Journal Extracts Ch. 02

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(My first extracts indicate just how naïve I must have been at the time and also perhaps my inadequacy in the bedroom. The following extracts do nothing to lessen my sense of humiliation, just the reverse in fact.)


Our sex life remains non-existent at the moment but at least Marie seems to be emerging from the listless, subdued state she’s been in ever since our holiday. In fact she seems to be returning, albeit slowly, to her old cheerful and bubbly self. Perhaps she’s getting over the guilt feelings about her adulterous affair with Doug.

(I hadn’t had sex with my wife since the disastrous episode mentioned at the end of the first Journal extracts but my assessment of Marie’s feelings couldn’t have been further from the truth, as the following extract will show.)


Marie’s growing cheerfulness, her demeanour seeming to become more animated with each passing day, has been explained. I’m writing up my Journal in our spare bedroom whilst very aware of the rhythmic pounding of bedsprings emanating from the adjacent master bedroom. The sound of the bedsprings coupled with my wife’s ecstatic cries, makes it plain that Doug’s fucking her yet again. He only arrived five hours ago but has already fucked Marie three times! This is a resume of the day’s events.

Hoping to take advantage of Marie’s cheerfulness this morning – she was singing in the shower – I tentatively suggested sex, pointing out that it had been a long time. She just laughed however, and told me to be patient; I would be able to relieve my frustration later. I now know what she meant as within minutes of his arrival Doug was fucking my wife on the hall floor with me, to my shame, masturbating while I watched. I was that frustrated!

We were sitting in the lounge when Marie suddenly jumped up exclaiming, “He’s here!” before dashing out to the front door.

She’d been in a strange mood all day, a sense of nervous anticipation about her, and I now saw the reason why. Looking out of the window I was astonished to recognise Doug’s car on the drive and the guy himself alighting from it. Stunned, I followed Marie out into the hall in time to witness her greeting Doug with a long and passionate kiss during which his hands squeezed her bottom. Then the aforementioned scene took place.

Lifting my wife’s skirt, Doug said, “Good, you’ve taken your knickers off ready for me.”

“Of course, it’s what you wanted. I took them off hour’s ago,” she replied.

Lowering her to the carpet, where Marie pulled her skirt high and eagerly spread her legs – far too eagerly for my liking, Doug swiftly dropped his trousers and underpants to mount her. The front door having been left open in their eagerness to get at one another, I hastily closed it. Then, and hoping they wouldn’t see me, I quickly unzipped to release my own erection. To my undying shame I then masturbated frantically, eyes glued to Doug’s buttocks, pumping rapidly up and down between my wife’s thighs. I quickly came in my hand and then leaned back against the door, shattered xslot by the experience but with eyes still glued to Doug’s pumping buttocks.

Only when their intercourse was over did Doug acknowledge my existence, saying, “Fetch my cases from the car and unpack them in the main bedroom after shifting your stuff to the spare. I shall be occupying the marital bed for the next seven weeks.”

Like in Cornwall I just turned to carry out his bidding, devastated by his comment about staying seven weeks. I did as Doug wanted, first moving all my clothes and anything else I might need into the spare room, before installing his in their place. For some reason, I found the distasteful task of unpacking Doug’s underpants particularly humiliating.

I’d just about finished when they came in, Marie naked but for stockings and suspenders, her radiance plain to see. Doug, in just his underpants, said, “Good, you’ve finished. Now clear off and close the door on your way out.”

My last glimpse as I closed the door was of Doug slipping out of his underpants with my wife already on the bed, legs wide apart awaiting his pleasure. I experienced a pang of envy when I saw Doug’s penis and Marie’s very obvious eagerness to receive it. I’d forgotten, perhaps deliberately, just how big he is.

It turns out that Doug owns several properties in and around Looe, deriving a very good income from them. He closes most of the holiday homes at the end of October for the winter months, employing a couple of cleaners/handymen to do any work that is needed during that period. Hence his sudden appearance at our house and the explanation for Marie’s growing cheerfulness as his arrival time approached. Unbeknown to me they’ve kept in touch.


Doug, already making his presence felt, has ordered me to fetch his newspaper and serve their breakfast in bed each morning just like I did in Cornwall. It will mean a bit of a rush on work days but so be it.

(Fortunately I run my own business and can be fairly flexible in my hours. Marie also does a certain amount of office work for the firm but during Doug’s stay I had to employ a temp to carry out her duties. Another expense, but he said – and I quote – that my wife would be spending far too much time on her back with her legs open to have any to spare for mundane work.)

I was ordered to wash his car this afternoon, getting rid of the grime accumulated during his journey here.

“In fact you can clean my car once a week during my stay,” he added with a grin while giving me my instructions.

I was ordered to fill his car up with petrol after cleaning it, which I did despite knowing from past experience that I wouldn’t be reimbursed the cost. Later I received my reward! Telling me to drop my trousers and underpants Doug ordered me across his knee for a spanking, first calling Marie from the kitchen to witness it.

“Just so you understand you place,” he grinned, beginning to spank my bared backside.

