Jenny , Sydney

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Jenny spent the afternoon quietly working; the time invested grooming Ian to be her dupe impinged on her day job. Even though her work at the hedge fund was more lucrative, being an analyst was gratifying – identifying investment opportunities was like building a complex jigsaw puzzle – once all the pieces fit together and the picture was revealed, satisfaction permeated through her; it must be what an artist feels after her final brushstroke. The $750,000 annual income wasn’t bad either.

At 3 o’clock her intern arrived – Sydney was a smart, hard-working and personable finance major at NYU; she would soon earn six college credits for her work this semester, as long as she received a positive review. It wouldn’t be a problem though – she got along well with Jenny; she hoped to win a coveted summer internship. She would do anything for the chance to spend the summer in New York City and working on Wall Street, especially if she had the opportunity to be mentored by Jennifer DeBeaux.

Sydney admired Jenny for her success; many young women on campus admired her – she didn’t know it but Jenny had a sorority sister cult following and Sydney was the most vociferous disciple; she didn’t miss an opportunity to extol her bosses virtues. And it wasn’t just her intellect and success that Sydney revered – she had a crush on Jenny; she was infatuated, but no one would ever know; it was her secret and she didn’t plan on sharing it.

At 8 o’clock, after everyone had gone home – even the cleaning lady had come and gone, Jenny and Sydney were still working; refinements to the pro-forma income statements and balance sheets was tedious and time-consuming, but the deadline was approaching and they had no alternative.

“Take a look at this,” said Jenny pointing to the computer monitor. Sydney strode across the room, stood behind Jenny, looked over her shoulder and examined the spreadsheet. “The formula must be incorrect.”

“Okay, it’s not adding the column correctly; I’ll fix it,” said Sydney. Jenny’s perfume lingered in the air; Sydney lingered over Jenny shoulder – she was momentarily frozen like a deer caught in headlights. She unconsciously peered into Jenny’s blouse and flushed. She hastily straightened herself and returned to her desk.

Jenny raised her eyebrows and smiled. She watched Sydney’s cute little ass wiggle as she skipped across the office – although she was 20 years old, Sydney looked much younger: narrow hips and small breasts, dark short pixie hair, bright blue eyes, and an adorable button nose. She didn’t wear a lot of makeup but her lips were always pink. She looked sweet and innocent but Jenny would wager she had a devilish streak – it wasn’t the first time she noticed Sydney furtively checking her out.

They were at the point of diminishing returns and needed a break; Sydney went to this snack machine for cokes and candy bars – the sugar rush would see them through. After another hour of work, Jenny found an error and summoned Sydney. “Shouldn’t the databases be linked so that we see total sales by category?”

“Yes,” said Sydney. She bent over Jenny shoulder and used the computer mouse to point, “No problem, I’ll fix the macro.”

Jenny put her hand on Sydney’s and moved the mouse to a different part of the page and said, “Please fix this too.” With her index finger she eryaman escort innocently stroked Sydney’s delicate fingers; her voice was soft and supple – she knew it would rattle her but she enjoyed teasing.

Sydney was flustered but composed and said, “Ms. DeBeaux, I have learned so much from you this semester. This is been the best experience of my life.”

“If you call me Ms. DeBeaux one more time,” smiled Jenny, “I’m going to spank you.”

It wasn’t the first time Jenny said this; Sydney always blushed and never countered, but she was overworked and giddy and said demurely, “I wish.”

Jenny pretended she didn’t hear Sydney’s desire; she resumed reading dense corporate quarterly reports and furiously scribbling notes – as much as she wanted to play, now wasn’t the time, at least not now.

After another hour of work, Jenny sighed loudly, threw down her pencil and kicked off her heels; she’d reached her limit and needed distraction. She swiveled in her chair and looked at Sydney and said, “We’ve accomplished a lot today; it’s late – I hope I’m not keeping you from your boyfriend.”

Sydney turned and said, “I haven’t had a boyfriend in quite a while, actually not since high school.”

