JessiKa and Serana Part 1

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Hey there. I’m Ricky. This is a sex story series thats based on true events. In this sex story, I meet two of my bestest friends at a strip club they work at. This series is about the sexual adventures that JessiKa, Serana and I have had together. This is part one.

JessiKa and Serana Part 1

By Ricky.

I was bored and had nothing to do. I haven’t seen Shiana, the first woman to fuck me in the ass for a while. I was alone in my apartment. I started watching porn on my phone and was in the mood for strippers/pole dancers/exotic dancers, so that’s what I was looking at. I just watched them. I didn’t even masturbate. Eventually, I decided that I should go to a real strip club.

There was a strip club that I’ve always wanted to check out. A strip club called “the Red Garter”. So, I grabbed all of my money and drove to the Red Garter. I went inside and the place was loaded with the most beautiful and sexiest women that I have ever seen. I looked around for a little bit and watched a stripper pole dance her sexy little ass off.

I had seen these two strippers walking with each other fully nude, over by the bar. They were holding each other in their arms. They were slowly and passionately French kissing each other. My dick got hard and bulged through my shorts. I decided to talk to them. I got up and walked over to them. One stripper had long brunette hair and had small boobs. The other stripper had long blonde hair and the most perfect set of breasts that I have ever seen.

They stopped making out and started looking at me. They smirked.

“Hey there, big boy,” One Stripper said.

“Um…hey. I’m Ricky,” I said.

“Hi, Ricky. I’m JessiKa. Spelled with a capital ‘K’. And this is like my wife, Serana,” JessiKa said.

“Wow. You two are actually married?” I asked.

“Yes, we are. We’re proudly married lesbians,” Serana said.

“Thats fucking awesome,” I said.

I tried to figure out what to say but I was too nervous to say anything. These two women are the most beautiful and sexiest strippers the Red Garter has.

“So….would you like to totally hire us for a double fully nude lap dance?” JessiKa asked.

“Yeah. Sure. Are you guys okay with that?” I asked.

“Were like totally okay with it, Ricky,” JessiKa said.

“Well, okay then. Let’s go to the private area,” I said.

JessiKa and Serana both put their arms around my waist and walked with me to the private area. I sat down in the chair as the curtain got closed shut. JessiKa and Serana surrounded me and started giving me a double fully nude lap dance.

“So, like, is this your first time coming to the Red Garter?” JessiKa asked.

“Yeah. This is actually my first time coming to a strip club. And wow. You two are amazing!” I said.

“Really? This is your first time coming to a strip club?” Serana asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

“What made you decide to come here?” Serana asked.

“Can I be honest with you guys?” I asked.

“Oh, you can like totally be honest with us, Ricky!” JessiKa said.

“Yeah. We don’t tell anyone anything about what our customers say to us,” Serana said.

“Okay….phew.. I was on my phone at my apartment, bored out of my mind. So, I decided to start looking at porn,” I said.

“Ooooh. We like totally love porn!” JessiKa said.

“Yeah. We watch it together all the time on our TV,” Serana said.

“What kind of porn were you like watching?” JessiKa asked.

“I was watch strippers pole dance. I then thought that I should go to an actual strip club. I haven’t seen a naked woman after I haven’t seen one of my best friend’s in a while,” I said.

“Who is this friend of yours?” Serana asked.

“An incredible woman named ‘Shiana’. She was a best friend with benefits. I haven’t seen her in a while, so I decide to come here,” I said.

“Well, hopefully, you and Shiana will see each other again soon,” Serana said.

JessiKa and Serana both started smothering my face with their boobs. My dick got harder than before.

“So, like, what is so special about Shiana?” JessiKa asked.

“Well, Shiana had convinced me to do something with her, sexually. It was one of the best sexual experiences that I have ever had. In fact, I now LOVE and CRAVE it. I haven’t been able to find anyone that would be willing to do to me what Shiana did to me,” I said.