As with my experiences in Cornwall there was never any question of refusal xslot Giriş in my mind, I just submitted meekly to the guy. I found it particularly galling that, as in Cornwall, Marie actually encouraged Doug in his chastisement of my buttocks, seeming to find it exciting. However by the time I was permitted to stand I sported a full erection, something a mocking Doug pointed out to Marie, so surprisingly a part of me must find this sort of thing arousing.

Because he intends staying with us until Christmas they’ve concocted a story in which he purports to be Marie’s uncle should friends or acquaintances pay us a visit and wonder who he is. Marie’s family being mostly in Ireland and unlikely to turn up themselves it’s hopefully a story we can get away with.

So it is that I have the dubious prospect of spending the next seven weeks sleeping alone while Doug takes my place in the marital bed, and between my wife’s legs – as he delighted in telling me.


The following transaction took place between Doug and me earlier today. It’s now half-past ten and I’m preparing for bed.

“Here, I’ve brought you these,” Doug said handing me an envelope.

Inside I found six photographs of Marie, all depicting her naked and posing on his bed in Cornwall.

“You can keep those I’ve plenty more,” he added with a smirk.

I’d known Doug to be a keen amateur photographer with some expensive looking equipment but hadn’t realised Marie had posed for his camera during our holiday. I certainly wouldn’t have expected it of her. Normally quite a shy girl it demonstrates my wife’s infatuation for the guy.

“You can look at the pics and play with your little cock while I enjoy the real thing,” Doug jeered.

With that he left the room, turning in the doorway to taunt, “Make the most of the pics; they’re the closest you’ll get to it for a couple of months.”

Indeed, with the photos of my wife laid out before me I’ve just masturbated, the visual stimuli augmented by Marie’s ecstatic cries as Doug pleasured her next door!


Thankfully Doug has now returned home to prepare for Christmas, as one or more of his children will be staying with him over the festive period. There is however a cloud on the horizon as he promised to return early in the New Year and stay until Easter, when his letting season begins. To my shame Doug’s words about me being able to use the photos for masturbatory purposes proved all too prophetic. Night after night I’ve sat here looking at the nude pictures of my wife while masturbating to the sounds of her being fucked by Doug in my own bed.


Despite Doug’s absence there has been no resumption of marital relations for me; his promised return scuppering any hopes, not that I really had any, in that direction. I haven’t even been allowed to move back into the marital bedroom, Doug saying it wouldn’t be worth the trouble of reinstating my things just to move them out again when he returns. He’s left most of his clothes here xslot Güncel Giriş anyway and I’m depressingly aware that my wife sleeps with a pair of his underpants on the vacant pillow beside her. Doug also left a couple of nude photos of himself on the bedside cabinet, in one of which he sports a full erection, to remind Marie of what she’s missing in his absence.


At long last Marie has been willing to discuss her fling with Doug. She assures me she’s not in love with him and that I’ll understand her needs. Blushing somewhat, my wife told me she’d never realised that the sexual pleasure and satisfaction she experiences with Doug could exist. To my shame it seems I’ve never been able to satisfy my wife in bed but prior to her fling with Doug she hadn’t really thought much about it. Adding further to my sense of shame and humiliation, Marie said she’d never experienced orgasm with me; Doug on the other hand, took her there every time they made love, even producing multiple orgasms in her at times, which my ears testified to!

(Unfortunately, she must have said something to Doug on similar lines because over the next three months he frequently taunted me about the way he was bringing my wife to orgasm, day after day, while I never had.)


Doug has returned bringing me a Christmas present! It’s a cane which he said will replace his hand for my weekly punishment.


I can now testify that a caning is far more painful than a spanking! In fact, I’m lying on my stomach to write up my Journal, the by now very familiar sounds of pounding bedsprings and ecstatic cries emanating from next door.


I must ask Doug not to cane me on Wednesdays. At the meeting tonight, Councillor B commented that I was fidgeting about in my chair like a cat on a hot tin roof. Good job he didn’t know my buttocks felt on fire from the severe caning they’d received just prior to my departure from home, and that while I was struggling to concentrate on the agenda my wife was in bed with her lover.

SUNDAY, APRIL 4, 2004.

Doug has gone having spent the last three months fucking my wife pretty much on a daily basis, usually more than once a day, lucky blighter. They even had anal intercourse during her periods, a fact which Doug delighted in telling me. I’m surprised my wife could take such a large penis in that way but her wild and lusty yells and shouts left me in no doubt as to the truth of his words. I’m also rather shocked by Marie’s evident enjoyment of anal intercourse with him, not having experienced it before. Of course, Doug derived great pleasure in taunting me about how intimately he knows my wife, saying that unlike me he’s come inside her mouth, vagina and anus.

His parting shot – and something I have little reason to doubt – is that Marie will never again be satisfied with my tiny penis, having been fucked hundreds of times by his much larger one.

“I’ve been breaking your wife in for other guys to enjoy,” he teased.

(So ends my Journal extracts detailing Marie’s affair – infatuation rather – with Doug. Perhaps inevitably his final words proved all too true. Over the years since then a growing number of guys have had the pleasure of fucking my wife so further extracts will follow.)

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