Jordan’s Journey

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This is the story of a good marriage and the incidents attributing to its continued success. The whole thing started when Jordan was doing her student teaching at Collins High. Maybe I should start from the beginning though. My name is Randy Neville and my wife Jordan and I met while we were still in college. She was a cheerleader and Secondary-Education major and I was Biochemistry major.

We married after graduation and continued our education. Jordan now has her Masters in Education and I’m pursuing my Doctorate and working for a large pharmaceutical company. A good deal of what I will relate to you has been told to me after the fact, but I will attempt to relate it as though I was there.

So now that the background stuff is out of the way, I’ll relate the incident which led to my discovery that I was married to a black cock slut. Jordan is slim, blonde, and has a really excellent figure as she does aerobics and weight training. I always felt that she should wear a bit more conservative clothing but I couldn’t convince her of that. On this particular day, a Friday, she had worn a powder blue blazer over a translucent cream-colored silk blouse with a contrasting blue skirt and powder blue 2-inch heels. She was helping with a remedial science class which consisted mostly of athletes who were having a hard time and therefore in danger of losing their places on the teams.

The class was over and all but one student had left quickly as it was the weekend and they really didn’t want to be there anyway. Eric, a tall, athletic, black basketball player had a couple of questions he was having difficulty with, so Jordan had told him that if he wished to he could stay a bit later and she would help him after she finished clearing the board.

Eric sat in the front row and watched as Jordan erased all the chalk from the board, observing that each time she reached toward the top of the board that her skirt rode up revealing a goodly amount of her thighs. Eric had on his basketball uniform, as it was a pep rally day, and began to get uncomfortably aroused. To relieve the pressure building in his jock, he slipped it to the side and allowed his hardening cock to slide down his leg. He continued to ogle Jordan’s tight ass beneath her skirt. By the time she finished, Eric had a raging hard on which tented up the right leg of his shorts, the head almost extending out the cuff.

Jordan turned toward him and he could clearly see the dark outline of her areolas under her sheer bra and translucent blouse. Eric’s’ cock throbbed and he felt a drop of pre-cum ooze from the slit and drop onto the seat. Jordan came over and sat down on his left and began going over the problems he was having difficulty with. The lesson was over the reproductive system and Eric couldn’t quite grasp the terminology of the male and female genitals for the quiz on Monday.

As Jordan began to enumerate and indicate the various parts and their functions, she began to notice a musky aroma emanating from Eric which was making her aroused. The longer she worked with him, the more she found opportunities to touch him on his arm or hand and she marveled at the contrast between her lightly tanned white flesh and his dark cocoa colored skin. Eric, apparently, was also feeling the sexual tension and attempted to adjust his position to accommodate the huge erection he had so he could sit more comfortably. Unfortunately, in doing so, his shorts rode up revealing the large purplish-black head of his erect cock protruding down his leg.

Jordan saw it and gasped; “Oh my god, is that thing real?”

“I’m so sorry”, Eric exclaimed, “Please don’t turn me in to the office Mrs. Neville, I’ll just get out of here and see if one of the guys can help me with this.”

“Eric I don’t think any of the guys should help you with that. I didn’t realize I had that effect on you, why didn’t you tell me you were uncomfortable?”

“Because I really wasn’t, I mean, I always get kind of excited when you sit in for Mr. Oswald but I figured you’d never give me a second glance. Look, I gotta go, so I’ll just get out of here.” Eric replied as he began readjusting his shorts and putting his books away.

“You know Eric, this could be a great opportunity to learn your anatomy lessons better, but it would have to remain our secret, no one else could ever know.” Jordan slyly spoke with a lascivious gleam in her eyes. She had already decided that she wanted to see what was in this boys pants and she licked her lips as she saw his cock jump and twitch beneath his shorts.

Jordan stood up and walked to the door, locking it, she then turned toward Eric, still sitting at his desk with his mouth hanging open. Jordan told him to stand up then she began to move toward him as she unbuttoned her blouse.

“Ms. Neville, I’m not sure we should be doing this, I mean aren’t you married, I’ve never really been…” Eric started to protest until her blouse opened to reveal the sheer hd porno bra beneath and her erect nipples protruding against the thin fabric.

