Jon and Chris’ Trip to the Cabin Pt. 03

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Big Tits

Jon woke up in the late morning, finding the bed empty. He thought his head would hurt worse from all the liquor, but it wasn’t bad. Maybe gay sex is a hangover cure, he laughed to himself. His ass was sore, but more of a numb ache than the sharp pain of last night.

Jon heard the water run in the bathroom, and Chris came out, still naked from the night before. He saw Jon was awake.

“Hey, sorry, did I wake you?” Chris asked.

“No, I just woke up.”

“Okay,” Chris responded. There was an awkward pause. “Well, I guess I’ll go start on breakfast.”

“Where the fuck do you think you are going?” Jon asked.

“To go make breakfast…?” Chris responded tentatively.

“No, no, no.” Jon said, shaking his head. “That wasn’t the deal. Whatever you do to me, I do to you, remember?”

Chris paused. “Sure, but that was last night. We were drunk. And you came when I did, we were spent, we passed out. Surely you don’t expect me to…”

Jon stretched out, clearly exposing his body, gesturing his crotch at Chris. Putting an arm behind his head, and with a lazy grin, he said, “Well, you can start by getting me good and hard.”

Chris opened his mouth to respond, closed it, and then looked around, seemingly at a loss. Finally, he looked at Jon, who continued to smirk. Chris smiled sheepishly, and climbed into bed.

Jon was excited. He was a morning sex guy, for sure. Nothing like a good fuck to get the gaziantep escortlar day started and the body moving. Chris positioned himself over Jon’s lower half, and started cradling Jon’s balls, rubbing and massaging them until he saw a twitch in Jon’s soft dick. Jon loved getting his balls played with, it was something most people ignored. He felt his cock stirring, felt himself getting aroused. Chris kept fondling him, and then took Jon into his mouth. The warmth and wetness had an immediate effect, and soon Chris had Jon swelling and growing. Chris repositioned, getting onto his hands and knees between Jon’s legs, and moved to deep throating Jon’s cock, the way he had in the hot tub. Jon grabbed the back of Chris’ head, and started helping Chris, getting deeper and deeper into Chris’s mouth and throat. With each thrust, he stiffened, until he was fully engorged, a stiff dick to fuck his friend’s mouth with. Finally fully hard, Jon buried his entire cock, the full shaft into Chris’ mouth, and held him there. He could feel Chris’ throat pulse on his head, and Chris gagged. Jon relented, letting Chris come up for air. Instead of being upset, Chris gamely plunged the dick back into his mouth, trying to get it even deeper. Jon loved it. Clearly, Chris enjoyed sucking dick, and Jon was happy to be the recipient. However, the point wasn’t to get a great blowjob. He let Chris suck him for another minute, then pushed him off and onto his back. Jon grabbed the lube off the nightstand, and started lubing Chris’ ass, while Chris stroked lube onto Jon’s saliva coated rager. “Ready?”

Chris nodded, and spread his legs. Jon moved into position, noticing Chris was hard, too. Jon was surprised how much he enjoyed that Chris was hairless, and touched his cock head against the tight pucker of Chris’ ass. With a wink to Chris, who was biting his lip and holding his legs up in the air, Jon pressed in. Chris groaned, but Jon kept the pressure up, and after a second, Jon’s head plunged in. He paused, and Chris let out a quiet, “Fuck”, but Jon then continued slowly.

He enjoyed how hot and tight Chris was, and after a few minutes of slow pushing, was buried fully into Chris. Chris grabbed his own balls to keep them out of the way, and Jon started slowing pumping.

After getting fucked, he knew how this felt, but instead of trying to be nice, he felt himself starting to speed up. It felt so good, being in Chris’ ass, and he wanted to fuck his tight little hole. After a few minutes, he picked up the pace, sliding out farther and farther, driving in deeper and deeper. Chris’ cock was sticking straight up, and Jon grabbed it. Immediately, Chris moaned, and Jon started stroking him. He got a rhythm going, stroking Chris as he pumped him, before long, Jon felt him tighten up. Chris was starting to beg, “Fuck my ass, make me cum, fuck me, fuck me!”

Jon plunged in hard, as deep as he could, and frantically jacked Chris’ hard dick. Jon saw Chris’ balls tighten, felt the pulse, and made Chris shoot his load for the third time in 24 hours. Chris’ ass tightened up on Jon’s cock as he came, and Jon started thrusting again. Jon was impressed how much cum Chris had left, but finally Chris relaxed. Jon stopped, and flipped him onto his knees. Jon pushed Chris’ head down, so his ass was way up in the air, and fucked him. It felt amazing, totally different than fucking a girl’s ass, but wonderful. Chris was moaning, and it sounded wonderful. Jon was driving into Chris, sweat dripping off him, feeling himself get closer and closer to the edge. He was just getting about to arrive when Chris gripped the sheets with both hands and yelled, “Cum in my ass, oh god I want you to cum in my fucking ass!”

It sent Jon over the edge, and he exploded. His balls emptied into the first man he had ever fucked, draining into his ass. Jon shot again, getting a moan out of Chris, and a third time. Finally, he relaxed, pulling out and collapsing to the bed. They lay there, breathing hard, covered in sweat and lube and cum.

“So,” Chris ventured, “the girls don’t get here until Sunday night.”

Jon smiled. “What are you saying?”

Chris turned to him. “I’m saying we have 2 days.”

Jon climbed out of bed, heading for the shower. “Well, I sucked a dick and got fucked for the first time in the first day here, so the next 2 should be fun.”

He left the door open to the shower, and Chris got up from the bed and followed him.

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