Jessicas Master Gives her to a Dom

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It’s Saturday afternoon, I make the excuse that I have to go to some planned event, so I can slip away for a few hours to join My Master for a session. When I arrive, I see two new cars parked outside I don’t recognize. I walk in to find a redhead sitting naked on the couch next to my masters two female roommates and they’re all masturbating together. The other two don’t stop, but the redhead springs up from her seat. “So, you must be Jessica!” We talk friendly for a bit and then she grabs my hand, “come on, they’re waiting for us.” and she yanks me towards the garage.

In the garage I see My Master is working out some fairly intricate ropes. He looks back at the other guy and says, “Hey Mike, help me out.” My attention immediately goes over to this new guy I was told about. He’s tall, muscular and much more handsome then I expected. I feel like I’m being rude so I start to introduce myself.

“Shhh.” He tells me with a simple gesture to be quiet. At once I’m a bit angry and yet, I feel his strength and I’m turned on. His look pierces through me as he walks over, circles me and then whispers in my ear. “Undress.” Shocked, I look to My Master for escape but he doesn’t acknowledge me. Strangely I feel compelled to do as he says and I strip down to my underwear. He stares and waits. I remove my bra. He waits. Embarrassed, but completely turned on, I reach down and remove my panties.

I stand next to the redhead and he circles around us slowly running his finger across our bodies. He leans into me, “Do you like pussy?”

“Yes” I say unable to hold my tongue.

“Do you like cock?” He asks.

Instantly I’m wet. “Yes.”

“Good.” He leaves us standing there.

My Master then puts us through our paces tying us up in all sorts of ways. It feels a bit different, because we’re naked and I can’t get Mike out of my head. After a couple of different set ups, they let us down. The redhead returns to the couch to join the roommates. My Master directs me to follow him to the back room. He opens the door and the next I know, I’m standing in the room naked and alone.

The door opens and Mike walks in. He says nothing, but he removes his shirt from his very masculine body. Though my lust is strong I commit to telling him I’m not ready for this when he asks; he doesn’t. He circles me again, then standing behind me he grabs me to him hand around my waist, my back pressed against his hard body, his lips and hot breath to my ears. “When you were hanging Did you think about me fucking you? As if coming from someone else inside me I quickly reply, “Yes.” He moves away behind me as I hear his pants drop. I’m nervous and want to yell for him to stop, but I don’t.

Again his body is pressed to mine from behind. His hands cup my breasts and slide the length of my naked body as his hot breath and lips move along my neck. He pushes me forward to bend over as he slides down to the ground. His tongue finds my buns and he licks and probs inside of me. It feels incredible. He brings to the brink of an orgasm and then suddenly stops.

He opens the door and orders the other women to join him. He is so powerful they have no choice. Three naked women and this powerful Dom are standing and staring at me. “Go to the bed and cum for us.” I’m shocked, but my body is acting on its own. I go to the bed, part my legs and fuck myself to an orgasm as they watch.

Still breathing heavily, he points me to go to the floor and points the three women to the bed, where they sit side by side legs spread over one another. I figure out what he wants quickly and I start with the redhead and move through the roommates until each cums twice.

When I’m done he asks them to leave and shuts the door behind them. He walks over to me, my fingers still absentmindedly touching my clit. “I understand from your Master that xslot you are looking for a Dom to serve?”

I start to give an explanation but he stops me.

“Yes or no?”

I can’t explain this instant control he has over me, but I look him in the eye, “Yes.”

“Turn over.”

I flip over onto my stomach.

“Do you want my cock?”

Again, the voice within me, “Yes.”

“Say my name!

“Yes, Mike!”

I lay there bent over the bed for what feels like an hour. Then I feel him behind me. His cock barely touching my lips.

“I understand you have limited time, but when you are with me you will do as I say, when I say, where I say and with whom I say. Understood?”

I want to protest and tell him I need time to feel comfortable. I want to run or tell him I’m not ready to do this with a relative stranger. I want to, but I can’t do any of those things. As if from another body again I hear myself clearly, “Yes.”

His dick presses forward into my drenched hungry cunt. He pressed his body onto me as his enormous cock slides deep inside me. It feels incredible! What follows is an hour straight of the deepest hardest fucking I’ve ever received. By the time he came inside me my pussy was throbbing.

After, He took my number and we made a plan to meet. He looked me in the eyes only a few inches from my face, “anytime, anyone, anywhere.”

