Jerry Ch. 07: Diane’s Secret Sin

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Disclaimer: This is a continuation of Jerry’s afternoon with his sister Diane. It can be enjoyed (hopefully) as a stand alone tale, but plays a key part in his sexual evolution. I’m sure the fine restaurant chain mentioned in this story does not condone actions in their premises of the sort described. All characters in my stories are figments of my imagination. Unfortunately.

All characters are also at least 18 years old.

On with the play.


“No. Leave them on Jerry,” Diane said as he took off his sunglasses.

“But they’re girl’s glasses,” he protested.

“They go with your shirt and shorts. Besides no one will recognize you here,” she said.

He glanced down at the shirt his sister borrowed from her friend. “Bebe,” read the logo emblazoned on the front. Wearing this shirt he figured he might as well wear the sunglasses too. At least they would hide his eyes and hopefully keep him from blushing too much.

His shorts were girl’s too, bought by accident. Shorter than men’s they showed off his skinny legs. In fact the only male clothes he wore were his tennis shoes.

After securing the roof of her sports car Diane led the way to the entrance of the restaurant. “It’s your favorite place Jerry. BJ’s. Get it? Blowjobs, BJ’s” she said with a grin.

“Very funny. It’s a nice place though,” he said as he opened the door for his sister.

“Welcome back to BJ’s Honey,” a pretty college-aged woman said brightly as they entered. She grabbed a menu and showed them to a table in the mostly empty eating area. There was a moderate crowd in the bar for the beginning of happy hour, but it was the dead period for meals.

Before the woman even left the table a tall good looking college-aged man appeared at her side. “Hello Honey,” he said looking at Diane. Turning towards Jerry he said, “Hello I’m Roger your server today. I know what Honey wants, but do you need time to decide what you want?”

“Oh, Jerry will just have a classic cheese burger and fries with a coke,” Diane said. “Please bring them out at the same time Roger,” she added with a sexy smile.

When Roger left Diane said, “I ordered for you, because it would take you too long to decide. Did you notice Roger checking you out?”

“No. What do you mean?”

“He was trying to get a look at your tits. Now he’s checking out your legs on his way back,” she said.

“Here are your drinks. Diet coke for Honey and Regular for Jerry. Free refills of course,” the waiter said. This time Jerry blushed as he noticed Roger looking at his chest.

“See, I told you,” Diane said after Roger left.

“But I don’t have any breasts,” he said.

“That’s what has him so intrigued. Your shirt and girl’s gym shorts, not to mention the sunglasses scream female. But your tennis shoes say male. Poor Roger is confused,” Diane explained.

“Why is everyone calling you honey?” he asked eager to steer the conversation in other directions.

“One of the staff saw me dance months ago. He told someone who told someone else, so now everyone here calls me by my stage name. Honey,” she said with a shrug.

“So you’re like a movie star with a stage name and all,” he said in awe.

He felt the tap of the flying straw wrapper hitting his glasses before he saw it coming. He swatted at it after it fell between his legs. Diane looked at him in amusement with the red plastic straw in her pursed lips. He remembered during road trips when they were kids. His sister often did the same thing. Somehow she got away with it. When he tried it he would get in trouble.

He chose not to return fire because her sunglasses were up on her head. He took his mother’s warning, “You could poke someone’s eye out,” seriously. In fact, he took everything seriously.

“Don’t you think Roger is handsome?” she asked.

“I guess so,” he replied.

“Would you like to give him a blowjob?” She asked the question as Roger bought out the tray with their food.

Jerry blushed with embarrassment thinking Roger might have heard the question. He found himself staring at the bulge at the front of the waiter’s pants. Until his sister planted the thought he didn’t even notice it. The prominent bump hinted at a nice sized package.

“Here’s your classic cheese burger and fries Jerry and the usual for you Honey. Did you need anything else?” Roger said putting their dishes on the table.

“Later Roger,” replied Diane eager to dig into the concoction before her. Jerry stared at the mound of vanilla ice-cream atop a pan filled with chocolate-chip cookie. The cookie looked and smelled delicious. The ice-cream melted from the heat of it. Meant to be shared by at least two people, but Diane didn’t appear willing to share.

“This is my secret sin,” she said after swallowing her first bite. “It’s too much sugar, so I get a diet coke,” she added with a laugh.