“Well, it like sounds like she’s opened your mind and your sexual energy,” JessiKa said.

“She did. Anyways, enough about me. I would like to hear about you two,” I said.

“What would you like to know?” Serana asked.

“What do you guys do for sexual entertainment/sexual pleasure?” I asked.

“Well, there are like A LOT of things we like to do sexually. Like, here’s an example. Serana and I get gangbanged by all of our male friends from our friend group at the beginning of every weekend. We literally don’t stop getting fucked until all of our fuckholes are like filled with cum,” JessiKa said.

“Yeah. Not only that, at the end of every weekend, we have a bukkake fest with those same male friends,” Serana said.

“Holy fuck,” I said.

“What else would you like to know?” Serana asked.

“Tell me about yourselves,” I said.

“Well, we’re both twenty two years old. We’re both married, have TONS of ridiculous amounts of sex with each other and with other people. We love using strapons on each other,” Serana said.

The thought of JessiKa and Serana fucking me in the ass with their strapons made my dick get harder than before.

I haven’t told anyone that I enjoy getting fucked in the ass by women with strapons and that I use my own sex toys on myself. I didn’t know who I could trust.

“What else do you like to know?” Serana asked.

“Do you have any family here, JessiKa?” I asked.

“Well, my parents are both forty or fifty years old. I’m like totally like really close with my dad and he has always supported Serana and I’s relationship. My mother is a strict Christian bitch. I was never close to her and after what she tried to pull, I may never be close with her again,” JessiKa said.

“What kind of shit did your mom pull?” I asked.

“Okay, so like, one day my mom decided to surprise visit Serana and I at our three bedroom apartment. Serana had me tied up and hanging from the ceiling with my legs spread out in our living room. Serana was fucking me in my ass with an eighteen point five inch strapon while she was pouring hot candle wax all over my body while she was literally shocking my pussy with gaziantep lezbiyen our electric BDSM sex toy. Serana was fucking my ass so deeply that we could see the strapon bulging on the outside of my body. I like also totally had a ball gag in my mouth,” JessiKa said.

“Okay, then what happened?” I asked.

“So, JessiKa’s mom decided to barge into our apartment and caught us in the act. She started screaming and yelling that what we were doing was the work of the devil. She asked us where Karter and Kylie were at,” Serana said.

“Who’s Karter and Kylie?” I asked.

“Our babies. JessiKa and I both wanted to get pregnant, so we could have kinky lesbian pregnant sex with each other. I gave birth to Karter and JessiKa gave birth to Kylie,” Serana said.

“So, how did you guys get pregnant? Sperm donor?” I asked.

“Like, no. Serana and I both were like totally talking about starting a family together and having kids of our own. So we did some research and we found a sex toy that can like totally get you pregnant. It’s called “the Semenette”. Serana and I both like bought the Semenette and we like both agreed that we both should totally get pregnant. So after having some hot and steamy lesbian sex and filling our pussies with the Semenette, we got pregnant and nine moths later we gave birth to a boy and a girl,” JessiKa said.

“Damn. Thats fucking crazy! I didn’t even know that there was a sex toy that could get women pregnant. Anyways, what did your mom do after she caught you two in the act?” I asked.

“She like took us to court for child abuse and neglect. She said that the way we have sex with each other and everyone was just setting the wrong example for her grandchildren and that it was abusive. My Dad stood up to her and got her to drop the case,” JessiKa said.

“Damn. Well, that was fucking cool of your dad to stand up for you guys,” I said.

“Like, I know, right?” JessiKa said.

“I fucking love your dad, baby. He is a great man,” Serana said.

“I’ve got a question for you guys,” I said.

“Like, ask away!” JessiKa said.

“What would you guys tell Karter and Kylie about your guys sexual adventures and sexual activities with each other?” I asked.

“Well, hopefully, they’ll be old enough someday that we can explain it to them. But, to answer your question, we would just tell them the truth about all of the ridiculous amounts of sex we have with each other and with other people,” Serana said.