I looked him right in the eyes, “Yes.”

He kissed me on the lips powerfully holding my head in his hands. “Soon”. Then he pressed a note in my hand and then he turned and walked away.

After a few minutes I snapped out of it, got dressed and left for home. In a daze as I’m driving I suddenly remembered the note. I open it up, “cum right now.” Almost as if hypnotized, I pulled into the nearest parking lot and fucked myself until I came.

I drove the rest of the way home. This was going to be interesting

I came home and immediately grabbed Steve’s hand and dragged him into the bedroom, not caring who else was home. I practically tore his pants off in the seconds before my mouth was on his cock. I pumped it wildly until he was ready and then I jumped on top of him and pounded myself to several hard orgasms. He flipped me over onto the bed and started to hit me from behind. Without thinking I blurted out, “Fuck me Mike!” I froze. Steve froze for just a second and then he jumped into overdrive fucking me so hard I feared permanent damage. “Say it again.” He whispered to me. I didn’t hesitate, “Fuck me Mike!” I didn’t think it possible, but he pounded me even harder. “Again!” He said urgently. “Fuck me Mike! Fuck me hard! Fuck me Mike.” I lost control and clearly so did he as he shot an enormous load inside me before he collapsed.

“That was awesome. Who is Mike and what was that about?” Steve asked. I told him about my new master and what had happened. Immediately he was hard again and took me for another 20-minute spin.

I told him everything and what lay ahead. We laid out some basic ground rules we were comfortable with and then we drifted off to sleep together.

Part II:

Thursday night was my first planned meeting with Mike and frankly the thoughts filled nearly every waking moment. Steve was definitely benefitting as I had his cock in my mouth, ass or pussy as much as was humanly possible. On Thursday I receive Mike’s text. “Meet me at Club Kinky, dress appropriately, expect a video camera; I understand your husband likes video. Steve suggested I wear my zip up black body suit.

I arrived in the mostly empty parking lot of Club Kinky where just three other cars were parked that early. A little shy, I rushed in wearing my outfit all zipped up.

I came inside and there was no one at the door. I heard some sounds which came from the heart of the club so I walked xslot Giriş towards the noise. I came into the bed area and the first thing I saw was two guys staring and taking no notice of me. I followed their stare and was shocked to see Mike naked holding the ankles of a brunette who he was fucking on her back; she was crying out with pleasure. I was pissed!

I turned to leave and made it about 1/2 way to the door when Mike called angrily to me. “Get the fuck back here right now!” I don’t know why, but I was powerless to refuse him. Sheepishly I walked back in the room to see he hadn’t stopped even when yelling at me. He pointed at the ground next to him, “here.” In a trance I walked to the edge of the bed and knelt beside him. “Watch.” Reluctantly I watched my Dom’s beautiful cock sliding in and out of this bitch’s pussy. I tried to look away, but a small smack to my head was all the instruction I need. I returned my focus to the scene.

I watched his tool and her soaking wet pussy and soon I was mesmerized. Without conscious thought I unzipped and rubbed my pussy feverishly. I was soaking wet and came repeatedly. Hungry, I looked over at the two guys. I looked up at Mike and he nodded with all the instruction and permission I needed.

I crawled across the floor to the two men. I unzipped both and sucked them even harder than they already were. I stood, straddled one of them and lowered myself onto his cock. I squatted up and down on his cock. I looked over at Mike and he gave me an approving glance. I was thrilled making my master proud. I rode harder and deeper all the while looking back at my master. Before long the guys grabbed my hips hard and shot a huge amount of cum inside me, which caused me to cry out with a massive orgasm!

Spent I looked back at my master who nodded towards the other guy and I knew what to do. I licked my fingers watching Mike’s powerful thrusts into the other woman and began fucking my ass loose. I straddled the second guy and slid my ass down on his enormous dick. I kind of wished I had started with him as his dick was far too large for my tight ass. However, I made it work bit by bit until he filled me. Feeling my master’s eyes on my back I rammed this huge cock in my ass as hard and deep as I could. Here I was fucking two strangers, but in reality, I sensed that I was fucking Mike. Shortly I received fresh warm jizz deep in my ass.

My pussy and ass dripping I went back to kneeling and watching while the two guys got up and left. Mike increased his pace “oh fuck yes!” He said and I could tell he was ready to cum. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and I immediately took him in my mouth. He pumped my face a few strokes and then I felt his warm shot in the back of my throat. I sucked every drop and didn’t stop until he made me.