Jerry took a bite of his cheese burger and slowly chewed. It tasted good though a little dry. He washed it down with a sip of his coke. He reached Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort for a french-fry and his hand met Diane’s as she too reached for one. Already a third of her ice-cream had disappeared. He watched as she dipped the fry into it and snarfed it down.

“You better eat faster if you’re going to give Roger a blowjob,” she said.

Again his sister timed her remark to coincide with the waiter’s arrival. He happened to be in mid-bite and almost choked when Roger asked, “Is everything Okay?”

“Perfect, this is Jerry’s eighteenth birthday,” Diane lied. He turned eighteen two months before, but he couldn’t say anything with food in his mouth. “Don’t embarrass Jerry by singing but …”

“Oh sure we can get Jerry something special,” Roger said before heading to the kitchen.

After finally swallowing and washing it down with coke he said, “You lied. It’s not my birthday.”

“Relax silly. It was just to let him know you’re not underage,” Diane said. “And that’s not a lie.”

Though not the first time he heard her lie, it still disappointed him. As much as he loved her, he wished she would stick to the truth. Why couldn’t she just said he was eighteen straight out? He decided to ask her and did.

“Yeah like that’s a natural thing to say out of the blue,” she replied. “I like to use subtlety in my match making.”

“Well, I don’t like you lying,” he said.

They ate in silence for a few minutes, Jerry making slow progress on his burger and Diane shoveling in her dessert. She ate more of the fries than he did as well. She seemed to enjoyed the sweetness of the cookie and the saltiness of the fries by the look of pure bliss on her lovely face.

“You’re right, I shouldn’t have lied. I’m sorry Jerry,” she said with an exaggeratedly sad face.

“That’s okay Sis,” he said even though her expression left him reason to doubt her sincerity.

Her features returned to those of sublime pleasure as she put another heaped spoonful of cookie and cream in her mouth. She was nearing the end of her dessert now and still showed no sign of slowing down.

“How often do you come here to sin?” he asked thinking it was a clever way of putting the question.

“If I said a couple of times a month, I’d be lying. So I’ll admit to at least once a week,” she replied. She laughed at Jerry’s look of surprise. “I burn off the calories at work and the gym,” she explained.

Roger arrived at the table with Jerry’s special birthday treat. A smaller version of Diane’s, but the ice-cream sat on a fudge brownie base. It looked delicious. He couldn’t wait to try it, but he still needed to finish his burger.

“Happy birthday Jerry,” Roger said with a big smile.

“Well … I don’t know … if …,” he started, but trailed off not wanting to call his sister a liar.

“What Jerry really wants is some of your hot white cum,” Diane said with a wicked grin.

“Oh really?” Roger said becoming even more attentive.

“I’m not lying about that, am I Jerry?” his sister asked pointedly glancing at Roger’s bulge.

“Well, not exactly,” he said blushing hotter than ever. He couldn’t believe his sister said such a thing. It was true now even if the idea never entered his mind before. She knew him so well. She seemed to know how his mind worked and used her knowledge for her own purposes.

“I’d love to give you some Jerry, if you like,” Roger said in a voice barely louder than a whisper. His eyes again stared at Jerry’s chest.

“Think of it Jerry, your first blowjob at BJ’s,” Diane urged.

“How ’bout it?” Roger prompted.

Jerry nodded silently.

“Awesome! I’ll go check the restroom. I’ll wave to you when the coast is clear,” the waiter said before hurrying away.

“You don’t have to do it Jerry. I tricked you into it, but don’t do it unless you want to,” Diane said while digging around in her satchel.

He thought about it while nibbling the last two fries. Already today he’d sucked his second cock ever, and now he could suck his third. His penis stiffened at the realization. The day which started so horribly suddenly seemed like the best of his life.

“If you decide to do it, wear this,” his sister said uncapping a lipstick and twisting it so its pointed bright pink nub protruded. “It will make you sexier.”

After a beat of consideration Jerry leaned across to table so Diane could paint his lips. Her eyes looked amazing up close. Finished she sat back and surveyed her handiwork. “Not bad, but you really should have something redder,” she said. “We’ll have to experiment with color.”

“But the pink matches my socks,” he said.

Diane snorted, then said, “You won’t be wearing those socks all the time. You’ll want to try on heels soon … Oh he’s waving. Time to go. Don’t take too long.”

As he rose to go towards Roger, he saw his sister reach across the table and take his treat.

“Hey Sis! That’s mine!” he said.

“Go get your own treat and don’t be so greedy,” Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort she said before taking her first bite.

