Jenny , Therese Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you haven’t already, read Jenny & Therese Ch. 01, which is the prequel to this story.

I slept well that night, after mentally reviewing everything I’d seen and jerking off again, but I started to get nervous on Saturday morning. I worried that Jenny wouldn’t be so fired up to see me now that she’d found another outlet that was, for the moment, much more easily accessible. I definitely appreciated the opportunity to see what I had through Therese’s bedroom window, but absolutely was still interested in more than that with Jenny before she had to return to Texas. Fortunately, Jenny set my mind at ease pretty early on Saturday. She gave me a call and let me know that Therese had arranged for some privacy for us that night. I thought it was a little unusual that Therese’s family was going to leave their houseguest alone in their home, but I certainly wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I showed up at the appointed time feeling like it was going to be an outstanding night and I did not end up disappointed. Jenny answered the door wearing a short skirt and a snug top that showed off her moderately-sized breasts. She invited me in and we sat on the couch in the living room. I barely had enough time to register how quiet the house was before we were making out passionately. She seemed to be pretty fired up and I wondered if her fun with Therese the night before might have left her a little bit hungry for some cock. When she brought my hand up and placed it on her tit, then started to massage the bulge in my jeans while I caressed her tit, I could not have been happier about the way things were going…or so I thought.

I hadn’t even had time to get my hand up under her shirt yet when she moved off the couch and knelt before me. She started working my jeans open and, as I lifted my ass to let her slide them down, my fully-rigid cock sprung out. She smiled up at me as she took it in her fist, her deep blue eyes glowing with excitement. I moaned as she wrapped her lips around it and engulfed it in her hot mouth. She certainly didn’t lack any talent when it came to cocksucking so I just sat there watching my cock disappearing into her mouth and enjoying the pleasure she was providing. After she’d been sucking me off for a few minutes and I was feeling the first stirrings of an orgasm, she stopped and looked up at me.

“Can I ask a favor?” she asked and, given the position she had me in, I doubt there’s anything I wouldn’t have done. “Would you mind if Therese joined us.”

Therese and I had been friends for a long time without ever crossing the line into anything more than that. That’s not to say that I had never thought about her in that way, but I never acted on it. And, after the previous night, I never would have expected her to be interested in anyone with a penis. The idea that it might end up being nothing more than an opportunity to fuck Jenny while Therese paid all of her attention to Jenny as well crossed my mind and I had no problem with that at all. There was nothing that I didn’t like about the idea of Therese joining us.

“I’d have no problem with that,” I replied and Therese suddenly appeared from her bedroom. She was dressed simply in baggy pants and a long-sleeved shirt but I had a feeling that she wouldn’t be wearing them for long. She knelt beside Jenny, not looking 100% comfortable yet but also not looking like somebody who was completely against penises.

“You can’t quit just because of one bad experience,” Jenny said, “and who better to help you back up on the horse that threw you than a couple of close friends?”

“You’re right, of course,” Therese replied, “and I trust you just as you trusted me.”

Therese took my cock in her hand, pumped it gently, then wrapped her lips around it and started to slide them up and down. I moaned not only because it felt incredible, but also to let Therese know that I was enjoying it. As Therese got a little more confident with her cocksucking, Jenny was taking off my shoes and socks and sliding my jeans and underwear off. She took over for Therese after they shared a kiss but Therese was watching closely as Jenny’s lips slid up and down my throbbing tool.

“Do you want to stay out here,” she asked, after removing my cock from her mouth, “or should we go to your room?”

“Let’s go to bursa otele gelen escort my room,” Therese replied, “I like making memories in there.”

They gathered up my clothes and shoes then we all got up and went to Therese’s bedroom with Jenny leading me by my cock. They ditched my stuff on the floor then Jenny helped me out of my shirt so that I was completely naked. I reached out to caress her tits again then started to raise her shirt up, revealing a very cute, colorful bra underneath. I fondled her tits again, feeling her hard nipples pressing against the fabric, then turned to Therese.