He stepped away and shoved my face onto the brunette’s pussy, as he left the room. I ate her to multiple orgasms feeling like I was showing her who was best. Finally, Mike walked back in the room and handed me a flash drive. “Go, give this to your husband and I will call you next Saturday if I wish.”

I walked out in a complete daze. I walked by several people who stared at me and it wasn’t until I got in my car that I realized I hadn’t zipped up and I had been exposing myself in the parking lot. Frankly I didn’t care.

Arriving home, I gave the flash to Steve as instructed and watch over his shoulder as he watched the video of me fucking the two strangers. Steve fucked me sore all night long.

Part III:

The invitation gave a time to meet on Saturday night, the location I should park to be picked up and directions to bring a change of clothes. I waited in my car in the parking lot when a black sedan pulled up behind my car. The driver, dressed in black knocked on my window and invited me to join him. xslot Güncel Giriş Before I slipped in the car he put his hand on my shoulder and showed me a blindfold in his hand. I put my hands down and allowed him to put the blindfold on. I sat down and we drove away. We drove for what seemed like an hour. I felt the car stop and the door open. The driver took my hand and led me up a flight of stairs as I heard a door open and I was led inside. I could smell wood and hear quiet talking. I was left standing, blindfolded.

“Are you ready?” I heard Mike whisper in my ear. “Open your mind.” I heard him say as he removed my blindfold.

The room was full of men and women well dressed in black, standing in a circle in a large stately room. A St. Andrew’s Cross, stockade and two high metal bars that seemed designed for rope were placed in the center of the room.

Three men in robes stepped forward and stood on each side of me. They reached out to me and ripped my shirt from my body. I stood firm, unflinching. They ripped my skirt next and then the rest of my clothes were torn from my body leaving me naked. I stood before all of these people naked and felt their eyes on me.

The first robed man led me to the bars and led me through a series of rope ties. The crowd showed appreciation for each display. Then the second man led me to the cross where he whipped my mercilessly. I could feel my entire backside red with welts from his lash. The crowd was quietly enthusiastic as I was punished.

I was led to the stockade and put firmly in place. I felt hands on my body all around. Everyone in the crowd was strolling by and stroking me. Fingers gently probed my mouth, ass and pussy. The crowd went back to their circle around me. A beautiful woman in a flowing black dressed stepped forward, removed her panties and bent over in front of me. Eagerly I did as was expected and licked her to a beautiful orgasm. She put her panties back on and rejoined the group.

I felt the solid slap of a firm hand on my ass that sent pain through my entire body. I was struck again and again, over and over until I lost touch with the difference between pleasure and pain. My butt cheeks were pulled apart and shortly thereafter a tongue sunk into my ass and my pussy. I was aware of the eyes on my beaten body which should have inhibited me, but in no time, I came, in full view of the crowd.

He stood and ran his cock between my legs. Crowd be damned, I’ve never wanted to be fucked more. He slid his dick between the folds of my pussy. I pushed towards him and raised my ass. I was burning to feel him inside me. Finally, I felt him inch further into me. Soon he filled me completely. I let out an audible gasp. Uncontrolled I spoke out loud. “Please fuck me!” He slid inside me and back out and then paused. “Please fuck me.” I begged again. He moved in and out several times and then stopped again. I was starving! “Please fuck me!” He moved hard for a bit and then slowed. “Fuck me.” He picked up steam. “Fuck me.” He moved faster. “Fuck me!” I yelled madly and he did. The more I called out the harder he fucked me. I came time and again. Each time seconds later I begged him to continue to fuck me. For an hour I cried out with desire or satisfaction as he hammered me without mercy. My legs gave out and he held me aloft and continued to pound away. Finally, when my body couldn’t handle one more orgasm he grabbed my hips firmly and shot his wonderfully hot cum deep inside of me.

I was released from the stockade and led to a small room where several onlookers helped me dress in my spare clothes. I was led through the enthusiastically golf clapping crown, blindfolded and placed back in the car.

I arrived home later to find Steve fast asleep in bed. I was racking my brain thinking of how I could describe to him what I had just experience. On the way to the bathroom I just happened to glance in his closet and saw something familiar tucked away in the corner under a pile of clothes. I pulled it out and to my shock, it was a robe just like I had seen tonight. Could it have been?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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