“Call me Jordan”, she said as she quickly released the front closure of her bra and loosing her upturned breasts and letting them jut proudly at the young basket-ball player, “These are breasts, and are primarily used to nourish a young child just out of the womb. This is done by placing the nipple between the lips and then suckling, I’ll let you demonstrate”, she lectured as she pressed her nipple against his lips. Eric needed no further encouragement and attacked her erect nipple with his lips and tongue. He sucked it and swirled his tongue across it and gently bit the small erect nub protruding into his mouth.

Jordan began to pant as he reached behind her back to lower the zipper of her skirt. Slowly it slipped down over her hips gradually exposing her flat tummy and her white thong as well as her long tan legs. “Now this one needs attention as well”, She said as she removed her left breast from his face and turned her right toward him. Eric quickly got the idea and began to paw at her breasts as he switched from one to the other. As he became more aroused he slipped his hand down her stomach to the band of elastic at the top of her thong. Gently he slipped his hand inside it and began to slide his large black hand down only to discover that there was no pubic hair there at all. She was bare all the way down to her wet slit.

As his long fingers brushed her erect clit, Jordan felt a sudden gush of moisture and the crotch and front of her thong grew transparent as her juices quickly soaked through. “That”, breathed Jordan, “is the clitoris and outer labia, the outer labia protect the softer and more sensitive inner labia and vagina. The clitoris is that small erect nub of flesh which when closely examined resembles the glans of the penis.” This last she delivered haltingly as Eric stroked his fingers down her clit and sank two of them to the second knuckle inside her dripping snatch and lightly bit her nipple.

Eric dropped his other hand to her waist and began to work her thong down her legs to the floor. Jordan continued to wriggle and hump back against his hand as he worked two then three fingers into her grasping tunnel. Jordan’s thong was quickly worked down around her ankles and she stepped out of it and spread her legs to accommodate Eric’s invading fingers which were quickly bringing her to a fever pitch. She felt her pussy suddenly clamp down around his pistoning fingers and a gush of her fluids filled his palm as she came mightily from the stimulation of his long thick fingers. As her orgasm passed, she stepped away from him and collapsed against the desk at the front of the room.

“Now we need to study the male anatomy and since I don’t have any other visual aid I’ll have to use you”, she said as she crooked her finger at the young athlete. Eric stepped toward her and she went to her knees before him, placing her just below eye level with his waist. She reached up and grasped the top of his shorts and jock and stripped them toward the floor. His long cock shot up from its confinement slapping her under the chin and splattering her neck and the tops of her breasts with his clear pre-cum.

Jordan unconsciously gasped and reached to grasp the large, black, bobbing object of her desire. “Now this,” She said admiringly, “Is a penis. It consists of the glans, located here at the end of a long tube-like structure called the meatus. At the base, “Jordan moved her hand to cup his low hanging balls,” is found a sac-like structure referred to as the scrotum, and which contains the testes.” Jordan gently squeezed each one to indicate that there were in fact two but quickly discovered that there were in fact three, the larger one hanging down lower giving his sac a stretched appearance.

“I have three actually, Mrs. … uh … Jordan, and they are really full.” Eric stammered.

“Eric, that is a misconception, in actuality, the sperm is produced at a constant rate and stored,” she continued as she began to stroke his long ebony rod,” in a special gland called the Vas Deferens prior to ejaculation. This clear fluid,” she licked a large droplet from the end of his cock, “is called pre-cum or pre-seminal fluid and contains a few sperm itself. You have witnessed the female orgasm which is a side-effect of sexual contact and causes an increase in certain hormones which encourage pregnancy, now you will experience the male orgasm which allows for injection of sperm into the vagina to allow propagation through pregnancy. That will be covered next week, for right now lets just get you to cum for me,” she said. Then she quickly opened her mouth and began to lick and suck on his long, black cock.

Eric had only been with a couple of girls his own age because of his reputation, and so he stared down transfixed by the petite blond woman kneeling between brazzers porno his legs. Jordan held the base of his long fleshy tube and pushed the mushroom shaped head deep into her mouth but couldn’t quite get it all. She slipped her tongue out while his cock filled her mouth and attempted to lick his balls but the distance was too great and she only succeeded in further wetting his long shaft. Instead, Jordan contented herself with only cupping and kneading them in her right hand.