“I never thought I’d be doing this,” I said, with a smile, as I caressed her tits and reached for the bottom of her shirt.

“I never thought you would either,” she replied, raising her arms, “but I’m quite okay about it.”

When her head reappeared from her shirt and I cast it to the floor, I leaned in for a kiss and it was quite nice. I fondled her tits again just as I had Jenny’s, then started sliding her baggy pants down while dropping to my knees, revealing her panties. I helped her step out of her pants, leaving her in just bra and panties, then turned back to Jenny. She was smiling so she didn’t appear to be put off by me kissing Therese, which was definitely a good thing. Still on my knees, I ran my hands up under her skirt to squeeze her ass then lifted the front of it to find panties that matched her bra. I worked her skirt down so that I could see the bra and panties together and, damn, did she look hot! I glanced over at Therese and saw that she appreciated it, too. They didn’t know that I knew what had happened between them the previous night, but they had kissed in front of me, so I figured I’d just encourage them not to be shy in front of me.

“Therese, you want to help me out for a minute?” I asked, “Why don’t you help Jenny out of her bra.”

Therese stepped over and they kissed again while she fondled Jenny’s breasts before reaching behind her. As she unfastened Jenny’s bra, I started to slide her panties down and found that beautiful, golden bush right in front of my face. I think they might have been making out and Therese fondling Jenny’s bare tits but I could not take my eyes off Jenny’s pussy to check. Once she’d stepped out of her panties, I reached around to squeeze her ass as I kissed her abdomen and hips then slipped a couple of fingers between her legs to find her pussy dripping wet.

“Help me out with Therese now,” Jenny moaned and I reluctantly turned away from her pussy and ran my fingers over the front of Therese’s panties before starting to slide them down. At my age, I hadn’t been up close with very many pussies, so to have that of a close friend right there in front of me, I was just as intrigued as I had been by the one I’d been hoping to fuck. I squeezed her ass as I admired her trim, light brown bush then looked up to see them kissing again as Jenny fondled Therese’s bare titties.

“Where did you put the condoms we bought?” Jenny asked, so Therese went to retrieve them from a drawer while Jenny helped me up. She had me lie on the bed then took the condoms from Therese while suggesting that Therese straddle my head. I was perfectly okay with that and encouraged her when she looked toward me. She smiled and climbed onto the bed, her tits bouncing, and knelt over my head. I grabbed at her ass again while running my tongue up her slit and tasting the juices that she was abundantly producing. I could hear Jenny working on a condom wrapper and soon felt its coolness roll down over my tool. While I was slurping Therese’s pussy, the bed shifted as Jenny climbed up onto it and straddle me. I moaned as I felt my cock engulfed in her incredibly snug, incredibly slippery pussy. I slipped a finger into Therese’s pussy and started to lick and suck her clit as Jenny started to move up and down on my tool.

Therese’s pussy was tight and wet around my finger not unlike Jenny’s was around my cock. I pumped my finger in and out as I worked on her clit and was pleased to hear her moans in addition to Jenny’s. She started to rock her hips toward my face almost immediately and, once I had a good rhythm going, I glanced upward. She was gripping the headboard but her tits weren’t swinging freely as I’d expected; Jenny had them in her hands. It occurred to me that I was in an enviable position not just because I was in the middle of a threesome, but also because if I performed well, I could be Therese’s go-to fuck for that summer before we left for college. I focused on applying my limited knowledge of and experience at pussy eating to hopefully at least be competitive with any girls who Therese might know who would be willing to eat her pussy.

I wasn’t missing out on the pleasure of Jenny’s hot, tight pussy sliding up and down my tool as my attention was on Therese, but I was able to enjoy that without having to really do anything. I also suspect bursa eve gelen eskort that by not being completely focused on Jenny riding me, I was able to last longer than I might have had it just been the two of us. Jenny’s pace was gradually increasing and I could hear her occasional moans while Therese continued to rock her hips toward my face. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and more engorged around my probing finger the longer I ate her and figured that was probably a very good sign. When she gasped and I could feel her body shaking, I knew for sure that was a good sign. I continued to eat her while she was cumming, feeling like there was a good chance that this wouldn’t be my last opportunity.