“Really,” said Jenny with raised eyebrows. “I never would have guessed.”

“I don’t miss the drama of boyfriends; they are so needy, and selfish. I bet it’s easier having a girlfriend.”

“It can be,” smiled Jenny. “Girls know better what other girls want.” She seductively twirled a strand of hair.

“Uh-huh.” She covered her mouth with her hand to suppress surprise – a nervous giggle escaped.

Jenny stared out the window and continued, “We know what feels good and innately know how to share it.” She stretched her leg and curled her toes.

Sydney’s eyes widened and she touched her lips as if she were feeling a kiss. She imagined a woman’s hands running over her body and being kissed everywhere; she pictured Jenny’s body pressed to hers, gently stroking and caressing, not fast and hasty but slow and attentive.

“A woman is soft and supple,” continued Jenny. Her eyes expressed desire and she said unflinchingly, “I want you to unbutton your blouse.” It was neither a demand nor a command, it was unabashed desire.

Sydney was speechless but willing; she tentatively unbuttoned the top button, and then the next, and the next, until all seven were undone. She bit her lower lip and steadfastly focused on Jenny – her eyes didn’t waver; she would do anything Jenny asked.

“Unhook your bra,” said Jenny more authoritatively.

Sydney unclasped her lacy front- close bra; it was frilly and pretty but her small tits didn’t need support. Her frightened and flat nipples rapidly blossomed into small thorny pink roses.

“Massage them; show me how you like to be touched.”

Sydney started slow and with rhythmic movements she rubbed herself – she gently squeezed them and teased her nipples. She licked her fingers and rolled her nipple between her finger and thumb. She’d never done this before – of course she played with herself but she never did it under the command of a beautiful woman, of a beautiful woman that she lusted for, of a beautiful woman who controlled her future, of a beautiful woman she wanted to make love sincan escort to.

Jenny watched and smiled. She was wet and wanted to touch herself but she would save that pleasure for her little minx, her plaything, her new lesbian slave – Sydney didn’t know it yet, but the summer internship was hers. “Move to the couch, by the window and unfasten your pants and pull them to your knees; not a word, just do as I say.”

Sydney was powerless to stop; her eyes were wide and starry.

“Play with yourself through your panties, like when you are alone, lonely and horny.”

Sydney nodded and touched her slit through her panties and rubbed her clit, slowly and deliberately. She bit the inside of her cheek and rubbed circles. She slightly pushed the silky fabric into her dampness.

“Push aside your panties; are you wet?”

Sydney slid her finger up and down; she was a slick as a rainy day and said, “Yes Ms. DeBeaux, I mean Jenny.”

“From now on, during our alone time, you will refer to me as Mistress, unless I say otherwise. Do you understand?” Jenny faked sternness but was helpless to prevent the corners of her mouth from turning into a smile. “Finger yourself with one finger, slowly.”

Sydney licked her lips and fingered, just as she was told, and did nothing else. She was a quick learner and understood how the game worked.

“Fondle your clitoris with your other hand, yes like that,” said Jenny. “You’re doing very well.”

Sydney spread wider her legs and seductively rubbed herself with both hands, circling slowly, touching her sensitive areas, clockwise, counterclockwise, one finger in, and then two, playing with herself, watching Jenny, watching herself, using both hands, one finger in while the other rubbed her clit, and then the other finger in while her other hand rubbed slowly. She was completely hypnotized and was close to orgasm.

“Bring yourself to the edge, but don’t go over.” Jenny’s skirt was hiked and she diddled herself through her panties.

“Yes Mistress,” said Sydney with strained control.

“Put two fingers inside, in and out, faster, a little faster – your clit, with your other hand play with your clit.” Jenny enjoyed having Sydney do exactly as she said – it was as stimulating as touching herself.

Sydney desperately wanted to do as she was told, but it was difficult; she was losing control even though she wanted to be obedient, her body would not listen. The faster she fingered and the harder she rubbed her clit, the less willing her body was to listen. “Mistress, Jenny, please, may I come?” She was as desperate as a thirsty woman at an oasis.

