Jim and Me First Time

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Big Tits

It didn’t take long for Jim to do what I wanted him to do more than anything in the world. I just had this pulse on him that never seemed to diminish each time I saw him at work. We both worked in the IT department of a large firm.

It is strange how one can fall for someone without even realising, something that just happens like instant love, why is it and is it something to do as the experts say, with chemical attraction.

But I just knew I fancied this guy more than any girl I had encountered, this was different altogether and I was soon about ton realise my true leaning, me having been confused and frustrated for so long as to why I could not make it with a girl, The primary erection was there because I loved the foreplay, there is nothing nicer for instance than seeing your girl oral you, but the thing is, there is nothing quite so bad and frustrating to see the same girl, all worked up and ready for it, to be disappointed. That was me and it was a driving me plain nuts and quite frankly put me off the whole idea of having sex with anyone.

That was until I met Jim of course. He had a wondrous stature strong and solid sort of a guy, and when I felt the pulse rise when he spoke to me I was stuttering and all over the place with my words, and he laughed at that, I think he must have realised something because one day, when we were talking about movies he said he really fancied a film called Rickman and the bandits which was showing at the Apollo.

“Me too!” I said and so we decided to see it together. One thing he insisted on paying saying I could get the popcorn. “II prefer ice cream” I said and he chuckled in a way which made it seem we were really an item

Jim seemed to want a back seat and later I would realise why. So we got settled and comfy and settled to the movie. It is strange how it Kartal Escort happened, as if he knew my feelings, like he could read my mind even. But during a steaming scene between two women I felt his hand first touch my thigh, then the smoothing which was rather nice – and then – as the scene grew more steamy his fingers found my zip tab and he was slowly undoing. It was like a dream, like he wasn’t really aware of his actions, but I was not about to stop him as I felt the sensual touch of his finger tips delving through my unopened zip and touching me through my boxer shorts,

I was already in a sexual frenzy but a little concerned that someone might see what Jim was doing, but like he had is sussed he removed his jacket and threw it over my lap whilst his hand started to rub me to a point where I was really stiff.

“It is lovely” he whispered and then I knew it was no accident – or was I that naive! For the next few minutes I was to enjoy the most wonderful; cock tease of all time, even better than when Janice did it tome in the back of her car first time we met

I just laid back my head and closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, there is something so very special about that – and knowing he was enjoying it so much also, the deep sensual sounds coming through into my ear told me that and I just knew that very soon he would be fucking me.

Needless to say I soon came and Jim made sire of that, but so considerate, he placed his hanky around it before he finished me off. It was mmm! so nice and from the way he whispered certain things in my ear I knew what his aim was, especially when afterwards he chuckled we should ‘make all haste to his pad’ to rid the gremlins.

“Gremlins?! I asked wanting to be sure.

“You know, Pete those aches in your groin that lures you to do something Yakacık Escort about it and quick, like a good stiff wank with your favourite image in your mind to help you shoot your load!”

We got talking then, sharing things we liked to do, our likes and dislikes to see if we were similar.

“I would ,.love to shag the ass off you” he said as he handled himself through his beautifully tight brush jeans, very enticing indeed, so much I closed to him, took his hand away and replaced it with mine, feeling his glory for the very first time. Wow! That worked like a bombshell, soon his jeans were down to his ankles, his briefs too and he was all of a stiff dangle, like he was inviting me to a ball!

And I took up the invitation with no hesitation. I always wanted to suck cock, seen it so many times in pictures, it always gave me a severe hard on and I used to practice with a banana imagining, but e real flesh and blood variety was the best ever I was to discover as he openly invited me to do it, cock in hand and holding it up, stretching back his foreskin to show me its true beauty, and then me with the thought of just how it would taste in my mouth.

“Well there it is, Pete – if you want it help yourself and I did, kneeling down facing him between his legs astride I cupped his ripe balls with me left hand and then gripped his hard cock tight at the base with the other. held it upwards and thrilled to the little jerks it made, like it was urging me on to do the business.

“Go for it Pete!” Jim demanded and the next thing I knew, holding my breath and closing my eyes I did.

That very first time, at last doing what I had fantasised about for so long, I was in my element, enjoying the pungent salty taste of wet warm throbbing cock rolling in my mouth as I felt his strong hand clasp behind Kadıköy Escort my head, slightly pressing to urge me onto a deeper suck, gradually getting to know the best way to do that, bending it against the roof of my mouth as he moaned, wrapping my busy tongue around it and prodding its p-hole was a real dream.

I wanted to suck him off, but he said another time because he just gad to take me there and then.

This was gonna be a first time too so I braced myself fully stripped and on all fours as Jim wanted.

He knew I’d never been fucked before, said he would be as gentle as he could and I felt him splurge my ass with lubricant, working it deep up into my passage, I was soon feeling the bulk of his strong erection work its way up inside, until halfway there (he said) stopping to let me get a breather and asking if it was okay . I told him it hurt like hell but I felt I needed that first experience whatever, I had found my leaning and wanted to fulfil that completely, “just say if you want me to stop but you truly are a great tight fuck.

But when he was in me complete I felt the pain diminish and change to a really wonderful numbness as he continued his deep fucking of me, his strong hands nudging my ass cheeks and stretching them wide apart to get that certain thrusting movement, then I felt the new experience of different angles he introduced me to, the sideways effect, me sat on him, weaving that great cock into my ass as he played with my balls and cock so wonderfully. That was we soon both cum simultaneously and it was so good.

When at last he took it out of me I felt empty and it wasn’t long before he was fucking me more over the arm of the settee, a cushion placed just right so I could give him a real good presentation, he said he loved that and then I was to enjoy the feel of his tongue sucking and exploring me between my fresh fucked ass cheeks and it was heave, After that I just wanted to be all ass for him whichever way he wanted and I could never get enough of the taste of cock.

Our new relationship, Me and Jim – was now an item!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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