Jenny was riding me pretty hard and was moaning pretty continuously by the time Therese climbed off of my face and I slipped my finger into my mouth. She probably didn’t need any help getting the rest of the way there, but Therese lowered her head and started to lick Jenny’s clit anyway. Jenny started moaning even louder and, within minutes, had dropped down on my cock and sat there shaking with a big smile on her face. Once she’d gone still, Therese raised her head but was still running a hand over Jenny’s pussy, stomach and tits.

“If you want to focus your attention on Jenny,” I told her, “we can reposition so that you can do that.”

“I’d like that, if you wouldn’t mind,” she said.

“My pleasure,” I replied, “especially if you’d be interested in having my cock inside you.”

She smiled and nodded then started to lick Jenny’s ear as she caressed her tits. When Jenny was ready, she climbed off of my cock and I sat up. I suggested that Jenny sit up against the headboard and Therese get on all-fours, then I knelt behind her. I ran my hands over her ass as she started licking Jenny’s pussy while Jenny moaned and closed her eyes. I cupped Therese’s hanging tits as well before guiding my cock to her pussy and easing it in. She felt just as hot and tight as Jenny had and paused in licking Jenny’s pussy to moan as I filled her pussy. I took her by the hips and started to ease my cock slowly in and out of her.

There was no distraction from the pleasure I was feeling this time. I was, however, still feeling incredulous that I was actually fucking Therese. The whole situation had me feeling incredulous, actually, and I was aware enough that it would probably never happen again to appreciate it while it was happening. Not only did Therese’s pussy feel amazing as I fucked it, but seeing her naked and feeling her bare skin after so many years of knowing her was a real treat. I ran my hands over her ass when they weren’t caressing her waist and hips and also reached up to cup her swinging tits. Jenny’s tits were also within reach, so I caressed hers as well while watching Therese’s tongue and fingers buried in Jenny’s golden bush.

Jenny was very vocal about the pleasure that Therese was providing her and was rocking her hips toward Therese’s face while holding her head in place. The longer Therese ate her, the louder she was getting and it was obvious that Therese had quite a talent for eating pussy. I still wanted to bury my face in Jenny’s golden bush, too, and even having to follow Therese wasn’t enough to make me reconsider. As I was feeling the first stirrings of my own orgasm, Jenny was clearly on the brink of her own. I loved seeing the look on her face go from pure joy to raw passion as she got closer and closer to cumming. I wasn’t sure if Therese was anywhere near an orgasm herself or if she, like I had been, was more focused on eating pussy. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try to help her along so I slipped a hand down between her legs and gently caressed her clit as I continued fucking her.

Jenny finally let out a cry as she started to cum and I watched as her entire body shook. Therese kept eating her pussy just as I kept fucking Therese’s, but she raised her head once it was clear that Jenny had finished cumming. I continued to fuck her and stroke her clit as she started to push back against my incoming thrusts. As she was recovering, Jenny reached out and cupped Therese’s tits, which I think only helped push Therese along. My orgasm was still building slowly, but I felt as though Therese would probably cum before I did. As it turned out, I was right about that and, when she did start cumming, I could feel her body trembling as she let out a cry. I continued fucking her until she’d finished cumming then pulled out, figuring we would switch things up again and wanting to give myself a moment to allow my building orgasm to back off a bit.

“I want to eat your pussy, too,” I told Jenny, “Can you deal with another tongue giving you another orgasm?”

“I suppose I could suffer,” she replied, “What about you, Therese?”

“I was actually thinking my cocksucking might be a bit rusty,” she said, “and that maybe I should get in some practice.”

We bayan escort bursa determined that the best way to get all of this accomplished would be almost the same as when we started but with Jenny straddling my head and Therese sucking me off instead of Jenny riding me. While I was watching Jenny’s blonde bush approaching my face, Therese removed the condom and pumped my cock in her fist. As I started licking Jenny’s dripping slit, I felt Therese wrap her lips around my tool and start to slide them down. I moaned while lapping up Jenny’s nectar before slipping a finger into her. While pumping my finger in and out of her hot, wet pussy, I started to lick and suck her clit, which got her moaning even louder than she already had been.