Eric could feel the head of his long cock as it repeatedly hit against her tonsils. He placed his hands on the back of her head and began to push his cock further into her mouth. Jordan could feel a tingling sensation along the roof of her mouth and her lips felt full and swollen as the long dark shaft slipped deeper into her mouth. She began to get a little frightened when Eric began to pull and tug on the back of her head, forcing his enlarged cockhead into her throat. She attempted to swallow to relieve the pressure and felt the head slip into her throat. Her eyes watered and she suddenly found that she couldn’t breathe. She tried to pull back off his engorged tube but found that Eric had her head in a tight grip which he refused to release. She could feel his balls as they slapped repeatedly against her throat and chin as he quickened his pace. She began timing her breaths to coincide with his out-strokes as he continued to bury the head of his cock as deeply as he could each time. Eric’s’ thrusting became more frenzied, she knew he was getting close and could feel his scrotum tighten in preparation for the ejaculation of his load of sperm into her throat.

“Oh God, I’m cumming!” Eric cried as his long fleshy tube spasmed and began to spray out his huge load. The first streamer of cum spewed from his open piss hole straight into her throat causing Jordan to gag and cough the wad back into her mouth filling it to overflowing. She tried to swallow but Eric’s’ cock continued to geyser in her mouth and she could feel the warm sticky spew seep out of the corners of her tightly ovalled lips. Suddenly, Jordan heard a key hit the lock on the classroom door. As she pulled her face off the spewing rod she saw the door open and Ray the old black janitor came wheeling his cart into the room. He froze in the doorway as he saw the young teacher kneeling before the tall black athlete and taking his hot young seed all over her face and tits.

Eric’s’ cock continued to pour out it’s slimy load onto Jordan’s cheeks and several spurts were hard enough to throw long strands into her fluffy blond hair matting it to her scalp. When Eric realized that she had removed his cock from her mouth he quickly grabbed the pulsing shaft and began to jack the rest of his copious load out onto her face, neck, and tits. Long strands of sticky fluid arced up onto her eyebrows, hair, and even onto her back. Jordan attempted to pull away from the flood of spunk filling her face but couldn’t get the young man to release his hold on her head.

Ray was astounded as he watched the boy pull her face back toward his flexing cock and the huge wash of creamy cum coat her face, lips, and chest. He quickly slipped the door closed behind him and locked it. He’d watched this little white bitch with her short skirts and “so much better than all” attitude and now he had her right where he wanted her.

As Eric finished cumming he opened his eyes to see Jordan kneeling with her face coated with his slimy seed but rather than her eyes gazing up into his, he saw she was looking toward the door. Eric quickly looked over to see what had captured her attention and saw Ray walking purposefully toward them. Eric took an involuntary step backward which caused Jordan to fall forward onto her hands and knees.

“Don’t quit ’cause a me boy, rub that spunk into her face. She loves it just look at her.”

Eric looked down once more to see Jordan push herself back up to a kneeling position, her upturned face and naked breasts coated with a spattering of streamers of white sperm. The hair on the right side of her head was completely matted, saturated with his gooey load. He rubbed his cock head through the wet sticky mess then pressed it back into her mouth. Jordan obediently suckled the head clean and ran her hands down the shaft milking the last of his sperm into her mouth. Eric felt his cock begin to harden again as Jordan sucked on it, Ray unzipped his coveralls and pulled out his thick black cock, the uncut foreskin hiding the deep bluish black head topping the beer can thick shaft. Ray began to stroke his hardening cock while he watched Eric face fuck the young teacher. He reached out and began to rub the gooey scum into her breasts as he tweaked and pulled on her nipples.

“Damn, you look good with that boy’s skinny cock in your mouth but I bet you’ll look even better with my old hog splittin’ your lips.” Ray wrapped his hand in Jordan’s’ hair and turned seks filmi her head toward his semi-rigid tool and pressed the head against her lips forcing them to open and surround his over-large uncircumcised glans.