“Yes… Fuck yourself; yes, like that, baby, baby.” Jenny watched intently while she caressed her crease and fondled her tits.

Sydney breathed raggedly and she glistened; she watched herself fucking herself, she watched her mistress watching her fuck herself, she couldn’t stand it a minute longer and screamed, “Yes, yes, yes.”

She kneaded her tits and pulled her nipples and slowly returned from orgasmic bliss.

“Come here,” said Jenny firmly. Jenny unzipped and stepped out of her skirt; she unbuttoned her silk blouse and removed it. She unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor – her big tits flopped to the sides – etlik escort her brassiere was not just an attractive accoutrement like Sydney’s was. Her nipples contracted into bite-size nuggets; she massaged handfuls of her soft and pliable flesh.

Sydney knelt between Jenny’s legs and used her hands to steady herself – she couldn’t remember ever being this vulnerable; it was odd and exciting and she couldn’t wait for the next lesson.

Jenny pushed aside her panties and exposed her neatly groomed pussy; she was shiny and slippery – watching Sydney had been incredibly stimulating. She touched her wetness and slathered it around. She cupped Sydney’s face and kissed her; she wrapped her hand around her neck and pulled her close; their foreheads and noses touched while they stared into each other’s eyes – it was a as intense as a Vulcan mind meld.

Sydney kissed Jenny’s neck and shoulders, kissed her fleshy orbs, sucked each nipple like she was candy coated, kissed lower, licked circles around her dangling belly jewelry, moving lower, slowly lower until she was face-to-face and up close for the first time, the first of many trips she would take to her boss’s southern region.

Although Sydney had never tasted pussy before, she didn’t hesitate. She flicked her tongue, and licked Jenny’s clitoris – she moved her head from side to side, up and down, finding the right angle. She licked along the sides of her labia, pushed her tongue into Jenny; she did whatever she thought would please her mistress. And she did it, and she did it; her tongue never fatigued, her desire never waned.

Jenny ran her hands through Sydney’s short hair, pulled her closer and steered her when necessary. Her breathing was labored and signaled a culmination; she arched and thrust her hips like undulating waves rolling toward the beach. She rubbed furiously her clit until she came, “Fuck yeah, baby, Sydney.” Her heavy breathing subsided and she played with herself until her senses dulled.

Sydney retraced her steps; she kissed Jenny’s belly, tits and nipples, collarbone, shoulders, neck; she nuzzled her ear and kissed her lips – she smiled with satisfaction, “How did I do?”

Jenny put her hands on each of Sydney’s cheeks, drew her in and kissed her, tenderly, sensually, lovingly, approvingly, “Wonderfully.”

Jenny led Sydney to the couch; she wanted more but didn’t want to overwhelm her newbie so she spooned her; they cuddled and kissed and hugged; Sydney would soon understand the depth of Jenny’s insatiable desire, but for now she was content and could wait.

“The summer internship is yours,” purred Jenny. She cupped her tiny tits and pulled her nipples. She gently kissed Sydney’s ear, neck, and collarbone. “We’ll accomplish a lot this summer.” She massaged her belly and breasts. “It’s not going to be all fun and games.” She ran her hands up and down Sydney’s curled legs. “You’ll learn a lot, you’ll know more about finance then you ever thought possible.” She squeezed her tightly. “You’ll learn more about a lot of different things than you ever thought possible.” Her lips barely touched her neck. “But you must do exactly as I say.” She whispered in her ear, “Without question.”

Sydney’s heart raced with excitement; she pushed her behind into Jenny and delicately stroked her arms and held her hands; she nodded affirmatively.

“I need you to be at my apartment Saturday evening, at 8 o’clock.” Jenny’s scheme solidified – she would use her little nymph to further draw Ian into her liar, and under her control. She could forever complicate his life, if necessary. “Come dressed like a slutty college girl – it will be fun, you’ll see.”

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