“That’s good. It’s always good to be honest,” I said.

JessiKa and Serana both turned around, facing the wall. They started twerking their asses off.

“Hey, so. I would like to ask you guys something,” I asked.

“Ask away, Ricky,” Serana said.

“Would you guys be down to hang out at your place when you guys get off work?” I asked.

JessiKa and Serana both looked at each other and smiled, showing off their perfect white teeth and their perfect smiles.

“Like, totally! We would like totally love to hangout with you!” JessiKa said.

“It’s actually about time for us to clock out. Wait for us outside the building and we’ll meet you outside,” Serana said.

“Fucking sweet! I can’t wait to hang out with you guys!” I said excited.

I stood up and we walked out of the private area. I walked outside and waited for them to come out.

My dick was still bulging through my shorts. I couldn’t get a picture of JessiKa and Serana fucking me in the ass with their strapons.

JessiKa and Serana both walked out wearing trench coats and stripper high heels. They walked over to my car. We got inside and we drove off to their apartment.

“Yeah. It’s this one right here,” Serana said.

I pulled into a parking spot outside of an apartment building. We got out of my car and started walking inside the building. JessiKa and Serana both had their arms around me. We took the elevator all the way up and we walked to their apartment. JessiKa unlocked the front door and we walked inside. Their place was huge.

“Where are Karter and Kylie?” I asked.

“They’re at their grandparents for the week,” Serana said.

JessiKa and Serana both took off their trench coats revealing their beautiful and sexy nude bodies. They sat down on the couch in the living room and started watching Netflix. I walked over to them and attempted to sit down next to JessiKa. JessiKa stopped me and smirked at me.

“Okay, like, if you’re going to be like hanging out with us. You are like totally are going to have to get naked like us,” JessiKa said.

My face turned red.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want to be naked with us?” Serana asked.

“No. It’s not that. I’m just…..I don’t think I got a very big dick. I’m worried that you guys are gonna laugh at me,” I said.

“Ricky, like, we don’t judge here. We like big and small cocks. We don’t care. Plus, we saw your cock bulging through your shorts earlier. It looks pretty big to us,” JessiKa said.

“It’s okay, Ricky. We won’t laugh. I promise,” Serana said.

“Okay. If you guys insist,” I said.

I took off my shirt and my shorts. I’m just wearing my boxers.

“Nuh uh. Boxers too,” Serana said.

I pulled my boxers down nervously. My dick then flopped out and was long and hard. I had no pubic hairs either. I also didn’t have any ass hair.

JessiKa and Serana both opened their mouths and eyes widely. They were surprised.

“Ricky, your cock is like totally bigger than you think,” JessiKa said.

I laughed and smiled.

“Really? You guys think my dick is big?” I asked.

“Totally! Now, like, come site next to me,” JessiKa said.

I sat down next to JessiKa. Serana opened up the internet browser on her smart TV. She went into her favorite pornsites folder and opened up their favorite pornsite.

“What kind of porn should we watch, gang?” Serana asked.

“Um, like, how about the Spiderman Porn Parody scene where Spiderman fucks Black Widow?” JessiKa said.

“Hmm…Ricky, what kind of porn do you like to watch?” Serana asked.

“How about a MILF stepmom teaches her stepdaughter how to have lesbian sex and how to sexually please someone. You know, one of the videos where the hot MILF pornstar stepmom fucks her sexy step daughter with a strapon,” I suggested.

“I like Ricky’s idea! What about you, baby?” Serana asked.

“Oh, I totally agree! I like fucking love those types of videos,” JessiKa said.

“Okay. So we all agree? Okay then,” Serana said.

Serana searched for Stepmom and Stepdaughter Lesbian Strapon porn and found the perfect pornographic video for us to watch. Serana hit play and the video started playing.

