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Jo stared at her reflection in the mirror and sighed. Her once trim figure, girlishly slender and pert-breasted was swollen and rounded, obvious signs of her burgeoning pregnancy. The flatness of her belly had ballooned into a taut hemisphere, the dimple of her navel now a protrusion, almost like a wart or a grotesque pimple marring the smoothness of her skin. Her breasts, previously firm and proud, sagged aching with the weight of milk collecting within them. Occasionally, her tender nipples would ooze a few droplets of milk, staining her bra and blouse and scenting the air with a sickly sour aroma.

Even worse than the loss of her figure, the swelling of her belly and the gradual droop of her breasts, were the mercurial changes to her temperament. One moment unable to stand the gentlest, most seductive of caresses and the next burning with lust, so powerful that her knees trembled and her panties clung to the oozing droplets of moisture that seeped between her thighs. At these moments she wanted to scream, to beg her husband, anyone, to take her and quench the infernal need that consumed her.

Not that her husband, Martin, would dream of touching her gravid body. She had seen him glancing at her nakedness, as she eased herself out of bed to use the bathroom, or to take her morning shower, and she had noticed the barely concealed moue of distaste at the sight of her. Instead of blossoming and feeling womanly and wanted, she felt unclean and neglected, some sort of deformed freak whom not even her spouse could desire.

Tonight, though, things had changed. Tonight Martin was staying over at a hotel, almost one hundred and fifty miles away, socialising with his colleagues and Jo had taken to her bed. At the moment, her bed was empty but in a moment she would be cocooned within the crisp cotton sheets and, a moment after that, James would join her.

James had always been a friend to Martin and Jo, almost an opposite of Martin, good with his hands, quiet and watchful. His grey eyes and dark brows gave him a sort of brooding good looks and his quiet calm seemed to surround him with an aura of quiet and gentle confidence. Jo had, lately, been watching him as he helped Martin hang a door or both of them paint the small room that was to become the nursery. It seemed that, every time she had glanced in his direction for more than a moment, he had been watching her.

Earlier that day, Martin had phoned James and asked him to look in on Jo, particularly since he would be away. James had agreed, fighting Bostancı Escort to keep from betraying his unseemly eagerness. Almost as soon as Martin had left, he had tapped on the door, fidgeting nervously as he waited for Jo to unlock it and invite him inside. He had smiled to himself as she closed the door behind him, locking it just as she always did. They had sat in companionable silence, hands wrapped around steaming mugs of hot tea, almost close enough to touch.

“Jo, Martin asked me to look in on you while he was away,” James began, “and I can’t help noticing that you have been a bit, short tempered lately. Is everything ok?”

“Everything is fine,” Jo sobbed, “Doesn’t every women want to feel like a bloated whale and be so ugly that even her husband can’t bear to touch her?”

James goggled at her words and the bitter tone underlying the sobs. James had always liked Jo and had secretly lusted after her, even more so as her figure had bloomed with the progression of her pregnancy. Carefully he edged closer to her on the sofa and slid an arm around her shoulders, drawing her closer and closer, until she was leaning against him and he could stroke her long, blonde hair. Gradually her sobbing quieted and she slid her arms around his waist, returning his hug and holding him close. James was sure that she could hear and feel the pounding of his heart, but, if she did, she gave no sign.

James made quiet little ‘shushing’ noises revelling in the feel of Jo cradled against him, the pressure of her swollen breast through his shirt and the heat of her body against his. Almost unconsciously, Jo brushed her fingertips against James’ thigh, and then against the hardening bulge in the front of his pants. She giggled as she felt the heat radiating from his erection and then, with a sly glance from beneath her lashes, she pressed her hand gently but firmly against the length of his shaft.

“Jo, I don’t care what Martin says, your gorgeous,” James whispered, “and I want you, I want to make love with you.”

“No you don’t,” Jo retorted, “you just want to fuck me. But I don’t mind, I want you to fuck me, I need a good fuck!”

Jo wriggled out of James’ grasp and hurried over to the door. Pausing in the doorway she had turned and smiled at him and then dashed upstairs to her bedroom.

And now she waited, staring at her naked body in the bedroom mirror, listening for the sound of the front door opening, or of James’ footfalls on the stairs. She closed her eyes, giddy with relief Ümraniye Escort and anticipation as she heard his footsteps moving closer and closer. The sound stopped as he paused outside the door and then she almost burst out laughing as he tapped politely on the door, before he stepped inside.