He caught sight of Roger standing near the sign to the restrooms. The waiter waved and disappeared in the direction the sign pointed. As he followed Jerry felt as if all eyes in the place where on him. When he looked around only those of a man in his sixties actually were. The man stared so intently it made Jerry uncomfortable.

He felt relief entering the short hallway leading to the restrooms to be out of sight of everybody. Then he saw Roger stick his head out of the men’s room and his heart started to race. He walked the rest of the way to the door under the gaze of the good looking waiter.

“Use the far stall. There’s no lock on this door, but we’ll be okay,” Roger said holding the door open for him.

In the mirror Jerry saw his face tinged red from blushing, but also some sunburn. Riding in Diane’s convertible was fun, but he paid a price. He could also see the tops of his thighs were slightly burned. Such was the fate of a redhead.

He could also see how someone might confuse him with a girl. His hair was done in a style either sex might wear. Now wearing lipstick the scales definitely tilt towards his being a girl. A cute girl if so, a pretty boy if not.

The far stall turned out to be the larger of the two since it was for the handicapped. Roger ushered him into the stall pointing at the toilet. “Sit there and it’ll spare your pretty knees.” He began to undo his belt and pants.

Jerry began to take off his sunglasses so he could remove his T-shirt, Roger said, “No leave them on. They’re damn sexy.”

As he waited nervously for Roger’s unveiling, he wondered what this new cock would be like. The waiter pushed his pants down to his ankles, hooked his thumbs in the waistband of is underwear and slowly slid them down. The hard cock, caught by the elastic, was pulled downward too. When almost seven inches of hard meat were in view the elastic cleared the fore-skinned covered head. This allowed the stiff prick to spring upwards.

The first uncut one Jerry ever saw up close and personal, it fascinated him. Roger gripped it in one hand pointing it towards Jerry’s face. Stroking it pulled the fore-skin back revealing the hidden pink knob. It looked so erotic he felt a bit lightheaded.

“You have me so turned on I’m almost ready to cum,” Roger said in a husky voice.

Fearing he would miss his chance at the waiter’s hot cum, Jerry engulfed the dick-head without first giving it a tongue tease. It tasted musty and sweaty, much more than the two cocks he’d sucked before. Roger must not have showered lately. The aroma of cock was much stronger too. Instead of grossing him out, it aroused him tremendously.

It fit comfortably in his mouth width-wise, but its length prevented him from taking it to the root. He managed to get his lips two-thirds of the way to the hairy groin. He bobbed his head back and forward endeavoring to take more of the red hot dick in each time. All the while he could hear Roger sigh and moan loudly. He hoped nobody else would need to use the restroom.

The hard rod felt smoother to his lips than the two other cocks which they had been wrapped around. His lips and tongue felt none of the interesting bumps or ridges of veins. It moved frictionless in and out of his mouth like a piston. Only the folded skin near the tip provided variety to the ultra-smooth flesh.

He reached up finding Roger’s hairy balls dangling below the hard-on. Since Tom shaved himself all over and Dan’s never came in view, it surprised Jerry to discover the wiry thicket. Fondling the low hanging sack carefully he wished he could see the balls, even lick them. His penis grew harder in his panties.

Although Roger refrained from holding his head and forcing the hot cock deeper, Jerry managed to go down further. He felt it at his throat, but didn’t gag. Practice made it easier to take cock deep. He could taste the precum when his head was back and the hot tip on his tongue. It was delicious. His eyes closed as he savored the taste, odors and heat of the smooth rod.

“Oh … yeah … almost … there,” Roger said.

Jerry could feel a throbbing pulse coming from the hard flesh and eagerly awaited the first blast of semen. How much would the waiter shoot?

“Did you get a look at that hot blonde out there?” a deep voice said as the restroom door opened.

“How could I miss her? She’s hotter than hell,” answered another man entering behind the first.

Jerry heard the door of the stall next to his open loudly and a couple of moments later the sound of a stream of piss hitting water.

“I’m cumming,” said Roger in a subdued voice.

To Jerry’s surprise and disappointment the waiter used one hand to tilt his head back. This popped the man’s juicy cock out of his mouth as the first blast of semen exploded from its head. He opened his eyes in time to instinctively Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort close them again as cum covered his sunglasses. Hot thick cum from the first shot also streaked his forehead. The the second blast landed mainly on his nose.

Finally with the third shot Jerry tasted some of Roger’s delicious spunk. The force of the pulse was only able to propel the globs of cream as far as his lips. He stuck out his tongue to catch all he could. It tasted as good as he hoped it would.