In the video, the hot MILF stepmom started talking to her sexy stepdaughter about sex. The stepdaughter said that she didn’t know how to sexually please someone and the stepmom asked her if she liked boys more or girls more. The stepdaughter told her stepmom that she had always wanted to try having sex with a woman. A few minutes later and the stepmom and stepdaughter were getting fully nude and were French kissing. As the video went on, the stepmom put on her huge and long white strapon and started fucking her stepdaughter in her pussy.

The thoughts of me getting fucked by a woman with a strapon got dick long and hard. Then in the pornographic video, the stepmom asked her stepdaughter if she wanted to try anal and her stepdaughter said yes. The stepmom pulled out her strapon from her stepdaughter’s wet pussy and gently inserted the strapon inside of her stepdaughter’s ass.

I watched the stepmom fuck her stepdaughter’s ass with a strapon. I watched her take every single inch. I was incredibly turned on. I wanted my ass to get fucked by a woman with a strapon so badly.

I slowly worked my right hand down to my ass and started slowly fingering my hole. I was doing it quietly and slowly so that the girls wouldn’t notice.

I turned to look at JessiKa and Serana. They were both fingering their pussies while they watched the video. They were moaning loudly. JessiKa looked at me and gave me a sexy smirk on her face. I quickly removed my fingers from my ass.

“You like watching us do this, don’t you, Ricky?” JessiKa asked.

“Yeah, I do. I REALLY do. It’s just….” I said.

JessiKa and Serana both stopped fingering themselves and put their attention on me.

“What is it, Ricky?” Serana asked.

“Yeah, like, whats wrong? Are you okay?” JessiKa asked.

“Can I trust you guys?” I asked.

“Of course. You can tell us anything,” Serana said.

“Okay. Here it goes. Right now, I am fiending for something. My body wants it so badly. I’m literally aching and begging for it. What I want is my secret kink,” I said.

“Well, what’s your secret kink?” Serana asked.

I took a deep breath.

“My secret kink is that I LOVE and CRAVE getting fucked in the ass by women with strapons,” I said.

JessiKa and Serana looked at each other with a certain look on their faces.

“You like getting fucked in the ass? Are you…gay?” Serana asked.

“No. I still like having normal sex with women. Its just that I don’t mind getting fucked in my ass as long as it’s not by a man,” I said.

Jessika and Serana smiled at each other.

“Well be right back, Ricky,” Serana said.

JessiKa and Serana both got up and went into their bedroom. I resumed watching the pornographic video.

“Ooh. Your dick feels so good inside of my ass,” The Stepdaughter said.

I watched the stepdaughter take every single inch of her stepmom’e strapon. The thought of that sexy and hot MILF pornstar fucking me in the ass with her strapon had got me sexually energized and wanting to get my ass fucked.

Goddamn, I really hope that I didn’t weird out JessiKa and Serana.

“Hey, Ricky?” JessiKa said.

I turned and looked at JessiKa and Serana. I started staring at their beautiful breasts and slowly worked my way down. I was shocked to see what they were wearing and very excited.

Jessika and Serana were both wearing twelve point five inch strapons. They walked over to me.

“Ricky, would you like us to fuck you in the ass with our strapons?” Serana asked.

“Oh my fucking God! I….I….” I said nervously and excited.

“We’ll take that as a yes,” JessiKa said.

JessiKa gave me a water enema.

“Here. Like, clear yourself out in our bathroom,” JessiKa said.

I got up and went to the bathroom. I filled up the water enema with as much water as it could possibly hold. I shoved the tube as deep inside of as I possibly could. I emptied out the water enema bag and got filled up with so much water that my belly was bulging. I looked at myself in the mirror and got turned on even more as I stared at my water inflated belly. I emptied my body of the water and repeated until I was clear of everything. I walked back into the living room.

“So, like, are you ready to get your ass fucked?” JessiKa asked.

“Hell yes,” I said.

