Joan Takes Charge Ch. 08

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[Although this story can be read on its own, you will enjoy it more if you read the preceding chapters. This story features a lot of incest and some fetish play, including bodily functions, so if that bothers you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.]


Joan was starting to feel that the family and the house were settling down after the major transition from her mother’s long control over both to the 24-year-old Joan’s assuming responsibility for management of the house and discipline of the family. These were her three older siblings: Jill, 32; Ken, 30, and Emily, 28. All of the family members had live-ins: Joan herself had just invited Steve, 28, to join her; Ken was affianced to the 28-year-old Andrea; Jill had her friends, Clarice, 28, and Frank, 30, sometimes at the same time; and Emily had a new boyfriend, Grant, 28. There was also the Housekeeper in residence, Petra, who was 47, and two other members of staff, Albert and Rachel, both 21.

Jennifer, mother of the four, had left Joan in charge under her will because she felt that Joan had the strongest personality and would be the most likely one to carry out Jennifer’s style of management, which was strict. Under Jennifer’s rule and in Joan’s early days in charge, everyone attended a family meeting on Friday. Jennifer and then Joan would recount all misbehavior during the week, which could consist of messiness, leaving dirty clothes for staff to pick up, coming in late and waking others up, or many other offenses. Staff were responsible for noting these and reporting them to Petra, who passed this on to Joan. Staff, however, were usually disciplined by Petra, and were not expected to be at the meeting.

After a month in charge, Joan ended the meetings and told her siblings that she would let them know when they needed to report to her for discipline in private. She would hold a meeting when there was something that needed to be discussed. Anyone could ask Joan to schedule a meeting, but she made it clear that she would decide if one was needed.

Joan had recently disciplined her next older sister, Emily, when she learned, through her lawyer, Mary Ann, that Emily and Jill, the eldest sibling, had consulted another lawyer, ostensibly to determine exactly what authority Joan possessed under their mother’s will. Joan had not disclosed to Emily how she had learned about the visit to the other lawyer, but she did have Mary Ann explain the will to Emily.

Emily, who had always been close to Joan, admitted to Joan that she deserved to be disciplined for this behavior, although she did assert that Jill had been the initiator of the visit. Emily had long had a romantic relationship with Joan, during the time when neither had a regular partner. Now both had live-in boyfriends, but they still occasionally indulged in sexual contact and play.

Emily felt obliged to advise Jill that their visit to the lawyer had been reported to Joan and that Emily had been punished by Joan. Jill was now upset because she knew she was in for some severe treatment from her youngest sibling, who had regularly been disciplining her at the meetings since assuming her authority.

“Well, I guess I had better go see Joan and get this over with,” Jill sighed to Emily. “I assume you didn’t tell her?”

“No, I didn’t Jilly,” Emily answered. “She knew somehow without my saying anything. When she called me in, I decided I’d better fess up right then and let her deal with me.” Jill asked her how she had been punished, and Emily related how Joan had required her to wear tight little girly panties and a teenage training bra for two days.

“Do you have those on now, Em?” Jill asked, somewhat incredulous at the humiliating nature of the punishment.

“I do,” Emily admitted, and decided to open her blouse and lift her skirt so Jill could see the embarrassing undergarments.

“Wow, Em,” Jill exclaimed. “You really do look like a teenybopper!”

“Thanks much, Jilly,” Emily responded. “It’s bad enough that I’m small in stature like Joan, and not tall and gorgeous like you. This nasty little bra hurts, and it takes me forever to yank down the awful panties when I need to pee. I’m lucky I haven’t gone in my pants yet.”

“I’m sorry, Em,” Jill said, “I was being mean, and it probably was because I’m a little afraid of what she’s going to lay on me. I won’t say those kinds of things again. Friends?”

The two hugged and Jill kissed her sister on her lips.

“I better tell you what Joan had Mary Ann tell me about the will and all that,” Emily now confided. “When I told her, we had gone to the lawyer to find out what Joan’s authority and our rights were, Joan had Mary Ann come over and answer all my questions.”

“Go ahead and tell me, Em,” Jill replied. “I will admit that I’ve always found Mary Ann to be a straight shooter. By the way, I don’t know for sure if she’s straight,” Jill giggled, “but she does seem to have a normal husband and family, not that confirms anything.”