Therese was pumping the base of my cock as her mouth slid up and down my shaft, belying her claim that her skills were rusty. She even paused occasionally to lick and suck my balls while continuing to pump my tool in her hand, which was not something I was accustomed to from other high school girls. Of course I also wasn’t accustomed to high school girls who were bisexual and into threesomes, so this whole event remained quite an eye-opener. Since I’d already brought Therese to a successful orgasm with my tongue and finger, I didn’t vary my methods much as I worked on Jenny. Glancing up, I could see that Jenny, like Therese, was holding onto the head board, but her tits were swinging freely above me. It occurred to me that I had not licked or sucked her nipples yet, or Therese’s for that matter, and knew that I would remedy that before the night was over.

Jenny was getting louder and humping toward my face as she’d done with Therese and, between that and how her pussy was becoming wetter and more engorged, I knew she was on the brink of another orgasm. I could feel my own building but, again, because I was more focused on what I was doing than on what was being done to me, I was certain that Jenny would be cumming before I did. Therese’s cocksucking didn’t leave anything to be desired, so I knew it wouldn’t be long after Jenny came that I’d be filling Therese’s mouth with my load.

As expected, Jenny soon let out a cry and began to tremble as she came. I continued to work on her pussy as her orgasm washed over her and flooded her pussy with additional lubrication. I would have been content to eat her through a few more orgasms but she climbed off of my head soon after she’d finished cumming. She moved down by Therese and they kissed before Jenny took a turn at sucking my cock. They alternated sliding their hot mouths up and down my shaft while Therese continued to pump the base and Jenny caressed my balls. I pulled the pillows together under my head so that I could watch the two of them working on my cock and the visual proved to be as pleasurable as the feeling of their hot mouths.

I did my best to just relax and enjoy the continuing build of my orgasm under their oral stimulation while committing the visual to memory. The few blowjobs I’d received by this point in my life had mostly been either in the dark or under the covers, so being able to watch was something I wanted to remember forever. My cock was swelling even more the closer I got to cumming but it didn’t slow them down a bit. By the time I was right on the verge, I was nearly out of my mind due to the level of pleasure that I was feeling. I didn’t want it to end but, at the same time, I knew that we still had several hours ahead of us before we needed to be concerned about being interrupted.

I let out a cry as I started to spurt into Jenny’s mouth and she quickly passed me off to Therese to share my bounty. They continued taking turns milking all of the cum out of me until I was completely spent, then made out a bit before crawling up to lie on either side of me.

“I love sex, I love sucking cock and I love eating pussy,” Jenny said after we’d been laying there quietly for a few minutes.

“Will you marry me?” I asked immediately. She and Therese both laughed.

“How about after college, the three of us get married and move to Utah?” she suggested.

“Or Greenwich Village,” Therese added.

We lay together for a few minutes before heading to the kitchen for a drink, where we were soon going at it again. Before we had to get dressed again, we messed around in the kitchen, the living room, Therese’s bedroom and even in the bathroom. I not only took the time to lick and suck their nipples, but also thoroughly explored each of their bodies and they gave me the opportunity to lick both of their clits simultaneously as they scissored their pussies together again. I think we were all quite satisfied by the end of the night but we started feeling a bit mopey about Jenny’s impending departure for Texas once we were dressed again. I was grateful for the opportunity but was pretty certain that it would end up being a one-time thing unless Jenny came to visit again. Therese did provide me with some reassurance that perked up my spirits a bit when Jenny left us briefly to use the bathroom.

“I’m grateful that you and Jenny helped me realize that I am actually bisexual, not gay,” she said, “although I’m sure you didn’t realize that’s what you were going to be doing when you got here tonight.”

“It was my pleasure?” I replied, sort of uncertainly.

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