“Okay. So, how do you want us to fuck you? You like it rough or soft? Do you want us to go deep? Do you want us to double penetrate you? Do you want us to fill you up with our fake cum?” Serana asked.

“Fill me up with fake cum?” I said confused.

“Like, both of our strapons are ejaculating strapons,” JessiKa said.

“Cool! Okay, so fuck me hard and very deep. Don’t double penetrate me, I’m not ready for that yet. And I want both of you to cum inside of me,” I said.

“Are you okay with giving one of us a blowjob while the other fucks you?” Serana asked.

“Yeah. Sure. I am very okay with that,” I said.

“Do you want to deepthroat?” Serana asked.

“Oh, fuck yes! Deepthroat me, gently and all the way down my throat. I want to be able to feel a strapon bulge through my throat,” I said.

“Okay then. Who would you like to fuck your ass and who would you like to give you a deepthroat?” Serana asked.

“Umm….I want JessiKa to fuck me and I want you to deepthroat me,” I said.

“Hell yeah! Like, lets get started!” JessiKa said.

I stood up and bent over. JessiKa got behind my rear end and Serana got in front of me. JessiKa got down on her knees and groped my ass cheeks. She jiggled my ass cheeks.

“Ricky, I like think that you totally have got the cutest ass that I have like ever seen in my life! Its got no hair or anything,” JessiKa said.

JessiKa spread my ass cheeks and looked at my hole.

“Hmm…you’ve also like got a perfect hairless fuckhole. Its just begging for me to fuck it with my big cock,” JessiKa said.

JessiKa applied anal lube to my hole and all inside of my hole. I moaned quietly as she was spreading the anal lube all around inside of me. JessiKa stood back up and then applied anal lube to her ejaculating strapon. JessiKa grabbed her strapon and put the tip of it to my hole. Serana grabbed her strapon and put it directly in front of my mouth.

“Are you ready, Ricky?” Serana asked.

I looked up into Serana’s eyes.

“Please, fuck me good, hard, and very deep. Like the little whore I am,” I said excited.

Jessika and Serana didn’t hesitate. JessiKa shoved her strapon very deep inside me and started fucking my ass. I opened my mouth as wide as possible as Serana shoved her strapon into my mouth and dowm my throat. Serana kept making her strapon go down my throat. I gagged and moaned very loudly because all I was feeling was an intense feeling of sexual pleasure. JessiKa started jerking me off while she was pounding my ass. Serana felt my throat as her strapon was going up and down my throat.

“Ricky, you’re throat is bulging from my strapon! It’s sooooo fucking hot!” Serana said.

JessiKa and Serana started French kissing while they were fucking me. Serana’s strapon got slimy wet with my spit. I removed her strapon from my throat and decided to talk like a slutty whore to JessiKa and Serana. I started jerking off Serana’s strapon.

“Yeah, you like fucking me in my ass? With your huge fucking cock?” I said.

“Yeah, like, take it all. Like the little cum dumpster you are!” JessiKa said.

“You like fucking my little mouth, baby? You like going all the way down my throat with your big fucking cock?” I said.

Serana forced my mouth open and shoved her strapon down my throat, making me gag and moan loudly again.

“Fuck yeah, Ricky. Take my fat fucking cock all the way down your little slutty throat,” Serana said.

I’m just glad that I don’t have a gag reflex.

After ten or fifteen minutes had passed, I pulled out Serana’s strapon from my throathole.

“JessiKa. I want you to fuck me faster and harder. Pound the living fuck out of my fuckhole,” I begged.

I forced Serana’s strapon back down in my throat as JessiKa gave me a sexy smirk and forced her strapon deeper inside of me. She grabbed me by my waist and started fucking me as hard as she possibly could, causing me to moan very loudly, because JessiKa was hitting me right in my g-pot. I pulled out Serana’s strapon out of my throat and looked at Serana in the eyes.

“Ah. Ah. Oh, fuck. Serana, I want you to skull fuck me as hard as you can! Oh, oh, OH! Grab me by my hair and skull fuck me hard!” I begged.