She laughed but resumed Sivas Escort her concerned countenance.

“Mary Ann basically told us—Joan was there—that Joan had the same authority and responsibility as Mom did,” Emily reported. “If we leave, we get nothing and if we marry, we can still live here. Joan can waive any of those provisions by the way. Joan can discipline any of our live-ins because of her total authority over the house. The only way out is the way out, that is, to leave.”

“I figured that was the case,” Jill said calmly. “I guess I’ll have to stick it out for as long as it makes sense. I probably should give Joanie a chance because she did decide to stop the meetings. In one sense, that’s not good because it eliminates a regular time for all of us to have our say, but I don’t mind getting punished by Joanie privately than in front of everyone.”

“We also should see how Joanie’s having a steady guy will affect her attitudes,” Emily suggested.

“That may make a difference, Em, and I agree,” Jill said. “I’m going to see Joanie before she sends for me,” Jill added. “Might as well get my bottom-warming over sooner.”

“She didn’t spank me, Jill,” Emily responded. “Maybe she’ll cut you a break, too.”

“I doubt it,” Jill speculated. “And she won’t just make me wear those ridiculous undies you have on. I’m in for it, big time.”

Jill summoned Albert, one of the staff members in the house, and asked him to see if Joan was in and able to see her now.

Albert returned in a few minutes and said, “Miss Jill, Miss Joan said she would be pleased to have you come to her rooms now.”

Jill checked her makeup in the mirror and after Albert left, she kissed Emily and set out for her youngest sister’s large suite.

She knocked on Joan’s door and heard her sister say to come in. She walked in and saw Joan looking out the window and dressed in tennis whites.

“Did I delay your going to play, Joanie?” Jill asked. She knew that Joan was trying to work out more now that she had a regular live-in, Steve. Jill also knew that Joan was sexually voracious, as Jill was.

“No, Jill,” Joan answered coolly. “But let’s sit down and talk.”

When they were facing each other, Jill on the couch and Joan in her armchair, Joan looked at Jill and said, “You asked for the meeting. So, what’s on your mind?”

“Emily told me about your meeting with her,” Jill responded, “so I decided that you and I needed to discuss this.”

“Very well,” Joan replied. “Did you have any different reasons to consult the lawyer?”

“First of all, Joanie dear, I feel I do have the right to go out and consult anyone I like with regard to anything legal that affects me,” Jill began. “Second, I acknowledge your authority and responsibility, but I don’t think that precludes me from asking anyone I choose to advise me as to my rights and obligations. Third, one of the reasons I did this was that I felt you had been unreasonable in punishing me when I raised questions at that first meeting after you became the one in charge. I think you know that in many ways, I was glad Mom passed on her being in charge to you rather than to me because I don’t feel I want to be in that position.”

“I’m not saying you don’t have the right to ask questions, Jill,” Joan now responded. “But I punished you because you began to comment negatively on the provisions of the will that I had described, and I didn’t feel I needed to listen to that in the meeting with everyone present. I would have been fine with you mentioning that to me in private as we are now. Also, you are certainly free to consult a lawyer or anyone you want. But I would prefer that you take these things up first with me. I will try to be as straightforward as possible in providing you with information.”

“That sounds fine, Joan,” Jill now said. “May I ask if we might reconsider the practice of having Petra and the staff check up on us for neatness and general behavior? We all are grown-ups. Also, I will tell you now that I find the practice of ‘bracketing’ where we get punished if any of our live-ins has earned some discipline unhelpful and demeaning. I’m fine with their being punished but do I have to be responsible for them?”

“I did say at the meeting that I don’t intend to take up minor instances of misbehavior the way Mom did,” Joan said. “I have already told the staff to avoid reporting any instances of messiness and even excessive noise returning to the house. I think that should go a long way toward making that situation more bearable for all of us. As for the bracketing, I think that Ken, Emily, and you need to be in charge of your live-ins or partners who are here with us. That’s why you will be punished along with them if they earn some discipline. They are not here independently, and I think they should respect you by behaving.”

Jill realized she would get no further with her sister on this point. She felt good that it looked like she wouldn’t be disciplined for consulting the lawyer. She Sivas Escort Bayan decided to take her win and retire.

