she brought herself. Silver always looked good against her black hair and with the dress he’d bought her, the sapphire earrings really popped. Aside from a simple chain around her neck and the earrings she only wore her wedding and engagement ring.

The dress was…daring. Slinky, black and strapless she had tried it on when it had first come in the mail and had quickly hidden it behind a stack of shoe boxes at the top of her side of the closet.

She stood with her back to the mirror and bent a little at the waist. She could clearly see her waxed pussy lips peaking out of the bottom and smiled.

One last touch, she sucked the little jeweled buttplug he’d bought for her to get it wet and then worked it up her ass. Pulling on a pair of strappy pumps she said goodbye to the hotel room, sent a quick text to Chris to let him know she’d arrived safe and was on her way to the lounge.

After forwarding her hotel room phone to her cell she had the concierge call a taxi. She relaxed in the back of it, enjoying the occasional glances from the middle aged man as he drove her through the heart of Denver to the University Club.

She’d never been there when she’d visited Denver in her youth but Kevin assured her it was a little more upscale than the other bars in the area.

Jen had half expected him to take her to a swingers club or something equally kinky but she was happy to follow his lead.

She texted him as they neared the club.

“Almost there.” She said, her heart racing.

“I can see you.” He replied and she bit her lip in excitement.

As the cab slowed to a halt Kevin stepped to her door and opened it for her. She looked at him appraisingly before stepping out of the vehicle. He looked delicious. He wore a dark suit without a tie, glossy black leather shoes.

He wore a beard but it didn’t look out of place on the outfit. It made him look a little feral. He had brown eyes and darker hair and was a little over six feet tall. She uncrossed her legs deliberately and stepped out, taking his hand.

She could feel the cool night air caress her exposed slit and shivered with anticipation. Standing up they hugged. It felt a little awkward until she felt his hand on her ass, pushing the fabric of the dress he’d bought her between her cheeks and pressing on the plug that was nestled firmly inside her.

Jen gasped into his shoulder as the rush of pleasure fell over her. “I had to make sure.” He said, pulling away from her and smiling.

She watched him as he paid the cabby and led her into the club. It wasn’t typical for a club. It had a dancing room with good music but it also had a dining room. He led her to a table. She thought he’d pick a booth but instead he picked a higher, glass table with backed stools.

He ordered both of their drinks and she smiled nervously at him as they waited. He smiled back and took her hand in his. “Just relax, Jen. I still have your last dildo show on my phone. It’s not as though you need to feel self conscious.”

His voice didn’t lower as he spoke and the waitress that had taken their order smiled at them from another table.

Their drinks arrived and she drank heavily from hers, trying to quell her nerves. Despite them, she was horny as hell. Or maybe it was because she was nervous.

“Where’s your wife?” She asked after she felt a little more comfortable.

“You’ll see her at home. She doesn’t get off of work until later.” He said, eating the olive out of his martini.

The waitress returned and asked if they’d like anything to eat. Jen could see that she’d heard his comment and was hoping for another tidbit.

“Jen, take a look at the menu. Everything here is delicious.” She took the menu from the waitress and opened it. She tried Ankara Escort to give one to Kevin and he waved it off.

“Spread your legs a little, Jen. I picked this table for a reason.”

She blushed hotly as the waitress stammered and mumbled that she’d be back in a few minutes to take their order. Regardless, she spread her legs, and he made no attempt to hide as he looked at her pussy through the glass of the table.

“That’s better.” He said, smiling at her rakishly.

She remarked, in the comfort of her own mind, how wildly different it was to not be in charge of a situation. They talked idly for a few moments. She could feel a pulsing heat between her legs and spreading to her belly.

The waitress returned, looking a little more composed. “Anything to eat?” She said, holding a pad in front of her.

Jen thought about it for a moment. “Nothing that’s on the menu.” She said, and winked at Kevin. Two could play this game, she thought.