Serana grabbed me by my hair and started skull fucking me very hard, causing me to gag loudly and get slimy spit all over Serana’s strapon. My face was turning red. I worked my hands up Serana’s beautiful and angelic body until my hands reached her beautiful and perfect breasts. I groped her breasts and started squeezing.

“Oh, yeah, baby! You like my playing with my tits while I skull fuck you, you little whore?” Serana asked.

JessiKa and Serana had fucked me in the ass with their ejaculating strapons for over two hours straight. We tried different sex positions and I got fucked for so long and hard that I could barely stand. So, after a long while, JessiKa started fucking me faster and faster. Serana started skull fucking me faster and faster.

“Ricky, are you like still sure that you want us to cum inside of you?” JessiKa asked

I removed Serana’s strapon from my throat, took a deep breath and spat on Serana’s strapon.


JessiKa thrusted me a few more times and one more time as she ejaculated her huge load of fake cum inside of me. JessiKa pulled out her strapon as Serana got behind me and shoved her strapon all the way inside of me. She thrusted me a few more times as she dumped all her fat load of fake cum inside of me. Serana pulled her strapon out of my hole. My hole was gaping and squirting out fake cum. I looked down at my hard dick and saw that I cummed a huge and fat warm load. I scooped up all of the cum from my dick. I looked at JessiKa and Serana.

“You guys down to cum swap with each other?” I asked.

“We’re down if you are!” Serana said.

I put my own fat load of cum in my mouth. I opened my mouth and accidentally made a cum bubble. I barely stood up and walked over to JessiKa and Serana. I started cum swapping with JessiKa first. Our tongues were slimy and sticky as they were being wrapped and twisted against each other. As were cum swapping, I groped and squeezed JessiKa’s fun bags. We stopped cum swapping after a minute had passed. I swallowed my load of cum as JessiKa and Serana started cum swapping. They moaned quietly as they were getting my warm and sticky fat load all over their faces. JessiKa and Serana both eventually swallowed my cum. I could barely stand so I sat down on the living room couch. I laid my head back against the couch and took a deep breath. JessiKa and Serana both sat next to me after they removed their ejaculating strapons.

“So, like, how was that?” JessiKa asked

“That…was…incredible,” I said.

“Well, I’m glad that you enjoyed that, Ricky,” Serana said.

“Now, can we keep this between the three of us?” I asked.

“Like, why? What we like totally did was incredibly amazing. We shouldn’t have to hide it,” JessiKa said.

“Can we please keep this between us?” I asked

“Ricky, you, shouldn’t be embarrassed about this! You’re not the only man in the world that likes getting his ass fucked. You should really keep an open mind and try new sexual things. You’re not the only straight male that likes doing this. You should fully express your sexuality and your sexual energy and sexual vibe just like Serana and me,” JessiKa said.

The more I thought about what JessiKa said to me, the more I thought she might be right.

“Okay. You’re right. Okay, from now on. I will fully express my sexuality and my sexual energy,” I said.

“Yay! You know what? I’ve got an idea!” JessiKa said.

“What is it, babe?” Serana asked.

“We should allow, you, Ricky, to become our best friend! We can hangout anytime we want and we’ll fuck you however you want,” JessiKa said.

“Okay, I’m down!” I said.

“So am I!” Serana said.

“So, we’re in like agreement. Ricky has become our new best friend! Yay!” JessiKa said.

“Hell yeah!” I said excited.

I went to the bathroom to dump out the huge loads of fake cum from inside of me, into the toilet. I went back out to the living room and sat down next to JessiKa.

Ever since that day, JessiKa, Serana and I have been hanging out at their apartment. Everytime we’re hanging out, JessiKa and/or Serana fuck me in the ass with their strapons or their sex toys. And what happens next….well let’s just say that what happens next truly expanded my sexuality and sexual desire of getting my ass fucked.

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