“I guess you’ve explained your position very clearly to me, Joan,” Jill now said, “and I thank you for it. I do intend to follow the rules for as long as I live here. I wanted to ask you if you would be likely to waive the requirement that I live here to be able to make use of the house.”

“Jill, I haven’t given that much thought so I feel it will depend on the situation when it arises,” Joan stated. “I know I have the authority to waive by setting specific conditions and when the need arises, I’ll deal with that. I will tell you that I will have an open mind and try to decide these things in the best interest of all of us.”

“Can we hug, Joanie?” Jill asked with a smile. “I’m sorry if I’ve been a pain to you when you were trying to get things organized. I really think Mom did the right thing by picking you and I will try to help when I can.”

“Thanks for saying that, Jilly,” Joan answered, now smiling, too. “I’m glad we had this talk.”

Jill and Joan now hugged, and Jill smiled as she left Joan’s rooms.

Jill laughed to herself as she walked back to her rooms. She felt good in that Emily had been punished for seeing the lawyer and Jill herself hadn’t. She thought that Emily tended to be submissive, unlike Jill, so that was undoubtedly why Emily was the one who ended up getting humiliated by Joan.

She stopped by to see Ken and Andrea. They were in and welcomed her. She recounted her meeting with Joan and mentioned what Emily had told her.

“Jill, I think you did the right thing going to see Joan,” Ken declared. “She’s trying to feel her way into this position. Remember, she’s still only 24, even though she’s done very well, and Mom probably had the right idea in picking her. I for one don’t resent that and even my lovely Andrea here has made her peace with the whole thing.”

“I’m happy,” Jill said, “because she didn’t punish me, and she did discipline Emily. But Emily usually wants that to happen, so we shouldn’t place too much emphasis on her situation.” She looked up at Ken and at Andrea.

“I’m sort of wiped and I feel I need a boost even though that meeting went well,” Jill admitted. “I guess I’d like to share some affection with you both if you’d like that.”

Andrea grinned and looked moodily at Ken.

“Jill, sweetie, that’s a lovely idea,” she said. “Can we three go to bed now, Kenny?”

Ken was not at all averse to joining his fiancée and his sister in bed for a late afternoon romp.

He walked over to Andrea who was now standing and gently unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her skirt. Then he went to Jill, hugged her, and kissed her. He then pulled her pullover over her head and unbuckled her belt to allow her capri pants to fall.

Both women shed their shoes and now were in bra and panties. Andrea took Ken’s shirt off and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers. He stepped out of his shoes and took off the pants.

Now he went to his fiancée and gently unhooked her lacy mauve bra and removed it, then caressed her tits. Andrea’s beasts were very appealing in relation to his lithe torso. He felt the nipples as they hardened under his touch. Then he helped Jill out of her sports bra and tickled her nipples. He pulled his tee shirt off and decided to take his boxer shorts down and off.

The two women slipped their panties off and all three climbed into the bed with Ken in the middle. Andrea then climbed over Ken and positioned herself between Jill’s legs and began to lick the oldest sister’s hairy split. Jill was delighted to feel Andrea’s tongue on her labia and in her vagina, and then teasing her clit. She was enjoying every second of attention. Ken went behind his fiancée and started to play with Andrea’s anal opening, gently inserting one and then two fingers inside her bottom hole.

This immediately stimulated Andrea, as Ken moved his hand down between her legs and started with his other hand caressing her quim, which responded by becoming wet speedily.

Jill was the first to orgasm and she bucked enough for Andrea to roll over her leg and lie next to her. Ken moved into the space between Jill’s legs and slowly pushed his hard cock into her now sopping pussy.

This turned Jill on even after she had had her first orgasm via Andrea’s oral stimulation. Jill loved being filled vaginally by a large male member and Ken’s was definitely one that qualified. Ken enjoyed fucking his sister, too, and was happy that Andrea also found making love with Jill something that excited her. He was both pleased and surprised that there seemed to be little jealousy—at least, little expressed—between Jill and Andrea. Jill of course was large-framed, and Andrea was lean and lithe.

Jill grasped Ken tightly with both her arms and legs. As her bottom rose and Ken found he was penetrating farther inside her tunnel, which seemed perfectly sized for his instrument, Andrea was Escort Sivas able to access Jill’s now-exposed anus and begin licking and fingering it. The combination approach of the couple brought Jill to the edge: soon she experienced a continuing series of orgasms that had her moving her large bottom in rhythm with Ken’s thrusts and Andrea’s fingerings.