Then she was in his arms and could feel the warmth of his breath against the side of her neck as he kissed the soft skin on her shoulder. She could feel her nipples hardening and her aureoles swelling, becoming crinkled and puffy, then she blushed as a few drops of milk oozed onto his shirt. It did not seem to bother him and he tilted her head back a little so that he could kiss her mouth and slip his tongue between her lips, tasting her. Jo groaned softly into his mouth and reached down to press her fingers against the front of his pants, reassuring herself that he was still hard and erect.

Now James groaned and Jo gripped the tag of his zipper, then drew it down slowly, easing the pressure a little, before she slipped her fingers inside to caress the length of his cock through the tight, white cotton of his briefs. James shivered briefly and tightened his arms around Jo, then moved his lips down to her neck and, very, very gently, bit into the soft, pale skin. Jo unfastened the waistband of his pants and let go, allowing them to slip down his legs and fall, in a heap, around his ankles.

Now she could slide her hands all over the front of his briefs, tracing the length of his shaft and finding the tiny damp circle where a few drops of pre-cum had already oozed out of the eye in the head of his cock. James moved his lips lower, kissing the slope of Jo’s breasts, one then the other, moving his mouth closer and closer to her tender, aching nipples, until he could take one between his lips and gently suckle on her, tasting her as the tip of his tongue was tenderly caressing the sensitive bud. Releasing her nipple James breathed softly on the swollen flesh, moistened with his saliva before he tilted his head to take the other between his lips and suck on that one.

Jo felt a jolt of lust surge through her body and she gushed wetly over the tops of her thighs, pressing herself closer to James so that she could feel the bar of his cock pressing against her swollen belly. James slid his hands down her back until he cradled the cheeks of her ass and he could pull her closer. Nuzzling her neck he pressed her against himself, feeling the wetness between her thighs and the hard points of her nipples Anadolu Yakası Escort pressing through the thin cotton of his shirt.

Jo reached up and teased his shirt buttons through their buttonholes, one by one, pushing the fabric aside and running her fingertips through the grizzled mat of hair on his chest, catching his nipples with her fingernails, then sliding her hands lower, until she could slip her fingertips inside the waist of his briefs and ease the elastic over the swollen head of James’ cock. Pressing gently on the shaft, Jo guided it beneath her rounded belly and pressed the tip against her aching clit, smearing it with pre-cum as she caressed herself with the soft velvety bulge.

James took her hand and led Jo to her bed, easing her down on top of the covers. Turning her onto her side, James pulled Jo close to him, pressing his body against her and cradling her breasts in the palms of his hands, her nipples pricking against them. Jo arched her back a little, pressing her buttocks against his groin and then reached down to guide the head of his cock between her thighs and spreading the lips of her pussy with the moist tip.

James took a deep breath and leaned forward slipping the tip, and then the thick shaft, of his cock between the lips of Jo’s pussy. Jo shuddered and groaned loudly as she felt the thickness of his cock filling her neglected pussy. James pushed harder, feeling the head of his cock sinking deeper and deeper into the hot wetness of Jo’s willing body.

“Yes!”, she gasped, “Fuck me! Fill my cunt with your cock!”

James gripped her hips and rocked forward, his cock sliding deeper and stretching Jo’s pussy as he thrust gently into her hot wetness. Jo moaned softly deep in her throat and arched her back, pushing her bottom towards him and angling herself so that his thrust speared deeply into her neglected cunt, sinking deeply into her with an obscenely wet squelching sound.

James slid his hands over the taut convexity of Jo’s belly, down towards her thighs, capturing her clit between his thumb and forefinger, stroking her hard pearl that peeked from beneath its protective hood. Jo arched her back and thrust her bottom against his thighs in a spasm of lust, moaning deeply in her chest as milk sprayed from her swollen, aching nipples.

Screaming softly and biting into the pillow, Jo gushed and spasmed on James’ hard cock, the tight, neglected walls gripping the head and shaft, driving him wild, so that he thrust hard into her, grinding an appreciative whimper from her lips as his hot slimy cum spurted into her, filling her rippling cunt until she overflowed between her buttocks to make a slimy pool of his filth on the bedsheets.

Spent and exhausted, but intensely satisfied, they relaxed, panting and embraced each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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