He chuckled. “I was curious about that, do you ever swallow your husbands cum or is it just when you cheat on him?”

She heard a snapping sound from the waitresses pencil and laughed. “I’ve only ever swallowed him once.” She said finishing her drink. She picked up the drink menu, not really reading it. “I got home after swallowing a load from my boss and I didn’t have time to brush my teeth. It was as much to hide my breath as it was to have them both in me at once.

She ordered a glass of red wine, ignoring the waitress as she stared Kevin in the eye. “I’m looking forward to tasting you.”

He handed the waitress a credit card. “Keep a tab open, sweetie. We’ll be back in a few.”

She felt a thrill go through her and said quickly. “A shot of peppermint schnapps too, please.” Jen grinned at the waitress who retreated quickly. She allowed herself to be lead out of the room, ignoring but still enjoying the eyes that followed her barely covered ass.

As they left the room his hand returned to her ass, pushing insistently on her plug. She moved slowly, pushing back on his hand, enjoying the feeling of essentially being fucked in public.

He lead her up a set of stairs and into a private office. She quirked an eyebrow at him, still curious despite wanting to rip his clothes off and fuck him senseless.

Understanding the unasked question he shook his head, “An old Army buddy owns the place. He gave me the keys years ago.” He sat down on a leather couch on the far wall.

He took his phone out and snapped a few pictures of her.

She blushed but the alcohol was doing it’s job and she slowly pulled down her tube top, exposing her pierced nipples. He took a few more pictures and she could see him texting. “I like to tease Sara at work. She comes home ravenous.” He explained.

He put his phone down and picked up a remote. Music began drifting out of speakers she couldn’t see and she waved her hips with it. She lifted the hem of her dress the inch it took for her pussy lips to peak out of the bottom.

She didn’t fully expose herself, instead she danced her way over to him, pinching and tugging her nipples. Turning around she slipped her fingers behind her, showing him as she pressed the buttplug in deeply.

He pulled her back around and she kneeled down in front of him. “He has no clue you’re sucking every cock you can get your lips around?”

She unzipped his pants and reached inside. She was pleased that he wasn’t wearing underwear. She was even more pleased that her hand couldn’t completely close around his cock. She pulled him out through his zipper and sidled closer, the bulbous head filling her vision.

Jen kissed the tip of his cock, tasting his precum and moaned slightly. “Not a clue.”

Kevin smiled down at her as his cockhead disappeared into her mouth. “What does he think you’re doing right now?” He rested his hand lightly on the back of her head. Pulling her forward but not yet insistent.

When she spoke his cockhead was still half in her mouth. “He thinks I’m taking notes at a convention for my boss this weekend.”

He chuckled, “What happens when he asks your boss about it?”

She bobbed as deeply as she could on his eight inch cock and pulled back, her left hand jerking him off slowly. “He’ll say the same thing. My boss really likes anal.”

At this answer he laughed but it was cut short as she attacked his meat, slurping and licking. This was just an appetizer before the main course and they had drinks waiting on them.

As much fun as she was having, she wanted to savor him but forced herself to suck him quickly. She was looking forward to fucking his brains out in front of his wife. She’d really enjoyed having an audience when Jack had watched her make his girlfriend cum a few weeks previous but Wendy hadn’t known he was watching.

She drew on something she knew he loved during their skype sessions and smiled around his cock. “I love my hubby so much.” She said, talking between breaths. She could feel his balls tighten Ankara Escort Bayan as she spoke and she continued on, staring into his eyes.

“He treats me so good. Like a little princess.” She licked the underside of his cock roughly. “I just can’t help myself around a fat cock like yours.” His dick pulsed in her mouth and she tasted his precum again. His toes were pointed and she could tell he was holding off as long as he could but he’d already gone over the edge of his own orgasm.

“I can’t wait to get home to my husband, kiss him and tell him how much I missed and love him with the same mouth you fucked.” She said finally and covered his prick with her warm, soft mouth.