Jordan could smell his sweaty balls and there was a light coat of lint on his shaft but she couldn’t pull away as he palmed the back of her head. Rays’ cock began to harden fully and soon he wrapped both hands in the hair on the sides of her head and began to push and pull her mouth on his cock. Jordan felt as though her jaw would break as he forced the thick shaft deeper into her mouth. The foreskin began to slip back and forth and she could feel his thick sticky pre-cum ooze out onto her tongue to mix with the saliva and cum still clinging to her teeth and gums.

Eric stood to the side watching and stroking his now fully erect cock, occasionally as a strand of pre-cum would string down from the head, he would rub it across her nose, into her cheek, or across her eyelids leaving shiny silvery streamers clinging to her face and stringing to his hard cock. Eric reached down with his free hand and pinched her nipples and squeezed her soft tits eliciting a throaty moan from her stuffed mouth. She couldn’t say anything as Ray continued to use her mouth like his own personal fuck toy.

“Get her up on her feet boy; I can’t get anymore into her throat with her on her knees like that.”

Eric released his hold on her tit and grabbed Jordan’s waist pulling her to her feet. Now she had to grab the black mans thighs to keep her balance but it didn’t permit her to control how far he pushed his huge prong down her throat. When Ray felt the head of his cock finally push into her throat he stopped and ordered her to open her eyes, she had shut them when he had first begun forcing his long dick into her mouth. Now as she opened them she looked cross-eyed at the thick shaft which still extended almost 4 inches to his hairy stomach.

“Ain’t never had all of it in anyone ‘cept my wife but you gonna get it all today”, Ray informed her as he slowly drew it out of her throat and prepared to push it deeper. Jordan’s’ eyes widened as she realized he was serious and it occurred to her that she was going to do everything she could to accommodate him. Eric moved behind her, his long erection extending out over her raised buttocks. He could see the swollen red lips of her cunt, slick and shiny from the juices of her earlier orgasm. He leaned slightly to his left and watched the old janitor as he pulled her head down further onto his cock, a drop of pre-cum dripped into the crack of her ass. Eric wrapped his fist around his shaft and began to jack off over her back and ass.

“Hey boy, don’t waste that. Let her pussy and ass feel how a black cock fills ’em up.”, the Janitor told him as he noticed what Eric was doing.

Eric pressed the head of his dripping cock down against the wet lips of her pussy. Jordan could feel the hot hard bulb of flesh and quickly spread her feet to allow him to see the wet pink hole of her vagina, open and waiting for his long rod. Eric slid his cock easily into her for the first six inches then stopped. He could feel the hard knot of her womb and thought it was as far as he would get. Slowly he withdrew until only the head remained within the wet confines of her twat. As the boys’ cock withdrew, Jordan felt emptiness inside and leaned backward attempting to recapture the fleshy invader.

“Shit boy, you better put that thing back in her.”, Ray said as he pulled her face back toward his crotch.

Eric once more pushed into the tight confines of his teacher only this time when he reached the opening to her womb he levered the head of his hard tool into it. He felt Jordan stiffen and suddenly her pussy sprayed out a huge gush of creamy fluid around his shaft and onto his balls. Jordan’s’ knees went slack for a moment and she might have fallen if not for the two cocks lodged deep within her body and the young basketball player holding onto her hips.

Jordan once more felt the pressure inside her increase as Kevin pressed harder against her womb, then she felt the opening in her uterus begin to spread before the steady pressure of his hard cock. Suddenly she felt it pop inside her and she had another tremendous orgasm. Unconsciously her hands released their hold on the janitors legs and flew to her stomach where she could feel the tension of her muscles increase as Kevin pushed another two inches of his cock into her stretched womb. Kevin withdrew and Jordan felt empty for a second and then he once more began to force his invading meat into her throbbing uterus, his pace quickened and the stabs of pressure-pain became more pleasurable. Ray took advantage of the removal of her hands and pushed more of his long prong into her throat. Jordan gagged but swallowed the long rod just the same. As Ray stroked his cock into her mouth, long strings of spit and pre-cum dripped from his shaft onto her naked chest and the floor. Kevin continued to fuck into her opened uterus, she could feel the ridge at the head of his cock as it scraped its way in and out and the slap of his large balls against her engorged clit was bringing her to orgasm after shuddering orgasm.

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