Soon Jill started showing signs of exhaustion from prolonged orgasming. She reached out to hold Ken and Andrea by their hands and kiss them as delicately as she could manage.

“You two have been so wonderful to me,” she cooed. “I’ve been having these two live-ins and I don’t get anywhere near so turned on with them as I’ve enjoyed this time with both of you. You’re so giving and so loving and…I just love you both.” She kept kissing them and then moved over so she could start kissing Andrea on her labia. She insinuated her tongue into Andrea’s sex and used her fingers to tease her clit with one hand and penetrate her anal ring with the other.

It didn’t take long for Andrea to respond and she was clearly undergoing major-league stimulation. Jill’s attentions were successful in enabling the lithe blonde fiancée of Jill’s brother to feel the affection of his older sister. Andrea went into a succession of eruptions deep inside and felt marvelous. She looked lovingly at Jill, thanked her profusely, and then extended her finger toward her fiancé and invited Ken to come between her legs.

The two were quickly entwined, with Ken having no problem becoming hard and plunging his cock into Andrea’s still sopping quim. Jill watched the two fuck and felt so happy to see two people she loved totally in love themselves. She realized they couldn’t all three do this together at once, but they had come as close as humanly possible to a three-way love fest.

Andrea was in heaven and Ken was able to hold off cumming until he felt her inner muscles pressing on his cock until he released several jets of ejaculate deep inside her vaginal vault. Finally, his member began to shrink, and he slowly withdrew so that he could lie amidst the two sated women, his arms around each of them. He petted their prominent breasts and tickled their nipples. It was a magical moment and the three all cherished it for what they realized it was. Jill positioned herself to take Ken’s soft member in her mouth and to be able to use her hands to softly tickle Andrea’s exhausted clit.

They were all exhausted by now but eventually they decided to rouse themselves and shower together in their ensuite bathroom shower. Andrea washed Ken paying special attention to his cock and his anus, while Jill laved Andrea’s toned body and made sure to aim the soft spray into Ken’s fiancée’s vulva and then into her rear hole. After the two had been cleaned thoroughly, they combined forces to attend to Jill. Andrea gently cleaned Jill’s vagina while Ken probed her anal opening, pushing his soapy finger through her anal ring.

Lastly, Ken suggested that they all pee together, and he let his stream emerge and moved it to aim first at Andrea’s sex and then Jill’s. They both giggled and then released their urinary sphincters to excrete strong female urine streams that sparkled as they hit the floor of the shower.

Once showered, everyone re-dressed and were ready to enjoy cocktails in the suite’s living room. Ken summoned Albert and requested that he bring up some champagne and some accompaniments for them. Ken knew that the scent of sex had emanated from the bedroom into the rest of the suite but knew that he could count on Albert’s discretion.

As they enjoyed the champagne that Albert had promptly brought up and opened for them, Ken asked Jill how she felt things stood now regarding the family and the house. Jill felt good telling Ken and Andrea then about how she had managed to get through her meeting in Joan’s rooms without being disciplined.

She also confided in them about how Emily’s encounter with their youngest sister had turned out quite differently, although she said Emily was pleased not to have been spanked even though she was humiliated.

“I wasn’t going to let her tell me that I couldn’t obtain a legal opinion if I wanted one,” Jill proclaimed. “Of course, Emily did get to question Mary Ann, and I think that satisfied her. I think, though, that we must think about where things go from here. Sure, Joanie has the authority but also the responsibility. You know, if she didn’t inherit Mom’s tradition of disciplining us, being in charge would be a totally shitty job, all work and no reward. Even so, I hope she doesn’t just get her rocks off from punishing us, if indeed that really does turn her on.”

Ken and Andrea then told Jill about their session with Joan.

“We did have a good time,” Andrea said, “because all three of us seemed to have a nice, playful attitude. And in case you were wondering, I didn’t even mind Kenny fucking her, because it seemed to have a nice effect on her, made her let her hair down, so to speak. It certainly is good that she’s had some experience: I think it made her appreciate Ken and me all the more.”

Jill smiled and enjoyed hearing about the earlier doings in Ken and Andrea’s rooms. “You guys are running a real ménage here, aren’t you? Don’t get me wrong—I love it!”

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