The first shot of his cum slammed into the back of her throat, causing her to gag slightly but she mastered herself and relaxed, allowing him set the pace with his hand on the back of her head as she rode out his orgasm.

He’d been holding out for a while, she thought, by the sheer volume of the cum he gave her. It was almost a full minute later before he came to a complete stop. She couldn’t swallow, his cock was too big and her mouth was too far open. She watched him shudder, his eyes closed and she flicked the underside of his dick one last time and let it slip from her mouth.

“Don’t swallow yet, babe.” He said, panting still.

She loved the horny reaction she got when she swallowed cum but a favorite flavor it was not.

At his gesture she opened her mouth, showing him the thick pool of his seed resting on her tongue.

He took a few pictures of her, mouth open and full of his cum, tits out and on her knees and then nodded to her.

She had to swallow twice to get it all. He smeared cum on her chest with the head of his dick and squeezed a last dollop onto her chin where it refused to drip off.

“Leave it there.” He said simply and tucked his prick away. “You’re mine for the weekend, you should look like it.”

He led her out of the room after she redressed herself though they took a different route back to their table. She got quite a few stares as they walked under a blacklight. She didn’t understand until she saw herself in one of the many mirrors on the walls.

His rapidly drying cum glowed a bright yellow-green in the purple light and she laughed.

They returned to their seats without further incident and she drank the shot of peppermint schnapps, ridding her breath of him. They chatted for another hour or so. It was mostly mundane things but her legs were slightly spread and every time she shifted she could feel a little thrill as the buttplug spread her.

The waitress returned with their bill which he signed for and to Jen’s amazement she kissed Kevin on the cheek. “I’ll close this out and we can leave, hun. Stacy agreed to take the rest of my shift.”

He smiled at her and nodded. She bounced off to take care of the bill.

“That was sneaky as hell.” She accused, grinning at him.

He laughed, downing the last of his third martini. “I never lied though. Come on, we can meet her outside. She’ll drive us home and I’ve been looking at you for too long without touching.”

Kevin led her to their car, a large SUV, in the parking lot and held the door for her. She pulled up the hem of her dress and crawled across the seats, knowing he had a perfect view of the jewel and sat down on the far side.

He groaned something inarticulate and followed her into the back. He sat in the middle and immediately they attacked each other.

Hungry mouths met each other and his hands were all over her, pulling her dress down at the tits and up at her ass until she was essentially wearing a midriff cover. She had his dick out and was slowly stroking it when his wife entered the vehicle.

Jen noticed, in a detached way, that the truck wasn’t starting but Kevin picked that moment to slide his fingers knuckle deep into her pussy and all worry was obliterated as she moaned.

“Get me nice and wet for her.” He said and Jen opened her eyes. Karen was climbing through the gap in the front two seats, her eyes glazed and lustful.

She closed her hands over Jens and lowered her mouth down over Kevin’s prick. Jen timed her strokes to match her bobbing and she felt a little thrill as she jerked off the woman’s husband into her mouth.

His cock was glistening when she finally pulled away. Kevin took his fingers from Jen’s slit and placed them in front of Karen’s mouth. She sucked on them greedily and Jen could take no more. She straddled Kevin.

“Put him inside me.” She said, over her shoulder at Karen.

She felt the woman’s hands between her legs and then she felt Kevin’s cockhead pushing against her entrance. She slowly sat down and he filled her up until she could feel Karen’s fingers pressed firmly against her pussy lips.

Jen groaned deeply and looked over her shoulder again, catching Karen’s eye. “Mmmm…what have you been feeding this boy? He’s got a cock for miles.”

Kevin licked her nipples. “Take it slow going home, babe. Skip the highway.

Jen wasn’t sure if he just wanted a longer drive or was being safety conscious and she didn’t care. An orgasm ripped through her when she felt Karen’s hand brush up against her buttplug and she had to bite back a scream.

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