“Wow! That was awesome,” Roger said after what seemed to be last drop of cum fell.

Jerry opened his eyes again and saw Roger’s hard dick dimly through cum coated glasses. He ran his tongue along the bottom of its swollen head. He found a drop of cum still clinging to the tip and lapped it off.

“I’ll help you,” the waiter said.

Roger took off Jerry’s sunglasses and held them lenses down so the puddle was accessible. Jerry used his tongue to eagerly lick the white cum off the dark surface.

“Use your fingers to get to rest,” Roger suggested.

Jerry did, scooping up the twin streams of semen on his forehead and nose. He looked up into Roger’s smiling handsome face while doing so.

“That’s so sexy,” Roger said.

“Hey Bob, it sounds like some pretty hot action is going on in here,” came the deep voice from the next stall.

“Probably a couple of fags,” came Bob’s response from the wall mounted urinal.

“A blowjob is a blowjob, especially after that blonde out there got me fired up,” the deep voice said.

Roger placed the sunglasses back on Jerry’s face. He leaned down to whisper, “Don’t worry, they’re harmless.”

Despite this reassurance Jerry felt nervous when he heard a bang on their stall door.

“Hey, in there! How about a blowjob for me?” the deep voice said.

“If you get one, I want one too,” said Bob with the noise of a flushing urinal emphasizing his statement.

Roger pulled up his underwear tucking his half erect, lipstick smeared dick away. He bent down for his pants pulling them up too. After fastening them and his belt, he reached into a pocket bringing out a smart phone. Another couple of fist bangs on the door and Roger looked nervous. Jerry was beyond nervous and into the fear zone.

“Time to call for reinforcements,” Roger said quietly as he unlocked the phone.

“Hey let us in!” deep voice called and the pounding grew harder.

An impatient series of raps on the restroom door was followed by the Diane’s irritated voice saying, “Come you two. I have to run!”

“Whoa, who’s that?” asked deep voice.

“I don’t know, but she’s invited to this party,” Bob replied with a guffaw.

“I’m coming in!” Jerry heard. Then a bang as the restroom door must have flown open with enough force to crash against the interior wall.

“What the fuck!” deep voice cried.

“I could say the same thing. Is this what guys do in here? Stand around showing off your tiny wieners?” Diane asked.

Diane’s dramatic entrance and sarcastic outburst shocked the two men into stunned silence. Her next words provoked different responses in each of those they were addressed to.

“Time to quite hiding in there. It’s safe to come out now.”

To Jerry it seemed like old times. When he was young his big sister sometimes protected him from bullies. Now he once again felt relief and pride. The expression on Roger’s face showed something else, chagrin or shame. Roger undid the latch and pushed open the door standing back to let Jerry pass. The two of them filed out of the stall, Jerry leading the way.

“He had a girl in there with him?” deep voice asked in amazement.

Jerry could almost feel the heat of the man’s stare on his bare legs. He couldn’t help but glance down at the man’s stiff prick sticking out. He couldn’t understand what his sister meant by calling it tiny. It looked bigger than his by a few inches. Of course, the same could be said of all the cocks he’d seen.

“Damn! How old is she?” Bob exclaimed.

“It’s Jerry’s eighteen birthday!” Roger said, eager to put an end to any question along those lines.

“And Roger was just giving a special birthday treat,” Diane added.

Jerry stared at Bob’s hard-on sticking out of his fly. It too looked far from tiny. It looked quite large and black. Now feeling safe sexual arousal crept up on him. His penis grew stiff in his panties yet again. Lifting his gaze to Bob’s face he discovered him to be a handsome black man.

“Happy birthday, Jeri” Bob said with an apologetic smile.

“Thank you,” he replied. Walking to the door he got closer to Bob. He let his fingertips ‘accidentally’ touch the very tip of the hard cock as he passed by. It thrilled him to his core.

“Don’t be such a cock-tease Jerry,” Diane chided. He felt his face heat up as he blushed bright. He should have known his sister would catch him.

He looked back over his shoulder and said, “Sorry about that Bob.”

“No need to apologize, Jeri. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life,” the man said smiling broadly.

“Go to the car Jerry, I’ll be out in a minute,” Diane ordered as Jerry walked out the restroom door.

“Did you give Jerry your cum?” he heard his sister ask Roger. He walked down the short passageway obedient to her command. He knew the answer to her question anyway.

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